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Mar 1, 2016

March 1, 2016: Ted Cruz Suitability Poll--Here Are the Results

Hopefully any reader wanting to vote in the Ted Cruz Suitability Poll that was atop the sidebar for the entire month of February had a chance to do so. Here are the results--see if you agree:

Ted Cruz: better suited as a Supreme Court Justice than President:

Agree 11%

Disagree 4%

Possibly/Uncertain 3%

Better Suited for Canadian PM 3%

Unsuitable for Any High Office 78%

Tonight Senator Ted Cruz, 2016 candidate, received his 'home state' of Texas wrapped up with a big red bow on top, delegates surrounding in a merry throng, so I'm guessing that Mr. Green Eggs'n'Ham is pleased over this. But even for him it would have been rather sad if he'd not been able to sway his fellow Texans to his cause (Ted Cruz). Yet you'd think that Donald Trump's huge campaign and large ideas would have better suited the state where everything is always described as big.

Or so they tell me. I'm a Georgian and wouldn't actually know. But I did vote today. Did you?

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