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Mar 31, 2023

Horoscope: Trump Indicted in Manhattan

A Signal That the Trump Crime Wave Will Finally End?

by Jude Cowell

Meanwhile, today it's being reported that the Trump indictment won't go as folks think it will go and this is born out in the horoscope shown, below, set for March 30, 2023 5:32 pm edt Manhattan, NY, the time that CNN announced that an indictment had been voted by the NY Grand Jury against Donald J. Trump whose natal 10th house Uranus-NN-Sun trio of chaos and ego is atop the chart.

But why? Because the chart's Ascendant and Midheaven ruler, Mercury the Messenger, makes no applying Ptolemaic aspects to other planets in the indictment horoscope. Therefore, the sign, house, degree, and other conditions of Mercury, planet of votes, deliberation, and announcements, become the focus, and can act in similar fashion as a void of course Moon: that no one can interfere with the proceedings now underway, and/or that results will not be as expected. In Aries, Mercury emphasizes the pioneering of a first-ever indictment of a former US president. In 8th house of Shared Resources, Corporatism, Debts, and Death, we may discover more about this once the indictment is unsealed and the charges are revealed.

So please enlarge and/or print the horoscope to read my study notes, if you wish. Pollen allergies have me under the weather this week, so typing all my notes in this post is not feasible. However, do note that Indictment Jupiter @18Aries directly opposes Trump's natal Jupiter at Station which contains a groovy Sabian Symbol, I've always thought: "Two Men Placed Under Arrest" - a reference to Michael Cohen who 'took the fall' for Trump's pay-off to Stormy Daniels?

Now with Jupiter opposing his Jupiter, the orange blighter would be wise not to push too hard since few people are the least bit impressed with him! He says he'll surrender in New York 'next week', which remains to be seen for I'm uncertain that flight can be ruled out, not yet. One thing is certain: we're sure to hear his Libran Jupiter's favorite complaint, "It's not fair!"

Because of his indictment, how predictable that war and violence have been threatened by Trump and his supporters, and yes, such factors can be found in the above chart. I highlight two in particular:

1. That this event is occurring under the influence of the current Solar Eclipse in the 6 South Saros Series (see notes in center of the chart) with its 'being forceful, taking power; huge effort in group activities' themes - B. Brady) occurring on October 25, 2022 @2Scorpio and here opposed by the transiting Mars-Saturn midpoint @2Taurus, the 'death axis' duo according to Reinhold Ebertin. In August 1932, a 6 South Eclipse manifested as the 'Nazis Rise to Power' Eclipse @8Vir09, discussed previously in multiple SO'W posts. So if ending the rise of Nazis and fascists in America has now begun, you know that I'm all for it. In fact, my uncles who fought Nazis in WWII would be proud of what may be the first of many indictments!

Yet we must face the fact that the rounded-up degree of the North Node (5Taurus) = "A Widow at an Open Grave." A negative word picture, of course, yet Dane Ruhyar adds that people are ready to, Discard the Past rather than using a violent connotation. Meanwhile, I'm still wondering if Ivana Trump's gravesite at Bedminster Golf Course shouldn't be inspected for buried evidence.

2. A dynamic T-Square is present, as you see, with the Moon-Pluto opposition at its base pointing toward the North Node ('NN") of destiny and denoting the removal or elimination of toxins from the system, plus, upsets and upheavals within the community. Additionally, the Moon-Pluto combination indicates criminal elements, and those are the elements and people I fervently hope will be removed from our societal and political systems no matter how many years it may take.

And if we need a further identity check from the horocope: Moon @30Cancer = "A Daughter of the American Revolution" which might describe such malcontent magas as Boebert and Greene with their seditious dreams of revolution and civil war in the streets, but it definitely describes yours truly who insists on retaining American democracy and supporting the continuance of America's Perpetual Union.

Dec 19, 2018

The Long Shadow of Neptune in Pisces

On December 17, 2018, former FBI director James Comey delivered bracing remarks concerning the failure of Republicans to stand up and speak the truth, and their role in the undermining of the rule of law in this country by supporting Donald Trump with nary a murmur of dissent. Undermining Neptune at work!

Following this came former Republican congressman David Jolly's recent comments to Brian Williams on his The 11th Hour program who stated that, "History's going to cast a long shadow over Republicans..." for their weakness and lack of upstanding behavior during this time of American crisis. So here again is the horoscope of the fifth of five Returns of Neptune to its shady position (14Pis01) in the 1854 founding chart of the Republican Party, details following:

GOP Neptune Return #5 December 29, 2018 5:45:09 am cst Ripon, WI; Neptune returns for the fifth and final time to the exact position it held on March 20, 1854. In Ripon the MC = 5Lib49 conjunct the natal Neptune of Donald Trump, his natal Chiron, then natal Jupiter Stationary @18Libra; rising in Ripon is 13Sag24. Here's another view of the GOP's Ripon Neptune Return Horoscope with chart details.

However, as an update, please note that the following details concern this chart relocated to Washington DC and is composed with the advantage of hindsight from my original post: Hour of the Moon (changes, fluctuations, publicity) which leads a Locomotive shape of planets (ruthless determination toward success) from the 9th house (Philosophy; Legal Matters; Foreign Lands). Is this leading Moon the America public? Or is this Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi? Or even Trump with his lunar issues? Perhaps all three? Surely it doesn't denote Putin and his undermining minions!

Whatever the lunar case, the natal Moon-South-Node conjunction of Donald Trump rises (21--23Sag) with his quirky, chaos-loving Uranus-North-Node-Sun trio setting; ASC 26Sag58 makes Jupiter chart-ruler and Jupiter @11Sag14 in DC (conjunct US natal ASC 12Sag) is in the 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Self-Undoing. Chart-ruler Jupiter applies only once--to a square with the GOP's Neptune which is posited in the 2nd house of Values yet conjoins the 3rd cusp of Communications (14Pis12) in the Placidus House System. Republicans expressing Jupiter-square-Neptune values are they?

Well, a Jupiter-Neptune square (ruler and sub-ruler of secretive Pisces) identifies the current delusions, illusions, pretense, deceptions, inflation, speculation, schemes, disguises, sabotage, propaganda, and fraud ongoing from and by the Republican Party and its under-fire leader, Trump. The square also points to the disappointment and losses of society via the GOP-Trump-Putin campaign to undermine the US government. My feeling is that whatever happens to Donald Trump resulting from his legal troubles, saboteur Putin has 'won' in his take-down of America--and mitigating the damage is what most American must hope for along with the rebuilding of our institutions which must occur once the dust settles. Best outcome from this saga is that America will emerge stronger than before! Of course, undermining of structures is an effect of the current Solar Eclipse, 'The Tower Eclipse' @18Leo41, which perfected on August 11, 2018 with themes of collapse and rebuild (Brady).

We also see the eclipse's influence via yesterday's court ruling against the Trump 'charity' Foundation now collapsing under the weight of its own illegal funny business as the judge ordered it to dissolve a la Neptune and distribute its remaining funds to actual charities. As you know, the gentle side of Neptune approves of and promotes compassion but in Trump's case, the enforced kind must suffice.

Now as you know, this first-ever Neptune Return of the Republican Party has been ongoing since 2017 but the horoscope above shows Neptune's last exact conjunction, as noted, which repeats its natal aspects of 1854 and reflects the planet's fraudulent, undermining, disappointing qualities affecting society and which now "cast a long shadow" over the Party of Trump, as Mr. Jolly says of history. ('Jolly' suggests a Jupiterian figure!)

And the Sabian Symbol for the GOP's natal Neptune in shady Pisces, now activated under a bright spotlight? "A Lady in Fox Fur"...'negative expression: "amoral opportunism"' (Jones), a trait which Donald Trump, operating from the Oval Office, now shows he shares with Republican Party members on Capitol Hill. Yes, Neptune's mask has slipped! But will we hear about it on Fox 'News'? Lately it seems that's a 'maybe'.

Oh and btw: in DC Trump's natal Jupiter conjoins the Midheaven (18Libra) (the most visible point in a chart) which denotes their shared value of pursuing financial and political gains above all else. And there's the natal Jupiter of Nancy Pelosi (18Aries) at the IC, The Basis, of the chart just in time for her gaveling-in on January 3, 2019 as she and Trump face off on Jupiterian issues such as budgets, deficits, and border wall building.

Related: Trump's natal horoscope with Pelosi's planets penned around--her Mars conjunct his Midheaven and furious Algol!

Also see the horoscope of 'The Tower Eclipse' with Pluto Unaspected (as is the natal Pluto of Donald Trump, a man 'overshadowed by shadows').

