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Jan 20, 2021

January 20, 2021: Biden Oath of Office with New Moon at Midheaven

January 20, 2021: Since I'm trying to take in all the ceremony and celebration of today's Inauguration of Joseph R. Biden, Jr, not many notes today but the following is a bi-wheel of the January 13, 2021 New Moon @23Cap13 (center) and the time (1:48--1:49 pm) that the Presidential Oath of Office was taken on the West side of the US Capitol Building, so recently breached and overrun by the 'Trump Mob'.

As the 'Syzygy Moon' of Inauguration 2021 (last lunation prior), the January 13th New Moon is significant and predictive, and turns up (as the Cosmos would have it!) conjunct The Goal Point of the Biden Oath-Swearing Horoscope (outer) - along with powerful, transformative, regenerative Pluto. (See center of the bi-wheel for Sun-Moon = Pluto.)

As you see, lower left, the rounded-up degree of Mercury in Aquarius, planet of oaths, vows, oration, ballots, voters, and such, has an interesting Sabian Symbol - "19AQ": "A Forest Fire Quenched."

In both cases, Venus is chart-ruler (Libra rising and Taurus rising) and makes only one applying aspect in the New Moon chart, a trine to Uranus which suggests the longed-for potential that 'justice and equality can flourish' (1A00). Right away President Biden signed Executive Orders meant to improve our situation and I'm sure we'll hear more them about later on.

Yet in today's horoscope, chart-ruler Venus is unaspected which to me suggests the isolated conditions associated with the US presidency and perhaps our discarded-for-the-last-four-years tradition created most strongly by President Truman's insistence that "the buck stops here," a shout-out to presidential responsibility and accountability which a majority of Americans - and probaby the rest of the globe - pray has returned to Washington DC.

Jan 14, 2021

January 2021: Neptunian Influences peak then wane

Year 2021: Subversive Elements in Society Spotlighted via Neptune in Pisces

by Jude Cowell

January 14, 2021: With difficult days of potential violence and turmoil continuing in the US (as if justified by the Inauguration of President Joe Biden on January 20th) some readers may be interested in viewing a horoscope of the moment that certain subversive energies peak with transit Neptune square the Nodal Axis. For the purposes of this post, I'll refer to the Nodal Axis as 'NN' but I'm thinking 'Nodal Axis' which currently is under the rays of the Gemini-Sagittarian polarity with its Mercury-Jupiter influences. The Mercury-Jupiter pairing relates to sound common sense but negatively to failures through dishonesty, fraud, and negligence (Ebertin).

Implications and potentials of the subversive Neptune-NN pairing include: 'anti-social behavior/elements; lack of community spirit; strange conduct in communal life; unreliability; exploitation; deceit; cheating' (Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences #ad). Obviously surreptious Neptune's mass propaganda is involved with the Nodal Axis denoting public contacts. Plus, 'breakdowns in relationships' can also occur under such deceptive influences (Tyl) usually due to falsehoods and/or misunderstandings.

Now here is the Neptune-NN duo in Politics and Business as detailed by Michael Munkasey (my italics):

"Thesis: A leadership unwilling or unable to consider the demands of its people; ideals or national glamor as an excuse for neglecting the growth and progress demands of the population or important groups.

Antithesis: Spies or terrorists which enter for villainous purposes; drug policies which avoid important concerns; an ill-adapted and inadequate hospital or medical care system; scandals caused by foreign concerns." (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets #ad).

Please note that transit Pluto in Capricorn's destructuring of societal systems, Ebertin's description of the placement as 'the dictator', and the planet's famous tendency toward hidden manipulation, surveillance, and death, plus, the current involvement in the US government of Neptune-Pluto's criminal underworld/syndicate activities are factors beyond the scope of this particular post but have been discussed in previous posts - type a word or phrase into the sidebar Search field and you'll see!

