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Apr 21, 2018

Eggs, a Dossier, Sean Spicer and The Briefing

April 21, 2018: Coming Soon to a bargain book bin or a Best Seller List near you, a new book The Briefing by former White House Press Secretary for Jupiterian Donald Trump, Sean Spicer who 'resigned' his position on July 2, 2017. Is it significant that Mr. Spicer was born September 23, 1971 during the three Great Conjunctions of broadcasting Jupiter and media/propaganda planet Neptune?

Their conjunctions in 1971 occurred in the 00-to-3-degree range of Sagittarius, expansive Jupiter's own sign, and as you know, the planetary pair suggests various potentials (any, all, or none) such as: speculation, get-rich-quick schemes, bubbles and busts, nebulous finances or fraud, scandal and instability, wrong diagnoses, idealism, mysticism, visions, fantasies and dreams, Utopian illusions, religious or mystical beliefs, occultism, great hopes, evasion, seduction, overdone generosity, rich feelings, compassion, subtlety, trickiness, gain without effort, deception via dogma, ineffective persuasion, make-believe, foolish or unfounded legal situations, hypocrisy as a form of internal policy, neglected ethics, senseless doctrines, acceptance of pretenses, ethics and morals based on favors and pay-offs, degradation within a justice system, self-analysis, and--political conflicts (Munkasey; Ebertin).

Yet the combined energies of the frothy Jupiter-Neptune pair are not all the blended cosmic influences upon Sean Spicer for he was also born under a powerful (power-craving) Sun-Pluto conjunction at the critical 29th degree of Virgo. In fact, his (noon) horoscope shows a line-up of Mercury (17Virgo), Pluto, Sun, Venus (7libra), and Uranus (13Libra), Trump's guiding planet of chaos and disruption.

Sun-Pluto energies combined hints at potentials such as: influences by criminal organizations, excessive amounts of armed strength, control by secret police, toxic conditions, policy reforms, threats against and control of dissent, corruption which wastes resources, determination to achieve goals, intense emotions, domination of others, an obsessive disposition, striving for power, martyrdom, fanatical tendencies, and/or plutocracy. Also notable is that Spicer's Sun-Pluto conjunction contains a third participant, 'piercing' asteroid Eros which adds intensity and passion to his plutonian conjunction. Eros was discovered in 1898 by DeWitt, and in Orphism was 'born of the cosmic egg produced by Night' (Encyclopedia of Astrology, DeVore).

Have you ever thought it esoterically symbolic that the presidential office in the White House is the egg-shaped, Venusian 'Oval Office'?!? Well, for about the first 6 months of the Trump administration, Sean Spicer was spokesperson for the Oval Office.

Now legendary astrologer Nicholas DeVore refers to the 'cosmic egg' but the ancient symbol has other names, Orphic Egg or World Egg being two of them. Perhaps a related SO'W post from May 4, 2017 may be of interest to those wishing to link the Orphic or Cosmic Egg to American Politics and the founding of our nation so if you wish check out Trump, Venus, a Pagan Egg, and the 2020 Election Cycle. You may or may not be sorry you did.

As for Sean Spicer's book The Briefing, I don't know how revealing the book or his PR tour interviews will be but his publishing effort actually tallies with the themes of his Prenatal Solar Eclipse in the 9 New South Saros Series: bringing to the surface issues concerning paperwork or communications; a worrying piece of news; health concerns; or, matters concerning loved ones may be involved (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology but with my bold and italics for the sake of clarity.)

Well, perhaps we'll discover a clue in this April 16, 2018 Fox News segment with the book's author Spicer: Comey's account of dossier briefing is misleading.

Feb 16, 2018

A Few Astro-Notes on Sarah Huckabee Sanders

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was born on August 13, 1982 in Hope, Arkansas, hour unknown. Let's look at her 'noon' natal horoscope to glean a bit of cosmic information concerning Sarah Sanders, daughter of former AR governor, Mike Huckabee:

As you know, Mrs. Sanders, wife of Bryan Cranfield Sanders, became White House press secretary after the resignation of Sean Spicer. Sanders assumed office on July 26, 2017.

A horoscope set for August 13, 1982 Hope, AR 'noon' shows:

Sun @20Leo36, Moon @6Gem50 (Gemini, sign of communications, news, reporters, and duplicity--and near Mr. Trump's Prenatal Eclipse degree and US natal Uranus @8Gemini). Planet of communications and the press, Mercury, is around 8Virgo. Virgo is the sign of her father's natal Mercury as well and indicates one who is capable of attention to details, has specialized skills, is practical, and suffers from an inability to comprehend the whole. Criticism is also part of the Virgoan Mercury picture, both given and received. Well, she's in the perfect job for that working under the yoke of Donald Trump, ace critic.