Nov 9, 2018

Astro-Notes on acting AG Matthew Whitaker circa 2006

The Wikipedia page of Trump's newly named acting AG Matthew Whitaker (politician) gives his birth date as October 29, 1969, Ankeny, Iowa so let's take a peek at the planets on that day to suss him out a bit for it seems we'll be stuck with him. His Sun is in Scorpio but naturally only a range of degrees for his natal Moon can be ascertained without an accurate birth hour. His Luna position during the 24 hours of his birth day varies from 21Gem16 to 3Can24 thus creating two potential Sun-Moon personality blends. Brief details of both are listed, below, and are taken from the Harveys' Sun Sign-Moon Sign:

Plus, details concerning Mr. Whitaker's Prenatal Solar Eclipse Saros Series ('PE') follow along with a few of the transiting planets for November 7, 2018 which link to Whitaker's natal planets on that day (with the DOJ's chain of command ignored by Trump = unconstitutional).

An ethereal, misty Water-Air Sun Scorpio-Moon Gemini denotes a passionate yet detached fellow gifted with the psychological understanding of a counselor and therapist. Endlessly curious and insightful about human emotions, Whitaker can be volatile, restless, satirizing, voyeuristic and tends to engage in off-again on-again involvements. One Image for Integration stands out: "Trivial Pursuits goes macabre."

A Sun Scorpio-Moon Gemini blend also pertains to Fyodor Dostoyevsky who informed us that, "If the devil doesn't exist, but man has created him, he has created him in his own likeness."

A sentimental, emotional double Water blend of Sun Scorpio-Moon Cancer suggests the 'mailed fist in a velvet glove' sort of person who is very perceptive, clannish, shrewd, and charismatic with a strong sense of duty. This is a tough-and-tender combo of energies which can suddenly morph into exterminator mode and can "feel where things are at," then take actions to restore harmony. He allows subjective hunches to replace objective reasoning and can sink into self pity via an egocentric sensitivity (which sounds like Donald Trump).

Even this blend's Image for Integration sounds Trumpian whose natal Mercury (thought processes; communications) in Cancer tends to be clannish and shrewd as well: "A mother eagle defends her babies with immense courage." How amusing in view of the fact that Mr. Trump feels a need to declare that he's "not a baby"! So as you can tell, I'm leaning toward a secretive Cancer Moon for Mr. Whitaker to 'go with' Trump's clannish, shrewd natal Mercury in Cancer although a Gemini Moon would resonate well with Trump's natal Uranus-NN-Sun trio.

Now two quotes from a couple of famous Sun Scorpio-Moon Cancer natives:

"There is a homely adage which runs, 'speak softly and carry a big stick, you will go far'." - Theodore Roosevelt; and amusingly, "So live that you would not be ashamed to sell the family parrot to the town gossip." - Will Rogers.

So as you know, Matt Whitaker was named acting AG on November 7, 2018 beneath the darkened rays of a New Moon @15Sco11 (when shady activities can flourish). In no particular order, transits to his natal planets (sans natal Moon) include:

Mars trine natal Mercury (25Libra): thoughts can be turned into action, mentality is energized, good news and/or good fortune arrive/s, lots of meetings are held, and business ventures are favored.

Venus Rx conjunct natal Mercury (26Libra): agreeable meetings and communications with allies involved in joint endeavors.

Authoritative planet of karma Saturn sextile natal Sun (6Scorpio): an opportunity is provided via a more mature or senior authority figure to demonstrate leadership ability--a chance to 'get ahead' is offered.

Saturn trine natal Saturn (5Taurus Rx): making plans, lifestyle changes are stabilized.

Saturn square natal Uranus (6Libra): great tension, challenges, and upsets.

Pluto sextile natal North Node (20Pisces) - both planet and point are karmic: destiny beckons, reaping the benefits of past actions (he's written and given his opinion on legal matters in Trump's favor multiple times), and...powerful events change the future.

A 7 South Prenatal Solar Eclipse

As for Matthew Whitaker's PE, it manifested prior to his birth on September 11, 1969 @18Vir53 in the 7 South Saros Series with themes of: 'force, anger, and power' via the 'Mars-Pluto energies contained in 7 South's initial eclipse' of June 22, 1248 OS @8Can03--conjunct Trump's natal Mercury @8:51!); 'huge obstacles will suddenly, easily clear, or, negatively, a pending potential crisis will manifest with a sense that everything is moving at great speed' (Brady's Predictive Astrology). A 7 South eclipse last manifested on October 3, 2005 @10Libra (between Whitaker's natal Venus @15Libra and Uranus @6Libra) and will next perfect on October 14, 2023 @21Libra 'eclipsing' his natal Jupiter (20Lib41) and occurring near the natal Jupiter (17Libra) of Donald Trump.

So as it turns out, both men are charter members of the "it's not fair!" club of Jupiter in Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice. A cozy connection, perhaps, but there are a few other planetary links not so cozy between their natal planets which I may discuss in a future post if Mr. Whitaker manages to hang on to his new exalted position in the Department of Justice.

Nov 11, 2017

DC Horoscope: Scorpio New Moon Nov 18, 2017

Here you see the Scorpio New Moon Horoscope of November 18, 2017 set for the White House. At 26Sco19, the New Moon rises and its ruler and co-ruler, Mars and Pluto, are also the ruler and co-ruler of the chart itself.

Fretfully, chart-ruler Mars applies to only one planet: co-ruler Pluto (0A37) suggesting distinct possibilities for destructive anger, power struggles, and revenge to manifest along with a potential for violence. This is an extremely karmic aspect hinting that past actions now bring obstacles and blockages (square) to current endeavors and it's easy to associate this with Mr. Trump's current political and familial predicaments and worries. And yet he may be feeling quite expansive and optimistic about now with transit Mars conjoining his natal 2nd house Jupiter (17Lib27) which is strong and Station Direct in his natal chart.

Still, this New Moon perfects during an Hour of the Moon (fluctuations, changes) and with Mercury in 1st house @17Sag25 and out-of-bounds, secret communications are occurring since Mercury is off on its own thinking and saying who-knows-what to whomever while ruling the Midheaven (Public Status; Career) of this chart. Curiously, the Mercurial MC-IC axis points toward America's Secondary Progressed (SP) Full Moon of December 2008 (4Vir10/4Pis10), a cosmic timing device that should have shown Washington DC that as a nation we had expanded into the world as far as we could safely reach--any more and we're overextended, a fact that many of us have been feeling in our bones ever since or before. It seems starkly obvious that military costs are sinking the US ship of state, as you may or may not agree.

Now in 9th house is this New Moon's Prenatal Eclipse (PE), The Great American Eclipse @28Leo52, the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 that 'split' our nation into North and South halves and I continue to think that the primary theme of that manifestation of a 1 North eclipse is: information is distorted and possibly false (Brady). We now remain under its influence. Of course, when it comes to Politics and politicians (and the financiers they swear allegiance to) we should always keep that advisory in mind.

New Moon '27Scorpio': "A Military Band on the March"...keynote: POMP (Rudhyar). To this degree Adriano Carelli adds no word picture but he says that "political skill" can "sheer off" into "double-dealing." And here I was thinking that that was always a given in Politics!

So we plant seeds of our intentions at the New Moon and they blossom at the next Full Moon which will perfect on December 3, 2017 @11Gem40 with Gemini ruler Mercury Rx at a critical 29th degree of Sagittarius. This Full Moon will conjoin the Descendant (Partnerships and Alliances) in the July 4, 1776 late afternoon natal chart hinting at a culmination of some kind in the realms of US relationships. Yet we must avoid spreading ourselves too thin under the sway of the December Full Moon although the temptation to do so will be strong.

Now here are the two 'Images for Integration' for the Sun Scorpio-Moon Scorpio blend of double-Water energies in force at the November 18th New Moon:

A pile of manure slowly permeates the deeper soil as the November rains soak the still, dark garden...A millionaire businessman establishes a foundation for medical research." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Image: self-portrait after writing this post.

Nov 6, 2017

Jupiter in Virgo and The Ethics of Robert Mueller

In the Realms of Jupiter

Here is how a recent post concerning the natal Jupiter of Donald Trump began with an explanation of Jupiterian personalities such as Mr.Trump whose Libran Jupiter is quick to call out, "it's not fair!":

"We no longer live in religious times, but the human need for the numinous, for something greater, more perfect and more powerful than ourselves has not disappeared. It has, however, taken a perverse turn. Instead of aspiring to the Infinite, we make gods out of mortals. We create 'super-stars' of athletes and artisans. We inflate, glamorize and worship actors, sports people, and musicians. We exalt them in other words. This phenomenon of elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary is a quality of Jupiter and Sagittarius (not so much Pisces). It emerges at the behavorial level in two basic ways:

1. The mantle of hero or king seems to fall most easily on those strong in Jupiter or Sagittarius.

2. Equally, the Sagittarian-Jupiter type can have a more than average tendency to idolize and hero worship. - Paul Wright.

