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Apr 4, 2024

Wedding Day Astrology: Adolf Weds Eva

Astro-Notes: The Underground Wedding of Eva Braun

by Jude Cowell

Choosing to join him in his Berlin bunker as the Battle of Berlin raged overhead, Eva Braun's adoration of Herr Adolf resulted in some sort of "reward" for her loyalty through their marriage. Revealed in documents discovered in the bunker after their deaths, their underground wedding took place at 1:00 am CEDT April 29, 1945 with a Cardinal World Point of recognition rising as you see in the two Adolf Weds Eva Wedding Day Astrology Horoscope/s: version one contains my scribbles, version two is unmarked and shows the wedding planets' aspect grid:

As we see, the pair's Sun-Moon blend is informative, an Earth-Water combination of conscious and unconscious energies. This is the blend of The Showman: egotistical, shrewd, subjective, strategic, magnetic, and with a difficult temper and strong appetite, Sun Taurus-Moon Scorpio has fixed prejudices, a desire for power, and an obsessive nature.

But considering that 33-year-old Eva Braun joined Herr Adolf underground and chose to die with him, it is perhaps two of the blend's Images for Integration (-The Harveys) that speak loudest about circumstances that early morning, and the dreary fate of Eva Braun whose natal Moon @26Vir39 had Pan and testy Mars opposing it which suggests emotional friction and her difficulty handling the situation:

Persephone and Pluto...The Phantom of the Opera." See what I mean?

Now I shall leave you, dear reader, to your own assessments of their relationship, their belated, and I think depressive, marriage.

And on the topic of Herr Adolf's physical condition during his last days, you may wish to check out, This Video Reveals Hitl*r's Secret Illness.

Nov 24, 2018

2018--2019 Transits for Donald John Trump Jr

Brief Astro-Notes on Donald Trump Jr and Transits to Natal 2018--2019

by Jude Cowell

If you wish a peek, the natal horoscope of Donald John Trump, Jr, is rated A (from memory or news reports) and shows a birth hour of 5:20 pm est on December 31, 1977 Manhattan, New York City, New York. A New Years Eve baby was he! And if you haven't, check out his Wiki bio page for more details on 'Little T' where you'll find him perennially yoked to Reality TV, thanks to his dad Big T. But his yoke is loosened from wife Vanessa Kay Haydon as of their divorce announcement on March 15, 2018. A contested or uncontested divorce seems imminent although its status remains a secret, last I heard.

Now theirs has been an intensely passionate partnership which may have included quite a bit of antagonism and volatility (Sun Sco-Moon Ari: "best of friends or worst of enemies" -- and moodiness, with a lack of sensitivity to the partner's feelings--this is a "riding roughshod" combo, say Charles and Suzi Harvey). And if you look at their Wedding Day planets for November 12, 2005, Mar-a-Lago, Florida you'll see their steamy Water-Fire blend--Sun = husband, Moon = wife, theirs a Mars-Pluto (Scorpio)-Mars (Aries) combination of ambition, pride, and subterfuge.

So with Donald Jr's natal Venus @5Cap02 in 6th house, we know that transit Saturn has recently come to call bring sobering conditions to his relationships and the potential for breaking them off. For Donald Jr, this Saturn-to-Venus transit occurred three times in 2018: February 2, July 8, and November 2. Then there's his 6th house Sun @10Cap08 with restrictive Saturn approaching for a direct conjunction only once: on December 21, 2018. This is a period when his responsibilities must be faced and he must deal with the consequences of past decisions and events. He may be or go into isolation as often as he possibly can as 2019 nears. One must wonder if a prison term is being described here by legal eagle Saturn's dampening of his Sun-Venus conjunction of self-satisfaction. If so or not, Donald Trump Jr is definitely dealing with feelings and issues of restriction, limitation, and the specter of a possible future prison term, just as most media outlets report.

Another heavy transit that has occurred all through 2018 is transit Pluto conjunct his natal Descendant (19Cap53) and bringing relationship upheavals. Exact conjunctions of transit Pluto to his natal Descendant in 2018: February 3, July 17, and next on December 9, 2018. This transit marks a period when he is forced to face any relationship problems or issues he has accumulated so of course divorce and divorce settlements concerning his wife and five children are part of the plutonian picture. What this means for his relationship with his father remains to be seen.

Will 2019 Improve for Donald Trump Jr?

Leaving such a value judgment up to you, dear reader, here are a few prominent 2019 transits to Don Jr's natal chart to consider. First, there's the start of three conjunctions of transit Jupiter to his natal Neptune (16Sag44): January 25, July 3, and September 19, 2019. This is a period when pretense and illusion may expand, imagination is enhanced, he may lose whatever touch he's had with reality (or freedom?), paranoia and/or fanaticism may increase, mysteries abound or perhaps are solved, incorrect diagnoses can occur, and scandals and schemes can continue. There is even a possibility of bankruptcy under Jupiter-to-Neptune's inflated, fraudulent influences. Of course, spirituality may increase as well but I'm not suggesting it for the son of a con man such as Trump--unless his mother Ivana provided her first son with such a possibility or interest.