Once the square's energies peak, its frustrating, nihilistic influences will begin to gradually wane in society (Neptune of the masses and mass media!) - but perhaps only to a dull roar since its vibrations imprint upon the Biden administration. So here is a link to the DC Horoscope set for January 26, 2021 9:11 am est Washington DC, the moment the Neptune-NN square perfects (19Pis06 and rising SQ 19Gem06 conjunct IC) and, for those who use Neptune as a ruler or co-ruler of Pisces, Mercury-Neptune vibes are also involved and resonate with Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square of deceit, fraud, and malicious schemes.

The chart is uploaded to JCAstro because Blogger isn't allowing its upload here!

In addition, yesterday the First Lunation of 2021 @23Cap13 occurred and is significant as the Syzygy Moon of Inauguration 2021 and due to its energies imprinting upon year 2021 and the Biden administration. Notable is that the pragmatic Sun Cap-Moon Cap blend of Saturnian energies can ably face reality, something the US is in serious need of after 4 years of an arch prevaricator.

(Above image of planet Neptune; NASA)

Sep 25, 2020

Trump Regime identified by Mars-Uranus since 2017

September 25, 2020: From the first Solar Eclipse of the Trump "administration" which occurred at 8Pisces12 on February 26, 2017 in the 19 South Saros Series, Trump and his comrades have identified and been identified with the violent, explosive, reactionary energies of the Mars-Uranus Conjunction which perfected @22Aries00 on that very day. The Solar Eclipse manifested at 9:58:19 am est on February 26, 2017, as you see in the eclipse horoscope shown below, and the Mars-Uranus Conjunction became exact at 7:19:20 pm that evening with 25Gem15 at Midheaven (the Goal Point) which is the degree of Trump's 2015 "Prez Bid" New Moon. Now you know that many political pundits have said that Trump was 'surprised' he won in 2016. Me? I'm no pundit but I'm not so certain considering all the help his nibs received from foreign saboteurs (see 9th house Pluto @18Capricorn and the wealthy manipulator's conjunction with 1993's Uranus-Neptune Conjunction degree = "the big picture must be followed--," lower left.)

The timing so soon after Inauguration 2017 imprints 19 South eclipse energies upon the "presidency" of Donald Trump through 19 South's primary theme of "a lucky win" or "break", plus, "a joyous event" (Brady). And along with these cosmic factors comes the Mars-Uranus Conjunction in Mars-ruled Aries. This post is inspired by the fact that another Mars-Uranus Conjunction occurs on Inauguration Day January 20, 2021 and it rises into the 12th house of Politics and Karma at noon, the hour that Trump's first term officially ends, as you know.

So perhaps we can agree that it would be suitable that freeloader Trump's White House residency began with Mars-Uranus in Aries and could end with Mars-Uranus in Taurus!

As for planetary conjunctions, you know that they begin a new cycle of the planetary energies involved and share 'new moon' status in the form of the seeding of new plans. Here, the reactionary plans for action and turmoil of Trump and comrades are identified since the early days of his regime and we may expect that an increase or peak of such violent energies will occur at or around the time of the Mars-Uranus Conjunction of January 20, 2021. Synchronistically, the 2021 conjunction perfects near the public's Inaugural Moon (00Tau55) which happens to be the position of the natal Moon of Joe Biden (00Tau59). Can this trio portend Mars-Uranus style violence toward (or by!) Mr. Biden? On some level, perhaps, and yet Mars-Uranus = Moon also shows high ambition and a 'desire to achieve something very big' (Ebertin).

Sounds good to me! Because the fighting spirit of the US military (Mars-Uranus) may join Mr. Biden and a majority of the American people by ejecting certain miscreants and saboteurs from the White House - whether the saboteurs like it or not.

So see what you think of the Trump regime's first Solar Eclipse in shady Pisces with deceptive Neptune nearby. As always, your on-topic comments and insights are welcome and appreciated but please note my new rule for SO'W: like unsolicited advertisements, No Comments by "Anonymous" readers will ever again be published.

And yes, I agree that too many study notes are squished upon the chart but I hope that those who wish to can and will read them!

DC Horoscope: Solar Eclipse February 26, 2017 @8Pis12 in the 19 South Saros Series:

Two Related Posts: Historical Horoscope of the Confederate Constitution of 1861, created as a reaction to the 1860 election of Abraham Lincoln; post contains a link to the relic's text as provided by the Avalon Project, and The First Lunation of 2021: a Capricorn New Moon.