As you know, Robert Mueller enjoys a longstanding reputation for integrity and independence. Therefore, let's consider the moral and ethical implications of astrological Jupiter (a boundary-crossing freedom lover) and its sign in his natal chart. Mr. Mueller's natal Jupiter @2Virgo38 sextiles his natal Saturn (@5Can59--conjunct US natal Jupiter). With no accurate birth time for former FBI director Mueller I'm looking at a noon horoscope for August 7, 1944 NYC.

The Totem Animal of Pallas (aka, Minerva): The Wise Old Owl

But first here's an assessment by millennial astrologer Kevin Estes who analyzed Mr. Mueller's ethics via his natal Pallas (@27Cancer--in Cancer = a protector of home and family) which conjoins natal North Node, a point of public contact, publicity, and future direction:

"Libertarian - Pallas conjunct NN, ruler of Pallas Moon trine NN;

Authoritarian - nothing. This suggests very strong ethics which isn't a surprise considering his actions and how he's handling the attempts to discredit him by the right." Thanks Kevin!

This supports Mueller's placement of Jupiter in Mercury-ruled Virgo which denotes a man with an expanded ability to discriminate and an innate understanding of the appropriate use of such discrimination. Attention to minute detail and organizational ability are talents and in a practical Earth sign, Jupiter tends to take on responsibilities and possess a large quantity of physical energy. Steadiness, reliability and pragmatism are in evidence. Why a Virgoan Jupiter alone grants its holder ethical and moral values!

And when Jupiter sextiles Saturn (the two societal planets relating to balance, and in government, to 'checks and balances') we find a man for whom self-improvement and accomplishment are lifelong pursuits. This sextile suggests a modest and conservative fellow who prefers traditional philosophies and who solves problems with a pragmatic approach.

Slow and steady development (as political pundits have credited him with during the Russia-Gate investigation) is his modus operandi with Jupiter in Virgo yet he seeks recognition and at times may fail to recognize his own limitations. Therefore, proper guidelines must be followed because over extension often leads to failure and, in addition, budgets must be carefully managed by this magnetic, intense loner (Sun conjunct Pluto in royal Leo).

For more astro-notes on Special Counsel Robert Mueller you may wish to see The Prenatal Eclipse of Robert Mueller or a brief post on the current transits to his natal planets (natal horoscope shown sans birth time).

Recommended reading: Stephen Arroyo's Exploring Jupiter: Progress, Prosperity, and Potential (now available on Kindle!)

Above image: Owl of Minerva, a botanical drawing set in a mystical glen by yours truly.

Jul 24, 2017

In the Realms of Jupiter: Jared Kushner

On the day that son-in-law-in-chief Jared Kushner was born, January 10, 1981, expansive Jupiter @10Lib04 conjoined restrictive Saturn (9Lib43). His Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (0A20 at noon) is a strong indicator in a natal horoscope but of what? Without an accurate birth time our Jupiter profile must be somewhat out of focus but let's proceed since, as I type, Mr. Kushner is behind closed doors having a chat with politicians whose integrity, I say sorrowfully, is not a given in most cases. Witch hunt, Whitewash, all around the town!

For brief details on why we're looking at astrological Jupiter in relation to Washington DC's current crop of infesting creatures see this.

And here's a video of Jared Kushner delivering a quite brief statement after today's testimony.

Now it is my surmise that a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction denotes the need to temper whatever traits and inclinations natal Jupiter may have in its sign--here, Jupiter relates to others through Venus-ruled Libra, the sign of Justice ("that's not fair!"--same sign as Mr. Trump's natal Jupiter), diplomacy, relationships, values, perspectives, art, good looks, and elegance. And one interesting factor of interest is that Kushner's chart is shaped like a BOWL with the planets following Saturn who tips said BOWL. However, without a birth time we cannot discern the hemispheric focus (he's somehow lacking in the signs opposite the BOWL) but perhaps the BOWL tips toward Career and Public Status unless what appears to be a very private individual (who speaks rarely in public--shy? or sly?) is more about home and family than career ambitions. Hmm.

As for Kushner's natal Jupiter, via conjunction it takes part in the leadership function or tipping of the BOWL and considering how close the conjunction, I would have to credit Jupiter as a focus here, leading the rest along with cautious Saturn although Saturn is slightly dominant. Advocacy of a cause or having a mission to fulfill are suggested, and "his orientation to the world arises from division." (Jones, The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation). Well, that echoes his Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Libra so it seems his relationships are affected on a deep level by this restriction-vs-expansion team of planets.

Jared Kushner's serious minded Jupiter-Saturn conjunction (one of two aspects of Jupiter to other planets and there's than a nice sextile to North Node) indicates a retentive memory (not a talent he's touting today!), fortitude and stamina, and a need to assert himself in the world (opening his mouth and sharing is a good start). A reader of informative books, Kushner is actually quite good at helping others solve their problems thanks to Jupiter-Saturn allowing him a measure of hope blended with realism.

This is supported by the themes of his Prenatal Solar Eclipse series, the 19 North with its vibes of realism, tackling the truth, and seeing old situations for what they really are. You remember that a 19 North Solar Eclipse last and very recently manifested @9Virgo on September 1, 2016 and is, in fact, the PE of Election 2016 and Inauguration 2017. Inconveniently, transit Neptune directly opposed the eclipse degree adding elements of fakery, corruption, fanaticism, bait-and-switch methods, paranoia, deceitful political spin, propaganda, and scandals to the realism so badly needed in our society. Do you think that this strong 19N eclipse influence remains in effect with the Trump administration's ongoing Russia Gate scandal/s? Then I agree with you.

The second aspect to Kushner's natal Jupiter is a trine from energetic Mars @8AQ28 (1A36, at noon) which suggests expanded ambitions, idealism, a liking for travel, and the possibility of a positive home life. This is a 'lucky' aspect and may provide its owner with success gained with only a minimum of effort. Of course, due to his blended Jupiter-Saturn duo, Mars also trines Saturn which suggests that he does not intend to waste his time (as he said about the June 2016 meeting with Trump Jr and the Russians--he left the meeting once he realized it was a waste of his time--no dirt on Hillary). With the Mars-Saturn trine, efficiently directing all energies toward productive enterprises is all important in similar fashion to Mars exalted in Saturn-ruled Capricorn.

With a Mars-Saturn trine (and natal Saturn direct), we see that Mr. Kushner has no trouble getting along with senior people in charge, and his judgment is valued by those who rely on him for advice and encouragement. Now that surely must be a description of his in-legal-jeopardy father-in-law and it will be interesting to see results from Jared Kushner's testimony today and how much side-scuttling he must do in order to protect Donald Trump and his White House misadventure that they all must careen through for Trump's sake while everything is at America's expense.

Curiously, Jared Kushner shares the Sun Capricorn-Moon Pisces blend of conscious-unconscious energies with The First American, Benjamin Franklin, who so aptly for today's Kushner post observed that,

"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that's the stuff life is made of."


Note that another description of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction can be codified religion (Jupiter) meets orthodox Jewish religion (Saturn).

Jul 20, 2017

Donald Trump: In the Realms of Jupiter

"We no longer live in religious times, but the human need for the numinous, for something greater, more perfect and more powerful than ourselves has not disappeared. It has, however, taken a perverse turn. Instead of aspiring to the Infinite, we make gods out of mortals. We create 'super-stars' of athletes and artisans. We inflate, glamorise and worship actors, sports people, and musicians. We exalt them in other words. This phenomenon of elevating the ordinary to the extraordinary is a quality of Jupiter and Sagittarius (not so much Pisces). It emerges at the behavorial level in two basic ways:

1. The mantle of hero or king seems to fall most easily on those strong in Jupiter or Sagittarius.

2. Equally, the Sagittarian-Jupiter type can have a more than average tendency to idolize and hero worship. - Paul Wright.

Naturally, you recognize the huge, great again Mr. Trump in the words above--he does, after all, have "the best words", as you know, so why wouldn't he favor his own Jupiterianess? Interesting that the word 'king' comes up since Mr. Trump was born with royal star Regulus, the king or the kingmaker rising! As for number 2, Trump does seem to idolize Mr. Putin and other strong-armed dictators, both dead and living, so perhaps for his own inner monologue he is able to project his own Jupiterian leadership and love of success onto others whom he deems worthy.

Now astrological Jupiter can represent many concepts and play many roles in horoscopes. In Natal Astrology, the sign of Jupiter describes how the person relates to others and its aspects to other planets and points (chart angles, Moon's nodes) add information to the picture for input from other planets modifies the natal Jupiter somewhat and/or has its own energy and function expanded by Jupiter, planet of increase and generosity.

Of course, a few of life's realms that involve Jupiter include: codified religion, philosophy, ideology, idealism, banking, corporate culture, broadcasting, legalities, theater, and Politics and can signify a particular politician as an actor in a horoscope set up to study an issue, event, or personality. Needless to say, both the condition and position of natal Jupiter are worthy of study when considering personalities such as those now 'on duty' at the White House. So I'm starting a series of SO'W articles to investigate the natal Jupiters of certain political operatives: In the Realms of Jupiter. Hopefully such information may prove useful or somewhat interesting to either of you now reading these words!

