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Dec 26, 2016

Dec 29, 2016 Capricorn New Moon = 1940 'Arsenal of Democracy' New Moon both @7Cap

Reluctantly tonight, I'm posting just a brief historical and astrological note to say that the Syzygy Moon of FDR's 'The Arsenal of Democracy' speech ("we have to be...") delivered on December 29, 1940 @7Cap00 will be conjoined--by degree repeated and thus emphasized--by the New Moon of December 29, 2016 @7Cap55 at 1:53:08 am est (White House Washington DC). The concept of weapons and matters related to the US as military, arm of the global corporate syndicate -- tyrants included, may come up in discussions within the public debate. And as 2017 proceeds into 2018, please keep in mind who the true victims have been and are, and who the oppressors are and/or tend to be.

What needs improving upon or avoided during this lunar cycle is shown by 7Cap and 8Cap Sabian Symbols: the inability to distinguish true values from false and idle narcissism (Jones). The presence of Facies energizes these degrees and reflected events though perhaps not in a positive way.

Now since New Moons can disrupt conditions in similar fashion to Solar Eclipses (and Full Moons often activate the unconscious flavors of a Lunar Eclipse similar to disruptive witness and potential genius, Uranus) with eclipses able to reveal or uncover secrets and other things that some would wish to stay hidden. The phrase 'inconvenient truth' comes to mind so look for those if you follow political news. And as we discussed previously, the 7Cap New Moon after midnight (est) Tuesday conjoins difficult Facies, one of the victim stars. Follow the above New Moon link for more info.

So if forewarned can really be forearmed, let's all be cautious with new situations over the next 4 years beginning with the Solar and Lunar Eclipses occurring in February 2017. And we don't need Astrology to tell us why, though a peek ahead at The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 isn't a bad idea. The label for this eclipse which splits America across her tum-tum (the path of visibility stretches from Oregon to South Carolina and from sea to shining sea) sounds basically like Mr. Trump's favorite campaign slogan, doesn't it? He just didn't tell us all his plans...

Trump to Rule by Whim

So please someone remind his nibs of one very important thing -- he has No Mandate from The People. None. If he listens to the anti-government types surrounding him he will soon have no government to rule over and We The People will demand redress for our grievances -- as we should have done long ago in greater (undivided) numbers. Mockery of the Office of the Presidency and/or lowering of standards by Mr. Trump, his staff, or his Cabinet members is unacceptable to the American public.

Pomposity is necessary, yes, but hopefully Mr. Trump will soon realize that his own pomposity finishes a mere second to the protocol-bound, vainglorious image, the self-important pronouncements, quaint traditions, and silk trappings of the US presidency. The Office existed way before Mr. Trump entered Earth's time flux. Destruction of a nation is hardly a memorable legacy for a man in any line of work. Stepping lightly in unfamiliar territory may be warranted and this American wishes for his esteem and success in the role of mouthpiece for the American people. As noted, however, I shall remind him that He Has No Mandate from The People due to his lower popular vote count on Nov 8, 2016. His 'millions of illegal voters' charge is a red herring meant to divert attention from inconvenient facts -- it's quite an unsubstantiated whopper, isn't it? Yet too tragic for our nation to be considered amusing.

The traits and abilities that Mr. Trump has gracious plenty of are easy to list: a natural affinity for expansive, exaggerated Jupiterian behavior of the bounder kind, the cad and the scoundrel, accustomed to having his way and a *petulant pouter when he can't. Temper tantrums aside (Mars rising in boastful Leo with kingmaker Regulus, star of success if revenge is avoided -- but it never is with Mr. Trump), the man insists he has never made a mistake (!like the Pope?!) and some might not hold such a self-deluded misconception against him. Well, I must, and shall not forget it as this unqualified and erroneously certified 'president' proceeds to meddle under the hood of our jalopy of a government, the Supreme Court of the United States, and the USA Congress with its uncomfortable quota of vultures, jackals, and innocent newbies with grand visions of shrinking the US government to a shell of its former self, no matter whose grandmother, grandfather, or perhaps, ill child, is harmed in the process. For many politicians, dreams of Ayn Rand's exalted though posthumous approval of their greedy and selfish acts will keep all austerity away from their own political doors -- as long as the suffering is someone else's (they hope).

And yet, laws written upon paper are only paper, man made and thus subject to error. Plus, each one of us is Sui generis -- and a majority of the great mass of The People of the United States is required in order to make America anything at all...and certainly our nation cannot be described by meaningless political slogans thought up by any demagogue you can name and may have mistakenly voted for while under strange influences in November (such as the rays of Scorpio). Not that Hillary was 100% an improvement over Trump, secretive Scorpio as she is.

Now as General Smedley Butler famously informed us, "War is a racket," so all in all, it has become more clear and thus difficult to escape the knowledge that self-styled 'world leaders' suck in that Machiavellian way of success at any and all costs. But what do the populations of the world expect from a global crime syndicate fronted by figureheads and shills who escape prosecution for their crimes and boundary-breaking by pretending that they're the boss of us all?

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