Sep 8, 2020

117th Congress scheduled to open January 3, 2021

Speculative Astro-Notes Concerning the 117th Congress of 2021

by Jude Cowell

September 8, 2020: If all goes according to plan, the 117th Congress will open on January 3, 2021, and unless Election 2020 in November results in leadership changes, Mike Pence will continue as President of the Congress.

Now I won't write much about the speculative January 3, 2021 chart set for Capitol Hill Washington DC and "noon EST" (in lieu of an announced hour - even the date could change), but below are a few general observations concerning the day's planets, plus, here's a view of the horoscope of the 117th Congress' Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') for which we do not need a correct opening hour in order to ascertain the opening's 'PE' for as long as the 117th Congress opens in January 2021, its 4 South PE remains the case with a 'fated' theme intact - plus, it's also the PE of Inauguration 2021:

117th Congress: January 3, 2021 noon est Capitol Hill shows 19Aries04 rising, the exaltation of the Sun degree. Naturally, the Sun (leadership) @13Cap32 conjuncts the noon Midheaven ('MC') while opposing US natal Sun (July 4, 1776) suggesting a period when government goals and objectives should be reassessed and, if necessary, a change of direction may be taken. This is due to the fact that annually, January 3rd (or 4th) is the Executive Branch's "un-birthday." So with Mars-ruled Aries rising, Mars is chart-ruler (@28Ari32 and rising in 1st house) and makes three applying Ptolemaic aspects in the chart: 1. square Saturn (@1AQ56 in career 10th house conjunct bold Altair the eagle) causing difficulties, delays, stalling, lack of preparation or planning, frustration, challenges to authority, and with a potential for anger; 2. square Jupiter (@3AQ24 in 10th house) suggesting overreach, exaggeration, risk-taking, empty gestures, and/or sloppiness with details; 3. conjunct Uranus Rx (@6Tau46 in 1st house) which indicates unusual or nontraditional actions and circumstances along with an explosive and/or shocking quality. First house denotes early expression of these restless energies with society's current anarchistic, protesting, even rioting activities also indicated--for discussion or possibly legislation in Congress, if not actual physical expression. Unexpected events may occur!

The Mars-Uranus Conjunction becomes exact on January 20, 2021 @6Tau44 and rises in the Inauguration 2021 Horoscope, as you know. And obviously whenever Mars and Uranus combine their highly charged energies, violent measures may be taken, risky or dangerous behavior can complicate issues and bring unfortunate consequences, and/or accidents may occur. For more dangerous indications, add to this the fact that the transiting Uranus-Pluto midpoint not only opposes their Great Conjunction degrees of 1965/66 (mid-Pisces) and stimulating street clashes, Civil Rights demands, and upheaval as before, but Uranus-Pluto also conjuncts the destructive January 3, 2021 Mars-Saturn midpoint (aka, the 'death axis'--Ebertin). "Not a pretty picture" hardly describes the mundane possibilities of this pile-up especially considering the vicious form of politics and vengeance being practiced.

So however the Inauguration 2021 ceremony goes, We The People can expect the unexpected with a desperate Uranian chaos-creator Trump involved and what for him will be a major test of nerves and strength.

Closely Related is the First Lunation of 2021 - a New Moon @23Cap13 of January 13th which falls in the middle of the 117th Congress' Mercury-Pluto Conjunction (22-25Cap), and as we know, is within the overly stimulated "Capricorn corridor", super-sensitized ever since January 12, 2020 when karmic Saturn and Pluto conjoined @22Cap46 - conjunct Trump's natal Vertex (22:51) of fated encounters. (Actually, January 3 2021 is almost a Mercury Return to the Saturn-Pluto Conjunction Horoscope's Mercury - exact January 4th at 4:07 am est with an exact Moon-Neptune opposition hinting at scandals, illusions, and a deceptive environment); meanwhile, Venu$ @23Cap48 activates the Capricorn New Moon linked, above! So apparently, new activities are being seeded and planned in the realms of Mercury-Pluto and finances, and at some point we'll be able to blame or credit the 117th Congress for the consequences.