Now one 2019 transit that is particularly fretful is Saturn square natal Pluto (16Lib35 in 4th house conjunct Trump Sr' natal 2nd house Jupiter Stationary). For Trump Sr this transit is a question of economic growth and political success being hampered by imposing authority figures and by endless laws, rules, and regulations. For Trump Jr it's a more existential period when he is being stripped of unnecessary baggage and may have a feeling of stepping into unknown territory. For Junior the exact transit dates are: February 16, July 17, and November 15, 2019.

Then there's a significant Solar Eclipse on July 2, 2019--significant for America since it manifests so near Independence Day 2019 in between our nation's Venus and Jupiter in Cancer (more on this in a future post). Obviously, finances are implicated although business-loving Cancer is a also tribal sign of family and security issues so white nationalism may be part of the eclipse picture as well as the Trump family.

Solar Eclipse @10Can37 July 2, 2019; 3 North Saros Series (a lunation @00Cancer in 3 South is the Prenatal Eclipse of the 9/11 attacks). Themes of 3 North eclipses: 'news involving young people or news that transforms a situation and causes worry or obsession; large plans and activities are taken but don't get carried away' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology).

The July 2019 Solar Eclipse is significant for Donald Jr because, among other things, it opposes his natal 6th house Sun (10Cap08) and manifests in his natal 12th house of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing...and hidden places such as Prisons. Besides any eclipse influences, this 'cosmic blink' marks an 'unbirthday' transit for Don Jr when one is meant to reassess current plans and activities and make a change of course if results have not been not favorable up to that point (6 months after a birthday). But how free will Donald Jr actually be to make any necessary directional changes toward better outcomes? Will he turn witness for Robert Mueller against his father? Doubtful, yet a strong sense of self-preservation runs in the family and reduced sentences are usually cat nip at times of indictment. Well, surely his Pa-pa' will pardon him if at all possible!

A Mars Return Marks a New Two-Year Cycle of Activities and Efforts

Last I shall mention that 2019 is a year of a Mars Return for Donald Jr and it perfects once on July 16, 2019. Setting Don Jr's Mars Return chart for Manhattan, Mars (9Leo04) conjoins the Return IC (5Leo31 with Mars conjunct sexy asteroid Sappho!) from the 4th house side (more domestic troubles?) and shows his planet of motivation, energy, and activity to be under the quixotic rays of transit Uranus as it has squared his natal Mars. This Uranian transit marks a period when relationships with males are fraught with disagreements, disruptions, and possibly with danger--and when efforts may meet with unexpected results. In addition, transit Uranus, today @29Aries Rx, has been ruffling Donald Jr's natal 10th house Chiron (1Tau09 Rx) off and on suggesting feelings of rebellion and a tendency to act on impractical impulses (Nolle). Of course, his father is quite the quirky Uranian with chaotic impulses and notions shown every day as provided by Big T's guiding planet, his 10th house Uranus in duplicitous Gemini for it's the leader of all Trump Sr's natal planets.

Thankfully for Don Jr there is a grace note found in another aspect in his July 2019 Mars Return chart, an applying trine from Jupiter (6A29) to Mars indicating that a Jupiterian figure will provide Donald Trump Jr with beneficial aid in his hour of need and this may describe a pardon or other legal and/or financial help from his dad, Donald Trump Sr., or it could relate to benefits from wealthy financiers and promoters of the Trump Family...perhaps a cushy, pimped-up prison pad?

Image: Hubble's view of planet Mars

Nov 21, 2017

Astro-Notes: Melania Trump April 26, 1970

A 'noon' horoscope for Melania Knavs Trump reveals a double Earth personality blend of Sun Taurus-Moon Capricorn and describes a lady who is down-to-earth, logical, traditional, and has a need for security. A formal quality may be noticed along with her ambitious, realistic Capricorn Moon. How her innate sense of realism manages to deal with a Mercury-Neptune-square fellow like her reality-challenged Gemini husband is unknown. It couldn't be easy! Unless he only pretends to be worse than he is (fancies himself a thespian, y'know).

Somewhat possessive, stubborn, and demanding, Mrs. Trump maintains incredible self-control and doesn't give up easily on relationships. Absolute faithfulness is a must for her in partnerships so again--how does she manage to deal with his nibs? As a Sun Tau-Moon Cap personality, she 'does not easily forget wrongs but kindnesses she always remembers', plus, her shrewd business sense is notable along with a deep devotion to family.

The negative side of Sun Tau-Moon Cap includes tendencies toward dictatorial behavior, over-materialism, and pig-headedness.

This double Earth personality blend is shared by such luminaries as President James Monroe, Cher, and Tammy Wynette who sang (annoyingly for yours truly), Stand By Your Man which may be how the very traditional Melania deals with her quirky serial bridegroom of a husband, Donald J. Trump.

Melania Knavs Trump birth data: April 26, 1970 Novo Mesto, Slovenia; unknown birth time so a 'noon' chart is used (CET). However, unless born between midnight and 1:26:16 am CET with her Moon @29Sag+, natal Luna entered and remained in Saturn-ruled Capricorn for the rest of the 24-hour period. Sun Tau-Moon Sag would give the pair of Trumps a shared Moon sign, it's true, but would also give her a restless, flighty personality (Sun Tau-Moon Sag) which I do not believe she has (though you may disagree). Of course, this area of the Zodiac (29Sag-1Cap) denotes publicity (Moon) on the World Stage (00Cap00, one of the four Cardinal World Points of fame and fortune).

