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Sep 28, 2018

2018 Midterms' Syzygy Moon shows Blue Revolution!

September 28, 2018: yes, the Syzygy Moon chart prior to the November 6, 2018 Midterm Elections is in the conservative-preserving money sign of Taurus, the bull. And the horoscope below, upper right, you see how revolutionary, rebellious Uranus @00Tau31 Rx snugs against the IC of the chart, the HOW? Point and Basis or Foundation of the Matter. And there's We The People's Moon conjunct Uranus which denotes excited people particularly women, plus, as noted on the chart, the Moon-Uranus pair suggests potentials for 'a sudden manifestation of subconscious forces (such as the Collective of the American people); those with special aims, and/or female reformists. So...Lunation Uranus conjunct lunation IC = incumbent loss, or as I prefer to put it, A Blue Tsunami!

Plus, you see the Oct 24th Full Moon light spilling out onto the public (North Node in Leo, sign of natural leadership and point of public contact) and the 'Tail of the Dragon', South Node, almost conjunct US POTUS Sun which in 2017, fell @00AQ48 = Trump playing the role of POTUS. The Dragon's Saturnian Tail will swipe or smack US POTUS Sun, the Presidency, on October 27, 2018 (horoscope shown).

Now I'm quite certain the ruling patriarchs, many of whom are advocates of Puritanism of a most hypocritical kind (I know because apparently I have Puritan ancestry as do many of us), (marvel at Chuck Grassley's stone face) won't agree that their current Koch (Murdoch-Mercer-foreign-govts) task of shoving the US government toward the regressive 'right' is unacceptable to a vast majority of Americans but I believe that this is the case. For who in her right mind would ever choose to live under a totalitarian, draconian, bossy regime led by a decrepit group of what seem to be the 'top choice' of global criminals in the bunch plus their political operatives and handmaidens?

For more Oct 24th chart details see The Syzygy Moon of the 2018 Midterms.

Anyway, with optimism for America I'm reaching out to the planets of the chart/s, above, for aid for our nation! We need it because, lower, left is the the New Moon Horoscope of October 8, 2018 @15Lib48 (conjunct US natal Saturn 14Lib48 suggesting a new cycle starting with the goal of undermining further of the US legal system including the US Supreme Court) so that the American public is left with no US institution or branch of government to depend on as before (to the extent that we could). Our best opportunity to re-create some level of balance in our governmental system and support the Republic is to take part in a Blue Tsunami by Voting Blue on November 6, 2018. For, as you see in the October 24th chart, The Establishment planet Saturn rises in his own sign and is the Thales Planet or Point aiding both the Sun and the Moon during their opposition, a sign of fulfillment or culmination of a plan seeded at the October 8, 2018 New Moon conjunct US natal Saturn--our 1776 Saturn exalted in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice--now unfortunately progressed into Scorpio and retrograde since 1996 when the authority of the US Presidency came under attack by the same forces that continue to sabotage our nation today.

To me, true patriotism must involve protecting our nation from outside infiltrators and foreign criminals who would rule us with No Consent From The Governed--precisely the opposite of what America was and is meant to be. Is it time for compromised politicians to spill the beans on who intimidates them and to begin naming names?

That may never happen but what we can do is to Vote on November 6th--all the ladies and the younger generations 18 and older will be there, carrying their surf boards no less!

Mar 22, 2017

Jimmy Dore: Senate Democrats Planning to Cave on Supreme Court Nominee

Is the US Congress infested with jelly-spined Democrats of a worthless kind? Are congressional Democrats bought, bribed, intimidated, threatened and/or blackmailed?

The irrepressible Jimmy Dore shares his views:

Please note that a few naughty words may be involved in the above video.

Astro-Notes: Jimmy Dore

Comedian and political commentator James Patrick Dore was born July 26, 1965 Chicago, Illinois about 3 months prior to the first of three Great Conjunctions of explosive, protesting Uranus and Pluto (Oct 9, 1965 @17Vir10) with Saturn in Pisces opposing (which adds resentment while a Saturn-Neptune trine adds compassion and concern for the underdog). No birth hour have I found but his Sun in entertaining Leo pairs with Moon in patriotic Cancer (for the entire 24-hour period) identifying him as a steamy Fire-Water individual.

The comedian's self-dramatizing, tremendously creative Sun Leo-Moon Cancer combo has two 'Images for Integration': "A young child sits on a throne and with great dignity and tenderness crowns his father and mother king and queen...A man and a woman walk hand in hand along the edge of the sea at high noon on a summer's day." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey).

Now I don't know how these word pictures relate to Jimmy Dore but his Sun Leo-Moon Cancer personality blend is shared by illustrious people such as: Ethel Barrymore, Clara Bow, Claude Debussy, Zelda Fitzgerald, Kenny Rogers, Annie Oakley, and astrologer Llewellyn George which suggests a mixture of Entertainment and Astrology, an intriguing blend!

Nov 10, 2016

Will Trump TV Be Disguised As The New Fireside Chats? - Thom Hartmann

Nov 10, 2016: Thom discusses the possibility of a 'Trump TV' being created and what it could be like, along with what he sees as Trump's and the GOP's plans for governing. Thom also names just who finagled Mr. Trump into the White House:

Note: since I've never listened to Michael Savage I was slightly surprised to find that he has a book titled Scorched Earth, a phrase that has turned up several times in the public discourse this week. Republicans used 'scorched earth' tactics against Barack Obama and perhaps you recall that we discussed 'scorched earth' in relation to goddess star Sirius in my November 5th post on the new 115th Congress convening soon on a Capitol Hill near you.

Now what if the Democratic Party got together in January 2017 and determined that they would block and undermine every single thing a President Trump and his Republicans planned to do? Revenge may be 'sweet' according to some folk but, as with President Obama's presidency, it would be the American people on the losing end once again. But I guess such a result is merely part of their 'shrink the US government' plan.

Oct 24, 2016

In 2016 Even Dead People Don't Vote Republican!

In These Late Days Mr. Trump Sees Zombie Voters

Over the weekend, former NY mayor Rudolph Guiliani continued his advocacy on behalf of Donald Trump and the candidate's "rigged election" claims that include the idea that dead people vote. However, Mr. Guiliani puts a finer point to the argument by noting that dead people tend to vote Democrat which must fairly suggest the opposite--that dead people (who usually have sent in their ballots and then had the misfortune to achieve their demise prior to Election Day with many states counting their votes) so that a compelling argument may be made for the idea that even dead people don't vote Republican, a wise choice which this blogger heartily yet belatedly agrees with.

As he increases the odds for a future status as a sore loser (and in this he is definitively Republican), you may wish to check out Mr. Trump's Bogus Voter Fraud Claims at

Sep 8, 2016

Snit of Miffdom presents: the ACA, Cleopatra, and Dracula

The Following fuss is a re-publish from *Jude's Threshold a while back and it must have been written when I was in a definite snit of miffdom over something; a few edits have been done:

Is the Health Care Reform debate 1993 revisited?

Sometimes history repeats like reflux, thanks to Washington politicians using the same anti-societal tactics that worked for them before. Often it's more like a rhyme but with different or new components and my suspicion is that these days, the ruling class' contempt for the masses--individually or clumped together--has grown, not diminished.

Here and elsewhere I have complained that 2009’s Health Care Reform bill (ACA) is being opposed if only to undermine a Democratic White House, and I wasn’t even considering Republican actions and the factions of 1993. Was I wrong?

Never mind that Democrats have a mandate from We the People, many of whom need relief from a costly run-away health care system that intends only bankruptcy for you if you should find yourself in a bind. For in Darwinian America of the New Millennium, you have to be fit to survive, otherwise it’s buh-bye, see ya wouldn’t wanna be ya.

Maybe we need a dose of that oft-touted “compassionate conservatism” we once heard so much about. That and ten dollars might get you a fluffed-up pillow in a sparsely-appointed emergency room somewhere in America.

