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May 31, 2021

DC Horoscopes: July 2021 Lunations and such

America July 2021: New Plans Made, Then Culminating

by Jude Cowell

May 31, 2021: On the occasion of today, Memorial Day 2021, and as A Child of the Revolution, yours truly chooses to share the following post on behalf of a sovereign America and the common good. Below is a dual image of the two July 2021 Lunations set for Washington DC.

First, on July 9, 2021, comes a New Moon @18Can01 (lower left) exact at 9:16:29 pm edt in 6th house (DC). In the DC chart, Luna rules the 6th house of Work and Service while the Sun rules the 7th house of Partnerships. Rising is 1AQ03 which lifts America's Inaugural Sun (Joe Biden) and bold Altair the eagle with it but with its solar power snugged between karmic planets Pluto and Saturn, both retrograde ('Rx') which suggests that some measure of renunciation, even privation, may affect the presidency - unless Mr. Biden, his team, and his high-powered backers can turn the energy around and use it on behalf of democracy and the American people.

One thing we know - there exist anti-American entities who will attempt to create difficult conditions in order to undermine the agenda of President Biden. (See Nemesis the foe @28Scorpio in the New Moon's 10th house conjunct the President Biden's Scorpio planets.) In addition, can anyone disagree that uplifting the common good is simply not a (neo) fascist objective and never was? Obviously, seizing power and forcibly taking control of America is their current objective as it was on July 1, 1933 when they approached General Smedley Butler with their malicious take-over scheme against FDR and the democracy-preferring American people. Note that representatives for the era's big bankers were among the treasonous group in 1933. Do you think it's different this time around?

And you know that cosmic evidence exists! For 1933's anti-FDR fascists were influenced by the background energies of two solar eclipses, one in 1932 in the 6 South Saros Series, the other in 1933 in the 7 North series. And so as eclipse and historical cycles will have it, it will soon be time for 6 South and 7 North eclipses to manifest again on: October 25, 2022 @2Scorpio and April 23, 2023 @30Aries. Wisely we should mark our calendars and be watchful before, during, and after these high-powered, 'cosmic blink' lunations of disruption and/or directional shifts just as many folk already are. For as progressive broadcaster Thom Hartmann oftens reminds us, "Democracy is not a spectator sport"! Which means, be active, do what you can!

Now as for July 2021, the stage of culmination, fulfillment, and/or complete awareness is reached with the Full Moon of July 23, 2021 @1AQ26 (upper right chart), the very degree that rises in the New Moon horoscope so for this and other reasons we may expect in July a focus on President Biden, but more broadly on the White House and the Office of the Presidency, plus, July brings our nation's annual celebration of our hard-fought independence from overbearing monarchy, cosmically known as America's Solar Return 2021 which we discussed in February 2021 (horoscope shown).

Plus, previously we noted the June 24, 2021 Capricorn Full Moon as society's reaction to the June 10th Gemini Solar Eclipse which is a 5 North Solar Eclipse that precedes both July 2021 lunations. This June 24th Full Moon @3Cap27 floats society from the Gemini-Sagittarius axis of 'Mercury-Jupiter' and into the Cancer-Capricorn axis with its 'Moon-Saturn' influences that suggest potentials for security concerns, home-vs-career issues, ambition, strategy, direction, possible illness (chronic or acute) and/or depressive or serious conditions.

Note to SO'W Readers: If you appreciate the work and effort it takes to create Political Astrology content for Stars Over Washington, why not become a Patreon subscriber to encourage the continuance of SO'W? Even a donation of $1 per month helps with monthly expenses! So if you wish, just look for 'Jude Cowell' on patreon dot com and show your support if you can! jc

Apr 13, 2020

July 26, 1775 - Founding of the U.S. Post Office

Got a minute? Below is a brief synopsis on video concerning the founding of the U.S. Postal Service by the Second Continental Congress on July 26, 1775 with Benjamin Franklin appointed its first postmaster. In that era, Congress considered the founding of a postal service to be "crucial to the future of the 13 Colonies," a sentiment that modern-day (Republican) congress members do not hold because it doesn't jive with their campaign to sabotage and collapse the US government, and to privatize everything they can grab. Perhaps a few Democrats agree with this, I don't know. But ending the US Post Office is yet another example of how the greedy GOP is an anti-societal bunch of operators with bad intentions toward the American people and with no thought for the common good:

Video link.

Related: see an image of the First US postage Stamp Honoring Benjamin Franklin, Patriot and Postmaster - face value: 5 cents!

As for the Astrology of July 26, 1775, our USPS was founded under Sun Leo-Moon Cancer energies, a vulnerable and self-absorbed combination. Communicating Mercury @12Leo was retrograde that day which suggests a subsequent re-do or review of the legislation which formed the service. This relates to the fact that President George Washington signed further legislation, the Postal Service Act, which made the agency a permanent part of the federal government on February 20, 1792 with Mercury direct in Aquarius. Permanent. George Washington did that.

So as you know, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet often represented as a wing'ed messenger as shown, below. Additionally on July 26, 1775, expansive, inflating Jupiter was also posited in chatty Gemini, signifying the tremendous volume of mail delivered through the service's 237 years of operation. Oddly enough, Republicans behave as if they've never benefited from the US Postal Service! (Imho, anyone who depends solely on an Internet powered by an ancient electrical grid for all their communications must be completely daft. And excessively gullible.)

