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Feb 2, 2016

Horoscopes: Inauguration 2017 w/ Ted Cruz natal chart

Since this is a second week of comcast outages and DNS problems here my online time is brief so I'll publish a bi-wheel of the horoscope for Inauguration 2017 with the natal chart of Republican Senator Ted Cruz around it. As you must know, 2016 candidate Ted Cruz won last night's Iowa Caucus with Donald Trump coming in second and Marco Rubio third. Please enlarge the image below to read a few notes for I won't have a chance to write about the charts today.

Outside in green the US natal planets are entered; blue highlights are the planets of Ted Cruz; the chart in the center is the Inauguration horoscope of January 20, 2017 noon est Capitol Building Washington DC with the Moon @9Sco21 conjoined by Cruz's natal Mars--and his natal Saturn rising across from US natal Moon--ouch! Perhaps his Saturn will put an end to his (and the Koch Brothers') White House dream (see eclipses just below!) As you see, his impatient Moon-Uranus duo snugs closely around US natal Saturn (14Lib48) which has a 'traditional vs avant-garde' influence (particularly on the US Senate)> we have Plus, his natal North Node of public contact @25AQ19 conjoins America's natal Moon (We the People) of 1776. This will be four years of another Sun AQ-Moon Scorpio blend as we had on January 20, 2009, folks.

In the charts, more cosmic action may be seen via the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse area around 8-9 Virgo (5th house) with the degree of Cruz's 8 South Solar Eclipse being eclipsed by the 19 North of September 1, 2016 @9Virgo ('separation and loss eclipsed or triggered by realism'.) Also, the Inauguration 2017 North Node conjoins the 3Virgo33 Full Moon of February 22, 2016 which ties the two dates together in some way not yet discovered:

This double horoscope is titled, President Cruz?

edit 3/26/16: what do you think are his chances of taking the 2017 Oath of Office? What higher oath might he have already taken? The primary link I see between the two charts is Cruz's North Node of public contact conjoining US natal Moon, aka, We the People in Mundane Astrology. A sense of destiny is attached to the American public's connection to Ted Cruz yet his NN and the transiting SN will join in a while which makes it not the most opportune time to begin new relationships, partnerships. or alliances for they may have opposite goals and/or they may be based on negative traits or negative vs positive motives, any of which may lead to an early demise or ending of the union. All crowns come with a heavy price and the 'Oval Office' is one that even the self-important Senator Green Eggs will not be able to pay yet meanwhile, there's a "big picture" of a Script which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise, as Dr. Tyl has informed us (Solar Arcs).

And the 2017 Inaugural Moon precisely conjoining Cruz's natal Mars @9Scorpio? I hardly know what to say since Moon-Mars contacts can denote excited or stirred up people, or, an angry public or disgruntled and/or protesting groups of people. Hope he isn't counting on our Moon-Mars link to further his Reconstructionist dreams and visions of power and control over the masses in fruitless and painful attempts to legislate an authoritarian morality--his theocratic morality--from the White House. Our president is meant to represent The People and is our only avenue to making our views and needs heard by the two other branches of the US government.

Charletans, criminals, and racketeers who pose as politicians regularly practice government badly while in office and act in breach of the public trust with abandon and yet their antics will not cause this American, a daughter of the Revolution, to doubt our nation's original (and present) intent that a worthy Republic be formed to Rule by Consent of The Governed for the principle is well baked into the American pie at least since 1776. Time grows short and Inauguration 2017 rapidly approaches. May all turn out as best as it can.

Ted Cruz December 22, 1970 1:00 am MST Calgary, Canada; RR: B (accuracy in question).

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