View Melania Trump's speculative 'noon' chart at

Related: Wedding Day Astrology of Donald and Melania Trump.

For more personality blend info see Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

Apr 1, 2017

The 19 North Prenatal Eclipse Series of Jared Kushner

Ivanka Trump's husband Jared Kushner was born in Livingston, New Jersey on January 10, 1981 (family name previously Stadtmauer which marches in step with Donald Trump's real family name, Drumf). During the 24-hour day of Kushner's birth, the Sun ranged from 19Cap52 to 20Cap53 (a critical degree) and the Moon ranged from 8Pis10 (also a critical degree where the current Solar Eclipse of February 26, 2017 occurred @8Pis12 in the 19 South Saros Series) to 22Pisces00) so Mr. Kushner's personality blend (conscious adult + unconscious child) is Sun Capricorn-Moon Pisces, a Saturn-Jupiter-Neptune combo of energies.

The birth date of January 10, 1981 places the young Mr. Kushner snugly into the 19 North Saros Series for his 19N Prenatal Solar Eclipse manifested on August 10, 1980 @18Leo. 19N last occurred on September 1, 2016 @9Virgo (possibly opposite his natal Pisces Moon). 19N is the 'realism; seeing things for what they really are; good time for tackling the truth' (Brady) eclipse and was the influential Prenatal Eclipse of Election 2016 and Inauguration 2017. However, with transit Neptune (the fibber and deceiver!) opposing the 19N eclipse, truth and realism have been constantly eroded, hidden, leaked, undermined, and/or totally disregarded this go-round. (19N last occurred on August 22, 1998, also @29Leo, and began on July 5, 1331 @20Cancer, another critical degree.)

In case you missed it, here's Stephen Colbert's segment on Jared Kushner, Chief White House Nepotism Beneficiary.

And in no particular order here are a few Trump Family Astrology Charts, some with known birth times, some not:

Ivana Trump (Feb 20, 1949 = Sun Pisces-Moon 00Sag; ASC 24Scorpio; Ivanka Trump (Kushner) (October 30, 1981 = Sun Scorpio-Moon Sag; Tiffany Trump (October 13, 1993 = Sun Libra-Moon Virgo, during the third of three NWO conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune @18Cap20/24: POLITICAL POWER = smug or strong-armed paternalism (Jones); Barron Trump; Donald Trump Jr; Eric Trump; Melania Trump; and, one mustn't forget The Natal Chart of Donald Trump.

Related: An Astrologer Finds Troubling Signs in Donald Trump's Star Chart by Betty McKeon.

Feb 21, 2017

Rebecca Miller Spicer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A few weeks ago I posted here a Wedding Day Astrology Report on Mr. Trump's Press Secretary, Sean Spicer and his wife Rebecca Miller Spicer. On their wedding day, the Sun (husband) was in Scorpio (Mars-Pluto) and the Moon (wife) was in Sagittarius (Jupiter), a steamy Water-Fire combination of energies.

Belatedly, I have discovered a presentation by 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know concerning Rebecca Spicer (disguised by that computer voice some presenters use) which provides some of Mrs. Spicer's career background. {Edit July 15, 2022: a previously embedded video is no longer available but you might find something on her if you search YouTube for the "5 Fast Facts" title or her name. jc}

Jan 25, 2017

Wedding Day Astrology: Sean Spicer and Rebecca Miller

Through the years I've used my series Wedding Day Astrology to examine the relationships of quite a few famous couples, some in the Entertainment field, some in Politics, with the Sun operating as the male principle (husband) and the Moon as the feminine principle (wife). Lady Venus and lusty Mars are important in a relationship, too, of course, but I prefer to use a simpler personality model when investigating a private relationship such as a marriage.

Now that the new Trump administration is underway and White House press secretary Sean Spicer has made quite a loud splash, let's take a gentle peek at the Spicer-Miller partnership. Like her husband, Mrs. Spicer has also worked in news and communications but you can look up professional credentials for them both if you're interested. Last I heard, the couple live in Alexandria, Virginia with their two children and Mr. Spicer holds the rank of Commander in the Naval Reserve.

On November 14, 2004, The New York Times published an announcement of the Rebecca Miller, Sean Spicer wedding which took place the day prior on November 13, 2004. On that day (with the hour of their ceremony unknown), we find Sun in Scorpio and the Moon entering Sagittarius shortly before 1:00 am. Therefore, it is safe to say that their wedding and marriage are signified by a steamy, volatile Water-Fire combo, a Sun Scorpio-Moon Sagittarius blend of energies, and the following description refers primarily to Mr. Spicer as the solar partner and Mrs. Spicer as the lunar partner yet it also describes the combination of their partnership expressing as one entity.

Sun Scorpio-Moon Sagittarius denotes passion, loyalty, and commitment. Values are important within this combo of idealism and realism though a fanatic streak may be seen via a tendency to moralize and expect the world to conform to their views. When it comes to socializing, a holier-than-thou attitude may be present and 'paranoid grumpiness' may be avoided once the need for emotional intensity vs intellectual equality are balanced.

Essentially, this is a trustworthy and effective combination which works well within group dynamics though there may be a sting in its tail (provided by the scorpion) which can provoke others. Ambitious and self-dramatizing, the Sun Scorpio-Moon Sagittarius blend is good for careers in Politics, Education, Investigation, or Philosophy, to name a few.