Now several potentials are indicated for the combination of Mercury and Pluto such as 'political talk that offers abrupt changes to some functions; high security and intelligence activities; communications satellites; news of space exploration, orbital weapons, or toxic gases'.

Other possibilities include: 'secrets involving business or transportation systems; hidden activities; self-destructive impulses in business; and/or breakdowns in road networks (and one wonders: in cyber networks? hacks and leaks? grid or voting machine attacks?). 'Paranoia about secrets', plus, 'ruthless investigations' are also suggested (Munkasey) along with 'propaganda, persuasion, the power of suggestion, overzealousness, sly cunning, sharp criticism, a famous orator, plagiarism, demagoguery, fraudsters, and/or diplomacy (Ebertin). I'll add, malicious scheming, plus, the fact that Mercury is out-of-bounds ('OOBs') so there's no telling what he or she is up to - or what outrageous things may be said, reported, or what may be stolen. Then as always, running in the background is America's natal Mercury-Pluto opposition of total awareness, surveillance/spying, confidential information, mind control, censorship and publishing which affects all such matters in a challenging way. But all results must depend upon which political party comes out victorious in House, Senate, and White House, and that's a secret even the Universe is keeping close to her vest.

Update October 6, 2020: please note that the above post was published prior to Trump's recent hospital stay allegedly due to contracting coronavirus and his superspreader status making those around him ill. jc

Aug 28, 2020

First Lunation of 2021: a Capricorn New Moon

August 28, 2020: As you've noticed by now, the first lunation which imprints upon Year 2021 is a New Moon in Capricorn on January 13, 2021 (23Cap13, 4th house), a time for seeding new plans. Of course, Saturn-ruled Capricorn is the sign of government, law, business, investment, strategy, and ambition so these realms are involved. This New Moon's fulfillment/culmination phase is the Full Moon @9Leo06 on January 28, 2021, perhaps a less dreary affair. And as you know, a significant political-governmental event, Inauguration 2021, falls within the two lunations which naturally ups the lunations' importance to society and imprints their soli-lunar energies, not just on the year, but on the entire four years of a new or a rebooted administration.

So here is the Capricorn New Moon's DC Horoscope and you'll find a few notes on this chart's midpoint pix (pictures) listed, below:

Lots of chart factors and notes are schmooshed upon the chart in my usual messy fashion and are intended for the daring. One of the factors penned on is "23 Capricorn": "a degree of governmental authority" (N. DeVore).

New Moon January 13, 2020 12:00:02 am est Washington DC; Rising is 16Libra49 making Venus the chart-ruler; Venus (5Cap42, 3rd house) makes only one applying aspect in this chart, a trine with tech savvy Uranus (6Tau43 Rx, 7th house) - see lower left for potentials of this trine with both planets in practical Earth signs, and money possibly involved. Rising as well is US natal Saturn, exalted in Libra, plus, Trump's natal Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter trio of fraud and speculation so ongoing lawsuits may be indicated. Also noted on the chart is the 7th house Mars-Uranus conjunction which perfects on Inauguration Day 2021 @6Tau44. Obviously, a measure of turbulence, conflict, and upheaval are indicated by the pair's explosive energies, and regretfully I must add that powerful manipulator Pluto @24Cap35, hovers over the Capricorn New Moon and figures prominently in the midpoint pictures, below, as do Neptune and Jupiter.

Potentials of the January 13, 2021 New Moon's Midpoint Pix; any, all, or none may apply and all are subject to transits, progressions, and directions; a combination of Tyl, Ebertin and Munkasey is consulted where needed with an emphasis on political, governmental, and societal concerns; no weighting of these potentials is applied - I'm leaving that up to you, dear reader:

Sun-Pluto = Moon: attempts to project power and persuasion; efforts to bring help to those in need; basic ideas about death or destruction; fluctuating attempts to appear strong-willed; determination to effect basic changes in the flow of life events; illness; brutal suppression of feelings.

Moon-Pluto = Sun: corrupting elements influence everyday situations; emotional uplifting; special far-reaching plans; tight team effort; changing attitudes about people; sensitive or excitable people.