Now the earliest possible position for her natal Moon is 29Tau47 (conjunct Midas!) so the chances are good that her natal Moon is in Gemini. However, below are the weaknesses of both Sun Leo-Moon Taurus and Sun Leo-Moon Gemini personality blends for the sake of comparison and because emotionally she seems to have more of a stubborn Taurean streak than that of a bright, witty, butterfly-like Gemini. Perhaps you know better. If so, please share!

Quoting Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey, the weaknesses of a Sun Leo-Moon Taurus combo of energies ('the bulldozer') include, "Tendency to be intensely subjective and biased, proud and inflexible with inferiors; to be overtly selfish and withholding if offended and to speak out scathingly without thinking when a little diplomacy would win people over and magically move the obstacles that seem to stand in (your) way." This personality blend is shared by Bill Clinton and Carl Jung.

Sun Leo-Moon Gemini weaknesses include, "A tendency to rationalize; general restlessness and fickleness in emotional affairs; proneness to manifest all the undesirable qualities of the rebellious child when it pleases (you) to do so." This 'live wire' personality blend is shared by dictator Benito Mussolini and Amelia Earhart.

Also of interest is Sarah Sanders' Prenatal Solar Eclipse in the 2 New North Saros Series which manifested @28Cancer (conjunct her natal Venus) on July 20, 1982. Disturbingly, 2 New North repeats on August 11, 2018 @19Leo very near her natal Sun degree and has been termed by yours truly as The Tower Eclipse (DC horoscope shown) due to its themes of collapsing structures, plans, and lifestyles and the rebuilding that begins once the dust clears (Brady).

An eclipsed Sun in hot August by 'The Tower' Eclipse is quite enough to make me wonder if the White House tenure of press secretary Sarah Sanders will end before 2018 is over or in early 2019.

Now you may wish to check out Nine Things to know about Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House press secretary.

Above photo: Sarah Sanders; By The White House ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Jul 22, 2017

In the Realms of Jupiter: Sean Spicer

For explanatory details on this series of posts see Donald Trump: In the Realms of Jupiter.

Well, by now you've heard that Sean Spicer resigned on Friday (7.21.17) from his position as White House Press Secretary due to Trump's hiring of Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci as White House Communications Director. Today in a morning interview, Mr. Scaramucci is ready to elevate Breitbart, a newsy right-wing propaganda source that Mr. Spicer had 'trouble' with. (And no, Tony Soprano was not available!)

Now in honor of his attempts to harness the worst job in Washington, let's take a brief yet fond look at Sean Spicer's departing natal Jupiter:

Sean Spicer was born September 23, 1971 during the three Great Conjunction/s of Jupiter and Neptune (exact on February 1 @2Sag47, May 22 @1Sag44, and September 16 @00Sag37). As you see, Baby Spicer joined the earthly flux one week after the third conjunction--his Jupiter @1Sag43 and Neptune @00Sag46 with the bubbly duo's vibes of religion, speculation, inflation, visions, dream world living, scandals, and political conflicts.

September 23, 1971: Sun-Pluto, Venus-Uranus, Mars-NN, Jupiter-Saturn

Actually, other conjunctions were in effect on his day of birth--a Sun-Pluto conjunction, both @29Virgo unless he was born around 1:00 pm when the Sun reached 00Libra, a World Point of Fame and Recognition. Sun-Pluto folk have powerful egos, like to be known as 'a power to be reckoned with' (Pelletier) and will use pressure tactics and direct confrontation against those who stand in their way--this is a predator combination of energies.

(My thought is that his Sun-Pluto did not 'play well' in the WH press room in spite of boss Trump's original assumption that it would. Note that Spicer's Sun-Pluto midpoint = the midpoint of tech savvy, quick thinking Mercury-Uranus with his communicating Mercury in its own sign of Virgo, the critic and dedicated worker with specialized skills.)

Natal Venus and Uranus in Libra are in wide conjunction, 6-degree orb) but applying and possibly inspiring sudden breaks in relationships, while feisty Mars links to the North Node of public contact @13Aquarius+ which suggests contentious encounters (and press briefings, as it turns out).