Meanwhile, Washington pols work tirelessly to protect corporate profits and keep their own stock portfolios fluffed up with med and pharmaceutical returns while insurance companies chortle on their way to open their next offshore account.

Meanwhile, Beltway Brigands give the old “fox guarding the henhouse” truism fresh meaning with every secret deal they make at our expense, every bribe they take, every fraud they make.

Now I ask you: if a loved one suffers and dies for lack of treatment based on an insurance company's concerns for their bottom line, would you really care which party inhabits the White House – or whose prospects are better for the next election?

This fussy snit was written by yours truly, Jude Cowell, typing at you from North Atlanta in the Kennesaw Mountain area. Okay, I take back all the mean things I've typed about the City of Atlanta, let bygones be so. I'll leave Atl alone and hope that it will leave me alone. jc

Notice: one of my other blogs *Jude's Threshold will be sleeping with the dodo birds on or about October 11, 2016 so if you think you might want to read anything thereupon, please sashay over when you can. Articles include: Dracula's Natal Chart, Cleopatra's Natal Chart, Saturn and the Moon's South Node, the Wedding Day Astrology of Bill and Hill (and one on Chelsea and Mark), and more, plus, wonderful re-blogged articles by my favorite online authors and researchers!

And please note that some of my previous Jude's Threshold articles shall appear on my latest blog Jude Cowell Astrology so drop in at your leisure.

Jun 8, 2016

Swing States Already Purging Democrats from Voting Rolls - video

Stars Over Washington sends Congratulations to Hillary Clinton and her shattered glass ceiling after last night's results.

Given the unfavorability ratings of GOP nominee Donald Trump, Republicans will have to cheat to win on November 8, 2016. Actually the cheating has already begun though I doubt that Mr. Trump cares how he 'wins' the (Venusian) Oval Office for he seems to be an 'end justifies the means' kind of self-promoter. The Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins reports:

Sep 8, 2015

Most Americans Agree with Bernie Sanders - Thom Hartmann video (w/ some Astrology)

Do you Feel The Bern yet? Some say Hillary Clinton feels it these days with the approval ratings of Senator Sanders going up and hers going whatever they're going.

Well, here is progressive broadcaster and author Thom Hartmann detailing a list of issues that Bernie and a majority of the American people agree on. The list can be found on the website linked, above.

A Few Astro-Notes Regarding Senator Bernie Sanders

2016 candidate Sanders expresses his practical, dedicated-to-a-cause, socially concerned, idea-loving Virgo Sun and with the Social Democrat/Populist point of view he embodies in the "I AM the people" motto sometimes found with natal Moon (the people) in pioneering Aries, the first sign which asserts the I AM principle.

Yet Bernie's birth time remains unknown as far as I can tell. Even expert San Francisco astrologer Larry Schwimmer, who writes the Astrology column for the Huffington Post, wants Bernie's birth time but doesn't have it. And as Larry reminded me recently, maybe when Bernie was born in New York (Happy Birthday to his nibs this very day!) birth times simply were not recorded. Even so, we can at least consider his Sun Virgo-Moon Aries blend to gain a few personality clues about the populist candidate!

Related: Richard Wolffe: On Bernie Sanders and Socialism.

Dec 29, 2013

A Message from My Friend Barack

When Plutocrats Are in Need

by Jude Cowell

A rather astonishing email has arrived from a special Friend asking me to provide $3 for work that Washington Democrats should already be doing. For they do draw quite generous salaries from public coffers after all.

Yet admittedly I do prefer Democrats to control the House especially considering how cravenly Republicans have mooned the American people since 2009 and even now, as of December 28th, they withhold benefits for the unemployed while they themselves enjoy another undeserved holiday break.

We don't even know if Republicans will cooperate well enough to extend unemployment benefits after Congress returns to Capitol Hill on January 6, 2014 but I hope on the way to casting a vote they don't trip over their selfish, austere ideology which has proven many times to be excessively generous toward the wealthy elite who are in need of nothing yet they can't muster a dime for those who actually are in need--and who would bolster the US economy by spending it pronto. Why, monarchic Republicans and their enabling Democrats act as if tax monies are only theirs to spend and funnel however and wherever they wish, and that We the People should butt out of such lofty elitist decisions.


Well, this dissenting American asserts once again that the majority of our politicians and other public officials are in breach of the public trust and, of course, have been for many decades. Many of them no longer pretend to do the tasks for which they were elected, it's just that after several years of Corporate Governance, embezzlement, theft, and fraud become much more difficult to hide successfully from the prying eyes of the fleeced. However, upping the level of outright brazenness helps their anti-American cause progress and that they've certainly been accomplishing while continuing to scam voters with glowing campaign promises and with political slogans that, as it turns out, have no merit in them for those who wish to retain a sovereign America.

And yet, no matter how outrageous Washington's sorry behavior becomes (and it will), we must not give them the fight they really want--millions of Americans in the streets with symbolic 'pitchforks' for government forces are surely amply armed and ready for us with tanks, drones, and otherwise. Besides, violence is never the answer to any problem and its use on our parts would shove us down to their reptilian-brained level where oppressive Pluto-Chiron's plutocrats and oligarchs dwell in the squalor of bad intentions.

Anyway, I hope my special Friend doesn't mind that I'm hereby publishing his email to little ole' me for it's certain that many of you received the same or a similar missive recently. Perhaps only the amount requested is different, but the cheekiness remains the same...

Friends --

They said it couldn't be done.

When our first Presidential campaign began, the naysayers dismissed the chances of a grassroots campaign powered by everyday folks organizing in their communities. Together, we proved them wrong.

Now those same critics claim we will fall short of regaining a Democratic House for the final two years of my term. But once again, you're building something truly incredible.

Friends -- Our campaign to defeat the Republican House and take back the majority is within range of a mark never before seen in Congressional campaigns -- one million online donations from grassroots supporters like you.

I'd like nothing more than to see us pull off this feat before this week's year-end fundraising deadline.

Can you chip in $3 or more today? Your donation could be the one that puts us over the top.

Let's get to work.


So. Are you persuaded?

Apr 12, 2012

Astro-Notes on DNC 2012: Aldebaran Rising

DNC 2012: Aldebaran, Midas, Pan, and US natal Uranus Rising

by Jude Cowell

Some people think that Charlotte NC with its Bank of America headquarters and its "Wall Street of the South" vibe is a tone deaf choice for the location of the Democratic National Convention 2012 given Charlotte's overflowing homeless shelters and lack of unionization on behalf of workers' rights. So you may as well know that this blogger is one of those who think that very thing--especially with President Obama's acceptance speech set for September 6, 2012--to be delivered at the Bank of America Stadium!

Even so, a smattering of cosmic info is in order so that we may consider DNC 2012 from a higher plane than Politics usually deserves if only to keep our Political Astrology flag flying here at Stars Over Washington. Therefore, the following is my attempt to do just that though later updates may be necessary prior to and during the event itself which takes place September 3, 4, 5, and 6, 2012 in Charlotte.

If you're curious about RNC 2012, click An Astro-Peek at RNC 2012 and for the themes of the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series in which both political conventions fall, you may wish to try this.

Sept 3, 2012 Charlotte NC 12:00 am edt: Aldebaran Rising

Along with US natal Uranus (revolution; freedom), gold-hoarder Midas rises with trickster Pan and the horoscope shows sometimes-trickster Mercury 4Vir01, planet of votes and speeches, in 4th house (Foundation of the Matter) with the Sun (leader) @ 11Vir04 conjunct Fixed Star Zosma (victim or savior.) Presumably, President Obama, who garnered enough delegates (2778+) on April 3 to be the 2012 Democratic nominee, wants to be considered a 'savior' of the nation which echoes the heroic Apollo-Sun god theme of DNC 2008 in Denver, CO as you see in this video--remember the stage set with Greek columns? Only a laurel wreath and toga were missing from his royal Sun-in-Leo frame:

Curiously, at DNC 2008, asteroid Apollo was then @ 9Vir20 conjunct Saturn 11Vir03 which DNC 2012's Sun conjoins. This gives the Obama presidency a Sun/Saturn theme and points to America's natal (July 4, 1776) problematic Sun/Saturn square which I believe highlights the checks (square) and balances (US natal Saturn in Libra, sign of balance) which the US Congress (Saturn = lawmakers, managers) are meant to provide for the shiny yet self-protective, shrewd, and business-oriented US presidency (Sun in Cancer.)