Mars-Jupiter= Neptune: imagining success; letting reality slip away; being near a mistaken course of action; falsehood; unfaithfulness; plans without a chance of realization; confusion over how to use available powers or forces; using force to establish a new religion; misstatements of doctrine or philosophy are spread; a draining of energy resources; failures; delays.

Mars-Saturn = Neptune: waning powers, weakening efforts; poison, gas, or an epidemic; mysterious deaths; grave loss; confusion; feeling threatened; pretenses or cover-ups about the state of preparedness or the readiness of self or others; a weakening of well-prepared plans; inefficient use of energy.

Mercury-Saturn = Jupiter: success through concentration and industry; logic; reasoning; additional reasoning as a basis for serious discussions; simplistic idealism about religious or philosophical matters; success with difficult or irksome work; thoroughness; industriousness; a fortunate separation; a glad farewell; good powers of concentration.

Yes, it's true that many of these potentials are ugly as dirt and we're already dealing now with several of them or some version of them. But you know that forewarned is forearmed so as we careen toward a New Year, it seems a good idea to me to line up all the ducks we can and ready them for action in January 2021 and beyond.

And as always, your on-topic comments are appreciated as are any Shares you may muster! jc

Jan 8, 2018

DC Horoscope: January 16, 2018 Capricorn New Moon

Image: New Moon @26Cap54 January 16, 2018 9:17:10 pm est Washington DC; Hour of the Sun; New Moon conjoins US natal Pluto Rx @27Cap33 and US Inauguration MC. This lunation recalls the RNC 2016 Full Moon @27Cap40 of July 19, Cleveland, Ohio which seemed particularly significant due to its conjunction with America's natal Pluto and the POTUS Inauguration MC, the Goal Point. Pluto in Capricorn there denotes that the goal is dictatorship (Ebertin).

Penned upon the chart are basic details (please enlarge) along with the RNC July 19, 2016 planets that are here conjoined (2018 to 2016) as if in a Return chart or very near it: Mars, Uranus, Neptune, and centaur Chiron, with Uranus and Chiron (as a pair, the chaos creators) on their exact July 2016 degrees. This suggests a sort of time link with history rhyming, folks, as the Trump regime and the GOP control of the three branches of government continue, at least until the November Midterms.

Also significant during this time of confusion, falsehood, unreliability, paranoia, propaganda, fear, disappointment, delusion, dissolution, and contagion is the fact that the American people are mired within a five-fer Neptune Return of the Republican Party (14Pis01) which began in 2017 and lasts through the end of 2018 into 2019.

So as you see, Jupiter leads a BOWL shape of the New Moon planets but from what is traditionally known as an 'evil degree' (19Scorpio) which Nicholas Devore has called "the crucial point in the war between the Ego and the Supreme Will." And I have little doubt that since it's expansive Jupiter there, issues of banking, financing, funding, budgets, debt, military spending and troop movements (Jupiter the General), and guns vs butter are some of the things described here with funding stalemates in Congress and a potential government shutdown looming (as I type on January 8th) at midnight on January 19th. Will ego be the prime consideration in these important matters in Washington DC 2018? Can politicians get out of their own ways long enough to 'do the people's business'?

For clues, perhaps we should note the T-Square with apex Jupiter penned, lower right. It says: Pluto-ASC = Jupiter: a large gain; a fortunate turn; an imposing personality (Ebertin) which these days tends to signify Mr. Trump. Another midpoint picture is Neptune-ASC = MC: acting under the influence of others. Well, hello! Lobbyists, big donors, and/or ALEC bill writers, perhaps? Trump's influence over Republican lawmakers? Well, most Americans agree that a majority of 'our' congress members are compromised by such influences and seldom if ever vote their consciences. Or what's left of them for the ones who had consciences to begin with. Gutting social welfare programs would seem to indicate a dearth of Christian charity operating in DC, imho.

So! What new beginning is suggested by the January 2018 New Moon conjunct US natal Pluto and the Inaugural Midheaven? Is it merely a cosmic signature of a new year starting or is there more to it? What seeds are being planted now that will sprout under the eerie light of the January 31, 2018 Leo Lunar Eclipse?