Now here is a rather interesting quote concerning this blend from the Harveys' Sun Sign-Moon Sign:

"Although you are forthright about your beliefs and your moral standards, you will hold back a trump or two when it comes to feelings, if you judge it wise." My guess is that a wise Mr. Spicer will be called upon to hold back many a 'trump' as he faces the media to speak on behalf of the Trump administration.


Previous Wedding Day Astrology reports include: Donald and Melania Trump; Paul and Janna Ryan; Bill and Hillary Clinton; Joe and Jill Biden; Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky; and Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Feb 23, 2016

Wedding Day Astrology of Donald and Melania Trump

Update Feb 1, 2017: theories about the Trump marriage have circulated wildly since Inauguration Day 2017 and many of them are based on disturbing videos of the couple that show little--if any--affection between them. Have you noticed that Melania's face tells a sad story?

Original post written pre-inauguration begins here:

If you check the Wikipedia page of Melania Trump you'll find all I know about the current wife of 2016 candidate Donald Trump, the lady who may turn out to be America's First Lady on January 20, 2017.

Check out a noon birth chart for Melania here with her practical Sun Taurus-Moon Capricorn personality.

Born Melanija Knavs ('Melania Knauss') on April 26, 1970 in Sevnica Slovenia, Yugoslavia, Melania has been a high fashion model with a degree in architecture who now designs jewelry. These endeavors resonate well with her Sun in Taurus, a creative sign of architecture (building) and good patterning ability. Now let's peek at the Solar (male)and Lunar (female) description of their marriage which began under the auspices of January 22, 2005's Sun Aquarius-Moon Cancer unless the ceremony was held prior to 6:00 am (with a late Gemini Moon)!

Sun AQ-Moon Cancer (Saturn-Uranus-Moon) is a very creative Air-Water combination of energies that provides ethereal and romantic qualities to their union. The blend suggests that as a couple the Trumps tend to be companionable, friendly, and socially concerned. Although Donald Trump, the Aquarian here, is futuristic and eccentric, Melania's Cancer vibes add touches of traditional values such as home, domesticity, and family. (Yet Cancer is also a business-oriented sign ruled by the publicity seeking Moon!)

Naturally, the sign of Aquarius must have space and freedom to 'do its own thing' which hints at freedom-closeness issues in their relationship. 'Rationalizing irrational actions' is a potential at times and unconscious prejudices may interfere with their domestic bliss though we might say that Mr. Trump's campaign rhetoric, calculated toward certain voters as it may be, has made his prejudices well known to the public if not to himself. And some of the prejudices are against establishment politics as he demonstrates each day by his 'outsider' campaign style that 'tells it like it is' (or how his fact-distorting Mercury-Neptune square decides it is--his natal horoscope with notes may be viewed here).

The Sun AQ-Moon Cancer as natal combo is shared by some famous folk, two of which were politicians: Christian Dior, Clarke Gable, Humphrey Bogart, Lord Byron, John Hurt, Farah Fawcett, Norman Mailer, Babe Ruth, Boris Yeltsin, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Now let's consider two informative Images for Integration of the conscious Aquarian Sun blended with the unconscious Cancerian Moon according to Sun Sign-Moon Sign, by Charles and Suzi Harvey--the first sounds like the Trump style of politicking and the second leads to a result that is precisely what I dread:

"A social worker bypasses bureaucracy to save a mother and child...A childhood memory becomes the basis of a new world order."

Related: Wedding Day Astrology: Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Feb 21, 2016

Another peek at Wedding Day Astrology: Bill and Hillary Clinton

Here is a re-post of my Wedding Day Astrology assessment of the union between Bill and Hillary Rodham Clinton, sans any serious edits:

Have you ever wondered what planetary influences were in the air on the day Bill and Hillary tied the knot and said, I Do? That would be October 11, 1975 in Fayetteville, Arkansas at their recently purchased home.

Since the Moon was in Capricorn for the 24 hours of Oct 11, 1975, we may confidently take a peek at the Sun (male)–-Moon (female) details from Sun Sign-Moon Sign personality blends, a book by Charles and Suzi Harvey.

As you know, the Sun–Moon duo relates to relationships especially between a husband and wife--in a word, marriage (Ebertin) so these details may be taken as a partial description of the Clintons' longstanding union.

Sun Lib–Moon Cap may be seen as “the ambitious wife (Cap) and the philandering, shallow (Libra) husband." But that’s because hindsight is near perfect in the matter and their marriage issues have been canon fodder for gossip rags and political pundits for years. Wonder how your relationship might fare when displayed in such a fishbowl? And if you happen to have political opponents?

Now some like to call the Clinton marriage ‘only a business arrangement’ but see what you think, and I’m quoting more of the Harveys than usual because they give Relationship info which we may find enlightening so I don’t want to leave out anything.

Let’s begin with some general traits of this in-square duo, for Venusian Libra square Saturnian Capricorn indicates regular blockages which entail separation (Venus/Saturn) yet may also bring dynamism and stability-–or at least continuation-–to the relationship (Venus/Saturn: love that endures.) Separation via travel is one possibility and they have certainly fulfilled that potential through their business and political careers.