And so 2020 has dawned and the agency is on the verge of running out of funds in June! But this is thanks largely to 'help' from the Republican Party's imposed pension funding scam (a set-up for failure), and Trump's rejecting a bail-out package for the service - because mail-in votes could elect Democrats (!) in November so Trump would rather kill, or at least seriously hobble, the USPS than to lose the election. Astounding how much election rigging it's taking Republicans just to keep a substandard, unfit-for-office reality TV host playing at being 'POTUS'! Besides, the US Post Office delivers people's meds and other health supplies, too! See Postal Service on the verge of collapse and 63,000 jobs are at risk. Our nation is on the verge along with it, for meanwhile, transit Pluto creeps through governmental Capricorn and lends a hidden hand with the destruction of Saturnian structures as he heads for America's first-ever Pluto Return/s - three exact returns all through 2022.

Therefore, for the future of our Republic and the common good of We The People as we attempt to 'save what's left', my fervent hope is that a majority of Americans will speak up and out against the Republicans' plan to remove the US Post Office from our lives, a plan which just might culminate in 2027. Why then?

Because the Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') of the US Postal Service in the 11 South Saros Series - a Total eclipse which perfected on March 1, 1775 @11Pis11 and is also the PE of the American Revolution - has major themes attached: 'old methods/ideas fail; new systems are needed to deal with events; any blocks could be violently or tragically removed' (Brady's Predictive Astrology). And so another Total 11 South eclipse occurs on August 2, 2027 @10Leo - the natal Pluto position of USPS saboteur Donald Trump.

Unless you think that maybe he will be the block that's removed!

Above Image: Mercury the Swift Messenger of the Gods.

Mar 8, 2018

Carelli's Degrees: the natal Mercury of Donald Trump

If you're familiar with Adriano Carelli's book The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac (AFA, 3rd printing 1982) you know that the rounding-up method used for Sabian Symbols is not used for Carelli's Degrees. Therefore, the natal 11th house Mercury of Donald Trump (8Can51) is read in Carelli's explanation of '8Cancer' for which he gives no word picture (symbol). Not all his degrees have such symbols but each degree has an explanation, empirically collected, and often with historical references.

Now as you know, Mr. Trump's natal Mercury, planet of thinking processes, communications, commerce, deals, trades, and trickery has only a square to his natal Neptune (5Libra, 2nd house of Money and Values) to depend on for moderation. As you also know, this square spotlights his pathological lying, incorrect assumptions, lack of discretion, and outright schemes to win the imaginary war he's internally fighting with the entire world. In my experience, Neptune doesn't tend to 'moderate' anything but does tend to dissolve and suggest overblown ideas and plans while undermining thinking processes and judgment, veils motives and actions, confuses issues, and attempts to deflect from the less savory characteristics a person holds. Of course, Neptunian inspiration isn't always negative but it isn't always positive either--motive always counts, such as getting oneself out of a jam via deceit and equivocation.

So let's turn to Adriano Carelli for insights into '8Cancer', the degree of Trump's natal Mercury and if any of the following sounds familiar then we're on the same page! I shall hereby quote in its entirety this Mercurial picture of the very Mercurial wheeler-dealer, Donald Trump, Uranian extraordinaire who brings chaos to whatever he touches while his Libran Jupiter shouts, it's not fair!:

"A lazy and sensuous being, much too prone to self-indulgence and wantonness. But he has horse sense and a mind cut out for life's rough-and-tumble existence and is not totally destitute of that cunning that often replaces intelligence in fools. A general tendency toward aberration and to illicit ties (in a woman this will mean easy seduction) will expose the native to the danger of adulteries or otherwise guilty intercourse threatening his married happiness and renown. As he knows no measure, not even in speaking or writing, he will be led to more or less serious indiscretions which, according to other pointers in the horoscope, may range from petty, mischievous gossip to veritable libel, from the dutiful might be sued for slander, not for abuse (unless other components give him courage enough to voice his opinions openly) as he is too cowardly to face people directly, and delights in publishing spicy gossip about them. He usually likes to entrench himself behind the responsibility of others and to hide the hand that flings the stone. A gazetteer more than a journalist, he might have success with the chronique scandaleux and, if the horoscope helps, he may lead a paper with success; otherwise he will stoop to publishing infamous defamation and anonymous letters.

EXAMPLES: James I, king of England (Sun's degree); Benito Mussolini (degree of the point of *equidistance)." * 'point of equidistance' is the Sun-Moon midpoint. jc

Now I have typed here and there since the 'election' of Donald Trump that I wish him to do well in the role because as POTUS goes, so goes our America. However, the above Mercurial explanation of Mr. Trump more than suggests that he is not in possession of the temperament or the higher ethics that the role of US president requires for best success. And since there are those who 'select' world leaders, as a Child of the Revolution I can only surmise that the undermining--no, the collapse--of America and the 'old order' of 1776 is their ultimate objective in selecting the lewd and wanton Donald J. Trump to be the man now stooping in the White House and befouling our nation by word and deed.

So am I partisan? Yes. Partisan for the common good!

Above NASA photo: planet Mercury

May 25, 2017

Horoscope: Donald Trump Solar Return 2017

Mr. Trump's Solar Return June 13, 2017 2:39:08 pm edt 9th house Gemini Sun; White House

Hour of Mars; contentious Mars, out-of-bounds of the earthly plane and emotionally touchy when in tribal Cancer, conjoins torturous Hades by degree and rules the 7th house of Partnerships and Open Enemies. War and conflict continue...