Well, we know that with manipulative yet coping Pluto in the lunar spotlight this month we can expect issues of power, control, and great wealth to be on the menu with Jupiter in Scorpio, sign of Big Business, spying, and betrayal, leading the march--and speculator Donald Trump's Neptune in Libra is first of his natal planets to rise in the New Moon chart and bringing his Chiron and Jupiter to the party. Can warmongering and profiteering be far behind? Are certain foreign agents such as Putin involved in the lunar-plutonian picture? Is Pluto's nuclear button safe from Trump's twitchy little finger?

And yet the 2016-2018 time link suggests that there are fresh potentials for new leaks, scandals, and/or secrets concerning Mr. Trump's campaign 2016, his GOP nomination, and his subsequent selection to play president perking within the darkness of the January New Moon and may be revealed by the light of the January 31 Lunar Eclipse @11Leo37 which manifests so near Mr. Trump's natal Pluto!

Dec 26, 2016

Dec 29, 2016 Capricorn New Moon = 1940 'Arsenal of Democracy' New Moon both @7Cap

Reluctantly tonight, I'm posting just a brief historical and astrological note to say that the Syzygy Moon of FDR's 'The Arsenal of Democracy' speech ("we have to be...") delivered on December 29, 1940 @7Cap00 will be conjoined--by degree repeated and thus emphasized--by the New Moon of December 29, 2016 @7Cap55 at 1:53:08 am est (White House Washington DC). The concept of weapons and matters related to the US as military, arm of the global corporate syndicate -- tyrants included, may come up in discussions within the public debate. And as 2017 proceeds into 2018, please keep in mind who the true victims have been and are, and who the oppressors are and/or tend to be.

What needs improving upon or avoided during this lunar cycle is shown by 7Cap and 8Cap Sabian Symbols: the inability to distinguish true values from false and idle narcissism (Jones). The presence of Facies energizes these degrees and reflected events though perhaps not in a positive way.

Now since New Moons can disrupt conditions in similar fashion to Solar Eclipses (and Full Moons often activate the unconscious flavors of a Lunar Eclipse similar to disruptive witness and potential genius, Uranus) with eclipses able to reveal or uncover secrets and other things that some would wish to stay hidden. The phrase 'inconvenient truth' comes to mind so look for those if you follow political news. And as we discussed previously, the 7Cap New Moon after midnight (est) Tuesday conjoins difficult Facies, one of the victim stars. Follow the above New Moon link for more info.

So if forewarned can really be forearmed, let's all be cautious with new situations over the next 4 years beginning with the Solar and Lunar Eclipses occurring in February 2017. And we don't need Astrology to tell us why, though a peek ahead at The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 isn't a bad idea. The label for this eclipse which splits America across her tum-tum (the path of visibility stretches from Oregon to South Carolina and from sea to shining sea) sounds basically like Mr. Trump's favorite campaign slogan, doesn't it? He just didn't tell us all his plans...

Trump to Rule by Whim

So please someone remind his nibs of one very important thing -- he has No Mandate from The People. None. If he listens to the anti-government types surrounding him he will soon have no government to rule over and We The People will demand redress for our grievances -- as we should have done long ago in greater (undivided) numbers. Mockery of the Office of the Presidency and/or lowering of standards by Mr. Trump, his staff, or his Cabinet members is unacceptable to the American public.

Pomposity is necessary, yes, but hopefully Mr. Trump will soon realize that his own pomposity finishes a mere second to the protocol-bound, vainglorious image, the self-important pronouncements, quaint traditions, and silk trappings of the US presidency. The Office existed way before Mr. Trump entered Earth's time flux. Destruction of a nation is hardly a memorable legacy for a man in any line of work. Stepping lightly in unfamiliar territory may be warranted and this American wishes for his esteem and success in the role of mouthpiece for the American people. As noted, however, I shall remind him that He Has No Mandate from The People due to his lower popular vote count on Nov 8, 2016. His 'millions of illegal voters' charge is a red herring meant to divert attention from inconvenient facts -- it's quite an unsubstantiated whopper, isn't it? Yet too tragic for our nation to be considered amusing.

