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Mar 22, 2017

Jimmy Dore: Senate Democrats Planning to Cave on Supreme Court Nominee

Is the US Congress infested with jelly-spined Democrats of a worthless kind? Are congressional Democrats bought, bribed, intimidated, threatened and/or blackmailed?

The irrepressible Jimmy Dore shares his views:

Please note that a few naughty words may be involved in the above video.

Astro-Notes: Jimmy Dore

Comedian and political commentator James Patrick Dore was born July 26, 1965 Chicago, Illinois about 3 months prior to the first of three Great Conjunctions of explosive, protesting Uranus and Pluto (Oct 9, 1965 @17Vir10) with Saturn in Pisces opposing (which adds resentment while a Saturn-Neptune trine adds compassion and concern for the underdog). No birth hour have I found but his Sun in entertaining Leo pairs with Moon in patriotic Cancer (for the entire 24-hour period) identifying him as a steamy Fire-Water individual.

The comedian's self-dramatizing, tremendously creative Sun Leo-Moon Cancer combo has two 'Images for Integration': "A young child sits on a throne and with great dignity and tenderness crowns his father and mother king and queen...A man and a woman walk hand in hand along the edge of the sea at high noon on a summer's day." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey).

Now I don't know how these word pictures relate to Jimmy Dore but his Sun Leo-Moon Cancer personality blend is shared by illustrious people such as: Ethel Barrymore, Clara Bow, Claude Debussy, Zelda Fitzgerald, Kenny Rogers, Annie Oakley, and astrologer Llewellyn George which suggests a mixture of Entertainment and Astrology, an intriguing blend!

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