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Sep 27, 2017

Jeff Sessions Banned Protestors from Attending His Speech on 1st Amendment Freedoms!

Here's Farron Cousins, reporting for the The Ring of Fire, and pointing out the obvious irony of AG Jeff Sessions banning law student protestors at his recent speech speech:

And if you can, support the non-corporate journalism of The Ring of Fire at patreon.

Plus, you'll find more info concerning AG Sessions' speech at

Then for astrological info about AG Jeff Sessions you may wish to consider his Jupiter in Scorpio, part of SO'W's In the Realms of Jupiter series of posts (see sidebar for more).

For as you know, the sign of natal Jupiter reveals such things as how we relate to others. In Scorpio, natal Jupiter indicates a materialistic outlook, a ruthless striving for possessions, a craving for pleasure, and a tendency to overrate oneself. With Scorpio, control of others vs self-control is often an issue as well. Then on the positive side, a Scorpio Jupiter suggests a tendency toward optimism which is perhaps visible as we gaze upon his apple-cheeked countenance and happy elfin appearance.

Jupiter in Scorpio: The Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin.

Jul 24, 2017

July 24, 2017 Kushner spills a few beans just before closed-door testimony

Today Trumpman Jared Kushner testifies behind closed doors on Capitol Hill (which sports quite a few closed doors and the meetings within) and before going in this morning to give his 'testimony' (not under oath as first promised but it's still illegal to lie before Congress--under oath or not) son-in-law Kushner revealed Russian meddling through an event that occurred just before the November 2016 election.


Wanted to record the above tidbit here on SO'W and note that a post in the series In the Realms of Jupiter will soon be published here. Today the profile is about the natal Jupiter of Jared Kushner so stay tuned if ye may! jc

Like Mr. Kushner's testimony today, here is a Hidden Garden.

Apr 29, 2017

Trump's First 100 Days: The Real Story - The Young Turks report

Today April 28, 2017 marks the end of Mr. Trump's 100 days acting the role of US president. If you prefer a different view than the usual Neptunian mainstream news and punditry of the corporate persuasion, check out the following foray into Saturnian reality:

Brought to us by The Young Turks Network.

Mar 22, 2017

Trump Family Wants to Hire More Migrant Workers for Family Businesses (plus, Saturn)

March 22, 2017: A report from The Ring of Fire:

The Hill has more details.


Archetypal Saturn Does Like to Stay Busy

Well, Saturn, planet of workers, is certainly getting a work-out while in Sagittarius, sign of immigrants, foreigners, and religious figures and won't enter its own sign of governmental Capricorn until a few days before Christmas 2017--after spending about 9 days of December on the last degree of Sagittarius, a critical-crisis 29th degree, and passing through an important gateway, one of the Cardinal World Points of manifestation and prominence, 00Cap00:00.

Now Saturn in Jupiter-ruled Sag has been busy spotlighting those in the legal professions (and the self-righteous and the hypocritical!), plus, the immigrants and refugees of the world, while Saturn in Cap tends toward a more economic and materialist disposition (austerity and conservatism) which is not necessarily a good thing since it's a double signature of restriction, limitation, authoritarianism, paternalism, and loss. Status quo, The System, and The Establishment are also major Saturn bywords with the US Congress ('lawmakers') involved as well as seniors.

Yet before December arrives, the American people must somehow careen through the heat of Summer 2017 aboard the Trump Crazy Train: Horoscope: Summer Solstice 2017 with Trump's Natal Planets.

Will we be "tired of winning" with Mr. Trump by then?

Jan 26, 2017

Why Is A White Nationalist Writing Trump’s Executive Orders? - clip (w/ Astrology)

Perhaps you've been wondering, too...

Sorry this ugly mug is showing, dear readers...start the video and perhaps it will disappear...

And yet there are alternate views (not to say, alternate facts) such as this, from November 27, 2016 (which was Mr. Bannon's 63rd birthday): White Nationalism has not caught fire in the US. Yeah? Well, now that the White House is infested, this particular Anglo-Saxon must disagree about that, no matter how tragic it is.

For independent news, articles, and videos, step into The Ring of Fire. Why, here's an article now: Trump Sells Himself to the Highest Bidders, an election result that could not possibly have been a surprise to you, could it?

An Astro-Note: Mr. Trump's senior adviser Steve Bannon was born November 27, 1953 in Norfolk, Virginia when radical Uranus was retrograde in Cancer and conjoined the South Node of the Moon, aka, 'the dragon's tail'. This conjunction is a 'life disrupted' indicator and shows his determination to preserve traditional values. Actually, the January 12, 2017 Full Moon at 22Can27 fell precisely upon his natal Uranus (22Can43) and reflects in part his rise to a higher public profile in the White House yet the fact that it's the separative, Saturnian South Node refers to several things--one is that the past is at play here (those grand Anglo-Saxon privilege-y days) and that his popularity and style of radical politics are at low ebb and unlikely to rise. And if we consider the South Node's Saturn influence, here with his Uranus, we find Saturn-Uranus tendencies such as provocation, violence, isolationism, protectionism, and an 'out with the old order, in with the new' attitude from deep within the unconscious. A sudden indifference to traditional laws and ethics is to be expected (Mr. Obama's executive orders aren't laws, of course, but getting rid of them is only a start.)