Sun/Saturn squares tend to bolster inner maturity and leans a person toward authority taken seriously and the patient achievement of goals by taking one step at a time.

Aldebaran rising indicates 'success through integrity' for political participants of DNC 2012 though the presence of Midas and Pan rising may temper the indication somewhat considering the fraudulent system We the People are mired in--and the recent JOBS Act has rolled back some of the financial regulations in place from years ago! Perhaps the Democrats will explain how that can be good for the US economy and for the constantly scammed and financially struggling American people.

Speaking of which, the Moon (We the People) begins the enterprise in 11th H of Groups, Associations, Hopes & Wishes and at 11Ari45, has moved beyond excitable, sparkly Uranus 7Ari33 Rx, also in (its own) 11th H. Besides Midas and Pan rising we see a 1st house, protective Jupiter 14Gem48 in the sign of chattiness so we may expect many speeches, some of them l-o-n-g. But they should be quite entertaining though some or all of them may be somewhat duplicitous (Gemini)--well, it is Politics after all, right? Scientific topics may be forthcoming as well.

How Will DNC 2012 Proceed?

To answer this question let's look at the three applying aspects of chart-ruler Mercury which are as follows:

1. sextile Mars (2A48) @ 6Sco49 in 6th H of Military Service, Work, and Health: we'll hear well-informed speeches on these and other topics from people who want our approval--their delivery will sparkle dramatically and draw every one's attention for this is a great aspect for warm and friendly public relations though gruffness may put some listeners off; supporting the underdog is a major theme along with getting others to cooperate on such concerns (already tried, yes, but more of it may be forthcoming especially since the May 20, 2012 Solar Eclipse conjunct Alcyone--something to cry about--will have made its themes and events known before September. Of course, the next presidency may be what we'll all cry about!)

2. trine Pluto (3A00) 7Cap01 Rx in 8th H of Big Business (plutocrats and bankers on-board and those who are not so on-board the Obama Train this time): intellectual assets will be on display, causes-and-effects of our financial dilemma are sure to be discussed realistically (which the neocon Bushies can't do--how could they?), ethical standards, youth programs, and market speculation topics are on the menu, and organizational talents will be apparent; a weak spot may be environmental issues and what to do about the damage already incurred.

3. opposite Chiron 7Pis09 Rx in 10th H of Public Status and Career (and still in process of completing President Obama's five-fer Chiron Return--his is a mentor-guru kind of 1st H Chiron--may I call you Joe?): alchemy! as minds function at optimum, occultists or an initiate is indicated (Clow) and since it's President Obama's time of Chiron Return and he's the nominee once again, I expect he's The One the powers-behind-the-throne (Bilderbergers, etc) have selected to play US president once again.

The Obama Selection 2012 may be described in part by a midpoint picture in the Sept 3, 2012 horoscope for the sacred warrior archetype of Mars/Chiron = Pluto (of the wealthy plutocratic ruling elite), and we have ourselves an astrological peep-eye, you Knights, you!

Plus, there's one midpoint picture with the Sun (leader) at apex...

Venus/Saturn = Sun: having simple tastes but enjoying extravagant displays; honors received later in life.

Of interest to this picture is what Michael Munkasey writes of Venus/Saturn in his brilliant book, Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, under Politics and Business and including the Hegelian Dialect's Thesis-Antithesis (leading to Synthesis) implications:

Thesis: restrictions on wealth or income (millionaires paying their fair share in taxes? jc); law enforcement that avoids difficult or cumbersome issues; new social or creative values enforce change on an endeavor; building the value of an enterprise.

Antithesis: restrictions on how society functions (we know--stop it! jc); a law enforcement bureau that derives pleasure from restricting the movement of people.

Also noted in the Sept 3 horoscope is a T-Square configuration which creates two midpoint pictures since the North Node (public contact) @ 29Sco14 in 6th H conjoins Inaugural Moon 2009 and reminds us that our financial and social crisis conditions (after 8 years of Bush-Cheney) continue to hinder America's forward development...any, all, or none may apply:

Mercury/Neptune = 2012 NN: discussing joint plans and ideas; encounters with prescient people or mentalists.

Mercury/Neptune = 2009 Moon: intuitive thoughts bring confusion and questions; a sympathetic understanding of others; receptivity to subconscious stirrings or images (propaganda); a deceived or deceptive woman. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Okay, President Obama's acceptance speech must be detailed later along with other factors so let's close this particular DNC 2012 post with the Image for Integration that relates to the convention's opening and its Sun Virgo/Moon Aries blend, an Earth-Fire combo of energies with a 'bulldozer' flavor describing the do-er who can enthuse others with his strongly held convictions though he may be verbose and scathingly critical at times:

"A jolly rotund monk enjoying his food and wine while excelling in well-worn Latin sayings, witty responses and kindly good humour."

(Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

To be cont'd with the changing signs of the Moon and the evening event of September 6 particularly noted...

Aug 11, 2011

The Anti-Democratic "Super Congress" and "The Family"

Good news about the bad-news "Super Congress" which Washington politicians are attempting to pass off as a "Super Committee" to 'deal' with US debt problems by locating trillions of dollars in budget 'cuts'...

My friend Alex D'Atria has sent along an article concerning the topic which I highly recommend to you. Plus, her piece begins with an image of President Barack Obama's natal horoscope if you wish to snag yourself a peek at its Leonine glory.

This weekend I plan to publish an article on the November 25, 2011 Solar Eclipse (2Sag37) and you see by its date that it will closely relate to the deadline of *November 23, 2011 when the "Super Congress" is to make its recommendations which, if I understand the endeavor correctly, will go directly into the signing pipeline with no debate--aka, oversight--by a US Congress which has handed off its constitutional duties to 12 partisans, most of whom may be members or associates of Doug Coe's shadowy, quasi-religious, worldly-power-grabbing organization, The Family, aka, The Fellowship.

Their motto? "Jesus plus nothing"!!

Read or listen to Fresh Air's feature on this super-secret group of 'Jesus' freaks here. ('Jesus' freaks is my own description. Jesus in my Bible totally refused the worldly power that Satan offered Him while He was incarnated as a man on earth and I know that some people call 'God' an entity which is actually 'Satan' or 'Lucifer'.)

The Coming of November 2011

With the automatic 'trigger' set to fire against the dissolving American middle and working classes, this is an enterprise set up to fail, m'peops, but the failure will be primarily on the side of the American people, the sovereignty of our nation, and the health of our environment--and who knows what else the "Super Congress" will gut. A constitutional crisis is in the making as well.

Yes, secretive operatives have inherited a "Great Plan" for America which has been a long time in the making though I suspect its original intent has been somewhat diverted or hijacked by modern totalitarians of the last few decades who are motivated by a sinister lust for power and control--I say this even though our nation was founded as a corporation, yet after all, not all corporations are evil.

As for November, we must first navigate the US Saturn Return (#3 of 3 this time around) on August 28, 2011, plus, the 10th anniversary of the 9/11/01 attacks. And all leading us by the nose ring into Year 2012 when the collapse has been timed by idealistic Utopians (rebel Uranus now in Aries--Ebertin) and the fabled rebuilding upon ruins begins in earnest...