Of course, mental Libra is Airy, Capricorn is extremely Earthy and practical so perhaps there’s something to the idea that she drove him to succeed more than he would have without her, for Librans can be quite lazy, you know, and most Capricorns possess a determined streak of ambition and often spend their lives striving for success.

Perhaps Hillary Poured Herself a Cup of Ambition!

So we see that the stable side of Venus/Saturn has been in play through the years and, as in every long term relationship, it has been up to Bill and Hillary to decide whether to keep their marriage going under whatever terms they choose to honor. External pressure against them has been strong but so far, so good, I guess.

As for 'Bill and Hill', their union tends to be: pragmatic; purposeful; orderly; tactful; diplomatic; powerful; controlling; skillful at managing people; persuasive; sophisticated; opportunistic; responsible; shrewd but likable; perfectionist and perhaps snob; the just politician. Or maybe that's 'likable' Bill and 'shrewd' Hill!

Weaknesses: manipulative; cooperative spirit vs blatant self-interest; over-rational approach to relationships and emotional matters; desire to keep all matters of life completely tidy; an over-sensitive ego which takes offense easily.

Sun Lib-Moon Cap Relationships: with the right person there can be extreme devotion; a close relationship is important for a sense of well-being; adoration and respect are important. Closeness vs aloneness; ability to adjust, adapt, and survive; love of control with a need to learn that being in a relationship is not the same as running a business.”

For a peek at their wedding ceremony details check out The Knot and the Hillary and Bill Clinton Wedding Story!

Above astrology article sourced by author from Jude's Threshold, a tapestry blog of Politics, Astrology, Art, Mythology, Social Concerns, and more and titled with a reference to astrological Saturn as Guardian of the Threshold of the Unconscious, in case you were wondering. 9.12.16: please note that Jude's Threshold will close for good on or about October 11, 2016. jc

Jun 27, 2014

The First World War, Archduke Ferdinand and Sophie: a Wedding Anniversary 1914

With the outbreak of the First World War traditionally blamed upon the "spark" lighted by the June 28, 1914 assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and wife Sophie in Sarajevo, it is interesting to note that there are two planetary transits by conjunction to the Archduke's natal planets on this very day, the 100th anniversary of their double assassination.

They are transit Mars in Libra to natal Saturn (16Lib40 conjunct natal Midheaven 16Lib24) which spotlights obstacles (Saturn) in career and public status (MC) and describes the need to hurry (their driver took a wrong turn and when told he stopped the car--only once--next to the successful assassin--a coincidence? Apparently so.) The other current transit to the Archduke's natal chart is transit Saturn in Scorpio conjunct natal Jupiter 17Sco50 which denotes that the path he was taking was blocked--well, yes, assassination can certainly be described as a blockage, can't it? It hints that the Archduke should have been giving back some of the gifts and good fortune but perhaps he was hoarding them--or, at least there were those in need in society who would understandably feel it to be so. Divergence from tradition could have been part of the discontent as well with this transit (which I'm reading in the here-and-now as if it casts a light on circumstances of 100 years ago.) Whether the discontent was on the part of bankers isn't clear as of this writing but it could be since Jupiter's realms include banking, corporations, cabals, knighthood, ideology, religion, politics, the military, and other controversial fields in life.

Sun + Moon = Marriage

That momentous day in 1914 happened to be Franz and Sophie's 14th wedding anniversary and though this blogger is generally no huge fan of monarchies of any stripe, I feel the historically important couple deserves an expression of sadness here because few if any human beings should suffer such horror on what ought to be a happy day, or on any other day for that matter, political disagreements or not.

Now let's consider the Sun (male principle; husband) and Moon (feminine principle; wife) positions on their wedding day, June 28, 1900 to gain a small bit of insight into their partnership so tragically cut short. Though the hour of their nuptials is unknown, we find that the Moon during the 24 hours of that date remained in her own sign of Cancer with the Sun in Moon-ruled Cancer (5/6) as well--just as they are for today's New Moon @5Can30.

Immediately we sense that a double Cancer signature to their relationship denotes a family-oriented partnership full of nurturing, needs met, and contentment as kind hearts blend with romance yet with a streak of shrewdness mixed with clannishness.

The Water-Water nature of their marriage indicates lots of feelings, emotions, and creative imagination, even theatricality which would aid them with royal pageantry. Plus, a tendency is denoted to go misty with tears while 'drinking in life experiences'. However, reasoned objectivity may be sorely lacking and one may wish to speculate (one hundred years later!) that the ruling style of the Archduke could have used a portion of it rather than a boatload of emotional subjectivity. As for their marriage, perhaps they were sympatico and saw eye-to-eye to the point of never disagreeing with one another--is that possible? Since water tends to 'go with the flow', perhaps it is possible especially when The Family is placed upon the pedestal of both hearts.

Sun Cancer-Moon Cancer signifies a 'psychic sponge' tendency as well and on June 28, 1914, as they visited Sarajevo, the crowds appeared happy and perhaps elated to see the couple, as Sophie had remarked, and although those happy feelings the pair soaked up from the environment were genuine enough it didn't include several would-be assassins along the route taken by their car. With the Moon in critical Virgo that day, at least one man in particular, Gavrillo Princip, didn't share such happy feelings at all, in fact, for it was he who pulled the trigger shooting first Sophie, then the Archduke. This murderous act was subsequently used as justification for the outbreak of the First World War (WWI) to "end all war" and "make the world safe for democracy."