Chart-ruler Venus @7Tau27 just barely into 7th house makes no major applying aspect so her sign, house, house rulerships (1st and 8th), and degree are emphasized.

Evaluating Venus in Taurus suggests conservatism, loyalty, love of luxury, and materialistic values and the 8th house is the house of Corporatism, Shared Resources, Credit, Debt, Insurance, Legacies, and such. Death, transformation, and the occult may also be involved.

Significantly, the Solar Return Sun rules the 11th house of Groups and Associations (Leo cusp) so new alliances should form especially with the Leo North Node (encounters) posited there, with Leo the sign of leaders, rulers, and monarchs (weddings, funerals?), and meetings with male personages (possibly involving officers of the law) will occur with transit North Node precisely conjoining Mr. Trump's natal Mars @26Leo (watching transits to this chart during the year will be useful for those who have the time). Plus, speculative ventures and a love of pomp and ceremony will surely be noted through his solar year.

Please enlarge the image to read basic chart notes unmentioned in the following text such as the two Grand Trines, one in Air, one in Fire, representing closed circuits of energy and potentials for laziness and/or protection!

When Old Man Saturn, Lord of Karma, Comes Along

Natal Sun @22Gem55 is in Return 9th house of Philosophy, Higher Education, Foreign Travel, and Legal Affairs. His Sun applies to opposition with restrictive, karmic planet Saturn Rx in 3rd house of Communications which shows Mr. Trump's ongoing troubles and scandals since transit Saturn continues to oppose his natal Sun and North Node (both posited in natal 10th house along with quirky Uranus in Gemini), and conjoin his natal 5th house Moon (22Sag) and South Node (family and/or health issues; separation; lack of popularity). As you know, during this Saturnian phase in his life (which we've discussed in previous posts) Mr. Trump is experiencing increased responsibilities, difficult demands, criticism, and oversight that his enlarged ego does not appreciate. He thought the presidency would be "easier" he said, but taskmaster-lesson-bringer Saturn commands otherwise because unreliability, irresponsibility, superficiality, immaturity, and refusing accountability are completely unacceptable now. Past actions are under a microscope and his typical slipshod, ad lib way of working tends to undermine what must be a more responsible and serious position in the White House.

Wouldn't better organization be helpful?! For cosmic Saturn often brings failure and loss to those who will not heed his instructions for prudence and care and the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse in August (see link below) may tell a disruptive and unpredictable tale for Mr. Trump and, since he's The People's representative, for our nation, especially with judgmental Saturn bringing Trump's executive order/s on immigration under scrutiny and knocking them down (so far). Judges have ruled in ways that limit the power of the presidency in the immigration matter and Mr. Trump's past statements have been used as justification.

Well, perhaps Saturn's Direct Station upon his natal Moon on August 25, 2017 (4 days after The Great American Eclipse which hits Trump's natal Ascendant @29Leo (with rising Regulus) and sizzles his 26Leo Mars will bring at least some of his legal difficulties to conclusion since Saturn @21Sag10 will (seem to) stand still upon his natal Moon on that date--and is within range of his (separative, Saturnian) South Node simultaneously. Of course, this transit may indicate a trial of some sort, an indictment, an impeachment, an important hearing, another legal decision, an event relating to the three 'Russiagate' investigations, or even a divorce or other separation (such as a WH staffer leaving employment).

Will Fortunate Jupiter Step In?

Difficult outcomes for Mr. Trump--unless protective Jupiter, here rising, mitigates Saturnian conditions so that the Trump administration can manage to keep itself intact enough to continue its White House residency. He is, after all, in process of benefiting from a three-fer Jupiter Return, with the third and final conjunction (return to 17Lib27) occurring August 4, 2017, and Jupiter Return horoscopes are 'good for' approximately 12 years. But even his Jupiter Return chart shows Pluto closely squaring natal Jupiter (0A04). However, transit Jupiter's Direct Station is within 2 minutes of this Solar Return Jupiter and occurs on June 9th @13Lib12 under the rays of a Full Moon @18Sag53 (ruled by Jupiter). If feelings of up-down, stop-go energies assail Donald Trump this summer it wouldn't surprise me. Plus...

Transit Pluto Continues His Blockade

Yes, another ongoing karmic condition for Mr. Trump this year is saboteur Pluto Rx @18Cap44 in the Return 4th house (Basis of the Matter; Security; Real Estate; Mining) which continues to square Mr. Trump's buoyant natal Jupiter (Station Direct in natal 2nd house of Money and Values). Of course, Pluto is lord of the Underworld which also relates to the multiple criminal syndicates across the globe, and wealthy, stealthy Pluto is 'the dragon' guarding the riches tucked away in hidden places. (With Mr. Trump I always have the icky feeling that mobsters are hiding just behind the curtain!) Of course, the Deep State (Pluto in Capricorn) and other status quo elements entrenched within the US government are dogging Trump every chance they get and Pluto's association with Publishing identifies the media touting his scandals and alleged scandals 24/7 although Trump and his favorite Neptunian media types are muddying the waters in efforts to rescue him and his presidency while avoiding mention of his glaring incompetency and disdain for rules, traditions, and laws.