Most of the natal horoscopes I'm using are set for 'noon' since birth times are unknown. Some charts are accurately timed (RR:AA from BC/BR) as with Trump but most are not. However, the positions and conditions of their Jupiters do not fully depend upon a correctly timed horoscope. Naturally, I have taken care with the fast moving Moon, am not using angles or cusps (which depend on birth times), and any mention of houses are only for those few with accurately timed horoscopes. Several Trump administration denizens are in my notes for this upcoming series of articles and hopefully their Astro-Portraits can be glopped together a little into a BOGO, we could say, except that no money changes hands.

Note: 'S' = separating or waning aspects and indicates that they and the energies of those planets in a particular aspect are unconscious to the native though naturally studying one's natal horoscope can mitigate this by increasing self-knowledge. 'A' = applying or waxing; there are other reasons to use waxing and waning aspects such as for timing purposes but that is beyond the scope of this post.

Donald J. Trump: Jupiter in Airy Libra

Donald Trump June 14, 1946 Jupiter @17Lib27 Station Direct in 2nd house of Earning Ability, Values, and Possessions; a trio of Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter denotes a speculator, gambler, a big dreamer with inflated fantasies, and possessing a blind spot and/or a deep wound. Jupiter is curious to learn and strong at Direct Station and knows no bounds or limits which is born out in his personality and by his actions (ex: when he disregards the personal space of others). Mr. Trump relates to other people as Venus-ruled Libra would do and Libra is the sign of the Scales of Justice, diplomacy, beauty, and relationships. He certainly has given the Scales of Justice a workout in his lifetime, his self-touted negotiating ability is legendary if disputed, and relationships (three marriages+) are important to him especially if loyalty is part of the picture (otherwise, not!) His self-esteem depends on feedback from others (ex: approval ratings); this natal Jupiter bolsters natal Sun (ego; adult self--here, Gemini the Child) via a beneficial trine aspect, as noted, below, yet his very noticeable habit of over-promising has been remarked upon 'ere this. Jupiter again especially with those confusing, imaginative Neptune frequencies added. Subliminal!

Plus, you've probably heard Mr. Trump's Libran Jupiter broadcast, "that's not fair!," and, his ownership of and involvement with beauty pageants is well documented through the years (along with the backstage dressing rooms he just walks into without warning...he's a bounder, a la natal Jupiter at Direct Station and eager to sail ahead in a spirit of exploration and discovery of 'new vistas') That he's stealing a peek and crossing a line doesn't occur to him since Jupiter in Libra likes beautiful ladies--and no one can dissuade him from his roguish behavior.

Natal Jupiter 2nd house: Material Security; Jupiter in Air: Intellectual Work Is Exhausting

Mr. Trump's Jupiter aspects: a lucky Sun-Jupiter trine (5S28), similar to his being a Sagitarian--well, his natal Moon is in Sag giving him pleasant Moon-Jupiter vibes yet there are Mother issues with his detached or even icy Moon-South Node conjunction; Jupiter conjunct Neptune (S by 12-degrees) shows him carelessly trusting those who don't deserve it and questioning everyone's motives in relating to him--Neptune adds potential elements of fraud, corruption, delusion, pretense, and disappointment to the picture; Trump tends to scan over things superficially, probably in self-defense (no, I'm not certain he can read either); Jupiter trine Uranus (0S26) lucky again! don't fence him in because lots of travel is suggested (business interests abroad) and there's a mental alertness to every opportunity; this trine can help his Geminian facets to make troubles disappear!

Jupiter conjunct Chiron (2S32)--the ebullient and unfailing optimist (Nolle); Jupiter trine North Node (3S21; NN = public contact) provides him with opportunities to broadcast to the public...nowadays, to the world; he 'goes with the flow' of popular trends by constantly sussing out the public mood, and lives through people's reactions to him.

Carelli's Degrees: '17Libra' = "A sweetly chirping starling" (on Twitter, no doubt!)

And last but not least in tonight's Astro-Portrait of the Jupiterian Mr. Trump is the happenstance that the newly minted politician is now in process of enjoying a Jupiter Return (or, Reward Cycle, of about 11.6 years' duration) which is proving to be a three-fer affair this time around as transit Jupiter again reaches 17Lib27--in his natal 2nd house. Jupiter Return Dates: December 4, 2016; April 13, 2017 Rx; August 4, 2017 with a massive Jupiter-Pluto square in force again causing him much frustration when those with more power and control attempt to squelch his endeavors if he takes himself too seriously or exaggerates his own importance (a default description of Donald Trump when blabbing away about himself and insulting or belittling others).

This return positioning of Jupiter as on June 14, 1946 symbolically repeats the aspects of natal Jupiter to his Sun, Uranus, Neptune, Chiron, and NN as listed above and provides his nibs with opportunities to improve or correct his handling of Jupiterian issues (from about 12 years ago, 24, 36, 48, etc) so that karmic progress may result In the Realms of Jupiter.


You are cordially invited to return to SO'W for the next installment coming soon: Steve Bannon: In the Realms of Jupiter...and thanks again for all your Shares, you know they keep me typing! jc

Edit July 20, 2017: due to the uncertain nature of Jeff Sessions' tenure as Mr. Trump's Attorney General, AG Sessions has had his Jupiter profile published second rather than Mr. Bannon whose Jupiter profile is top of my list. Stay tuned!

Update July 24,2017: In the Realms of Jupiter: Jared Kushner.


Please note that the above quote by Paul Wright may be found in Stephen Arroyo's book Exploring Jupiter: Progress, Prosperity & Potential; I am not certain that those particular words were ever in print otherwise. jc

Image: Jupiter; NASA; public domain

May 25, 2017

Horoscope: Donald Trump Solar Return 2017

Mr. Trump's Solar Return June 13, 2017 2:39:08 pm edt 9th house Gemini Sun; White House

Hour of Mars; contentious Mars, out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and emotionally touchy when in tribal Cancer, conjoins torturous Hades by degree and rules the 7th house of Partnerships and Open Enemies. War and conflict continue...

Chart-ruler Venus @7Tau27 just barely into 7th house makes no major applying aspect so her sign, house, house rulerships (1st and 8th), and degree are emphasized.

Evaluating Venus in Taurus suggests conservatism, loyalty, love of luxury, and materialistic values and the 8th house is the house of Corporatism, Shared Resources, Credit, Debt, Insurance, Legacies, and such. Death, transformation, and the occult may also be involved.

Significantly, the Solar Return Sun rules the 11th house of Groups and Associations (Leo cusp) so new alliances should form especially with the Leo North Node (encounters) posited there, with Leo the sign of leaders, rulers, and monarchs (weddings, funerals?), and meetings with male personages (possibly involving officers of the law) will occur with transit North Node precisely conjoining Mr. Trump's natal Mars @26Leo (watching transits to this chart during the year will be useful for those who have the time). Plus, speculative ventures and a love of pomp and ceremony will surely be noted through his solar year.

Please enlarge the image to read basic chart notes unmentioned in the following text such as the two Grand Trines, one in Air, one in Fire, representing closed circuits of energy and potentials for laziness and/or protection!

When Old Man Saturn, Lord of Karma, Comes Along

Natal Sun @22Gem55 is in Return 9th house of Philosophy, Higher Education, Foreign Travel, and Legal Affairs. His Sun applies to opposition with restrictive, karmic planet Saturn Rx in 3rd house of Communications which shows Mr. Trump's ongoing troubles and scandals since transit Saturn continues to oppose his natal Sun and North Node (both posited in natal 10th house along with quirky Uranus in Gemini), and conjoin his natal 5th house Moon (22Sag) and South Node (family and/or health issues; separation; lack of popularity). As you know, during this Saturnian phase in his life (which we've discussed in previous posts) Mr. Trump is experiencing increased responsibilities, difficult demands, criticism, and oversight that his enlarged ego does not appreciate. He thought the presidency would be "easier" he said, but taskmaster-lesson-bringer Saturn commands otherwise because unreliability, irresponsibility, superficiality, immaturity, and refusing accountability are completely unacceptable now. Past actions are under a microscope and his typical slipshod, ad lib way of working tends to undermine what must be a more responsible and serious position in the White House.

Wouldn't better organization be helpful?! For cosmic Saturn often brings failure and loss to those who will not heed his instructions for prudence and care and the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse in August (see link below) may tell a disruptive and unpredictable tale for Mr. Trump and, since he's The People's representative, for our nation, especially with judgmental Saturn bringing Trump's executive order/s on immigration under scrutiny and knocking them down (so far). Judges have ruled in ways that limit the power of the presidency in the immigration matter and Mr. Trump's past statements have been used as justification.

