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Sep 1, 2016

Trump Using 'The Big Lie' Tactic Invented by Goebbels - clip (w Astrology)

Have you noticed how difficult it's been all along for talking heads on TV and other venues to figure out candidate Donald Trump, his campaign methods, style of rhetoric, and even whether he's serious about being president?

Then the following clip from Thom Hartmann is recommended, plus, you may wish to check out the natal horoscope of Joseph Goebbels (October 29, 1887 11:30 pm MET Rheydt, Germany, RR: AA; Sun 6Sco47, Moon 2Cap07, Ascendant 12Leo25, MC 24Ari13--where transiting Uranus is now), communicating messenger and propagandist Mercury 00Sco55 trines falsifying, veiling Neptune in Gemini and squares natal Jupiter, the 'victimized by illusions' aspect for the two speculator-spendthrift-wastrel-inflationary pair of planets.

And since astrological Jupiter likes to broadcast and spread stuff around, having a Jupiter-Neptune square fits his Nazi propaganda career well while the Mercury-Neptune trine adds a talent for promotion and advertising. He didn't have to but Goebbels simply chose to use his abilities to harm and exploit other people.

His intense, brooding, judgmental Water-Earth Sun Scorpio-Moon Capricorn personality blend is shared by Marcel Ophuls who informs us that, "Puritanism...helps us enjoy our misery while we are inflicting it on others."

Now let's add in Mr. Donald Trump:

Here are 25 famous quotes by Joseph Goebbels who actually is something of a Chirotic figure (natal Chiron 17 Scorpio) since he was crippled and dwarfish in his body and highly neurotic in his mind.

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