Puppet master Pluto square his natal Jupiter may also be playing a role in the blocking of Mr. Trump's legal maneuvers although the sabotage may only be from behind the scenes (as with most sabotage--and leaving behind incriminating fingerprints is a no-no for the win-win crowd of manipulators!)

Now let's consider the double Air Sun Gemini-Moon Aquarius blend of energies in this Solar Return Horoscope since Mr. Trump will have a year of its influence which is quite different from the usual Gemini-Sagittarius influence instilled within him at birth:

Sun Gemini-Moon AQ is a sober yet serious/bright vs light combination. A tendency toward wit and intellect may be noticed as well as an increase in curiosity (much needed!) His natal restlessness and Geminian quest for youth continues but the Aquarian input may help him gain a more in depth understanding of his duties. A search for Truth will continue to be a preoccupation although illusion and deception still swirl around and within him (we mustn't expect too much clarity from his indiscreet Mercury-Neptune square which tends to distort perception, garble words, and inconveniently reveal secrets to the wrong people).

This is a 'reformer' and 'negotiator' combo which should feel quite familiar to him, plus, an increase in reasoning ability may be noted and will hopefully be beneficial to all, thanks to a more detached Aquarian Moon which may resonate more easily with the American people's Aquarian Moon. Actually, a broader view and less subjective viewpoint would be very helpful in his current position as president though this blend's negatives are disturbingly a part of his nature already: talking far too much, allowing his mind to run too fast and neglecting the realities of life, and being disconnected from the painful, darker aspects of himself'. (Paraphrasing the Harvey's Sun Sign-Moon Sign).

Now there are several other important chart factors in Mr. Trump's Solar Return 2017 horoscope, of course, and I trust you to ferret them out at your leisure. But for now I want to close this post with a statement I have made here and elsewhere but which perhaps needs repeating, that:

Although I consider him unqualified and sadly overly flawed to uphold his presidential position, I much prefer that Mr. Trump do well in the role of US president because it means that America does well. And I add here that there are multiple forces, domestic and foreign, determined to undermine his presidency, and these efforts, as a Child of the Revolution, I do not appreciate and certainly do not applaud. Tragically, in effect, it is the US presidency that is being undermined just as it was for 8 years of Mr. Obama. And you know the culprits, the visible ones anyway.

And so I dissent because I care! And if my writing and chart reading seem 'partisan' to you, as some say they are, I completely agree for I am partisan on behalf of the Common Good--and am cheering for a sovereign America to give up the empirical roles of Global Cop and World Conqueror so that the American people may be decently treated by Washington (my former residence) as we should be...a Government Of, By, and For...We The People!


Jude Cowell

Related posts and horoscopes include:

August 2017 full of Mr. Trump's Karmic Returns; Summer Solstice 2017: Saturn at Midheaven; and The Oregon and South Carolina Horoscopes of The Great American Eclipse.

Nov 29, 2015

Astro-Notes on 18 South: the First Solar Eclipse of 2016

Astro-Notes: Lunations of March 2016

by Jude Cowell

Most often there are two solar eclipses in a given year though sometimes there may be four as in 1982, 2000, and 2011; 1992 sported three solar eclipses. The first solar eclipse of a year establishes the solar tone or resonance for the year with remaining solar (and lunar) eclipses adding their own vibes, flavors, themes and influences as each year proceeds.

Since New Year 2016 is peeking around our calendar's corner, let's consider the first solar eclipse of the year which manifests @18Pisces56 on March 9, 2016 followed by a Lunar Eclipse @3Libra17 on March 23.

Note that in America's natal chart (July 4, 1776 5:00 - 5:15 LMT Philadelphia, PA) our 9th house Neptune @22Virgo and 10th house Saturn @14Libra may be activated by the Moon for their midpoint is 3 Libra. As you know, the combination of Saturn and Neptune denotes potentials for such things as weak, ill, poor, or elderly people and thus social safety net programs to aid them--in a word socialism, but also communism, capitalism, bolshevikism, Marxism, materialism vs spiritualism or idealism, depressed or pessimistic people, undermining circumstances, pain and suffering, sacrifice, illnesses, contagion, neuroses, asceticism, renunciation, natural disasters--quite a batch of negative implications within the duo of societal planet Saturn and outer planet Neptune, the nebulous. Add the Lunar Eclipse of March 23 and we find women's health, difficult emotions, and chronic medical conditions may also apply. From a solar perspective of the Full Moon (Eclipse) there's a lack of vitality involved.

And of course an exact square between Saturn and Neptune occurred on November 26, 2015 with its obvious influences on the Collective via negative attitudes about Syrian refugees and countries and states refusing them entry (or attempting to), racism, protests, and other negative societal conditions which are causing many people anxiety, fear, and paranoia. Meanwhile, many of those with the power to act are indifferent to their duties and prefer to neglect their responsibilities! Apparently politicians behaving in breach of the public contract is not an embarrassment anymore and for some it's some sort of (degraded) badge of honor.

Will You Vote in 2016?

Naturally we expect the March eclipses to affect Campaign 2016 rhetoric and subsequent public opinion and we've already heard plenty of remarks, proposals, and promises concerning social programs particularly since one candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, identifies himself as an Independent from Vermont who is a Democratic Socialist. Personally I equate the senator's policies with care for the common good which means spending money on our needs here at home and dedicating fewer resources to playing global cop and occupying other countries, though you may of course disagree as you wish.