The Republicans' 'repeal and replace' may have its merits but the chaos this creates cannot be managed as easily as some believe. But that probably doesn't concern those who want We the People in the streets with pitchforks. These reactionaries put on a strong act to hide the fact that they have great difficulty coping with ideas that are different from their own--which isn't strength, it's weakness.

So! Mr. Bannon is a questing Sagittarian (Sun) with natal Moon in either self-dramatizing Leo (Fire) or practical, judgmental Virgo (Earth). If only his birth time would turn up! But even without it, let's record here the Images for Integration for the volatile blend of Sun Sag-Moon Fire and the 'scorched earth' combo of Sun Sag-Moon Virgo, just in case:

Sun Sag-Moon Leo: "At an emotionally moving ceremony, the shaman of the gypsies is given an honorary university degree in herbal lore and ancient geography."

Sun Sag-Moon Virgo has three: "An athlete gives a fundraising performance for charity...A philosopher presents a perfect mathematical vision of the nature and meaning of the universe...The Ten Commandments." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Totally Related: Jake Tapper Gives One Word Response to Steve Bannon Telling the Media to Shut Up. Divide and Conquer Politics is in 'fine' form, I'd say.

Jan 25, 2017

Wedding Day Astrology: Sean Spicer and Rebecca Miller

Through the years I've used my series Wedding Day Astrology to examine the relationships of quite a few famous couples, some in the Entertainment field, some in Politics, with the Sun operating as the male principle (husband) and the Moon as the feminine principle (wife). Lady Venus and lusty Mars are important in a relationship, too, of course, but I prefer to use a simpler personality model when investigating a private relationship such as a marriage.

Now that the new Trump administration is underway and White House press secretary Sean Spicer has made quite a loud splash, let's take a gentle peek at the Spicer-Miller partnership. Like her husband, Mrs. Spicer has also worked in news and communications but you can look up professional credentials for them both if you're interested. Last I heard, the couple live in Alexandria, Virginia with their two children and Mr. Spicer holds the rank of Commander in the Naval Reserve.

On November 14, 2004, The New York Times published an announcement of the Rebecca Miller, Sean Spicer wedding which took place the day prior on November 13, 2004. On that day (with the hour of their ceremony unknown), we find Sun in Scorpio and the Moon entering Sagittarius shortly before 1:00 am. Therefore, it is safe to say that their wedding and marriage are signified by a steamy, volatile Water-Fire combo, a Sun Scorpio-Moon Sagittarius blend of energies, and the following description refers primarily to Mr. Spicer as the solar partner and Mrs. Spicer as the lunar partner yet it also describes the combination of their partnership expressing as one entity.

Sun Scorpio-Moon Sagittarius denotes passion, loyalty, and commitment. Values are important within this combo of idealism and realism though a fanatic streak may be seen via a tendency to moralize and expect the world to conform to their views. When it comes to socializing, a holier-than-thou attitude may be present and 'paranoid grumpiness' may be avoided once the need for emotional intensity vs intellectual equality are balanced.

Essentially, this is a trustworthy and effective combination which works well within group dynamics though there may be a sting in its tail (provided by the scorpion) which can provoke others. Ambitious and self-dramatizing, the Sun Scorpio-Moon Sagittarius blend is good for careers in Politics, Education, Investigation, or Philosophy, to name a few.

Now here is a rather interesting quote concerning this blend from the Harveys' Sun Sign-Moon Sign:

"Although you are forthright about your beliefs and your moral standards, you will hold back a trump or two when it comes to feelings, if you judge it wise." My guess is that a wise Mr. Spicer will be called upon to hold back many a 'trump' as he faces the media to speak on behalf of the Trump administration.


Previous Wedding Day Astrology reports include: Donald and Melania Trump; Paul and Janna Ryan; Bill and Hillary Clinton; Joe and Jill Biden; Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky; and Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Jan 2, 2017

What Does It Mean When The GOP Says They're Undoing FDR's Legacy?

For anyone confused over the intentions for the American people of the upcoming Trump administration and Republican austerians, ideologues, and theocrats, please take 16 minutes to absorb the following segment from Thom Hartmann (Dec 15, 2016):

One of the more hideous and haunting sounds we're hearing in our nightmares is Ayn Rand snickering from her grave at the gullible Trump voters that Randers call the #UselessEaters of society. Chumps!