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May 25, 2017

Horoscope: Donald Trump Solar Return 2017

Mr. Trump's Solar Return June 13, 2017 2:39:08 pm edt 9th house Gemini Sun; White House

Hour of Mars; contentious Mars, out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and emotionally touchy when in tribal Cancer, conjoins torturous Hades by degree and rules the 7th house of Partnerships and Open Enemies. War and conflict continue...

Chart-ruler Venus @7Tau27 just barely into 7th house makes no major applying aspect so her sign, house, house rulerships (1st and 8th), and degree are emphasized.

Evaluating Venus in Taurus suggests conservatism, loyalty, love of luxury, and materialistic values and the 8th house is the house of Corporatism, Shared Resources, Credit, Debt, Insurance, Legacies, and such. Death, transformation, and the occult may also be involved.

Significantly, the Solar Return Sun rules the 11th house of Groups and Associations (Leo cusp) so new alliances should form especially with the Leo North Node (encounters) posited there, with Leo the sign of leaders, rulers, and monarchs (weddings, funerals?), and meetings with male personages (possibly involving officers of the law) will occur with transit North Node precisely conjoining Mr. Trump's natal Mars @26Leo (watching transits to this chart during the year will be useful for those who have the time). Plus, speculative ventures and a love of pomp and ceremony will surely be noted through his solar year.

Please enlarge the image to read basic chart notes unmentioned in the following text such as the two Grand Trines, one in Air, one in Fire, representing closed circuits of energy and potentials for laziness and/or protection!

When Old Man Saturn, Lord of Karma, Comes Along

Natal Sun @22Gem55 is in Return 9th house of Philosophy, Higher Education, Foreign Travel, and Legal Affairs. His Sun applies to opposition with restrictive, karmic planet Saturn Rx in 3rd house of Communications which shows Mr. Trump's ongoing troubles and scandals since transit Saturn continues to oppose his natal Sun and North Node (both posited in natal 10th house along with quirky Uranus in Gemini), and conjoin his natal 5th house Moon (22Sag) and South Node (family and/or health issues; separation; lack of popularity). As you know, during this Saturnian phase in his life (which we've discussed in previous posts) Mr. Trump is experiencing increased responsibilities, difficult demands, criticism, and oversight that his enlarged ego does not appreciate. He thought the presidency would be "easier" he said, but taskmaster-lesson-bringer Saturn commands otherwise because unreliability, irresponsibility, superficiality, immaturity, and refusing accountability are completely unacceptable now. Past actions are under a microscope and his typical slipshod, ad lib way of working tends to undermine what must be a more responsible and serious position in the White House.

Wouldn't better organization be helpful?! For cosmic Saturn often brings failure and loss to those who will not heed his instructions for prudence and care and the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse in August (see link below) may tell a disruptive and unpredictable tale for Mr. Trump and, since he's The People's representative, for our nation, especially with judgmental Saturn bringing Trump's executive order/s on immigration under scrutiny and knocking them down (so far). Judges have ruled in ways that limit the power of the presidency in the immigration matter and Mr. Trump's past statements have been used as justification.

Well, perhaps Saturn's Direct Station upon his natal Moon on August 25, 2017 (4 days after The Great American Eclipse which hits Trump's natal Ascendant @29Leo (with rising Regulus) and sizzles his 26Leo Mars will bring at least some of his legal difficulties to conclusion since Saturn @21Sag10 will (seem to) stand still upon his natal Moon on that date--and is within range of his (separative, Saturnian) South Node simultaneously. Of course, this transit may indicate a trial of some sort, an indictment, an impeachment, an important hearing, another legal decision, an event relating to the three 'Russiagate' investigations, or even a divorce or other separation (such as a WH staffer leaving employment).

Will Fortunate Jupiter Step In?

