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Jan 5, 2017

Jan 5, 2017 Stars Over Washington's 'Trump Poll': the totals so far

Thursday January 5, 2017 1:50 pm est

As of today the leading opinion in the recently posted Stars Over Washington 'Trump Poll' (A Trump Presidency will be--) is: one big scam. Runner-up is a distopian nightmare, and number 3: the end of America. The 4th possibility has zero adherents, undoubtedly because that answer is a dream come true.

And so I'm proud to say that readers of Stars Over Washington, those who go to the trouble to participate in polls (please do! sidebar, upper right), possess a clear-eyed, realistic view of the ongoing train wreck that is Washington DC Politics 2017 and have faced the haunting specter of the alt-right and theocratic ideologues who will sway Mercurial Gemini Mr. Trump on many social and political issues which will closely affect the American people, undermine the US Constitution, and ruin the US government more than it already has been. And considering Mr. Trump's conflicts of interest, past and current shady dealings, scams, frauds, billionaire buddies, possible mob ties, a basic lack of understanding of the necessary 'blind trust' requirement, and a thousand other issues and protocols that most people understand and would abide by, this freedom-loving fellow (who threatens to jail others and 'loves to fire people') sees only the ironies convenient for him to see. It appears to this astrologer that his fighting, egoistic Leo Mars rising with royal Regulus will signify much of his hot-mess presidency ruled by whim and retaliation.

And as anti-democratic and bigoted as his Cabinet members and staff of operatives may be, astrologically we can expect Mr. Trump's natal Uranus (radical reformer, rebel, anarchist) posited at his birth in changeable, sometimes unreliable Gemini to lead his pack of planets with all the disruptive, maverick, and chaotic energies it and he can muster. For as you know, the sign of Uranus in a natal chart describes behavior and with Trump's Uranus oriental and leading a BOWL shape, chatty deal-making Gemini is one of the main archetypes that We The People are facing with Mercury the ruler of Gemini and his Sun (personality) and North Node (public contact) in the sign as well.

And yet his Mercury in Cancer, sign of shrewd business ability and love of family and country, provides him some measure of perception, intuition, and objectivity (since Mercury is not in his Sun sign) even though his Mercury, planet of thinking processes, is ruled by the Moon (feelings, emotions) so We The People have that goin' for us. We find Mr. Trump's extreme defensiveness displayed via his tweets and remarks that punch back at all detractors ("enemies," he says) since Cancer, sign of the crab, always scuttles sideways to avoid dealing with unpleasant encounters--such as blame, criticism, and other people's opinions and ideas.

However, he relates to others (via Jupiter's sign--his moneybags planet is strong for it's Stationary Direct) as a Libra with the placement's constant "it's not fair!" refrain ringing in our ears, and yet his Moon-South-Node conjunction does not make for popularity and indicates mommy issues, or, at the least, a deep sense of separation from the crowd. This spot in the Zodiac (for him, 22 Sagittarius) is where the karmic planet of restriction and blockage, Saturn, now tromps and conjuncts natal Moon-South-Node and opposes his natal Sun in Gemini. This transit is quite a cosmic Ouch!

And so...

The SO'W Trump Poll remains open until midnight January 20, 2017 (Inauguration Day) and if you haven't, please register your opinion if you have a moment. Multiple answers are acceptable which may come in handy for those who feel torn between the nightmare and the dream come true. That's a tiny little joke, in case you can't tell.


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Additionally, typing the president-select's name into the SO'W sidebar Search field will present many possible reading opportunities for the daring...

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