Yet few people in 2014 could fail to note that the absurd jingoistic slogans were only flimsy propaganda meant to lie populations into fighting what turned out to be a world war that led to World War II which then brought innocent people all over the world the horror of the 'abomination of desolation'--nuclear bombs.

And all so that wealthy old bald men could scam even more riches while viciously grasping the reins of regional, then global power. Their devilish plot continues...


For more info see Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles & Suzi Harvey.

Birth Data from church archives: Franz Ferdinand Habsburg December 18, 1863 @7:15 am LMT; ASC 18Sag56 ('18Sag' is traditionally known as a 'degree of royalty'--N. DeVore); Sun 25Sag53, Moon 5Ari38 ('a lust for power'; conjoins natal Neptune); Mercury 4Cap58; Venus 9Sco19; Mars 00Sag54 (conjunct natal 12th cusp of politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, and Secret Enemies); Jupiter 17Sco50 (as chart-ruler Jupiter makes no major applying aspects in the chart); Saturn 16Lib40 (conjunct natal MC--fall from grace, or a downfall); Uranus 22Gem55 Rx (conjunct natal Descendant of Partnership--a shocking separation; also conjoins US natal Mars); Neptune 3Ari18; Pluto 10Tau36 Rx; North Node of Destiny 26Sco10; Chiron 6Pis39; MC 16Lib24. Click the link in the first paragraph to read a brief bio; a view of his natal horoscope is linked there as well along with Sophie's general natal data; Princip's details are included.

Note that a Moon-Neptune pairing tends to support the above mentioned psychic ability and suggests that crises in life may be brought on by overindulgence and indolence (Ebertin.)

Oct 6, 2012

Wedding Day Astrology of Paul and Janna Ryan

At last! Just to let you know that I've now published a Wedding Day Astrology Report on Paul and Janna Ryan, if you're curious!

Their wedding day, December 2, 2000, shows a potential for two Sun-Moon blends since the Moon left Aquarius that evening and entered Pisces so if you have a moment, please check out the report and, if you wish, 'vote' for the blend you think better describes the partnership of Rep. Paul and Janna Ryan.

May 31, 2012

May 31 2012: John Edwards found Not Guilty

May 31, 2012: John Edwards has been found not guilty on one charge, with the judge declaring a mistrial on the other 5 counts, says NPR.

No, Mr. Edwards' behavior wasn't exemplary in the least but I'm glad he was found not guilty and hope the US Justice Department finds miscreants who are more worthy of prosecution to spend our tax dollars on. (Hint: the titans on Wall Street might be a fertile place to look.)

If you're curious, here's some astrologizing I did previously concerning John Edwards, a mercurial fellow, on one of my many blogs, Jude's Threshold, where the Pages list in the sidebar just might contain (if memory serves) a Wedding Day Astrology report on John and Elizabeth Edwards as well.

Apr 27, 2011

Horoscope of Barack Obama w 4.27.11 transits

This morning I posted the NPR News Alert that the White House has released the birth certificate of President Barack Obama. This inspires me to publish a copy of President Obama's natal horoscope, something I had not done before on this blog although I have referred to its placements, of course. The released BC shows the birth time that most if not all astrologers have been using: 7:24 pm AHST, on August 4, 1961, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Around the outside of the chart are today's transits since now we can be certain which houses the planets traverse. I also looked ahead to his Secondary Progressions: he's now in Gibbous phase with a Secondary Full Moon coming soon: November 6, 2011 @ 1Ari11 which falls in natal 2nd house.

As you know, a Sec Full Moon was attained by the US in December 2008 and timed our nation's financial collapse: that was as far as our nation could expand into the world and our national light now dims. Now I'm not predicting that the president's Sun-Moon phase beginning to 'lose light' after November 2011 will keep him from being re-elected in 2012 yet the thought does occur! Another thought is that since the powers-that-be will select whichever candidate to play US president that they want, it could be Mr. Obama regardless of his astro-portents - especially with his Sec Full Moon manifesting so near the Aries Point (00Ari00) of Fame and Recognition.

Here are a few chart details; as always, you're welcome to leave your own observations or opinions in a Comment:

Sun/Moon in 3rd quarter phase = crisis in consciousness; Hour Mars 22Vir35 in 7th H, conjunct asteroid Hopi (prejudice; ambush; sounds like "hope"); Mars conjoins US natal Neptune making it difficult for the masses to see his actions and motivations clearly; chart-ruler Saturn 25Cap20 Rx in its own sign in 12th H of Politics and Karma, conjunct Jupiter 00AQ52 Rx which conjoins US Inaugural Sun and on January 20, 2009, his n Jupiter conjoined Inaugural Mercury Rx. Jupiter/Saturn conjunction folks tend to have enormous success potential.

Co-ruler Uranus 25Leo16 in 7th H conjoins North Node (NN) and is apex planet of a powerful midpoint picture:

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself; sudden obsession for more power and control.

The Uranus/NN pair is a signature of radical political groups, changes which come from attempts to alter the course of events, and revolution for the effecting of popular societal changes. ("Yes, We Can!)

