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Dec 12, 2016

Venezuela in Crisis: two foundation charts for Venezuela

Ongoing for some time, perhaps you've heard that there is Crisis in Venezuela with runaway inflation, corruption, decreased oil prices, and a suffering population. Sadly, US involvement in the country's dire conditions comes as no surprise. 'It's what we do,' as the popular saying goes.

Checking Nicholas Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes, it turns out that Venezuela has two natal horoscopes, one dated 1811 and one for 1830:

Venezuela Chart #385 is set for July 5, 1811 (NS) 12:00 pm LMT Caracas since no precise time is known; this chart is marks when "true independence was proclaimed" and has a critical-crisis degree rising, 12Lib51. As you see by the July 5th date, the Sun (leadership) at the critical-crisis degree of 12Can40 conjoins US natal Sun and goddess star Sirius (the scorcher); Midheaven (MC) = 11Can45 which puts transit Pluto now in mid-Capricorn, the transformer and saboteur, at IC, the Foundation/Basis of the Matter, also The Drain. Natal Moon (The People) at noon @4Cap08 is in 3rd house with natal Saturn @21Sag56 Rx--Saturn conjoins the natal Moon/South-Node conjunction of Donald Trump. Plus, in this natal chart for Venezuela, the country will begin a three-fer Saturn Return/s on or about January 6, 2017, the second hit in July 2017, and culminating with the third conjunction to 21Sag56 in September 2017, a time for accountability and integrity.

Considering Venezuela's current financial bungling and corruption, of interest may be a planetary trio in 9th house, two of which are 'money planets': Venus 16Gem40, Jupiter 20Gem45, and deal-maker Mercury 23Gem51. Mr. Trump's natal Uranus, North Node, and Sun are amongst these degrees, yes, but what may be revealing is the Gemini Full Moon of December 13, 2016 @22Gemini which will spotlight Venezuela's trio and also the Gemini trio of Mr. Trump. Naturally, US natal Mars @22Gemini will also be in the cosmic spotlight of tomorrow's Full Moon which can reveal secrets and inconvenient facts much like an eclipse can do.

The second chart (#386) is set for September 22, 1830 noon LMT Caracas with 26Sag43 rising and chart-ruler Jupiter @8Cap28 rising in 1st house with nebulous Neptune @20Cap02 Rx, yet another critical-crisis degree. At MC is 1Lib07 conjunct a critical-crisis 29th degree Sun (29Vir08); the Moon @00Sag15 conjoins 12th cusp of Karma, Self-Undoing, and Politics, while the IC @1Ari07 is bracketed by a 3rd house Mars (25Pis20) and 4th house Pluto (8Ari46) Rx. Natal Saturn @26Leo25 conjoins the natal Ascendant and Mars of Donald Trump in Venezuela's corporate 8th house of Big Business.

Well, apparently our braggart-elect will take the Oath of Office (or will he skip it like the daily security briefings he thinks he's too smart to need?) in January 2017 and it will be interesting (and hopefully not excruciating) to watch how or if Mr. Trump makes deals concerning the Crisis in Venezuela. My fingers are crossed for the good people of Venezuela...and for the good people of America.

Here's a brief video report on Food Shortages in Venezuela.

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