Now here are brief astro-notes published previously concerning the 18 South Solar Eclipse which begins 2016, a presidential election year in the US:

March 9, 2016 18S themes include potentials for: endings, separations, and partings which can relate to travel or to break ups of relationships and/or alliances; grief and anguish may follow yet the pain of separation is lessened by new situations which create positive outcomes.

The Initial Eclipse in the 18S Series occurred on August 20, 1096 OS @3Sco29 with forceful even brutal Mars-Pluto undertones; this degree conjoins the current position of US Secondary Progressed Saturn Rx @3Scorpio showing America's compromised authority in the world, building most specifically (Rx) since at least 1996. Therefore, we can stretch all the way to midpoint picture potentials which may apply to the eclipse season: Mars-Pluto = Saturn: leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of a particular task (Ebertin); frustrated goals (Munkasey.)

Another major flavor within 18S via its initial eclipse is an obsessive quindecile aspect (165 degr) between two money planets, Venus and Jupiter which on one level can give much creative energy but also indicates an excessive drive for relationships and/or money; ideals, morals, and ethics are often based on material gain, belief systems tend to motivate action, and excess and indulgence are definite potentials. For positive expressions of 18S, education is essential. (Reeves, The Quindecile.)

Now an interesting cast of characters, entities, and events were born or occurred under 18S:

Sirhan Sirhan, Craig Ferguson, Rudy Giuliani, Marilyn Monroe, Mark Twain, Piet Mondrian, the city of St. Augustine, Florida, the US hostage release by Iran theatrically staged just in time for Reagan's first Inauguration, and the surrender of General Cornwallis to General George Washington at an hour, date, and location of what is said to have been Freemason George's choosing.

For historical context we find that 18S has manifested in the years 1908, 1926, 1944, 1962, 1980, 1998, (2016); next: 2034 @30Pisces which keys the Aries Point of World Events.

So there it is: the first solar eclipse of 2016 once the current eclipse of September 13, 2015 (18N) fades with its high level of stress and overtaxing of strength themes.


Eclipse info: Brady's Predictive Astrology.

Jan 28, 2015

Spring Equinox 2015 Solar Eclipse = neglected burdens

A previous post concerning the March 20, 2015 Solar Eclipse @29Pis27 detailed a good many of its karmic implications relating to the sign of Pisces, ruled by Jupiter and co-ruled by nebulous Neptune, the pair that denotes potentials for speculation, fraud, inflation, wastefulness, and grand imaginings. However, a trine from conservative Saturn aids in the eclipse's positive expression toward karmic progress.

The Jupiter-NN midpoint is also mentioned for it brackets a karmic point in the chart--a 7th house Vertex in Mercury-ruled Virgo, the sign and constellation intimately linked to the layout of Washington DC, its architecture, its mission, and our Founders' goddess-worshiping tendencies.

Saturn @4Sag54 Rx conjoins the eclipse MC (The Goal) when the horoscope is set for Washington DC, and with the ongoing Saturn-Neptune square we know that political machinations against social safety net programs continue especially since the square adds to the 'neglect of social responsibilities' tone of the season along with a Venus-Saturn inconjunct (150 degrees) and its feelings of being burdened by the needs of others; meanwhile, the approval of others is also sought and one supposes this aspect of adjustment relates on one level to politicians (lawmakers, government officials = Saturn) who carry the water of austerity-for-the-people billionaires who now grasp for more complete control of the US government.

See Mother Jones: Why the Media Focuses So Much on the Koch Brothers--Explained in 5 Tweets.

Adding to Capitol Hill's current 'burdened' feeling via Venus-Saturn, Saturn-MC, and Saturn-square-Neptune is that the apex planet in a YOD with Jupiter and North Node at its base is communicating Mercury in confused, secretive Pisces which adds to the 'neglect of social responsibilities' tone already noted. Plus, it appears that someone or a group of someones is/are being trained and prepared to assume a more efficient role in communication of ideas and ideals that seem to be on behalf of the common good. Doesn't this sound a lot like the new talking points that Republicans are attempting to sell the public before Election 2016 rolls around? That's quite a magical task they've set for themselves!

Related: Republicans Pretend to Care About Inequality.

Further reading: List: Solar and Lunar Eclipses 2015 through 2022 or perhaps "America Unearthed", Three NYC Obelisks, and the Belt Stars of Orion.

Aug 17, 2011

Why Obama, the GOP, and the US Gov won't lift a finger to help our nation stay a nation

So Many Questions, One Big Fat Answer

by Jude Cowell

Why doesn't President Obama get tough with Republicans? Why aren't Wall Street banksters in prison? Why are so few companies hiring? Why is the Supreme Court acting like royal monarchists? Why can't foreclosed home mortgages be redeemed and families kept in their homes? Why are our war vets sleeping under bridges? And why did the dog bark at midnight?

The people's list of puzzling questions seems endless and most Americans feel that little of consequence has been or is being done to really improve our financial condition and jobs market since Financial Collapse 2008 which blew up officially on September 15, 2008: because no one believable is answering them.

If you want a sincere answer, New Dawn Magazine has published perhaps the best explanation of the long-devised goal of a World Government that I've yet to find, and perhaps you may agree.

Twelve Triggers Driving Mankind Towards World Government lays things out in easy-reading detail including what's going on now with a fracturing European Union (as Nostradamus predicted) and Germany's stubborn refusal to provide financial aid to the EU's poorer nations (which are in process of being enveloped while Middle Eastern 'rogue nations' have been poised to take their falls, too. Future puppets wait in the wings.)