Well, perhaps Saturn's Direct Station upon his natal Moon on August 25, 2017 (4 days after The Great American Eclipse which hits Trump's natal Ascendant @29Leo (with rising Regulus) and sizzles his 26Leo Mars will bring at least some of his legal difficulties to conclusion since Saturn @21Sag10 will (seem to) stand still upon his natal Moon on that date--and is within range of his (separative, Saturnian) South Node simultaneously. Of course, this transit may indicate a trial of some sort, an indictment, an impeachment, an important hearing, another legal decision, an event relating to the three 'Russiagate' investigations, or even a divorce or other separation (such as a WH staffer leaving employment).

Will Fortunate Jupiter Step In?

Difficult outcomes for Mr. Trump--unless protective Jupiter, here rising, mitigates Saturnian conditions so that the Trump administration can manage to keep itself intact enough to continue its White House residency. He is, after all, in process of benefiting from a three-fer Jupiter Return, with the third and final conjunction (return to 17Lib27) occurring August 4, 2017, and Jupiter Return horoscopes are 'good for' approximately 12 years. But even his Jupiter Return chart shows Pluto closely squaring natal Jupiter (0A04). However, transit Jupiter's Direct Station is within 2 minutes of this Solar Return Jupiter and occurs on June 9th @13Lib12 under the rays of a Full Moon @18Sag53 (ruled by Jupiter). If feelings of up-down, stop-go energies assail Donald Trump this summer it wouldn't surprise me. Plus...

Transit Pluto Continues His Blockade

Yes, another ongoing karmic condition for Mr. Trump this year is saboteur Pluto Rx @18Cap44 in the Return 4th house (Basis of the Matter; Security; Real Estate; Mining) which continues to square Mr. Trump's buoyant natal Jupiter (Station Direct in natal 2nd house of Money and Values). Of course, Pluto is lord of the Underworld which also relates to the multiple criminal syndicates across the globe, and wealthy, stealthy Pluto is 'the dragon' guarding the riches tucked away in hidden places. (With Mr. Trump I always have the icky feeling that mobsters are hiding just behind the curtain!) Of course, the Deep State (Pluto in Capricorn) and other status quo elements entrenched within the US government are dogging Trump every chance they get and Pluto's association with Publishing identifies the media touting his scandals and alleged scandals 24/7 although Trump and his favorite Neptunian media types are muddying the waters in efforts to rescue him and his presidency while avoiding mention of his glaring incompetency and disdain for rules, traditions, and laws.

Puppet master Pluto square his natal Jupiter may also be playing a role in the blocking of Mr. Trump's legal maneuvers although the sabotage may only be from behind the scenes (as with most sabotage--and leaving behind incriminating fingerprints is a no-no for the win-win crowd of manipulators!)

Now let's consider the double Air Sun Gemini-Moon Aquarius blend of energies in this Solar Return Horoscope since Mr. Trump will have a year of its influence which is quite different from the usual Gemini-Sagittarius influence instilled within him at birth:

Sun Gemini-Moon AQ is a sober yet serious/bright vs light combination. A tendency toward wit and intellect may be noticed as well as an increase in curiosity (much needed!) His natal restlessness and Geminian quest for youth continues but the Aquarian input may help him gain a more in depth understanding of his duties. A search for Truth will continue to be a preoccupation although illusion and deception still swirl around and within him (we mustn't expect too much clarity from his indiscreet Mercury-Neptune square which tends to distort perception, garble words, and inconveniently reveal secrets to the wrong people).

This is a 'reformer' and 'negotiator' combo which should feel quite familiar to him, plus, an increase in reasoning ability may be noted and will hopefully be beneficial to all, thanks to a more detached Aquarian Moon which may resonate more easily with the American people's Aquarian Moon. Actually, a broader view and less subjective viewpoint would be very helpful in his current position as president though this blend's negatives are disturbingly a part of his nature already: talking far too much, allowing his mind to run too fast and neglecting the realities of life, and being disconnected from the painful, darker aspects of himself'. (Paraphrasing the Harvey's Sun Sign-Moon Sign).

Now there are several other important chart factors in Mr. Trump's Solar Return 2017 horoscope, of course, and I trust you to ferret them out at your leisure. But for now I want to close this post with a statement I have made here and elsewhere but which perhaps needs repeating, that:

Although I consider him unqualified and sadly overly flawed to uphold his presidential position, I much prefer that Mr. Trump do well in the role of US president because it means that America does well. And I add here that there are multiple forces, domestic and foreign, determined to undermine his presidency, and these efforts, as a Child of the Revolution, I do not appreciate and certainly do not applaud. Tragically, in effect, it is the US presidency that is being undermined just as it was for 8 years of Mr. Obama. And you know the culprits, the visible ones anyway.

And so I dissent because I care! And if my writing and chart reading seem 'partisan' to you, as some say they are, I completely agree for I am partisan on behalf of the Common Good--and am cheering for a sovereign America to give up the empirical roles of Global Cop and World Conqueror so that the American people may be decently treated by Washington (my former residence) as we should be...a Government Of, By, and For...We The People!


Jude Cowell

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August 2017 full of Mr. Trump's Karmic Returns; Summer Solstice 2017: Saturn at Midheaven; and The Oregon and South Carolina Horoscopes of The Great American Eclipse.

Apr 8, 2017

June 9, 2017: Jupiter Stations Direct at the Full Moon

A Brief Peek at June 2017's Sag Full Moon with Jupiter Stationing Direct in Libra

by Jude Cowell

On June 9, 2017 two cosmic events occur: a Full Moon @18Sag53 perfects, and, 52 mins 30 secs later, Jupiter turns Direct @13Lib12, a conjunction by transit to US natal Saturn (restrictions partially lifted; possible success with legalities).

The following Full Moon horoscope is set for the White House and shows that North Node (a point of encounter and future direction) points to Mr. Trump's natal Mars, planet of aggression, there's a dynamic T-Square from the Full Moon to the delusional 8th house Neptune in mid-Pisces (conjoining fixed star Achernar = crisis; risk of rapid endings), the 8th house of Corporatism, Credit, Debt, Insurance, and Transformation also contains the currently reigning Solar Eclipse in Pisces which manifested @8Pis12 on February 26, 2017, US natal Chiron conjoins the goal-oriented Midheaven (21Aries: "A Pugilist Enters the Ring"), stationing Jupiter is in 3rd house as is Mr. Trump's *natal Jupiter which was Station Direct at his birth, Venus and Uranus are in the 10th house of Public Reputation suggesting the potential for lack of resources and/or erratic or eccentric spending, the Full Moon conjoins authoritarian Saturn, and the Gemini-Sagittarius planets are intercepted across the 5/11 Will axis suggesting something hidden, secretive, and/or karmic is afoot.

Please enlarge the chart if you wish to read my scribbles:

This Full Moon horoscope's ASC-DESC house cusps are in the same signs as those of Mr. Trump's natal horoscope (though in earlier degrees) and the June Full Moon echoes his own natal Sun Gem-Moon Sag opposition (his natal chart is linked, below). The Sun to his natal Uranus transit denotes a brief period when group organizing is difficult due to issues of disloyalty, unreliability, and/or stubborn pride, non-traditional solutions and methods are sought (pretty much his modus operandi), and Mr. Trump's uniqueness and unpredictability are singled out to receive more attention than usual (which is hard to imagine how much more he could receive--and we could tolerate).

Of course, this Full Moon in freedom-loving Sagittarius, the natural sign of Jupiter, so perhaps its perfection denotes a sort of culmination, fulfillment, or an ending of political alliances.

Now as you know, astrological Jupiter can play many roles (exs: broadcaster, CEO, banker, financier, guru, actor, politician, the General) and once the Great Benefic of Good Fortune begins to move forward, Jupiterian matters in legal, diplomatic, political, religious, and financial realms will progress as well though this shall be more obvious once transit Jupiter leaves his own shadow at the degree of his last Retrograde Station (February 6, 2017 @23Lib08). Will generous, jolly Jupiter's forward movement aid a grumpy Congress in their careful deliberations? What careful deliberations?!

Tragically, the US Congress seldom if ever engages in such exalted non-partisan activities these days since the majority of them serve corporate interests rather than The People's.

But wait! According to some folk, the US Constitution was suspended in 1933 by FDR and every emergency act signed by presidents ever since have continued the tragic illusion:


Well, bless my habeus corpus! From 1996, here's a nuanced look at the issue of our suspended Constitution and the invoking of presidential Emergency Powers. Now I wonder why presidents continue to take their Oaths of Office to defend and protect a suspended document with provisions so often ignored? Probably to keep the ruse of a constitutional Republic intact and the wool pulled firmly over our eyes.