The traits and abilities that Mr. Trump has gracious plenty of are easy to list: a natural affinity for expansive, exaggerated Jupiterian behavior of the bounder kind, the cad and the scoundrel, accustomed to having his way and a *petulant pouter when he can't. Temper tantrums aside (Mars rising in boastful Leo with kingmaker Regulus, star of success if revenge is avoided -- but it never is with Mr. Trump), the man insists he has never made a mistake (!like the Pope?!) and some might not hold such a self-deluded misconception against him. Well, I must, and shall not forget it as this unqualified and erroneously certified 'president' proceeds to meddle under the hood of our jalopy of a government, the Supreme Court of the United States, and the USA Congress with its uncomfortable quota of vultures, jackals, and innocent newbies with grand visions of shrinking the US government to a shell of its former self, no matter whose grandmother, grandfather, or perhaps, ill child, is harmed in the process. For many politicians, dreams of Ayn Rand's exalted though posthumous approval of their greedy and selfish acts will keep all austerity away from their own political doors -- as long as the suffering is someone else's (they hope).

And yet, laws written upon paper are only paper, man made and thus subject to error. Plus, each one of us is Sui generis -- and a majority of the great mass of The People of the United States is required in order to make America anything at all...and certainly our nation cannot be described by meaningless political slogans thought up by any demagogue you can name and may have mistakenly voted for while under strange influences in November (such as the rays of Scorpio). Not that Hillary was 100% an improvement over Trump, secretive Scorpio as she is.

Now as General Smedley Butler famously informed us, "War is a racket," so all in all, it has become more clear and thus difficult to escape the knowledge that self-styled 'world leaders' suck in that Machiavellian way of success at any and all costs. But what do the populations of the world expect from a global crime syndicate fronted by figureheads and shills who escape prosecution for their crimes and boundary-breaking by pretending that they're the boss of us all?

Dec 28, 2015

Happy New Year! Capricorn New Moon AND Mercury Rx: Barbara Goldsmith

Here is an informative New Year 2016 report from Barbara Goldsmith featuring the Capricorn New Moon of January 9, 2016 @19Cap13 (8:31 pm EST). This new cycle of activity imprints its energies upon the year and though it perfects beyond transiting Pluto @15Cap, the planet of power, transformation, sabotage, and wealth is within a 5-degree orb and adding intensity to the New Moon phase which culminates or fulfills in the Full Moon of January 24th @3Leo29 (conjoining President Obama's natal Mercury.)

Also, on January 5th, Mercury's Rx Station @1Aquarius conjoins the 2009 Inauguration Mercury which you'll remember was retrograde and President Obama's Oath of Office had to be re-taken thanks to Justice Roberts' flub (which may have been intentional.) And on January 7th, Jupiter, planet of Money and Politics, retrogrades @23Virgo--conjunct US natal Neptune, an intensified period of fanaticism, paranoia, pretense, and illusion. If a scheme sounds too good to be true, it is.

As you may have noticed, President Bill 'Comeback Kid' Clinton is back in the news cycle thanks to Republican opponents of 2016 candidate Hillary and 1993 is echoed since the January 9th New Moon degree conjoins 1993's three-fer conjunctions of Enlightenment-Age of Reason-New World Order planets Uranus and Neptune so in 2016 we may expect a 'peculiar turn of events' to play out such as during November 2011 into 2012 with the 'Sequestration' scam. Will these odd energies affect the November 2016 Election? My vote is Yes. They're generational and thus affect the Collective on deep levels.

A date to watch for is April 18, 2016 when Pluto's Rx Station occurs @17Cap29 in the Uranus-Neptune vicinity with its vibes of 'the big picture demands a certain course of action, little option to do otherwise' demand (Tyl). Also note that warrior Mars turns Rx one day prior on April 17th @8Sag54, too close to warlike Antares for my taste or comfort.

But that's only Politics! A New Year celebration is upon us so instead, let Barbara inform you on a more personal level and finish her 2016 presentation with a lovely violin serenade: