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Jan 25, 2017

Wedding Day Astrology: Sean Spicer and Rebecca Miller

Through the years I've used my series Wedding Day Astrology to examine the relationships of quite a few famous couples, some in the Entertainment field, some in Politics, with the Sun operating as the male principle (husband) and the Moon as the feminine principle (wife). Lady Venus and lusty Mars are important in a relationship, too, of course, but I prefer to use a simpler personality model when investigating a private relationship such as a marriage.

Now that the new Trump administration is underway and White House press secretary Sean Spicer has made quite a loud splash, let's take a gentle peek at the Spicer-Miller partnership. Like her husband, Mrs. Spicer has also worked in news and communications but you can look up professional credentials for them both if you're interested. Last I heard, the couple live in Alexandria, Virginia with their two children and Mr. Spicer holds the rank of Commander in the Naval Reserve.

On November 14, 2004, The New York Times published an announcement of the Rebecca Miller, Sean Spicer wedding which took place the day prior on November 13, 2004. On that day (with the hour of their ceremony unknown), we find Sun in Scorpio and the Moon entering Sagittarius shortly before 1:00 am. Therefore, it is safe to say that their wedding and marriage are signified by a steamy, volatile Water-Fire combo, a Sun Scorpio-Moon Sagittarius blend of energies, and the following description refers primarily to Mr. Spicer as the solar partner and Mrs. Spicer as the lunar partner yet it also describes the combination of their partnership expressing as one entity.

Sun Scorpio-Moon Sagittarius denotes passion, loyalty, and commitment. Values are important within this combo of idealism and realism though a fanatic streak may be seen via a tendency to moralize and expect the world to conform to their views. When it comes to socializing, a holier-than-thou attitude may be present and 'paranoid grumpiness' may be avoided once the need for emotional intensity vs intellectual equality are balanced.

Essentially, this is a trustworthy and effective combination which works well within group dynamics though there may be a sting in its tail (provided by the scorpion) which can provoke others. Ambitious and self-dramatizing, the Sun Scorpio-Moon Sagittarius blend is good for careers in Politics, Education, Investigation, or Philosophy, to name a few.

Now here is a rather interesting quote concerning this blend from the Harveys' Sun Sign-Moon Sign:

"Although you are forthright about your beliefs and your moral standards, you will hold back a trump or two when it comes to feelings, if you judge it wise." My guess is that a wise Mr. Spicer will be called upon to hold back many a 'trump' as he faces the media to speak on behalf of the Trump administration.


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