*It is generally agreed by way of empirical observation through the centuries that Solar Eclipse influences may begin earlier or later than the actual date upon which they manifest--some say up to two weeks in either direction, I would say possibly up to a month. This may also apply to Lunar Eclipses though they usually will relate on a more unconscious or inner level. South Node Solar Eclipses may as well through the SN's unconscious/the past/lunar connection and a Saturnian (SN) or restrictive vibe may be present. And of course, Saturn is a karmic planet indicating a
reaping of what was sown in the past which America must now surely do.

Plus, degrees of Total eclipses may stay sensitive for years or (who can say?)--forever such as with Nostradamus's predictive Mother of All Eclipses (August 11, 1999) with its rigid Fixed Grand Cross of planets which heralded the New Millennium of terror and alarm that politicians can't shut up about for selfish purposes of their own.

Mar 26, 2011

A Morgue's Secrets Leak & Pluto/Chiron's Plutocracy

Glenn Greenwald says that classified secrets have been leaked describing the tiresomely devious 'take bodies from the morgue and spread 'em around to finger the Americans' ploy.

Not certain I buy it but I'll keep my mind slightly creaked open for now. Of course, the well-timed leak could be reverse propaganda, kind of like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker being advised to hire a thug to accost or otherwise assault him (even better - with firearms) in order to make the workers' side come off more negatively in Wisconsin. Walker may not have seriously considered using a thug to harm him as if his political opponents (supposedly his constituents but he only wants to 'govern' the rich, it seems) had done so, but we see an alleged glimpse into how their minds work.

It takes the GOP and their backers in the global crime syndicate to think up an outrageous plan such as that.

Of course, some Republican backers also back various Democrats. That qualifies as a clue to the fact that what we now experience is long-running class warfare of the haves v the have-nots. That many Americans in the last decades have fallen willingly into a fluffy (Jupiter-Neptune) dream that prosperity was to be theirs for the duration (if they worked hard or had a brilliant idea or creation suitable for marketing) and that their children would do better in the world than they'd done, is not surprising really.

Because many forces and certain disciplines and intellects have been focused like lasers on just such a dreamy influence succeeding in manipulating the American public (and others) ever since Psychology was invented.

Okay, enough babbling. Let me know what you think about such topics if you have a mo and feel impelled, and I shall attempt to reply or add a remark if I have a mo, too.


Pluto/Chiron = plutocracy; disenfranchisement; primal violence; racism; agism, socialism/communism/bolshvikism, refugeeism and other -isms -- well, you get the exploitative picture. (That's wounded/wounding Chiron with Pluto of the morgue-ish realm. Sounds even worse when it's put like that.)

Feb 16, 2011

America's Democracy of Hypocrisy; Rally in Wisconsin 2.15.11 (video)

The Spirit of Uprising wafts through our global air and the following video is one that I am feeling hopeful about and very proud to display on Stars Over Washington, a blog written and dedicated to my ideal of the United States of America. Not the perverted warmongering America of the neocons and Zionists, but America the Beautiful, the world's haven of Liberty and Freedom.

And that includes Freedom to Protest so continue countering their austerity madness, good people of Madison, Wisconsin!

Isthmus on the Union Rally 2.15.11

Hypocrisy Increases Further Sullying America's White Hat

by Jude Cowell

In the news during these days of Riots, Strikes, and Uprisings are many examples of US government officials criticizing other nations for repressing their populations who wish to protest against government.

Even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been loose with her praise for those who are demanding democracy and better social conditions from their leaders such as those in Tehran (well, democracy is one of our primary political catchwords in America, a shield in times of assault in the Rs v Ds chess game of factions positioning for control of Washington microphones, gavels, and bank vaults here and abroad. NYSE now 60% German-owned....publicly, I mean, not just under the table anymore.)

High-handedly, Joe Lieberman and Peter King are leading the GOP charge to shove through the Shield Act in honor of a certain slippery foreign varmint name of Julian Assange because apparently the Espionage Act of 1917 won't be enough to permanently net and squelch their prey, they fear. (Unless as some say, Assange works with the CIA, or is their dupe, either of which is a masterful way of putting out disinformation with no paw prints on it.

News Flash from me: even if the US gov manages to put Mr. Assange on trial, convict, and sentence him, it will not add one iota to the slim sliver of good will a majority of the American people now have toward the current totalitarian, chaos-creating tactics of those whose predecessors usurped both our political parties and now masquerade as one-of-us.

Washington DC's faction wars can't solve our nation's societal ills (and aren't meant to or they could do a lot better than they're doing: such as admitting that fraud and embezzlement have gone on for years until now - US coffers are looted like the Baghdad Museum.) Nor will the draconian austerity cuts now threatened against the ill, elderly, and poor among us 'solve' things but will further hobble the US economy and cause more mass misery than we've already seen.

When a nation's meekest are not kept safe from rich plutocrats of the world, a moral line has been crossed similar to a society that makes a habit of using abortion as birth control. Both create bad karma for all must reap what they sow, even governments.

However, if my fellow Americans retain hold of our traditional national conscience in 2011 ('is this how America treats its citizens?'), we will not allow our resources to zoom elsewhere and stoke military enterprises, but toward the people who paid into tax funds and who must ask for a leg up to be given by those who've sought and made their fortunes with aid from American society. Make your money in America, support her when social conditions warrant it.

Yet actions always speak louder, we know, and if America has lower to fall (US natal Saturn exalted in Libra (sign of justice and balance) in 10th house of World Status and Career = a fall from grace if Saturn's lessons are disregarded by government. To whom much is given, much is required, says Saturn in 10th house. Plutocrats don't wish to remember such a thing so our protests are in part to remind them they need the consent of the governed or all their 'authority' will go pouf!)

Well, I for one, do not want our American society to fall by the wayside of globalists who honor no loyalties but their own (and their cabal oaths.) If they have hearts, they're in the wrong place and we see this as we observe and experience what globalists (or, the power elite, if you prefer) produce in the world...things like loss, grief, fear, and suffering. Survival of the Fittest is a theory put in practice by the win-at-any-costers with which we's the dog-eat-dog method of gaining (or stealing) worldly 'success' built upon the backs of others with eugenics the ugly foundation.

Yet most people would prefer to live their lives and watch their children develop in harmony. Media colludes by telling the public repeatedly that there are bad men in the world, beware. Why yes, there are, and I'm lookin' at a bunch of 'em on my TV screen spouting state propaganda over and over. The old "It's him, not me" ploy (like a Martin Short skit on SNL) never directs its energy in the proper direction for it's too busy redirecting our attention away from political misdeeds, crimes, and prejudices.

Therefore, no real problems ever have to be honestly faced; thus no solutions arise.

Never Having Enough, The GOP Wants What You Got

Not only are the Republicans trying to remove all vestiges of Women's Health Care availability in the US, they want to 'remove the authority' for enforcement and rollback to the 19th century the protections of the Child Labor Law Act of 1916, if Republican Jane Cunningham of Missouri has her wacky way.

Is support for a return to child slavery growing in US political circles? In 2011, are uppity manufacturing conglomerates gearing up for a new amassing of a cheap slave labor force in the US to 'compete' with workers' low pay scales in China, India, and other places where US jobs migrated for the benefit of corporatism's bottom line? How could our job-starved economy possibly benefit from adding millions of child workers to US labor rolls now unless profiteers know something we don't as of yet know? Has the GOP completely lost its moral compass? Is Cunningham's super-regressive, dark-age idea our only clue to their craveness?

The YOD of US Secondary Progressions 2001 and 2002

Astrologically, I'm looking at a horoscope of US Secondary Progressions (Sec) set for February 7, 2002, the date that George Bush signed a presidential 'waiver' exempting the White House (his nibs himself) from having to consider members of al Qaeda and the Taliban as human beings. In Bush's world, his oil-and-poppy-infused 'enemy combatants' then magically became less than human (a commonly used tactic which Hitler finessed); thus they were subject to being tortured in the crazed notion that information would be forthcoming with enough pressure applied. Resulting deaths were often only inconveniences and perhaps still linger in the way unsolved crimes and mysteries have of retaining secrets within their DNA. As a thing begins, so will it end, and with many karmic lessons learned - or unlearned - in between.