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Feb 15, 2017

February 2017 Karma: White House natal Saturn Eclipsed

The White House natal horoscope that I typically use is set for the day second President John Adams moved in (November 1, 1800). This was a day of a Full Moon @8Tau55 which perfected at 8:35:31 am LMT and times a horoscope with Saturn, planet of authority, authenticity, accountability, reliability, maturity, and conservatism, at a position of 22Leo59. So as you see, the natal Saturn of the White House has been eclipsed this month by a revealing Lunar Eclipse @22Leo28 as the early weeks and scandals of the Trump White House careen on. In this karmic eclipse season there are more secrets and leaks to come, no doubt, for what has been sown will be reaped.

Plus, the eclipsing is made more sad because the demands of Saturn in Leo are for loyalty, trust, realism, and reliability but these have been betrayed, it seems, by Mike Flynn, now a disgraced casualty of 'Flynngate'. Refusing to learn the lessons of Saturn is a very bad idea in any circumstance yet unaddressed so far by the White House is the fact that Mr. Trump is disappointing the American people in the very same areas that should be uppermost in a president's character which for Trump is distorted by his problematic Mercury-Neptune square of indiscretion and loose lips.

John and Abigail

Soon after he moved in, President Adams wrote wife Abigail a letter in which he opined his wish that, “none but honest and wise men [shall] ever rule under this roof.” Ruh-roh! Do you think that Mr. Adams sleeps soundly at his eternal rest under a worst-foot-forward Trump administration? (Some say that 22 Leo is the "worst foot forward' or "being one's own worst enemy" degree and in my past consulting work I have noticed this bearing out. And many times, so-called political 'gaffes' can fall into the foot-in-mouth category.

So considering how active, leaky, disappointing, and eroding transit Neptune in its own secretive sign of Pisces is proving to be, it seems to me significant that the White House began with the Sun (POTUS, as we call the archetypal role now) @8Sco55 and approaching nebulous scandal-bringer Neptune (16Sco40), planet of fraud, corruption, falsehoods, propaganda, masks, disguises, the media, the masses, flooding--and leaks of all kinds. Somewhere I've read that leaks from the White House (Executive Branch) began under the administration of third President Thomas Jefferson, but no matter when the problem began, it is now on steroids from within and without the Trump White House.

Now as you know, the February 10, 2017 Lunar Eclipse pairs with the February 26th Solar Eclipse in the 19 South Saros Series which, in a flurry of cosmic synchronicity, happens to be the Prenatal Eclipse (@24Libra45) Series of the White House (Nov 1, 1800)! This personalizes and emphasizes the eclipsed Saturn condition. In addition, the eclipse degree is now approached by transit Jupiter, planet of increase and expansion, though the Great Benefic sometimes provides 'too much of a good thing' and/or a slippery slope to calamity. Transit Jupiter will reach 24Lib45 in mid-September 2017 and has been performing a three-fer Jupiter Return for Mr. Trump who was born on June 14, 1946 with a Stationary Direct Jupiter @17Lib27 (in his 2nd hou$e within a Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter trio, a bubbly description of his inflationary financial style). Lunar and Solar eclipse charts are linked for viewing, below.

My basic point today is that the chaos, dishonesty, scandals, and conflicts of interest (transit Jupiter-Uranus opposition = political conflicts--Ebertin) of Donald Trump playing the presidential role is setting us up for Global Government and soon we shall hear how our and the world's problems are simply too big to be handled and solved by a little ole' nation state like us. Whether Trump is incompetent or is playing his role as such doesn't matter yet as I've typed before, I want him to do well as president because it means that America does well (same as I said for Mr. Obama). But so far, Mr. Trump has been masterful at damaging our nation's international reputation and 'doing well' seems more and more like only a Neptunian dream...

Here is a very much recommended video report which reveals part of what the Trumpian chaos is for: WikiLeaks: The US strategy to create a new global legal and economic system: TPP, TTIP, TISA. As it turns out, the new 'trade deal', the TISA, is even worse than the much maligned TPP--a corporate power grab which was set up and expected to fail. And shill-in-chief Trump signed an executive order that 'removed' the US from the TPP as if on cue.

Astro-Note: November 1, 1800 Full Moon: Sun Scorpio-Moon Taurus, a muddy (the trail to the White House was very muddy that day) Water-Earth blend that suggests an all-or-nothing approach, possessiveness, and a tendency to be blind toward the motives of others. And given the dubious and possibly criminal nature of its current denizens, you may find that one of the blend's Images for Integration is again descriptive of the modern-day White House: "Pluto takes Persephone into the Underworld." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey).

No, the well-wishing John Adams would not be impressed with the Trumpians at all.


If you wish, view the horoscopes of the Lunar Eclipse and the February 26, 2017 Solar Eclipse in murky, karma-laden Pisces with notes included. As usual, the charts are set for Washington, DC which in Mundane Astrology represents the entirety of the United States of America.

Feb 10, 2017

Feb 2017: Jupiter-Saturn, a Lunar Eclipse, a Comet, Arcturus, and Trump

Is a Trump Administration Worth All the Trouble?

by Jude Cowell

Since last week it has been difficult to miss the troubles of Mr. Trump's executive-ordered 'Muslim ban' squelched by the Judiciary branch of the US government for after all, 'conflict' is the litigious Mr. Mars-Rising's middle name. And yet an attempt to expand executive power isn't unusual behavior from a president, especially a brand new one, but treading over the US Constitution with muddy boots is asking to be slapped down and the Judiciary branch is typically the sheriff to do so. At least it ought to be that way in these heady days of the New Millennium, second decade as it is, because the tension between Jupiter and Saturn create the yin-yang balance of the Universe which keeps the planets in their courses.

So it's only natural that Trump vs the Judiciary is on everyone's minds along with our government's traditional checks'n'balances which can be described astrologically by expansive Jupiter in balance with restrictive Saturn--these days proceeding through the tropical Zodiac while engaged in a beneficial sextile (60 degrees) with each other, off and on. Transit Jupiter, now at 23Libra, has led a Locomotive pattern of increase and success even while retrograde and with 23Libra spotlighting two fixed stars, Spica (the spike) and Arcturus (a different approach), we find the office of the president (Spica = the Washington Monument) and the White House (Arcturus in L'Enfant's plan of Washington DC) having a tough time that includes the US Congress (Regulus, brought to Earth within the Federal Triangle). Three buildings located at America's founding intended to echo three major stars--and three branches of government meant to keep an eye on one another!

To spy the green comet look between sparkling Arcturus and Planet Saturn!.

And of course, if you know anything about the natal horoscope and planets of Donald J. Trump, you know his fighting Mars in proud Leo rises with royal star Regulus (success if revenge is avoided). However, Mr. Trump has demonstrated a pattern of embracing and delighting in taking revenge. "SEE YOU IN COURT!" he tweeted, shouting in all caps after his ban was disallowed by a three-judge panel. Meanwhile, Hillary tweeted '3-0' to rub Trump's nose in his failure and yours truly replied to Hillary, 'a sweet tweet but it riles the baby'. Can you blame me? Okay, go ahead!

Besides have legal implications of the planetary pair, when society is under the influence of a Jupiter-Saturn sextile, overreach or over-extension are the primary causes of failure and it is by patience and careful planning that success may be attained. Recently even White House staffers have admitted that perhaps they should have consulted the departments that would be affected by a travel ban before springing it upon unwary officials and travelers (some who were traveling here for medical reasons). A steady development of plans while recognizing the limitations involved is the conservative approach which can actually lead to achievement while avoiding self-sabotage. Perhaps the label 'conservative' is the wrong description of the reactionary radicals, alt-right and otherwise, now roaming White House halls of power.

And so with the transit of Saturn, karmic planet of lessons, tasks, limitation, accountability, and delay, @23Sagittarius (Sag ruled by Jupiter), we see the societal pair of Jupiter and Saturn (checks-n-balances) in sextile aspect from Libra to Sag. Plus, Mr. Trump is in the midst of a three-fer Jupiter Return so expanded power has been on top of his to-do list for some time, that we know. And having a prominent Jupiter (17:27 stationary direct) in his natal chart and psyche (and exalted in Libra), we've heard Mr. Trump express the typical complaint of this placement more than once: "it's not fair!' which for him seems to apply to anyone who disagrees with his ideas or plans or who stands in his self-righteous, grandiose way. (He did, after all, 'do it his way', a good theme for his most elevated planet, radical independent Uranus in changeable Gemini, communicative sign of the trader, deal-maker--and double dealer.)

Yet perhaps in this meager attempt to understand the Oval Office occupant's current troubles of limitation and delay (aided by his lack of proper preparation), it is more to the point that transit Saturn has been within orb of conjoining Mr. Trump's natal Moon-South Node conjunction (21--24Sag) while simultaneously opposing his natal Sun (ego) in Gemini, something discussed multiple times here on Stars Over Washington and if the limiting effects of this Saturnian transit were not seen before the last few days, they surely can be now. Relationship problems (his natal Full Moon in Gem-Sag hit by transit Saturn = separation, endings, Melania-we-hardly-knew-ya, and health issues (or perhaps healthcare repeal/replace with the ACA/Obamacare which promises to become Trumpcare) have been demanded by old man Saturn, the Timekeeper of the Universe. Even transit Saturn opposing natal Uranus, planet of freedom, independence, and rebellion, has brought restrictions into his life while also supplying more serious responsibilities that limit his ability to go where he wants, when and how he wants.