Broadcaster Jupiter Happy in Its Own Sign of Sagittarius

As for Spicer's natal Jupiter, the 'star of this show', the Jolly One is well connected to the other planetary energies in the chart which provides Jupiterian uplift and judgment abilities to the other natal planets: Sun sextile Jupiter (1A45; fragile self-confidence), Jupiter sextile Pluto (2S09; self-sabotage through rigid opinions), and here's a bit of a clanker: Jupiter opposite Saturn (4A46) with its tendency to seek 'yes people' in order to bolster a shaky sense of self-esteem. Mr. Trump has the same approval-seeking tendency with a natal trio of Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter conjoined in his 2nd house of Self-Esteem and Values but things didn't work out very well between them.

Well, I naturally want to wish Mr. Spicer a better life once he escapes the White House (in August?) although I will say that if their problems are due to the two Jupiter-Neptune bullsh**ters being too much alike, then We the People must accept the fact that perhaps their bromance just wasn't meant to be!


Related: the Wedding Day Astrology of Sean Spicer and Rebecca Miller.

Feb 21, 2017

Rebecca Miller Spicer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A few weeks ago I posted here a Wedding Day Astrology Report on Mr. Trump's Press Secretary, Sean Spicer and his wife Rebecca Miller Spicer. On their wedding day, the Sun (husband) was in Scorpio (Mars-Pluto) and the Moon (wife) was in Sagittarius (Jupiter), a steamy Water-Fire combination of energies.

Belatedly, I have discovered a presentation by 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know concerning Rebecca Spicer (disguised by that computer voice some presenters use) which provides some of Mrs. Spicer's career background. {Edit July 15, 2022: a previously embedded video is no longer available but you might find something on her if you search YouTube for the "5 Fast Facts" title or her name. jc}

Jan 25, 2017

Wedding Day Astrology: Sean Spicer and Rebecca Miller

Through the years I've used my series Wedding Day Astrology to examine the relationships of quite a few famous couples, some in the Entertainment field, some in Politics, with the Sun operating as the male principle (husband) and the Moon as the feminine principle (wife). Lady Venus and lusty Mars are important in a relationship, too, of course, but I prefer to use a simpler personality model when investigating a private relationship such as a marriage.

Now that the new Trump administration is underway and White House press secretary Sean Spicer has made quite a loud splash, let's take a gentle peek at the Spicer-Miller partnership. Like her husband, Mrs. Spicer has also worked in news and communications but you can look up professional credentials for them both if you're interested. Last I heard, the couple live in Alexandria, Virginia with their two children and Mr. Spicer holds the rank of Commander in the Naval Reserve.

On November 14, 2004, The New York Times published an announcement of the Rebecca Miller, Sean Spicer wedding which took place the day prior on November 13, 2004. On that day (with the hour of their ceremony unknown), we find Sun in Scorpio and the Moon entering Sagittarius shortly before 1:00 am. Therefore, it is safe to say that their wedding and marriage are signified by a steamy, volatile Water-Fire combo, a Sun Scorpio-Moon Sagittarius blend of energies, and the following description refers primarily to Mr. Spicer as the solar partner and Mrs. Spicer as the lunar partner yet it also describes the combination of their partnership expressing as one entity.

Sun Scorpio-Moon Sagittarius denotes passion, loyalty, and commitment. Values are important within this combo of idealism and realism though a fanatic streak may be seen via a tendency to moralize and expect the world to conform to their views. When it comes to socializing, a holier-than-thou attitude may be present and 'paranoid grumpiness' may be avoided once the need for emotional intensity vs intellectual equality are balanced.

Essentially, this is a trustworthy and effective combination which works well within group dynamics though there may be a sting in its tail (provided by the scorpion) which can provoke others. Ambitious and self-dramatizing, the Sun Scorpio-Moon Sagittarius blend is good for careers in Politics, Education, Investigation, or Philosophy, to name a few.

Now here is a rather interesting quote concerning this blend from the Harveys' Sun Sign-Moon Sign:

"Although you are forthright about your beliefs and your moral standards, you will hold back a trump or two when it comes to feelings, if you judge it wise." My guess is that a wise Mr. Spicer will be called upon to hold back many a 'trump' as he faces the media to speak on behalf of the Trump administration.


Previous Wedding Day Astrology reports include: Donald and Melania Trump; Paul and Janna Ryan; Bill and Hillary Clinton; Joe and Jill Biden; Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky; and Prince William and Kate Middleton.