So the Sec chart with our Sec Neptune/NN (Neptune in fated Nodal degree: 26Vir29 Rx vs NN 26Can54) received our national Sec Sun (the leader) in 2001/02 at the very point in the Zodiac that inconjuncts both Sec Neptune and Sec NN creating a YOD pattern of crisis, a crossroads, turning point, special task, and/or major adjustment now ripe for activation by progression.

A big deal? I would say so, especially since the Neptune/NN sextile at the YOD's base had progressed into a position of pointing to US natal Moon 27AQ10 (so the YOD's base had progressed to a quincunxial relationship with our n Moon of 1776); our Sec Sun progressed to the apex position in the same YOD which created a double YOD pattern. Below are the two midpoint pictures formed with the intrinsic nature of the Neptune/NN combination indicating:

Thesis: leadership that is unwilling or unable to consider the demands of its people; ideals or national glamour are excuses for neglecting the growth and progress demands of the population or important groups.

Antithesis: scandals caused by foreign concerns; spies or terrorists enter for villainous purposes; an ill-adapted, inadequate hospital or medical care system; drug policies that avoid important concerns.

To Neptune/NN, Ebertin adds: exploiting, deceiving, and cheating other people; anti-social elements; lack of judgment leads to wrong ideas about associations.

These were some of the social issues we needed honestly addressed in the early days of the New Millennium. They were not. And things have continued to fester in America.

YOD's Midpoint Pictures:

Sec Neptune/NN = Sec Sun: encouragement to be your own person in deciding what influences from others you will or will not accept from other people (Bush,
the decider? jc); being let down by others.

Sec Neptune/NN = natal Moon: disappointments; a cessation of inner understanding between people; a lack of community spirit; lack of adaptability; feeling ostracised or misunderstood. (Tyl; Ebertin; Munkasey.)

2001 and 2002 presented America a crossroads fraught with governmental misdirections and dirty political tricks while the American people then needed, as now, to hear truth, not cynical slogans and half-truths meant to twist our heartstrings, mobilize our patriotism, and rob our pockets. The long-submerged iceberg of theft and fraud in America surfaced to great fanfare and political theater with the Bush-Cheney Financial Collapse 2008 - and trillions of dollars simply 'disappeared' as if they never were.

Meanwhile, in the America of President Obama and Secretary Clinton circa 2011, hypocrisy uttered by governmental mouths continues apace and one may wonder how oppressed we-the-people will find ourselves when we finally follow Wisconsin's example and get off our chubby duffs en masse to remind Washington and local governments that their paternalistic abridging of our rights is completely unacceptable, a word politicians are so very fond of using when displeased.

For if Iran, Libya, and the rest of the restless are the goose, Madame Secretary and Mr. President, then America must be the gander. It's time we-the-people had a big helping of that democracy sauce, thanks. And leave our Twitter and Internet alone while you're out speechifying so inspiringly across the globe.


If you know of demonstrations or rallies for common causes springing up these days in America, pass along the details or a link in a Comment, if you wish. We-the-people once knew how, right? Thanks! jc

Jan 8, 2011

112th Congress = "Swords" vs "Torches"?

In his weekly radio address today President Obama has called for Republicans to stop their symbolic battles, battles which seem to this blogger to be meant in part as a salve to the Tea Partisans watching GOPers closely for backtracking on their promises to do things differently than Congress' previous sorriness.

And the millions of dollars that GOP 'symbolism' has cost the US taxpayer during only half a week of this session belies the Republican Party's whines over the national debt. Guess they think our bucks are worth their gamble and they (and Dems) certainly have much past experience with such cynical calculations.

Now if you, dear reader, are familiar with the Sabian Symbols for each degree of the zodiac (360 degrees), you know of one that's quite esoteric in its imagery and which may apply here, namely 'A Symbolical Battle Between the "Swords" and the "Torches".' (Rudhyar.)

Let's examine the meaning of this symbol to see if anything shakes out concerning the current Capitol Hill Political Theater the GOP has been making (what they hope is) political hay with.

Rudhyar's 'Keynote: Refusing to depend upon the past, the seeker turns warrior, fighting anew the eternal "Great War".' (A World War I reference. jc)

Now I won't quote all that Dane Rudhyar wrote about the degree - the Bodhi Tree and spiritual light vs ego-will (though ego-will and global-ruling ideology are the basis of GOP desperation to win back the White House) - however, his last words concerning '17Tau' may make some sense to us within the political realm of Washington and the 112th Congress' first week of symbolic mummery:

(This symbol) "suggests that salvation is attained through the emergent individual's readiness to face all issues as if there were only two opposed sides. So teaches the Bhagavad-Gita. This is the dharma of this stage of human evolution: a stage of POLARIZATION OF VALUES. (An Astrological Mandala.)

In his The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones gives '17Tau' the Keyword: 'RESOLUTION...

positive expression: high organizational skill and an ability to bring the magic of understanding to any specific difficulty;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: a loss of self-competence through the conflicting compulsion of necessity and desire'.

(Blog note: though I seldom think to mention it, I am the very varmint who adds "unconscious/shadow side" to Jones' 'negative' expression of the symbols because it seems more descriptive. jc)

Perhaps Adriano Carelli has something to say about '17Tau' in his The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac:

"The vision St. Thomas of Aquino had while trying to fathom the mystery of God's unity and trinity; a child trying to drain the ocean with a pitcher."

Carelli's explanation of this symbol includes: "I do not need your advice, I can make mistakes myself!" And, in speaking of a native with this degree prominent, he states, "He is in for unceasing, often wasted labors which will not make him move a step forward. There is a guilty light-mindedness; the native will believe that he can solve single-handed and in his own way certain problems which impose on natural laws, as those of economics, dynamics and the like."

Hmmm. If we replace 'a child' with 'new congress member' and trying to drain the 'ocean' with the word, 'swamp' (which Washington DC is built upon), we may be on to something: new congress members wasting labor and believing they can single-handedly and in their own way drain the swamp of Washington, a campaign promise so old it's gray around the muzzle. And all they really have at their disposal is a pitcher!

For more details on the current state of our Congress, I looked at outer planet transits to the US Congress natal horoscope (Nov 17, 1800) and found that confusing, deceptive, delusional, fraudulent (though often inspired) Neptune is slightly more active than Uranus or Pluto at this time.

Neptune square (90 degrees = blockages; obstacles) natal Sun 25Sco: self-image is infused with disorientation, confusion, and a sense of unreality; it's hard to know how to satisfy one's ego demands or where to direct one's will power; positions of leadership, integrity, honesty, principles, and standards are difficult to sustain or attain; if determined and capable, one realizes that what seems to be reality actually is not (it's only Capitol Hill Theater, dahlink!)

Neptune opposite natal Saturn 24Leo: one's mature judgment, strength of authority, and hard work are threatened by illegal actions (like 2 Rs not taking their congressional oath because of attending their own fundraiser next door?), bankruptcy, fraud, deception, and unknown or disillusioned people (!); severe challenges test the ability or willingness to overcome obstacles, or to squelch inner fears; past traditions and structures become misguided, ambiguous, or subverted; previous responsibilities may disappear or dissolve with nothing good apt to take their place.

Neptune conjunct n Pluto 2Pis: power dissolves; treachery or poison can remove the current system of power and control; circumstances may allow the rise of those with religious, psychic, or spiritualist powers (who are not witches, one presumes.)

The only major aspect of Uranus now to Congress' natal chart is its coming opposition to its natal position: Congress will have a midlife crisis all through 2011 (March, November, and December)! This Uranus/Uranus opposition last occurred about 84 years ago: in April 1927, October 1927, and February 1928. The inflationary economics of the late 1920s seem all too familiar, don't they?