History a Process

If you were around in the late 1990s, perhaps you noticed that the Soviet Bloc 'fell' just as the EU was being implemented (1999) and Putin became the Soviet darling. Although it was murky at the start, the EU now shows itself to be a proto-World Government struggling--or dramatizing--their own demise as its Nation-States mull over returning to their traditional currencies...all part of the World Government script.

Now if you've read this blog before this moment, you've noted my use of the term 'New World Order' ('NWO') or 'one-world-government' which are all the same entity and agenda...World Government. Very few politicians on the public stage are not part of the agenda though they only know the part of the plan in which they collude--the old 'need to know' ploy is used because it works. The more secretly they can act, the more efficiently things go--for the manipulators, that is.

World Capitals Will Be...Transformed

Brussels, Luxembourg, Frankfort, Strasbourg, Washington DC (Military center, of course), London, Rome, Jerusalem--all figure into the dissolution of the Nation-State now in progress. And if you don't know this, perhaps you can feel it: their plan is that the USA must be collapsed because no one country can be allowed power concentrated in one place when dispersed, de-centralized power is what the Global Power Elite have envisioned for centuries, such good little 'Utopians' all.

Lurking Somewhere in Astrology...

So with transit Uranus now in Mars-ruled Aries until 2018/19, the revolutionary Utopians have plenty of time in which to fully implement their agenda of world domination with other planets (actors) and dynamic planetary patterns aiding and abetting by aspect, off and on by transit.

In fact, if you use the 'Sibly' version of America's *natal horoscope with its 00Ari53 IC (4th cusp of Home, Domestic Scene, Homeland; AP = a World Point of Manifestation), Utopians have entered the Foundation of our national structure more deeply than since the last time Uranus reached Aries Point (AP) in 1927/28 (see below for dates and a few events that may seem similar to today's happenings. Pluto was in the sign opposite to its current one, Capricorn indicating that plutonian masters were With America then--conjoining, not challenging our natal Venus, Sun, Jupiter trio in Cancer--but now wealthy stealthy Pluto opposes the US trio. Plus, Mr. Organized Crime is within orb of conjoining Britain's natal Sun--and London is the intended Financial center of the World Government.)

Yes, quirky, explosive, political operative Uranus in US natal 4th house--which can act earlier or later than the transit promises--introduces unstable conditions, temporary arrangements, and circumstances over which people who once did, have no control. Unanticipated events and unusually odd people may appear as independence concerns vie with traditional responsibilities. Things begin and end abruptly and family ties change, often due to unexpected crises. Chaos is on the Uranian menu, sorry to say, and strikes, riots, and protests are on the upswing.

If this 4th house info sounds familiar to you, you may have just verified the correct American natal horoscope! But be that as it may, the above linked article is a must-read for those who wish a fuller understanding for Why President Obama and others are not 'helping' our financial circumstances any more efficiently or quickly than heretofore.

Also implicated are the Uranian weirdos who used the word "default" during the staged 'debt ceiling-default crisis' we were 'treated' to in July--morning, noon, and night until August 2, 2011 when the staged 'crisis' was allegedly 'averted' (Whew! we were expected to say in trembling unison as the media beat its importance into our noggins. Personally I said, Political Theater--puh! create a crisis then pretend to 'solve' it, but that's just how I am. Seriously, my church clued me in to the World Government agenda over 30 years ago but I was hoping the totalitarians would hold off until I'm history, chicken that I am. To paraphrase Scripture concerning the latter days: 'No one will be able to buy or sell without the mark of the beast'. You doubt? Then you must not be watching the news much these days! Don't blame you actually. Their plan reeks of starkness.)

So! All this to say that the New Dawn Magazine article is highly recommended for an overview of what's really going on and why nothing is being improved as we-the-people would expect so please do pass it around if you may. For in sharing the info you may be doing some sand-headed ostrich a favor--and maybe the coming Holograms of Fakery won't be such a big surprise, and more of us will know exactly who to blame for the false flag ops now being planned to keep us in line. These are operations designed to make the MSM-touted World Government seem to be the only entity big enough to 'deal' with such massive problems--some we've seen (environmental disasters, terrorist plots and schemes, credit crunch, etc), and some are being tweaked right now for unleashing at the moment the Global Power Elite decrees it will have the most effect on psyches and notions of decent futures.

Theirs is an interlocking, interfacing, complex and holistic matrix which is tactically flexible but strategically and rigidly unbending with the prospect of collapsing the US dollar and undermining the Euro as European countries potentially separate from the EU turning up every day in the news like a steady drumbeat.

Therefore, if this agenda to crash America and other nations is even remotely true, it makes them all traitors. Not just Ben Fedhead Bernanke.

And even, possibly, the anti-Bernanke candidate, preacher Rick Perry.


*Sibly horoscope for America: July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius rising and a 10th house 'fallen from grace' Saturn if responsibilities aren't honored and authenticity isn't upheld.

The Last Time Uranus Conjoined US natal IC and Burst into 4th House

1. April 16, 1927
2. Oct 9, 1927
3. Feb 5, 1928

A few Events of 1927 which may resemble those of 2010/2011:

In US, Herbert Hoover is elected president (heard of comparisons between Hoover and Obama lately?); the Irish parliament decrees revolutionary societies treasonable; Allied military control of Germany ends; in Portugal a revolt erupts against military dictatorship (now it's financial dictatorship); diplomatic relations are broken off between China and the USSR; Hitler publishes volume 2 of Mein Kampf; exciting (Uranus) archaeological discoveries are made at the site of the ancient Babylonian city of Ur of the Chaldees (like Uranus!); Werner Heisenberg regales the world with his Uncertainty Principle--how Uranian of him.

