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Mar 15, 2017

How to Fix Our Political System by Kevin Estes

Today Stars Over Washington is happy to present the latest in a series of articles by young astrologer Kevin Estes who writes the Left Wing Astrology blog where the following article was previously published:

How To Fix Our Political System

by Kevin Estes

Our political system is in a state of crisis, as our elected officials are in it for themselves and the corporations that bribe them, rather than the people who elect them. These are some solutions to help solve the problem and get our elected officials to work in our best interests.

Term Limits - The president has them, but why not congress? Without term limits, if you're in a strong Democratic or Republican area, you can actually have a career as a Senator or Representative! Knowing that they can be reelected an unlimited number of times, they have little incentive to do a good job, as they can easily become wealthy by way of years of corporate bribes.

Lie Detector Tests - The president, vice president, cabinet members, and congress members should undergo random lie detector tests. This is to make sure our elected officials will always tell the truth and act ethically.

Recall Elections - We have them with our local and state governments, but why not our federal government? Yes, the president can be impeached, but the congress decides if that happens, and it's obvious that our elected officials do not have our best interests at hand. If the president is harming our country, the people should have a say if he should be taken out of office or not.

People should have a say in proposed laws - The people had no say in regards to the Patriot Act. Or NAFTA. Or the bailouts. Or Obamacare (or its repeal if it happens). Or any tax increase. Basically, the federal government can create laws without our approval. Yes, congress has approval of the laws, but like I said, they don't govern in our best interests.

More Political Parties - Imagine if the Libertarian candidate, the Green party candidate, the Reform party candidate, the Peace and Freedom party candidate, and the American Independent party candidate got the same amount of attention as the Democratic and Republican party candidates? There would be many different options, which would create actual choice rather than choosing the lesser of two evils.

No Money In Politics - No money in politics means no bribery is allowed, and would mean that you don't have to be wealthy in order to run for office. In other words, a level playing field.


The asteroid Pallas is the main indicator of a person's ethical nature. Mainstream knowledge of this asteroid and analyzing each presidential candidate's Pallas aspects before the election would be a giant step in preventing corruption and tyranny from entering the White House. Also, knowledge of the cultural and economic indicators, represented by the Moon and Venus respectively, of presidential candidates would allow voters to determine if they really have the ideology they project, or are using it just to get ahead politically.

For example, Donald Trump's chart has strong left wing economic (which can indicate fascism) and cultural indicators, while having a mixed Pallas, which indicates something other than small government. George W Bush and Ronald Reagan had strong right wing indicators socially, but their left wing economic indicators pointed to their major deficit spending during their administrations. Barack Obama had strong left wing economic and social indicators, but a strongly authoritarian Pallas. So did Hillary Clinton. This knowledge being mainstream would basically make politicians need to walk the walk in order to get elected.

You can't legislate morality, but with all of these things in place, we can do our jobs to make sure that our country is run by people who care about the best interests of the people and the country as a whole, rather than themselves and the corporations that bribe them.

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Note: the use of Pallas in Political Astrology as a significator for ethics is championed by Kevin Estes and by Alan Lin writer of the Libertarian Astrology blog. Recommended is Alan's article on the March 7th release of what WikiLeaks terms Vault 7; the post shows US natal and progressed horoscopes surrounded by the Vault 7 transits.

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