Uranus opposite n Uranus 00Lib47 (conjunct US n MC in the Sibly chart): generations clash; oldsters feel outdated by a wave of newcomers (awww!) and there's an unwillingness to give up the unique qualities of one's generation (age group); little meeting of the minds takes place.

(Plus, transiting Jupiter to Aries Point has and will oppose n Uranus, a time of cat-herding when everyone tends to wander off in their own directions so that organizing and scheduling group activities is made difficult; Jupiter increases the effects of Congress' Uranus opposition and its crisis implications.)

Pluto inconjunct n Jupiter 4Leo: significant adjustments are necessary to justify one's knowledge and ideals; feeling overwhelmed about social responsibilities; opportunism; a need to yield to real tasks and be constructive; others may victimize in order to serve their own interests; motives may be murky and there's a requirement to understand one's surroundings more fully.

Pluto square n Uranus: political and intellectual changes occur that benefit a new generation, and questioning their historical implications is appropriate.

Such is the condition of the 112th Congress as seen through an astrological interpreted by this particular blogging gnat of an American. Your on-topic comments and opinions are cordially invited.

Jan 4, 2011

GOP takes over House, replaces gavel w hatchet

Tomorrow the Republicans 'take over' the House with dreams of undermining all of President Obama's legislative successes and thus his presidency and legacy. Their agenda includes gutting or repealing the Health Care Reform bill (what I call the Health Insurance Reform bill) so if you've missed it, here's a link to the January 3, 2011 letter sent to Majority Leader John Boehner from Senate Democrats angling to protect their bill, their president, and by extension, the American people.

(By its wide release, one assumes the public is meant to be swayed by the letter's points - since it's doubtful the GOP will be. Political theater, dahlink.)

Yes, the Dems make good points in the letter (don't throw the baby out with the bath water, etc) yet it may be too measured and too logical for hotheaded win-at-any-cost Republicans to accept since they're super-focused on imagining the way ahead to the White House in 2012/13. Early on Limbaugh set the tone from January 2009 with his Obama Fail Campaign.

Their current repeal stance represents to me the GOP's stubborn blindness to the general welfare so again I must ask those who voted Republican in November 2010: what in the world were you thinking? The GOP have their hatchets sharpened and at the ready - and they're coming after the American people's already-tattered social fabric - the "entitlements" they so love to denigrate - when we know that it's war spending and politicians' salaries and benefits that should be cut first while simultaneously going after fraud, waste, and abuse in and of the system.

1993 vs 2011

The GOP hatchet is poised at Mr. Obama's back as it was at Clinton's in 1993 when neocon Bill Krystal's memo to the Republicans directed them to use an attack on health care reform as the 'gist' of their strategy - to regain the White House.

Funny thing about GOP strategy in 1993 and now in 2011: two of the same Solar Eclipses were in effect both years. Krystal's memo dated December 2, 1993 fell into the 14 North Series: 'a most peculiar series that heralds an acute time of confusion in relationships, unexpected happenings in financial matters, possible illness, despair, a draining of energy, and a peculiar turn of events; no important decisions should be made concerning incoming events because of too much confusion and possible delusion to make clear judgments.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Delusion in Washington? Unclear decisions? It's deja-vu all over again because 14N manifests on November 25, 2011 @ '2Sag' so get ready for similar issues, deceptions, and cloudy decisions as the GOP repeats its strategy to 'block health care reform' against a Democratic president. Now my remarks here don't count in the health insurance industry's involvement behind the scenes of Washington's political theater - those rats are busily playing in the woodpile and can hardly lose no matter how things turn out for the Democratic Party.

The other Solar Eclipse of 1993 and 2011 is the 13 South Series which repeats this summer and which may indicate 'constitutional crisis, striving for groups endeavors (either positively or negatively), and expansive energy which has a sinister flavor to it'. (Brady.)

So here's a little Astrology on the topic written in July 2009, a post which contains a link to Krystal's memo (which may have to be downloaded if you wish to read it. It's a little blurry on this end.)

And if you smell a rat, you'll soon find the grand-plans-and-schemes/spendthrift-wastrel-speculator pair of Jupiter/Neptune in the mix.


Special thanks go to Alex of Modern Astrology for sending along a link to the Dems' Jan 3, 2011 letter.

Dec 7, 2010

Will Bernie Sanders filibuster GOP tax cuts? (video)

Wouldn't it be wonderful if America could shake the dust of George Bush off her sandals once and for all? But alas, Dubya's shadow continues embroiling our nation with wars, torture, and grief, yet the latest example of Bush's lingering influence is the devil's deal President Obama has struck with the GOP ('Greedy' Old Party, as everyone knows) to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% in spite of all common sense.

Guess now that Mr. Obama is outfoxed once again by ideologue Republicans (who don't worry one bit about 'the deficit' when it's them and their buds getting money they'll sock away, not spend), we may now look forward to 2011 as the year the wealthy class, so favored by the White House, set about creating millions of new jobs which the tax cut extension will - the GOP has implied - make so very very possible going forward!

Well, here's the DailyKos petition you may wish to sign protesting this unconscionable move which will add $700 billion to the national debt and lead to what can only be described as dubious improvement for the US economy. For as many people have pointed out, the wealthy class in America had years of lower tax rates under Bush-Cheney during which they could have created US jobs but I think we all know that they did just the opposite which in part has lead to the financial condition our nation is in today.

As DailyKos points out, the same people who are shoving the 'need' for a tax cut extension for the well-to-do are the same varmints who will oppose raising the debt ceiling to pay for it so that their decades-long 'undo entitlements' agenda will unravel the social fabric more than they already have as it proceeds against Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

And thus, the class warfare of Pluto/Chiron grinds on with the plutocratic duo's midpoint tellingly at MC (Goal Point) of the Inauguration 2009 horoscope. Who's side is Mr. Obama on?, we might ask.

You may wish to view the Inauguration 2009 chart with a few details, or here:

Manipulative saboteur Pluto, the dragon guarding the world's treasures, is in 8th house of Shared Resources, Big Money, Debt, Credit, and Transformation and has received returns to its degree 1Cap57 since that day along with November 9, 2010's hook-up of transiting North Node (NN) to Pluto (Lisbon summit, etc); rich man Jupiter rules 8th house and is placed in 10th house near the president (Sun.)

Recently, Pluto conjoined negotiating scribe Mercury upon Inauguration's 2009 9th cusp; transiting Pluto's move into Inaugural 9th house (from 8th house) represents a major change for the Obama administration - and Pluto's ongoing opposition to our nation's Cancerian planets (Venus, Jupiter, and Sun) continues and will crescendo with Pluto's opposition to US natal Mercury Rx which will occur along Pluto's fated path to our national Pluto Return/s of 2022 on Feb 20, July 11, and Dec 28.

US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx is at MC as well, and as you see, Inaugural 2009 Mars is placed @ 18Cap29 in 9th house of Foreign Lands (where much of our 'bailout' tax dollars were sent.) '18Cap' is one of the New World Order degrees due to the Great Conjunction/s of the illuminated pair, Uranus and Neptune, all through 1993: '18Cap' = POLITICAL POWER...negative/shadow side expression: smug or strong-armed paternalism.

The degree of the NWO's natal Sun 1Sco19 (Oct 24, 2993) is important as well and is in the same degree as the United Nations' Sun 1Sco07 (Oct 24, 1945); consider one of the UN's midpoint pictures - Uranus/Neptune = Pluto: catastrophes, great losses, calamities, the necessity to give in.
That the newly minted tax cut extension is a welfare program brought to GOP fatcats compliments of the US government doesn't tally well with the upper crust's typical view of themselves, so mum's the word.