So with the unpredictable harbinger effects of the approaching green comet set aside, there remains tonight's Lunar Eclipse @22Leo27 (the 'worst foot forward' degree) perfecting approximately three degrees from Mr. Trump's natal Mars while the eclipse Sun @22Aquarius spotlights the "Big Bear" of Russia in the Sabian Symbols. It may be up to five days before the eclipse shows its true intentions. Under the rays of tonight's eclipse (and followed by the February 26th Solar Eclipse in murky Pisces where transit Neptune has been eroding reality), inconvenient secrets, more info leaks, and news about scandals past and present may certainly manifest but for whose benefit? As always, only the Cosmos knows and that's for us to find out.


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Jan 29, 2017

The Astrology of 2017: Year of the Rooster - Gahl Sasson video

2017: The Year of the Rooster Brings a Call to Action!

During my early years of astrological studies, several branches of the ancient craft were investigated but my personal link to Washington DC (twice a resident) and a long term interest in Politics (4 natal planets in governmental Capricorn) made Mundane Astrology, and specifically Political Astrology, a preferred focus of my studies. Yet Chinese Astrology speaks to many people, of course, so when I discovered the following video report by global astrologer and spiritual teacher Gahl Sasson concerning 2017 as the Year of the Rooster, it reminded me of our new president, Mr. Trump, his self-promoting, bombastic ways, and 2017 as his first year in office.

For as you've undoubtedly noticed, our new boaster-in-chief proudly crows of his own greatness at every opportunity (and then some!), and the off-and-on activation by transit Jupiter, planet of expansion and promotion, of the 23rd degree of Libra, plus, the fact that Mr. Trump is in the midst of a three-fer Jupiter Return (his @17Lib27), have all inspired me to embed this 2017 video report and add the Sabian Symbol for 23 Libra, below. First, here's Gahl:

Be sure to visit Gahl Sasson at his Cosmic Navigator website.

For America, 2017's 'Call to Action' Must Work Both Ways

'23 Libra': Chanticleer Salutes the Rising Sun with Exuberant Tones - Keyword: FERVOR; positive expression: a fearless self-affirmation which gains a sympathetic attention and wins immediate allegiance from the hearts and minds of everybody (what Mr. Trump desperately desires from the public and from the press - jc); negative (unconscious--jc) expression: ill-starred conceit and ineffective bombast (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones).

Perhaps such an unconscious expression of the crowing rooster archetype suggests that Mr. Trump has no idea how others actually see him or his actions. He seems to have quite a different view of himself--including physically--than most of the rest of us do and lives in a fantasy world all his own while his Mercury-Neptune square imagines that his policies are more supported by the majority than they are. And so for many reasons, We the People must hear and respond to 2017's call to action with actions of our own!

Now each new president redecorates the White House and the gilded Mr. Trump could never be an exception to this particular tradition. However, it's all too telling that he chose to hang a portrait of Andrew Jackson in his new office as a symbol of their shared 'populism' which brings with it a (perhaps unconscious) nod to their shared preference for ethnic cleansing. That Jackson as president voraciously fought against the establishment of an American central banking system (the vipers!) is apparently and perhaps purposefully lost upon Mr. Trump as he chose his billionaire Cabinet members. So far Mr. Trump's intentions promise to injure, or perhaps paralyze, the US economy (exs: repeal the ACA/'Obamacare'; place up to 20% tariffs on Mexican imports; deport workers which the agricultural and other industries depend upon).

If such executive actions, rubber-stamped by a Republican-led Congress, cause a major downturn in the US economy and cause extreme suffering across the land, no amount of crowing will bring the rooster-esque Mr. Trump the popular approval he so hungrily craves.

Nov 9, 2016

Nov 9 2016: "We'll deal fairly with everyone --" President-Elect Donald Trump

"It's Going to Be a Beautiful Thing." - Donald J. Trump

A Conciliatory Day Dawns and Mr. Trump Is President-Elect...and the sneaky feeling I've had about holding a General Election while overhead expansive Jupiter in Libra is the engine of a Locomotive pattern denoting an extraordinary executive type of person leading the Choo-Choo toward promised revealed.

Whether it's success in the areas of life We the People actually need and in a best-results manner is a tale waiting to be told. CEO Trump's behavior as president and the consequences and results of his actions and non-actions will be the primary tonal guide for Stars Over Washington 'going forward', as the politicians are taught to say.

During the upcoming Trump-Pence presidency, the right to read the Cosmos-to-Earth implications as they appear to yours truly will continue here with the same common-good flavor as begun in 2005. Yet if Mr. Trump intends to unify America as he promises and manages to succeed (engine Jupiter leading the throng of energies--planets--with his many proposed objectives, then he and this blogger will see eye to eye in many cases. After all, Jupiter in Libra rays surrounded Baby Trump (formerly Drumpft) and are imprinted within him in spite of his super-sensitive Mars-rising-with-royal-Regulus.

Yes, thanks to his Ascendant-Regulus synchronicity, the kingmaker has become the King. Born in 1946 with his CEO planet Jupiter ('monarch Zeus' in another guise and culture) in balanced, Airy, Venus-ruled Libra, we note that Election 2016 occurred under the influence of Jupiter as leader of a Locomotive pattern, a condition that will dissolve at some point, plus, transit Saturn approaches Trump's natal Full Moon across the Gem-Sag axis...authority yet many lessons and limitations, too, with health and family issues potentially involved.

My point: after fussing about Mr. Trump since his Gemini New Moon bid announcement and introductory speech in June 2015 (a sales presentation given after lowering himself upon an escalator from the gilded heights of Trump Tower after paying $50 each to actors hired to play an audience), Trump's natal Jupiter in Libra's oft-used motto: that's not fair!" has turned up in this morning's victory speech which included a generous, "We'll deal fairly with everyone," from Mr. Trump. We've watched as Jupiterian themes in recent events are expressed by a particular person who embodies the Libran Jupiter archetype to a 'T' - on behalf of the Collective, it is to be hoped.

Mr. Trump will have a Jupiter Return soon: see Election Day 2016 Midpoint Pictures Tell a Tale.

Of course, he's already busy embodying Mars in royal Leo rising with Regulus denoting one whose life is studded with prominent events, whether positive or negative. All the royal stars 'raise up' yet include a caution against a fall from grace -- Regulus = 'success if revenge is avoided', advice which Mr. Trump seems to ignore in most cases and now a Trump presidency will place such a karmic imperative aimed directly at our nation and population.

And you may remember that in the initial Federal Triangle star-grid of our capital city, Regulus signifies the US Congress, with Libran Arcturus as the White House, and Spica (the spike) as the phallic Washington Monument symbolizing the archetypal US presidency -- or rather, the macho cult of personality that the office has become (by design). How fitting for Donald Trump's personality, ignorant and uncaring of tradition as he is, and apparently challenged in the ability-to-read department.

So you'll accomplish a complete rejuvenation of the US economy, Mr. Trump? That I'd love to see for the sake of my fellow Americans, my descendants, and my ancestors who sacrificed themselves for this country. But most folks agree that campaign promises are so often bubbles of fluff that dissipate upon the first wind of grasped control.

Still, my best hopes for the rejuvenation of America, and of our national sovereignty, must now be placed upon Drumpft's Brow. Let's pray that egoistic Zeus and his surrounding co-players in Washington DC's Political Theater don't screw up the whole thing while they milk the American cash cow to line their greedy pockets.


For those readers who are stunned at this orange-skinned-and-haired outcome, please allow Michael Moore to explain Trump's popular appeal for film maker Moore seems to have a firm understanding of this historic Trumpian phenomena. Plus, if you've so far missed this intriguing assessment of Donald Trump's natal chart by Robert Phoenix (secret enemies, Freemason and Underworld connections: Mars and Pluto in 12th house), watch Robert's video here.

Related posts: Trump and Gingrich: Peter Pan and the Pied Piper because both men were born with Sun Gem-Moon Sag personalities--and now we've opened the door to Newt, Bill Kristol, Dick Cheney, Roger Stone, and the rest of the ammoral Vulcans; also see: Donald Trump: natal Moon and the Sapphire Star; Horoscope of Inauguration 2017.

Looking Ahead: DC Horoscope of Winter Solstice 2016: Following a Vision.

Astro-Note Wednesday November 9, 2016: Mr. Trump's victory speech was delivered around 2:30 am to 3:00 am est, NYC. More astro-details of the proceedings will be posted on SO'W as time permits.

