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Dec 12, 2016

Decade of Change: the Outer Planet Conjunctions of the 1950s

If you're reading this article you may not have been alive in the 1950s and 'missed' the Great Conjunctions of the decade. It was a decade of change and new conditions across the globe and in America so I've put together a list of the four planetary conjunctions of the 1950s, when their energies combined and the Great Cosmic Clock started over for each pair. (Update 12.12.16: recently news appears that the mystery of the Killer London Fog of December 1952 has been solved as per the first Saturn conjunction with foggy Neptune in airy Libra as noted, below.

As Above So Below! for there were descriptive historical events during the 1950s which resonate with the planetary pairs on the list:

Societal planet Saturn conjoined Neptune of the masses and the media three times in the 21 to 23 degrees of airy Libra: 1. November 21, 1952; 2. May 1, 1953; 3. July 22, 1953; when combined, Saturn-Neptune denotes such sociological correspondences as: poor, sick, or depressed persons, chronic diseases, undermining conditions, suffering, renunciation, asceticism, invisible or secret government, government scandals, capitulating leaders, and/or idealism vs materialism; (appr 36-year cycle).

Next were expansive money and ideology planet Jupiter and progressive, disruptive Uranus, the 'fortunate breakthrough' pair of energies when working harmoniously together. They conjoined three times on: 1. October 7, 1954; 2. January 7, 1955; 3. May 10, 1955 in the 24 to 28 degrees of Cancer--conjunct US natal Mercury Rx and opposite US natal Pluto @27Cap32; this planetary pair indicates potentials for: extreme efforts to produce new or original changes, creation of devices that can transform the world, and/or a sudden change in financial conditions. Adventurers, fortune hunters, explorers, scientists, zealots with one-sided views, and political conflicts are also suggested by Jupiter-Uranus; (appr 14-year cycle).

Moneybags Jupiter conjoined wealthy power planet Pluto three times during the 1950s: 1. November 2, 1955; 2. February 8, 1956; 3. June 16, 1956 in the 26 to 29 degree range of Leo--conjunct the Mars and Ascendant of a then-young fellow by the name of *Donald Trump. Jupiter-Pluto is one of the Plutocrat pairs of energies with a craving for power; organizers of large-scale projects, professors and teachers of law and economics are described by Jupiter-Pluto along with speculators, squanderers, and wastrels. Pursuit of fanatical aims, religious leadership, and a desire to exploit the masses can also be constellated by Jupiter-Pluto; (appr 13-year cycle)

And last but not least in the 1950s decade is the one Great Conjunction of giants Jupiter and Neptune, the pair under which the Obama administration has operated since their last conjunction/s of 2009--conjunct US natal Moon in Aquarius. On September 24, 1958, the inflationary pair met @3Sco18, the current degree of America's progressed Saturn (Rx since 1996). Yes, reality is often elusive under a Jupiter-Neptune influence with its potentials for: dreaminess, seduction, idealism when reality is needed, mysticism, speculation, gain without effort, self-created scandals, political conflicts, idolatry (exs: 'rock star' Barack a la 2009 and the bloated, confusing, over promising ACA), a degraded legal system based on favors and pay-offs, hypocrisy as a form of internal policy, elaborate visions of how to effect a change of direction, making excuses for failures, and/or compassion and a love of humanity; (appr 13-year cycle).

Of course, there were other transits and progressions during the 1950s (and eclipses) which also influenced the events on the list, above, but these are the major Outer Planet Conjunctions of the decade. And it isn't long before year 2020 opens with the January 12th hook-up of one Saturn-Pluto conjunction (ouch!) @22Cap46, then it's on to April 2020 when the three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn begin. The weighty year ends with the 20-year encounter between societal planets Jupiter and Saturn @00AQ29--conjunct US Inaugural Sun (POTUS).

What this karmic conjunction suggests for the US presidency must be a post for another day--especially since now we must be patient and observe what Mr. Trump does with the power and advantages of the Oval Office during his tenure in the White House--if there's anything left for Jupiter and Saturn to conjunct in 2020.

*Jupiter-Pluto conjunct Mr. Trump's natal Mars may have inspired within him a deep desire to achieve great things which, as it turned out, supports an uncommonly massive ego.


For more planetary pair info consult Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences and Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets.

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