Saturn inconjunct Uranus: Status Quo/Progress Adjustments

Chart-ruler and co-ruler Saturn and Uranus are inconjunct (150 degrees) one another which gives difficulty in establishing priorities within one's obligations, and intimidation from others may be forthcoming; change that threatens personal security is resisted (who wouldn't?) and flexibility must be developed in order to make progress and be successful. Some stress in relationship may ensue as the partner insists that talents be well-developed. Refining those talents and adopting new techniques produce success though a streak of cantankerousness may be noticed in the personality.

Mars trine Saturn

An Earthy (practical) Mars/Saturn trine helps tremendously by giving Mr. Obama the ability to use his energies wisely and productively; the temper is usually well under control, and he's an excellent teacher. Efficiency and conservation are important with a Mars/Saturn trine, an aspect which gifts him with great managerial skills that are valuable in any endeavor. He relates best to responsible, mature people, tends to be guardedly optimistic, and the satisfaction of a job well done is of primary importance to him.

Moon square Pluto

A problematic aspect is Mr. Obama's Moon/Pluto square. This aspect gives a loner's temperament and indicates trouble in parental relationships with a tendency to hold on to the past. (Perhaps writing his book where he addressed his parents' relationship and his early struggles helped with letting go. Saturn ruling ASC shows hardship in childhood though his parent's reputed involvement with the CIA may also be indicated here: Pluto = spying, surveillance, and secretive agencies.)

A Moon/Pluto SQ makes working with the public a must, and compromise helps with achieving one's goals; working in social service is indicated; regular breaks are necessary to unwind and recharge; delving into the occult is indicated yet care must be taken to keep confusion and lack of perspective at a minimum.

Jupiter/Chiron Midpoint = Ascendant; 1st House Chiron in Pisces

As you see (enlarge chart for easier viewing), the Jupiter/Chiron midpoint sits upon Mr. Obama's Ascendant so he is Jupiter/Chiron as well as having Chiron 5Pis19 Rx in 1st house of Self.

Chiron in mystical Pisces describes one whose life crisis is over connecting with the God force (Clow); he tends to hear Pan's flute on the wind (natal Pan 15Ari20 Rx in 2nd H of Values.) One of the power asteroids, Hidalgo, is Rx and conjoins n Chiron which is involved in a Water Grand Trine, as listed below.

Chiron in Pisces is the 'knight in shining armor' archetype where one is called on to perform heroic deeds at great personal risk - or to prevent them, as circumstances dictate. Quoting Richard Nolle: "Life...can be a mystical crusade in which mundane concerns have no place - a Quest for the Grail, perhaps, or a pursuit of the Ring of Power. Seeing in their mind's eye a better world, {those with Chiron in Pisces) take for granted values that may be totally alien from the perspective of prevailing social norms."

Like a New World Order and more 'free' trade agreements that destroy US jobs?

The personal belief system of Chiron in Pisces may create conditions of persecution and martyrdom for faith doesn't allow him the possibility of surrender; a mythical aura of The Hero may bring glory or tragedy for he is convinced that his mission is both necessary and worthwhile, a belief that is, I suspect, constantly renewed by the mentors who surround him. Unfortunately, his mentors seem to be of the one-world-government persuasion so prevalent within the realm of profiteering corporatism and Plutocracy.

His T-Square of Pluto/Chiron, the Plutocracy duo, points to natal Moon in Gemini indicating a reigning need (Moon) for communicating (Gemini) these powerful perspectives (Pluto/Chiron) which include all manner of -isms, primal violence (war, torture) and the disenfranchisement of the population.

Chiron square Moon

Adding emotional intensity, Chiron squares n Moon 3Gem21 in 4th H (1A58) describing more family injury to his psyche in early childhood from the matrilineal side: this aspect tends to create astrologers and analysts! Deep insight into human nature results from his early emotional experiences and deprivations with a Moon/Chiron square.

A Jupiter/Chiron vibe of The Seeker shows visibly with their midpoint upon natal Ascendant, as noted. (Jupiter and Chiron are 34 degrees apart, however, their midpoint is the president.) This combo of energies indicates faith and optimism, and an upwelling of hope with expectations channeled toward realizing the attainment of a transcendent objective (NWO?) The focus is on harmonizing his Quest (see Chiron in Pisces) with the prevailing socio-cultural environment. (Nolle.)

A Mystic Rectangle Affects Career Goals

Besides the Pluto/Chiron = Moon T-Square and the Water Grand Trine of Venus-Neptune-Chiron, you'll note a Mystic Rectangle between Moon, Jupiter, Mercury, and MC. This is a planetary pattern of 'practical mysticism' (Tierney) and given other chart factors already mentioned, it's an interesting possibility that the president either knows and uses, or employs those who use, Astrology for timing purposes. An association with secret societies who use Sacred Geometry (Freemasonry, Illuminati-ism, Rosicrucianism, to name three) is a potential as well.

Planetary aspects within the Mystic Rectangle include:

Moon trine Jupiter gives him a radiant personality, ease in relating to all types of people, lots of creative imagination, and a sensitivity to outside influences with attempts to understand their true significance; solutions to problems are worked out as soon as possible and no bridge is crossed before it is come to.

Moon sextile Mercury (planet of oration in showy Leo) gives him a thoughtful disposition, a capacity for absorbing information readily with a high level of comprehension and recall ability; public relations is a good field for this sextile; tact and diplomacy skills are evident and may be admired even by opponents.

