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Jan 5, 2017

Washington DC's Secret Symbolism: From Past to Future

Can Washington DC's Past Inform Our Nation's Future?

by Jude Cowell

Did you know there's a website containing curious facts concerning our capital city and its monuments, particularly the phallic obelisk, the Washington Monument? Washington DC: Chamber of Secrets (#ad) reveals some of the past machinations of our Masonic Founding Fathers and their contemporaries who designed Egyptian, Roman, and Greek tributes and symbols that were purposefully built into the city's architecture and monuments.

This could be a fascinating topic for US History buffs who wish to see below the surface of the time-honored myths associated with America's Founders, with Washington DC's construction, and with the beginnings and continuance of the US government these 241 years. The Founders' esoteric leanings seem especially a timely study in my opinion since the continuance of the US government is more in question now than ever before for we face a questionable, nontraditional regime of a chaotic, ham-fisted Trump administration and its lack of a mandate from We the People.

Predictably, Sun worship plays a major role, of course, and we've see this plainly in our 'cult of personality' presidencies through the decades, with Trump no exception (Campaign 2016 was all about his 'character' and 'temperament'). What isn't widely appreciated is how US Constitution Day, September 17th, plays into the solar idolatry with the Sun seeming to pause atop the Washington Monument at 6:43 pm each year--on September 17th. Here, as in Freemasonic rituals, there are death and rebirth themes laced underneath the surface and even the blood and sacrifice of the Civil War are part of the picture as is the assassination of President Lincoln--and the positioning of his Memorial (1914--1922). Stand at the bottom of its steps on a certain date (April 9th), look toward the Reflecting Pool, and at 7:38 am you'll see the same solar performance as the Sun 'sits' atop the Washington Monument.

Coincidental? Puh!

Now I'm not certain the website linked above mentions it so I will...the star that the Washington Monument points to in the heavens is Porrima, a star of fertility--and of prophecy. Yet isn't it curious that our first Masonic president, George Washington, known as the 'Father of Our Country', never generated natural children of his own? At least, as far as I know! This infertility may have been caused by an early case of smallpox, if memory serves, but still...he was, they say, a good dancer (natal Sun in creative Pisces, ruler of feet)!

Now there are other curious facts concerning our nation and its purpose and you can probably think of them on your own but I do hope you'll visit the website I mention (buy the book or not! I did so it's on my shelf as I type) if you haven't, and perhaps you might ponder the facts of the mysterious case we call the United States of America and divine what our nation's ultimate destiny is meant to be--especially with such a presidency appearing on the future dance card of We The People.

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