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Dec 23, 2016

The Whimsical Sun (POTUS) of Inauguration 2017

A Closer View of Inauguration 2017's Unaspected Sun (POTUS)

by Jude Cowell

Previously I posted Inauguration 2017 Midpoint Pictures and its Sun-Moon blend but without noting the midpoint pictures' more specific political implications. Today I want to correct that omission and since I'm often criticized for using a common-good astrological lens through which to view politics, politicians, and their corrupt practices, I shall quote directly from two highly esteemed astrologers and hope that they won't mind (their books on Amazon are linked and recommended, below). Therefore, all doubters may be assured I'm not making this up and may draw their own conclusions as to the condition of the US presidency on Inauguration Day 2017 and the 4-year term of Mr. Trump.

2017 Inaugural Sun: POTUS and the Ego Thereof

There are two prominent astrological factors that describe the presidential Sun (00AQ49) on January 20, 2017 noon est Capitol Building Washington DC: a midpoint picture with the presidential Sun at apex and the fact that the Sun is unaspected - having no angular relationship (aspect) to the rest of the planets (actors). In effect, here is a Sun (POTUS) standing alone and emphasizing the pinnacle of success (10th house) in the sign of detachment (Aquarius).

The midpoint picture is: Sun = Moon-Uranus. Michael Munkasey's interpretation (and yes, I know he doesn't like to be quoted but this is important for the American people!) in the form of the Hegelian Dialectic. As always, any, all, or none of the following potentials may apply and may be activated by future transits and progressions. See if any of this describes someone you know:

Thesis: An enterprise with great insight into the needs of its people, yet one which has a very unusual way for showing care and appreciation toward its population; unconventional rulers with emotional flair.

Antithesis: Leaders who rule at whim, with little sense of how their enterprise is seen by the rest of the world; an emotionally immature person placed in an important and visible leadership role.

Well, yes.

Next let's consider 2017's unaspected Sun which is not usually the state of inaugural Suns in US Inaugurations past. Now I don't have all inaugural charts in my files at the moment, but of the several inaugural horoscopes I do have (including Lincoln, Garfield, Hoover, Nixon 1969, JFK, FDR, Clinton, etc) only FDR's 1937 Inauguration shows Sun (POTUS) alone in the 10th house as in 2017 - but 1937's Sun squares Uranus in Taurus and is opposed by Pluto Rx in Cancer so it is not unaspected but modified by the intense, deeper energies of transpersonal Uranus and Pluto.

When there's an unaspected planet in a chart there tends to be a 'switched on and off' quality to it and in the case of the Sun, which signifies the president in the mundane horoscope of Inauguration Day 2017, the "direction of action the planet takes can be uncertain, spasmodic, and irregular" and its expression is "much harder to control". (The Sun is referred to as a planet in Astrology--jc.) An "unaspected planet's strength is very difficult to ascertain." It can "take on the nature of a singleton in that it can become a conspicuous focus of attention" and has an "unpredictable nature" (as we already know about the changeable, some say unstable, Mr. Trump--jc). It may "undergo periods of spurt-like activity for no apparent reason" (which mimics the sort of action quirky planet Uranus inspires, plus, there's his avoid-the-press use of Twitter technology, the realm of Uranus--jc).

Even so, an unaspected Sun (ego-centrism; essence; purpose) will directly affect the US presidency and thus, the American people with its "island unto itself" quality and the Sun's "autonomous, self-governing nature can be even more emphasized. This condition can accentuate an independent spirit, but not always in a wholesome, well-balanced manner." An unaspected Sun "seems less driven to exteriorize himself" (than an aspected Sun) and "he is motivated to focus on his own self-importance, holding himself in high regard" (no kidding! jc).

"Self-esteem and self-pride are important to him, whether reinforced by his environment or not. As his strength and integrity come from a subjective source, he is less dependent upon outer relationships for ego-support. He can be very rooted within his own inner core of being, regardless of how unstable or chaotic his external surroundings are. Such intense self-centeredness may make him appear unresponsive and aloof, almost as if he is totally absorbed within his own self-made world.

The inner nature does not associate itself very well with other facets of the character, determined by the other planets" though "the remaining planets still function, but without a dominant central life theme to revolve around. They neither help nor hinder the individual's main objectives. Perhaps the drives of these planets are forced to take the back seat, in which they are experienced as mere secondary needs given less attention and development. Instead, the individual may be more intent upon the exclusive development of his pure solar characteristics" (which in the case of deal maker Mr. Trump are Geminian and egoistic in nature, and as you know, chatty Geminis prefer to skim issues and though they cannot stand the idea of being wrong, settling for superficial understanding of issues can often trip them up as they jump to conclusions--jc).

The Inauguration 2017 Horoscope: Mr. Trump's First Natal Planet to Rise

In support of the above descriptions of the Trump inauguration and presidency, his first natal planet to rise in the Inauguration 2017 chart is his 10th house Uranus in Gemini, leader of a BOWL pattern comprising all the rest of his planets. The Bowl is tipped toward Midheaven, the Career and Public Status Point of the chart and signifies a 'scooping up' of experience focused primarily in the public eye and which shows extreme self-containment (as mentioned, above) and a self-seeking personality as noted by the unaspected condition of the Inaugural Sun. A BOWL indicates a mission to be fulfilled and in his case, Uranus in Gemini is related to this mission or cause. Isolationism (a typical complaint of presidents) is suggested since the planet is Uranus, and Mr. Trump has disdained the White House as a residence and prefers to spend half his time as president in his gilded ivory tower in New York (from which many tweets will come).

Now let's close with the Sabian Symbol of Mr. Trump's natal Uranus (17Gem53), rebellious planet of reforms, disruption, and chaos since we'll all be dealing with its quirky implications and, in fact, we already are:

18 Gemini: "Two Chinese Men Converse in Their Native Tongue in an American City"...Keynote: The need for the mind to retain its independence from its physical environment in order to concentrate on its special problems...INSULATION (An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar).

Recommended: Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey; and Dynamics of Aspect Analysis, Bil Tierney.

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