Then Came 1928:

Stalin introduces the first Five Year Plan for a state-driven economy; borrowed money is used to buy shares on the NYSE (wish we could walk that back); in the US the first African-American congressman of the 20th century is elected, Oscar De Priest,
the French franc is devalued; and in Paris, 65 countries sign the Kellogg-Briand Pact which renounced "war as an instrument of national policy."

Click to read the Pact and the names of the signators. Here's its lofty, now very lamentable, beginning:

"Deeply sensible of their solemn duty to promote the welfare of mankind;..." How soon they forget.

When was the last time you heard a US politician tout the "welfare of mankind"?

In closing, here's a blast from a more distant American past:

"Power always thinks it has a great soul and vast views beyond the comprehension of the weak; and that it is doing God's service when it is violating all His laws."

John Adams

Dec 23, 2010

On Bradley Manning's true condition and 2011

Seasonal Review and Deja-Vu of Common Good Topics: First They Come for Them, Then They Come for Us

by Jude Cowell

In case you've missed details of Bradley Manning's true condition while in prison these 7 months as the alleged WikiLeaks whistle blower, here's a link to hook you up concerning Manning's confinement, the details of which are being glossed over - no, misreported - no, lied about - in the press.

Now here's a wish for Christmas 2010: for the raptors of the US government (those factions that spy on us all and must rely heavily on secrecy to hide and avoid prosecution for their gangster behavior) to back off their fascist suppression, torture, and bombing of the world - for their deepest and ugliest motivations are showing.

Perhaps the much-touted New Millennial Great Awakening may turn out to be in favor of the peoples of the world as despots, world banksters, and their criminal pawns are held accountable for their death-dealing, antisocial actions as we approach the explosive and riot-instigating Uranus/Pluto square in action-oriented Cardinal signs.

Complicating things is that rebellious Uranus in Aries is ruled by warring Mars and Mars/Uranus is an explosive/gun-to-head combo of energies, totally unpredictable; yet inspired, creative, and original actions are potentials as well.

Pluto in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the authority, with Saturn/Pluto recalling the two planets in opposition on 9/11/01 across America's natal ASC/DESC axis (and at other times in history) when hardships come, and victimization by those whose primary goal in life is to gain and retain power and control runs roughshod over the masses.

"Cornering the market" isn't good enough for these shrivel-hearted creeps for they feel they must corner the last farthing tucked under our mattresses!

And that in part describes the most recent takeover of the US government, with the Saturn/Pluto pair as one of the culprits, and the onrushing Uranus/Pluto square a major signpost on the way to a select few power elite's long-planned totalitarian domination on a global scale. Riots welcomed as population control is no fallacy, but add genetically modified foods to the mix and implicate Science's eugenics while you're at it. The attempts of Hitler's regime were mere peanuts compared to these guys.

Has Science run amok?

Or has the Royal Branch of Inquiry simply progressed through the decades at humanity's great expense? 'Causing damage to others without their being aware of it' has been at play on every level of society and GM engineering of food and the degradation of water bears much of the blame along with the plastics and chemical industries' hormone inhibitors that interfere with DNA at cellular (hidden) levels.

Now in December 2010, a transiting midpoint picture remains intact (within orb) between Jupiter and Saturn (our societal planets which describe the business cycle, too) and powerful, secretive wealth-hoarder and manipulator Pluto so it's still operative and causing many difficulties:

Jupiter/Saturn = Pluto: restriction; separation; violent changes; attaining one's aims slowly but surely, no matter the cost; transforming the future into today's reality (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

So Deck the Halls But Which Ones?

Today's post is not Christmas fare, granted, but it is important to note that 2011 arrives soon with a Solar Eclipse right out of the gate (Jan 4, 2011 13Cap38 opposing US natal Sun, the leader) with 2011 beginning the next phase of the plutocrats' plans to be implemented upon us, as more individuals, the guilty and the innocent, will be 'detained' ad infinitum and left with little or no Hope.

Our young Bradley Manning comes instantly to mind especially since I do not know what really happened or what he actually did, if anything. How could I? But I do know the 'official line' on WikiLeaks and on several other 'realities' and governmental scripts we're constantly being sold by the men lurking behind the propaganda curtain.

Meanwhile our 'R v D' parties collude and conspire against us. Plus, 2011 contains a 'Constitutional Crisis' Solar Eclipse later in the year which will be considered more fully as time permits (assuming that new Net Neutrality laws will allow this blog to be accessed and that I can continue to write and publish in the 'cyber commons' as Bill Moyers calls it.)

So as 2010 ends, this Sun/Mercury/Mars/Jupiter Capricorn says, Deck with greenery and red berries whatever halls you may have, m'peops, and invite others to join in your merriment! (Above image, Nandina which grows in holiday fashion around my yard.)

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year in which more citizens' eyes than ever are trained upon the varmints, vermin, and brigands currently infesting our government - those whose ties and allegiances go 'higher' than to any oath of loyalty to the United States of America...and by US of A, I refer historically, intrinsically, and explicitly to We-The-People.