Mercury trine MC (note: Mercury also trines 2009's Inaugural Moon 29Sco45 since the Inaugural Moon - we-the-people - sits upon his natal MC, as noted on the chart) shows communicating talent used in career and an ability to get important people to listen; the profession and home life tend to be kept in balance.

Jupiter sextile MC gives career preferment, success,, and good fortune in matters of public status.

As you see, the Mystic Rectangle contains the Mercury/Jupiter opposition across the Leo/AQ and 6/12 axes which describes one who may go to extremes with their expectations; others may be alienated by a tendency to seem a 'know-it-all' and details may receive short attention when making decisions and this can lead to a need for revision in his positions later on.

Well, there's my thumbnail sketch of President Barack Obama, inspired by today's release of a copy of his birth certificate. If you get anything out of this post, I'm glad for it will soon be linked near the top of SO'W's sidebar for future reference and potential updating.

Further reading: the Wedding Day Astrology Report of the president's parents' marriage or that of Barack and Michelle Obama.


Midpoint pictures: Ebertin, Tyl, and Munkasey - any, all, or none may apply; some aspect info comes from Rob Pelletier's Planets in Aspect.

Apr 26, 2011

Of YODS, Quincunxes, and Prince William's Royal Wedding

As part of her blog's ongoing aspect series on quincunxes (150 degrees), master astrologer Donna Cunningham has published an excellent analysis concerning YODS, quincunxes, and the April 29, 2011 Royal Wedding of the 'Eclipse Prince' William and Miss Kate Middleton.

Links to other Astrology articles on the happy couple and the Royal Wedding are included along with natal chart, YOD, and quincunx info on Britain's royal family members. Since YODs can indicate generational conditions or a 'family myth' passed down for decades if not for centuries, this generational influence may be why there are several involved in the British royal family's birth horoscopes. A YOD forms in the natal chart of the person who must deal with generational conditions or imbalances which apparently were not dealt with fully or properly by ancestors.

You know about family myths, right? Ex: in this family we don't abdicate the throne, for we must always do our duty... that sort of thing. Why, it simply isn't done! Then a crisis occurs, of course, when one family member does or doesn't do 'it' whatever 'it' may be in a particular family.

Plus, as you know, a YOD is sometimes called a Finger of God pattern indicating a special task or purpose, a turning point or crossroads, and/or a crisis which may affect the collective (depending on the stage one acts upon.)

Actually, YODs were first mentioned to me by Astrology expert, Erin Sullivan during a personal consultation because my natal chart contains one - if you don't mind using an angle, that is: Pluto/MC = Sun.

One then assumes that the MC (Career; Public Standing) is the place in my natal chart where YOD energies are embroiled along with the Sun and Pluto house positions and the houses where they rule. Aspects to all planets and points involved give further information about this difficult energy pattern.

Well, the ceremony is this Friday, and who doesn't love a romantic wedding?

So if you missed my previous article detailing Prince William and Kate's Wedding Day Astrology Report (with wedding horoscope shown), you are hereby cordially invited to check out their Earth/Water Sun Taurus-Moon Pisces blend of partnership energies!

And you may be surprised to discover which British royal was born with the same Sun-Moon blend...

Sep 5, 2008

Carol Shepp McCain: left behind

Last night's acceptance speech by John McCain touted Republican respect for family values yet McCain never mentioned the wife he callously left behind, Carol Shepp McCain.

How could he? It would mar the RNC's morality narrative.

Here's my astro-analysis on the Shepp-McCain's Wedding Day Astrology of 1965.

You'll also discover articles on the weddings/marriages of John and CINDY McCain, Barack and Michelle Obama, George and Laura Bush, Jenna and Henry Hagger, and John and Elizabeth Edwards.

Guess the Palins will be next! And can the Bidens be far behind?

Jul 11, 2008

Carol Shepp McCain's Wedding Day 1965

A Wedding Day Astrology article is now published if you've been wondering about the starry portents of the McCain - Shepp Wedding Day of July 3, 1965.

Using the Sun (male) and Moon (female) positions for the day, we may finagle a few details concerning this marriage which was so rudely interrupted by...McCain's next marriage to Cindy Hensley - his current wife, if you're counting!

Apr 27, 2008

Wedding Day Astrology: Jenna Bush and Henry Hager

Have you heard?

Jenna Bush and Henry Hager will tie the nuptial knot on May 10 at the Bush Family's Crawford, Texas ranchero, aka White House2. (I made that up having no idea if anyone calls it that or not, but we all know the family prefers to be there.)

Yes, Taurus the Bull will marry Leo the Lion!

So if you haven't had a chance to consider the starry, romantic evening's planetary placements, you're cordially invited to do so by clicking on the link above.

Apr 19, 2008

Wedding Day Astrology Report now offered!

For a confidential Wedding Day Astrology Report of your and your partner's own, click for information and ordering details, with no obligation!

Apr 2, 2008

Got Hillary illusions?

Yes, I'm a couple of days late with this heads-up, but if you've missed it and you've got illusions of Hillary's viability for the Dem nom, read Chip Collis' article debunking Hillary matter how angrily red-faced Bill wags his finger at super delegates.

And you may wish to check out my continuing series, Wedding Day Astrology, on the weddings'n'marriages of the Clintons, McCains, and Obamas at Jude's Threshold where the tent flap of luv has the inquiring camel's nose poked right in!