Difficult outcomes for Mr. Trump--unless protective Jupiter, here rising, mitigates Saturnian conditions so that the Trump administration can manage to keep itself intact enough to continue its White House residency. He is, after all, in process of benefiting from a three-fer Jupiter Return, with the third and final conjunction (return to 17Lib27) occurring August 4, 2017, and Jupiter Return horoscopes are 'good for' approximately 12 years. But even his Jupiter Return chart shows Pluto closely squaring natal Jupiter (0A04). However, transit Jupiter's Direct Station is within 2 minutes of this Solar Return Jupiter and occurs on June 9th @13Lib12 under the rays of a Full Moon @18Sag53 (ruled by Jupiter). If feelings of up-down, stop-go energies assail Donald Trump this summer it wouldn't surprise me. Plus...

Transit Pluto Continues His Blockade

Yes, another ongoing karmic condition for Mr. Trump this year is saboteur Pluto Rx @18Cap44 in the Return 4th house (Basis of the Matter; Security; Real Estate; Mining) which continues to square Mr. Trump's buoyant natal Jupiter (Station Direct in natal 2nd house of Money and Values). Of course, Pluto is lord of the Underworld which also relates to the multiple criminal syndicates across the globe, and wealthy, stealthy Pluto is 'the dragon' guarding the riches tucked away in hidden places. (With Mr. Trump I always have the icky feeling that mobsters are hiding just behind the curtain!) Of course, the Deep State (Pluto in Capricorn) and other status quo elements entrenched within the US government are dogging Trump every chance they get and Pluto's association with Publishing identifies the media touting his scandals and alleged scandals 24/7 although Trump and his favorite Neptunian media types are muddying the waters in efforts to rescue him and his presidency while avoiding mention of his glaring incompetency and disdain for rules, traditions, and laws.

Puppet master Pluto square his natal Jupiter may also be playing a role in the blocking of Mr. Trump's legal maneuvers although the sabotage may only be from behind the scenes (as with most sabotage--and leaving behind incriminating fingerprints is a no-no for the win-win crowd of manipulators!)

Now let's consider the double Air Sun Gemini-Moon Aquarius blend of energies in this Solar Return Horoscope since Mr. Trump will have a year of its influence which is quite different from the usual Gemini-Sagittarius influence instilled within him at birth:

Sun Gemini-Moon AQ is a sober yet serious/bright vs light combination. A tendency toward wit and intellect may be noticed as well as an increase in curiosity (much needed!) His natal restlessness and Geminian quest for youth continues but the Aquarian input may help him gain a more in depth understanding of his duties. A search for Truth will continue to be a preoccupation although illusion and deception still swirl around and within him (we mustn't expect too much clarity from his indiscreet Mercury-Neptune square which tends to distort perception, garble words, and inconveniently reveal secrets to the wrong people).

This is a 'reformer' and 'negotiator' combo which should feel quite familiar to him, plus, an increase in reasoning ability may be noted and will hopefully be beneficial to all, thanks to a more detached Aquarian Moon which may resonate more easily with the American people's Aquarian Moon. Actually, a broader view and less subjective viewpoint would be very helpful in his current position as president though this blend's negatives are disturbingly a part of his nature already: talking far too much, allowing his mind to run too fast and neglecting the realities of life, and being disconnected from the painful, darker aspects of himself'. (Paraphrasing the Harvey's Sun Sign-Moon Sign).

Now there are several other important chart factors in Mr. Trump's Solar Return 2017 horoscope, of course, and I trust you to ferret them out at your leisure. But for now I want to close this post with a statement I have made here and elsewhere but which perhaps needs repeating, that:

Although I consider him unqualified and sadly overly flawed to uphold his presidential position, I much prefer that Mr. Trump do well in the role of US president because it means that America does well. And I add here that there are multiple forces, domestic and foreign, determined to undermine his presidency, and these efforts, as a Child of the Revolution, I do not appreciate and certainly do not applaud. Tragically, in effect, it is the US presidency that is being undermined just as it was for 8 years of Mr. Obama. And you know the culprits, the visible ones anyway.

And so I dissent because I care! And if my writing and chart reading seem 'partisan' to you, as some say they are, I completely agree for I am partisan on behalf of the Common Good--and am cheering for a sovereign America to give up the empirical roles of Global Cop and World Conqueror so that the American people may be decently treated by Washington (my former residence) as we should be...a Government Of, By, and For...We The People!


Jude Cowell

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