These are the fatcats, their relatives, and supporters who turned out in force to vote on Nov 2, 2010 so that this sort of legislation could happen for the benefit of the 2% with scr*wing the 98% the GOP's long-planned goal. We might be forgiven for saying that the Dems are in league with this goal, for on Capitol Hill, it isn't politicians' words and mild protests that count, it's how things actually turn out and the ultimate consequences for we-the-people. Now we see how the tax cut extension will turn out: as a win-win for the wealthy while the deficit is enlarged for no good reason.

This forced showdown on tax cuts has the added bonus for the GOP of further undermining the authority and presidency of Barack Obama which demonstrates that sabotage is alive and well in Washington DC, along with its handmaiden, blackmail.

Tsk tsk!

So if you, dear reader, are not one of the fatcats, remember that you were advised to turn out for the Democrats - and for yourself - on Nov 2. And yes, the Democratic Party is disappointing as well, but they do occasionally make efforts on behalf of the 98%.

So my question for both of you is: will the GOP use this opportunity, this tax gift, to create jobs for America's middle class in 2011 and thus win their thankful votes and praise in 2012? Or will the collapse and restructuring of American society continue unabated?

Apr 16, 2008

Clinton vs Obama: the charade will be televised

As usual, they're calling it a debate which is always a debateable term to use for political performances. That grouse out of the way, let's consider the horoscope of tonight's event, chart set for Philadelphia, PA, 8:00 pm edt, April 16, 2008.

Rising 2Sco05 is Hillary's natal Sun! But rising along with it (and of late it's been bedeviling her off and on) is transiting Saturn/Pluto midpoint...

Saturn/Pluto = Sun: threat of loss; hard work; enforced change; potential ill health (or mention of healthcare initiatives?); physical toil and over-exertionl; sparing no pians in one's work; renunciation; privation; a physical separation.

Saturn/Pluto = ASC: placed in cumbersome and difficult circumstances; separation; mourning and bereavement; sadness. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

~~Midpoint pictures may manifest in an 'all, either, or none' fashion.~~

Of course, the combo of Saturn/Pluto relates to violent people, adepts, magicians, extremely self-disciplined people, fanatical adherence to one's principles, and martyrdom (Ebertin.)

Will Hillary-as-leader be martyred to the one world government she so wants to water with tender loving care? She's waited so long! If so, it's because someone else has been determined to be the one the masses will listen to the best--at least at first.

And once their chosen shill moves into the White House, it's become impossible to squeeze the varmint out, as we've seen.

At Mc, the Goal Point of the chart, is 7Leo55 with "8Leo" being the "A Bolshevik Propagandist" degree, or as Dane Rudhyar puts it in his 'An Astrological Mandala'..."A Communist Activist Spreading His Revolutionary Ideals." This is George Bush's natal Ascendant degree, as you know--so Jupiter/Neptune opposes his natal ASC...

Jupiter/Neptune = ASC: appearing to live in a world lighted by personal imagination and an emotionally rationalized agenda; sharing great hopes with others; speculation.

(The Jupiter/Neptune combo has spiritual links--the Pope's visit; and to idealism, feeling special, and to tricky legalisms.) (Tyl.)

At Ic, the Foundation of the chart and of tonight's event, is the midpoint of Jupiter/Neptune so we have...

Jupiter/Neptune = Mc: a visionary; a spendthrift, wastrel, or squanderer; a fortune-hunter; a speculator; harm or damage through thoughtlessness.

Sounds like Bush, Cheney, and their war to me, and it's sure to be a topic tonight. But of course, members of Congress are invested in the war as well and making a...killing, one assumes, so little will be done on that score--it's too profitable for Washington and for the war's behind-the-scenes promoters.

Well, Mars is still out-of-bounds for a while longer at 18Can14, 9th house, and opposing Jupiter 21Cap36, so money for the Iraq Occupation must surely be on the Dems' topic menu along with US economic concerns (of The People--the elite ruling class is doing excellently, thanks.)

Chart-ruler Mars is applying to an inconjunct (or 'quincunx'--165 degrees = adjustment) to Chiron (2A08), a helpful trine to Uranus (2A32), and an opposition to Jupiter (3A20.)

According to Frances Sakoian, the Mars/Jupiter opposition is the soldier of fortune aspect and describes those who are extravagant--especially with other people's money. Ain't that just like a politician?!

Boasting, overestimation of abilities, and crusades which promote personal material interests are part of a Mars/Jupiter opposition, along with aggressive opinionation which can antagonize others. Speculation is not advised when Mars opposes Jupiter, natally or in transit.

An angry Hillary Clinton may be disappointed and disillusioned this evening as Mars makes his final applying aspect, a square to Lady Venus, but Barack Obama may induce "A Large and Disappointed Audience" for the Sun 27Ari22 and orator Mercury 28Ari08 are snugged around this degree's symbol.

Rudhyar: "Great hopes, excited expectations cannot be sustained. The manner in which (the situation) is met determines the individual's future possibilites of development and achievement."

He goes on: "There is a need here to be more than 'possessed by potentialities'...mankind as a whole will be affected...(there should be a) sense of RESPONSIBILITY for what one's actions will produce in people who have been made to expect significant results."

Lowered expectations, America? Do you think the change a new president represents will bring practical improvements? Hope so, but it's difficult for me to agree because America is being turned into a totalitarian police state. Can one mere president--and a black one at that--go against such a high and mighty group agenda?

And yet this evening's 'debate' begins with a lovely Mystic Rectangle ('practical mysticism'--this pattern also relates to the Pope in-the-house tonight) between Moon, Jupiter, Mars, and Uranus.

Another planetary pattern in play tonight is: Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto in a high-flying Kite pattern pointing to the Ascendant and thus to Hillary's natal Sun.

The Kite's 'tail' is Sun conj Mercury which I believe represents Senator Obama and indicates a tendency toward stark realism when blended with Saturn/Pluto. Let's see if Obama gives hints of such by mentioning 'realism' in some way.

Moon (a woman; the public; publicity) is in the sign of health and dedicated service at 18Vir28, in 11th house of Hopes, Wishes, and Group Associations. Rudhyar gives the Sabian Symbol for "19Vir" as:

"A Swimming Race"...keynote: The stimulation that comes from a group effort toward a spiritual goal.

...What is needed is EMULATION, not competition."

Hopefully, the Dems will quit giving the opposition--the Rs--ammunition. We'll see how Hillary and Barack compete tonight--if one assumes that the nom decision--and even the prez decision--aren't already in the bag. It should be an entertaining show at the least.

After all, the 'elites' are all on the same side against the masses--and working for the establishment of their vision of a one world government, so political performances are a necessary part of the charade...for now.

Yep, their vision is our nightmare and we may as well be realistic about it. So let tonight's public relations effort for White House top shill begin!

Mar 7, 2008

Is this the real John McCain?

Has this Navaho deal affected McCain's campaign coffers? Will the cold winds of cynicism blow into his lackluster, Bush-infused presidential bid? Planet Calamari sent SO'W a much-appreciated heads-up on the matter with a link to the orginal article.

This controversy is bigger than the Vicki Eisman flap, but not as sexy by half. What are the odds that mainstream media pay attention?

Years of McCain's bluster about integrity reminds me of the good advice my Mama gave many moons ago: never trust a man who says, Trust Me.

And that surely goes double for the infestors of Washington DC.

~btw: Lim's Limericks has a new political rhyme published as Dumbleheaded Democrats? if you're up for answering.

Oct 10, 2007

Impeach for Wiretapping Americans

This in from

Bush's Wiretaps: Impeachment not Immunity

Two years ago, the NY Times revealed George Bush has been illegally wiretapping our phones and emails for years. Bush publicly admitted signing the authorizations for illegal wiretaps over 30 times.

