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Sep 14, 2016

9/11 Suspects: Philip Zelikow - video (w Cheney's Mars-Pluto-Chiron)

With the Bush-Cheney neocon White House 'the fix was in' in so many ways...

The Corbett Report transcript and sources.

And from May 2016, Trump leaving neocons in the dust though I find that difficult to believe. How about you?

A Related Post: Cheney and 9/11 where we see Dick Cheney's Secondary Progressed (SP) horoscope on the morning of 9/11/01 with his SP Midheaven at 28Can43 and snugged around it, his SP Pluto at 2Leo04 Rx and SP Chiron at 25Can16 so that Pluto-Chiron = MC, the Aspiration Point. As you know, the Pluto-Chiron duo denotes primal violence, plutocracy, fascism, capitalism, other anti-societal -isms, and exploitation of all kinds. In addition, Cheney's SP Mars, planet of war and aggression, conjoins his SP IC (28Cap43; the Foundation of the Matter) at 29Cap26, a critical-crisis degree.

Note that on Election Day 2016 (Nov 8th), the degrees of Cheney's SP IC and SP Mars on 9/11/01 will be conjoined by transit Mars--unaspected--and all late Capricorn planets and points (26--30 degrees) conjoin US natal and SP Pluto.

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