Sep 10, 2016

Winter Solstice 2016 Horoscope: Following a Vision

September 10, 2016

Although it hasn't been long since I posted the Autumn Equinox 2016 Horoscope to Stars Over Washington I decided to go ahead and post the Winter Solstice 2016 Horoscope for you--one cosmic event occurs prior to Election Day 2016, the other afterwards.

Image: December 21, 2016 5:44:24 am est Washington DC; Hour of the Sun; chart-ruler Jupiter; delaying, inhibiting, or restrictive Saturn first to rise in 1st house (but at least he isn't retrograde!); Sun in 1st house conjoining asteroid Cupido (Corporatism; The Family; The Syndicate); Cardinal T-Square Jupiter-Uranus = Pluto in 2nd house of the National Treasury: devices that can transform the world (Munkasey). This dynamic T-Square closely affects the 4/10 axis of Career and Public Status, and its energies express most fully in the 2nd house through apex Pluto, planet of obsession, and in a Cardinal pattern denotes those who act with ruthlessness and overwhelming power toward all challengers.

As you see, upper right, an *Image for Integration for the Winter season's Sun Capricorn-Moon Libra combination of conscious/unconscious energies is: "A visionary statesman fights a duel to see justice done." Now I don't know if this refers to legal matters, a particular personality trait, and/or disputed election results but I do think the Winter Solstice horoscope has financial, military, and political concerns and conflicts woven throughout--and with the September 16, 2016 Lunar Eclipse at the Basis of it all--the HOW? Point of any chart.

We the People and a Libra Moon

Yet we have to wonder whose vision is being followed? After all, a "duel" could describe the Clinton-Trump contest for White House control and, perhaps, all or some of their three debates (the first of which hasn't occurred yet as I type). And with We the People's Moon @4Libra07 in 10th house, the public mood is sociable and obliging yet may be overly focused on non-essentials. Justice and fair play are reigning needs with a Libra Moon! Plus, with Jupiter in Libra, a regular refrain is, "that's not fair!" (as Mr. Trump's Libran Jupiter has often said). Add the energies of a Capricorn Sun and we have practical intellectualism, crusaders for causes, and those who are conservative yet liberal (which to me describes the majority of the American people).

Jupiter: Banker, Politician, The General, the Guru, the CEO, the Broadcaster

Now, to see how things will proceed, let's consider the applying aspects of chart-ruler Jupiter which also rules the IC and 4th house (Real Estate and mortgage concerns?) plus, the Sun is joined by the inflationary speculator-spendthrift duo's midpoint, marked in the center of the wheel. And the Moon does rule the 8th house of Corporatism, Credit, Debt, and Insurance which indicates fluctuations and change and unstable Pisces is on the IC--and 8th cusp has America's natal planets in Cancer snugged around it (unmarked, though some US natal placements are marked around the chart in green, as you see).

1. Jupiter sextiles Saturn (0A15) recommends conservative investments since over-extension causes failure--high-risk ventures should be avoided; someone seeks recognition and reward and though there are hidden talents, real limitations should not be ignored; the wrong people may be trusted which leads to self-sabotage; privacy must be protected; false modesty hides underneath an imperious facade (Tierney).

2. Jupiter opposes Uranus (0A41): business matters such as fund-raising or organizational expenditures stall; group endeavors are difficult to manage as members wander off into various directions; personal networks are full of conflict and opposing views (Jupiter-Uranus = political conflicts--Ebertin); during this period a greater need for independence and freedom may be at the base of most problems.

Now Jupiter does apply to a third aspect but it's with Chiron in Jupiter's sign of Pisces and it's an inconjunct (quincunx) so it isn't formally on the list. However, this does suggest a time when there are disruptions and changes of direction (Nolle). Yes, the election of a new president can do that, naturally. But meanwhile, someone doesn't understand the importance of traditional structures (Clow) (and values--Cowell!) and, considering the hot mess that has been Campaign 2016, you can probably guess just who that someone may be...

Related: the September 1, 2016 Solar Eclipse @9Virgo21 which is marked in the 9th house along with the Virgo North Node pointing toward Foreign Lands and Travel, Philosophy, Religion, and Legal Matters; NN in Virgo hints at disagreements and nagging criticism--of Foreign Policy and politicians' Foreign Policy experience, or the lack thereof.

*"Image for Integration" is a feature in the Harveys' Sun Sign-Moon Sign book.

Sep 9, 2016

Jupiter Enters Libra - Steve Judd video

Sep 17, 2016 Update: apologies on this post's title which cannot be amended or it will break the link. However, the Steve Judd video originally posted here has had some coding difficulties and a replacement presentation has been embedded, below. Astrologer Leah Whitehorse will give an overview of Jupiter into Libra after the text.

Original post begins here:

Sept 9, 2016: this morning at 7:18 am edt, freedom loving boundary breaker Jupiter moved into Airy Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice, and a sense of justice and demands for fair play will be high on Jupiter's to-do list as he lumbers forward. Today a nationwide prisoner protest begins and the protests in North Dakota over the big-bank-funded oil pipeline is ongoing. You can't drink oil, says the protest sign!

However, this December, 2016 candidate Donald Trump will receive a Jupiter Return out of the Great Benefic's transit of Venus-ruled Libra and with one of mundane Jupiter's roles being a politician, look out, America! For Trump's Jupiterian reward could be the Oval Office.

And yet restrictive Saturn has something to say about it (December 2016 into January 2017 and beyond) for a Saturn-to-natal-Moon transit will occur simultaneously while Saturn also opposes Trump's natal Gemini Sun which is not the planetary conditions anyone would prefer for supporting a reward-filled Jupiter Return. Such Saturn action for a man born under a Full Moon (Gem-Sag) suggests health issues for Mr. Trump or for a family member, or, at the least, emotional depression--possibly from being a loser whose reigning need (Moon) is squashed by realistic Saturn. We'll see.

Now here is astrologer Leah Whitehorse on Jupiter into Libra:

Naturally the month of September brings Autumn Equinox 2016 (DC horoscope shown) if you care to have a look.

Related: the Natal Chart of Donald Trump.

Sep 5, 2016

Washington DC Horoscope: Autumn Equinox 2016

Here they are! The horoscope and season few have been waiting for: Autumn Equinox 2016, chart set for the White House, our national Masonic lodge and main beehive of activity nestled in our nation's Masonic capital! Admire its chart-ruler Mars in 2nd house of National Treasury and applying to a square with Jupiter the General, financier, politician, and/or religious guru @2Libra49 in 11th house with the Libra-ingressing Sun!

As is the case annually (and though many astrologers prefer a different rising sign such as Scorpio), the Sun conjoins US natal Midheaven in the Sibley chart of July 4, 1776 5:09 pm, MC = 00Libra53, a Cardinal World Point) and as you see, transit Jupiter tops the US natal chart, a time of optimism, promotion, and possible rewards; important changes are occurring, not the least of which will be a new president. Of course, with Sun-Jupiter we can expect extravagance and overestimation of worth, strength, and/or ability but I'll let you decide whether this describes the US government, a particular politician, and/or a presidential wanna-be. This equinox chart covers Election Day 2016, as you know, until Winter Solstice 2016 which will relate to Inauguration 2017 (Winter Solstice 2016 post coming soon-ish).

Of, by, for...

General Blogging Note: please pardon that mockery is often involved in my posts for we may owe it to ourselves to ridicule Washington DC politicians and their enablers every chance we get since they purposefully dropped the ball on what was set up as 'our' democratic republic of America--in breach of the public contract and trust are the Utopian zealots and have been for decades (centuries). Some politicians pretend in public that they are not Utopian zealots but they are and personally, I consider them to be infiltrators infesting our country and capital as you can plainly read in the description of Stars Over Washington (underneath the title, above). It isn't our form of government that's the trouble, but we do need all termites, moths, and socio- and psycho-paths kicked out or locked up.

Enlarge the following image to read my notes on the chart, if you wish. You see the T-Square of tension between the Mercury-Neptune opposition pointing toward Saturn which denotes potentials for pessimism and gloomy reactions which may not be valid (Tyl). And since Donald Trump is the candidate born with the fantastical Mercury-Neptune square (Hillary has a Mercury-Saturn square, as you remember, a policy wonk is she), the tension and gloom could be primarily a side dish on Mr. Trump's plate for Autumn 2016.

Update Sept 6, 2016: okay, I'm ending this post now without the chart notes I meant to type for the original post but the hour grows late and I should publish this now because I want to link the Autumn EQ 2016 chart to the article I'm writing today for Jude Cowell Astrology, my latest foray into the wild west cyberworld of astrology blogging. If you're curious, the article is about transit Jupiter entering Libra during the 2nd week of September and about the Libra New Moon of Sep 30, 2016 and it includes a bracing video presentation concerning these cosmic matters and others by Astrologer Patricia!