Bush's warrantless wiretaps are a flagrant violation of the Fourth Amendment. And under the 1978 FISA law, the penalty for each of Bush's illegal wiretaps is up to $10,000 and 5 years in prison. Bush may have wiretapped millions of Americans, so he should not only be impeached, but he should spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Incredibly, "Bush Dog" Democrats led by House Majority Steny Hoyer not only refuse to impeach Bush - they want to immunize Bush and his co-conspirators, the telephone giants, so they never pay a penny or spend a day behind bars for their crimes.

Congress needs to hear from all of us today. Email your Representatives to demand impeachment, not immunity:

People's Mail Network

Oct 4, 2007

Inauguration Jan 20, 2009

Such as it is, here is the chart for Inauguration 2009 using Noon EST, Jan 20, Washington DC. Sometimes the public ceremony begins a minute or two after twelve but it makes no discernible difference. My theory about the secret ceremony they hold is that it probably happens when Sun is conjunct US's Capricornian n Pluto (power.) We have Jupiter 3AQ32 in 10th house along with the Sun (as always--it's noon) and in 2009 we have Mercury 00AQ41 Rx and cazimi the Sun (an ancient term for a very close conjunction thought to strengthen the Sun...cazimi, Arabic for "heart of the Sun") this at the least emphasizes the Sun's degree. This Jupiter will soon conjunct US's natal South Node which makes me wonder if we'll be suffering a president from our past (SN)--in a word, George Bush--esp since Jupiter signifies Republicans--or perhaps one who carries on Bush's globalist policies (which include Bush Sr's and others' NWO policies as well.) My own opinion is that the globalist agenda has gone to far to be given up now--they will do what they must to "win" the US presidency again even though cheating isn't "winning," it's stealing what you don't deserve. And with Jupiter nearer MC than the (Democratic) Saturn, a GOP prez is a distinct possibility (barfy as that is to say...and not that I think a Dem prez would make any difference with the NWO ball rolling along as it is. It's Pluto/Chiron's class warfare, baby.) Now you may prefer using "1AQ" for the Sun and Mercury 00AQ+ degree when it comes to Sabian Symbols but I prefer "30Cap" because it seems to apply to the top CEO of America... "30Cap": "A secret business conference"...OPPORTUNITY... pos: a gift for clever planning and successful administration in every area of life; neg/unconscious/shadow side: rampant selfishness and rank exploitation of others. With the 2009 Mercury Rx at the same degree, I think it's correct to say that this is the operative word picture for our learless feader because the Sun represents the leader of a country in a national chart. And the Moon represents The People (and Publicity)--this one at a 29th critical degree. You do know that critical degrees may not be negative necessarily, but a matter which must be dealt with pronto. "29Sco": "An Indian squaw pleading for the lives of her children"... EFFECTIVENESS... pos: personal accomplishment through an exceptional gift for holding first things first; neg: naive willingness to truckle to others. (Truckling to politicians must cease--taking back America is overdue and more critical than anyone can express! This Moon's Symbol indicates to me our military's overextension and the resultant problems for our families as we play the world's police force.) If you click-to-enlarge the chart you'll see a 9th-house Mars at the New World Order's Uranus/Neptune degree of "18Cap" which is the smug or strong-armed paternalism mess the world is mired in...see NWO here. Uranus/Neptune = Mars: misdirected energy; lack of stamina; instability; impatience; nervousness; feeling of foreboding (midpoints pics: Tyl; Ebertin.) The Prenatal Eclipse Series which the 2009 Inauguration falls into is the 10 South Series--you see it in 4th house conjuncting South Node 9Leo20--and 4th house is the Basis of the matter. This PE at 9Leo 32 is conj Republican Party's n Mercury, George Bush's n Mercury, and the n Mercury of Al Gonzales.) See Adriano Carelli's info on the 8, 9, and 10 Leo area of the zodiac. Brady's Predictive Astrology gives this Series as: breaking out of a very negative situation where no hope can be seen; there's an apparent lack of options but then a worry will suddenly clear; the solution must be taken up without too much delay. The PE occurs Aug 1, 2008. Wonder what they have up their tricky sleeves between August 2008 and the Nov election? 10South's last occurrence: July 22, 1990; "30Can": "A Daughter of the American Revolution" (opposite "30Cap" mentioned above)... INHERITANCE: pos: an infectious pride in leadership through which a group is able to act as a unit; neg: the ultimate betrayal of selfhood by a false assumption of superiority. Inaugural Pluto is unaspected and is liable to run away with the chart and thus the 4-year term (this chart is good for the entire 4 years.) Pluto's position is not so good near the 9th cusp yet in the 8th house, plus there is quite a pile-up with Pluto 1Cap57--asteroids: Toro, Morya, and Eros (I will refer to these later on and link back to this chart when I do), plus three midpoints of note: Sun/Moon = Pluto: biased attitude or changed circumstances lead to critical phases in life; separation from others to start anew; a soul torn by inner conflicts; potential new relationship perspectives. Moon/Mercury = Pluto: persuasion or being persuaded; the force of thought; the necessity to adjust one's thinking to new conditions or circumstances; a reorientation of thinking caused by special events or experiences coupled with destiny (Pluto is a very karmic planet.) Moon/Jupiter = Pluto: an extraordinary and unusual striving for possessions and wealth; desire to start great enterprises; the big picture and the power to make it appear. America's natal Pluto 27Cap33 is conjunct Inaugural MC (Goals; Aspirations; WHY Point) which has been the case since the Inauguration was switched from March to January in the we get: Sun/MC = n Pluto: very strong drive to fulfill objectives; a violent attainment of one's aims; attaining leadership by use of force; realizing extraordinary plans; a tragic destiny (The Sun/MC midpoint = the Goal; Ambition.) Mercury/MC = n Pluto: pursuit of fanatical aims; excessive ambition (well you'd have to have this to be prez, wouldn't you?); a turn in one's career. Now here are the other midpoint pictures which will form for Inauguration 2009: Jupiter/MC = Sun: striving happily for attainment of aims; optimism; a person who makes the best of life's opportunities; illumination of one's life purpose; recognition and success. Jupiter/MC = Mercury: successful plans; lots of ideas; voluble communications; publishing; far-sightedness; large-scale projects or ventures. Saturn/NN = Moon: qualifying for responsibility; appealing to senior persons; standing alone in life; widows or orphans. Mars/Jupiter = MC: making favorable arrangements; love of enterprise; the excitement of being "on top"; opportunity for success. MC also has the oppressive plutocracy midpoint conjunct it--Pluto/Chiron. That curdles my bippy and puts US plutocracy "out there' for the world to see as America's objective...and US citzens may be seeing it without the rosy glasses we've so loved donning in previous years. Actually the rest of the world has deja-vu'd it long seems to have taken Bush Jr.'s miserable tenure to make it excruciatingly obvious here in the US. Jupiter/Pluto = Mars: organizing talent; applying controls to suit one's particular purposes; desire to achieve great things. Uranus/MC = Neptune: suppressed anger, paralyzed will; powerlessness; expecting recognition, withdrawal if frustrated. (Neptune here may be representing spies, jihadists, propagandists, spiritualists or religionists, idealists--anyone Neptunian, including governmental types.) ASC/MC = Uranus: excitable and adventurous people; upsets; a spoiling of one's plans. There are two midpoints focusing upon the NN (the path)... Venus/Pluto = NN: meeting people presents a gamble instead of security; a fascinating personality. Neptune/MC = NN: peculiarities; difficult relationships; sharing bad intentions with others; unpleasant associations. There are no patterns formed--no T-Squares, Grand Trines, etc. It's an hour of Saturn, planet of control, responsibility, and fate. And Moon is in an obsessive-compulsive quindecile aspect (165 degress) with the ASC--the Inauguration itself: Moon QD ASC: unpredictable, moody; need for emotions to be recognized; emotional dependency or emotional convictions prominent. There are more factors to consider but I will continue this grump later on for I have a theory that few people read long posts anyway--so if you made it this far, it's kudos for you from me!