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Apr 10, 2016

The 7 Keys to Donald Trump's Success - video, plus, Mercury

Thom Hartmann and Richard Greene discuss 2016 candidate Donald Trump's 'secret of success' (communication) which seems very appropriate since the morning of Trump's presidential bid announcement (June 16, 2015) was a day of a New Moon in communicating Gemini and a new cycle of activity began for him. Plus, with his natal Sun (ego; purpose) and North Node (public contact) in Gemini, often a sign of superficiality, duplicity, and dualism, Mr. Trump has described himself as a messenger, as is fleet-footed Mercury, ruler of Gemini:


For more news, interviews, and broadcasts visit Thom Hartmann's website.

Previous posts concerning Donald Trump: Wedding Day Astrology of Donald and Melania Trump which does not answer the question: did she know she was marrying a Drumpf? Here is the natal horoscope of Donald Trump and a few notes on the Gemini New Moon which is imprinted upon his candidacy. Perhaps the Trump campaign will end in July at RNC 2016 under the light of the Capricorn Full Moon conjoining US natal Pluto--end as nominee or not, in one way or another.

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