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Mar 1, 2016

March 1, 2016: Ted Cruz Suitability Poll--Here Are the Results

Hopefully any reader wanting to vote in the Ted Cruz Suitability Poll that was atop the sidebar for the entire month of February had a chance to do so. Here are the results--see if you agree:

Ted Cruz: better suited as a Supreme Court Justice than President:

Agree 11%

Disagree 4%

Possibly/Uncertain 3%

Better Suited for Canadian PM 3%

Unsuitable for Any High Office 78%

Tonight Senator Ted Cruz, 2016 candidate, received his 'home state' of Texas wrapped up with a big red bow on top, delegates surrounding in a merry throng, so I'm guessing that Mr. Green Eggs'n'Ham is pleased over this. But even for him it would have been rather sad if he'd not been able to sway his fellow Texans to his cause (Ted Cruz). Yet you'd think that Donald Trump's huge campaign and large ideas would have better suited the state where everything is always described as big.

Or so they tell me. I'm a Georgian and wouldn't actually know. But I did vote today. Did you?

Oct 29, 2008

Economy and the stupid white men

Are white men stupid enough to fall for John McCain's economic theories and install him into the White House to continue the Bush policy of gutting America?

Did you know that McCain blames Bush for the economic crisis?

Will white men of voting age pay attention to McCain pal Phil Gramm and his Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act peeking out from behind the curtain?

Oct 6, 2008

Role of the Fed and Treasury in Bailout

If you're interested in another article concerning the economic bailout/corporate welfare boondoggle of last week, be sure to read Patrick Wood's article Bailout: America's financial ruin if you've missed it thus far.

Patrick, editor of The August Review, explains the role of the Fed and the US Treasury in the 'meltdown' debacle, or as I tend to think of it, the charade.

Why 'charade'?

Because it's part of the long-range plan as propagandized by spokesman George Just Go Shopping Bush, promoter of the Ownership Society. He just never said who'd be doing the owning.

From Ownership Society to Homeless Society, and it only took Just Go Shopping 7 years to decimate all that America holds dear and evict our people into the streets.

Today Just Go Shopping made statements in order to reframe people's thinking about what he did last week when he signed the Bailout Bill. He actually said that that's why the people "sent (him) to Washington, DC...when you see a problem, you fix it."


Well, if he thinks such ridiculous remarks can wipe away our knowledge and memory of all the problems he created, with the flames of loss and pain he fanned with his neocon pals, he's wrong - and even more arrogant than I've hithertofore given him credit for.

He's also assuming that anyone believes that we-the-people SENT him to Washington when most people realize by now that he, Rove, and Cheney crept in the backdoor, made themselves at home putting their hooves up on the furniture, and proceeded to trash our nation.

Please don't put an oilman in the White House, I pleaded during the 2000 (s)election. Now it's 2008 and a vote for McCain is a mandate for Karl Rove.

Old boss new boss, Saturn opposite Uranus in the sky...Obama vs Palin, a woman who'll set feminine rights back centuries if she gets the chance.

A landslide against the neocon warmongers will be the only thing they can't hide or divert even with all the tricks they have in store, such as...

Oversell loans set to explode while making billions off them, evict struggling families who can't pay, then deny them the right to vote - ain't these varmints sumthin' goshdarnit? Yep, oppressive Pluto-Chiron's class warfare is alive and well, and living in your used-to-be house watchin' the widescreen TV you thought would always be yours.

So, m'peops, vote early or on Nov 4, but please just vote!