Remain true to ourselves!

Feb 28, 2009

Return the Superfund! + Lobbyists Up in Arms

This week should begin the fight against the Obama administration's new budget proposals which repeal tax breaks for the super-wealthy oil and gas industry, place caps on carbon and other green house gas emissions, and give the Environmental Protection Agency a 30% budget increase, among other things.

Yes, lobbyists for monied special interests are ready to storm Capitol Hill (which they think belongs only to them) and bring it on while Pres. Obama says he's spoilin' for the fight on our behalf.

Sounds great, Mr. President - I hope things can be evened up more fairly to benefit the common good.

Personally, I'd like to see the reinstatement of the Superfund for chemical clean-up costs (a tax that was rescinded under Pres. Clinton in 1995) because America's lungs have gotten grimier ever since while polluting evil-doers get off the hook every day by sticking the taxpayer with the costs of industry crimes against nature and the health conditions that result.

Then we have the pharmaceutical, medical, and insurance industries on the other side of us denying us care.

Amazing that we still call this America! Or how about: Land of Opportunity - the chance to shaft your fellow man all you want especially if you have the moola to pay the exorbitant fees of the most weasley lobbyists in the bunch.

Jan 20, 2009

Obama's Inaugural Address 2009

Here's a link to the text of President Obama's Inaugural Address today which lasted from 12:07:50 pm to 12:26:10 pm est - "18 minutes, 10 seconds," as reported by TV's Brian Williams.

'Seconds' given are from my own observance.


All the president's address was delivered during an Hour of Saturn; Mercury Rx and Sun, both at 00AQ+, crossed Midheaven while he intoned...12:07:50 pm's Mc 28Cap08 (conj US natal Pluto whose degree had crossed into 9th house as well) and ended 2AQ29, with Jupiter 3AQ32 conj Mc.

Sun and Mercury had, of course, Barack Obama's natal Jupiter in tow...his Jupiter Return 00AQ52 was on Jan 9, 2009. I'm using Aug 4, 1961, 7:24 pm AHST, Honolulu, HI; Asc 18AQ01; natal Mc 28Sco54, with Inaugural Moon 29Sco49 at 12:07 pm...conjunct and exalted at BHO's natal Midheaven.

So! Moon (the people; the public) conj Mc, the Goal/Aspiration Point...shades of: "This is not about me...this is about the American people."

To our American political thespians and their minions:

And now, at this moment, I put on notice any politician or operative who interferes with Obama's policies that help, or may facilitate, the common good in are being watched.

The people's distrust is rampant after eight long years of neocon shills, Bush and Cheney, so you will be the first to be suspected of working against the American people if you block Barack Obama in his initiatives.

Block him, block us. Or at least that will be the first assumption since

Pres. Obama, unlike stubborn George Bush, is capable of trying something else if the first or second things don't work. That trait does not give his detractors license to call him names or play PR games that are politically expedient for a certain globalist, special interest agenda.

If your political power agenda is in sync with the common good, you will not perpetrate this undermining work against the president and the American people.

You are on notice, as far this blogger is concerned.

You will be watched.


Astrology Q: did the 29 ~crisis~ degree of the Moon, which relates to the physical body and health, describe Senators Bird and Kennedy and their health crises? Both had to be taken out of the congressional luncheon.

Sen. Kennedy now said to be doing well (3:40 pm est) after suffering a seizure, Sen. Byrd, who was upset about Teddy, was wheeled out - and Scorpio is the sign of health issues such as surgery, etc. Sen. Byrd's *natal Sun was conjuncted today by the Inaugural Moon!

But speaking of chairs with wheels:

Earlier in the day, Dick Cheney looked like a big faker in his wheelchair, if I say so myself. Like HE'D ever be caught lifting moving boxes with his weak ticker. Puh! Sell me another one!


Robert Byrd
Nov 20, 1917,
North Wilkesboro, NC
sunrise: 7:10:42 am est

Sun 27Sco37/Moon 9AQ00
Moon being conjoined
by tr North Node today
= contact with the public.

Nov 18, 2008

G20 was part of new order script

The G-20 Washout

By Mike Whitney

The financial crisis is being used by Wall Street big-wigs to restructure the economy and create a permanent class of working poor.


Yes, that's what many of us have been saying. And Congress is in on the game so they're no help.

Is there no one who cares for the common good?

Recommended: The August Review.

Aug 25, 2008

Hillary Clinton touts Biden, points delegates

Hillary Clinton, in a pre-Convention flurry to boost the Dem ticket, is apparently about to chuck over her delegates to Obama at a special reception she's throwing in Denver for the chosen few.

She's also admitted knowing Joe Bidden very well and credits him with a years-long fight for social justice (perhaps accurately.)

Yet somehow Biden's sacred-warrior fight appears to be more shadow boxing around social issues without getting much done in the way of progress on behalf of the American people - especially considering that Washington is giving more billions to Pakistan (July 15) in a bill supported by Senator Joseph.

This evening the film Kill Bill was showing on TV.

But it seems as if the only kind of bill Capitol Hill kills are the ones which might actually do some common good for the people whose tax monies are needed at home.

Yes, they'll be speaking lilting words to rouse the masses in Denver this week including VP speaker Joseph Biden. Let's hope that something useful actually comes from it before all is said and done.

Because even the lamest accountant would know that if you send more billions to other countries than are being retained for the upkeep of your own litter box you'll soon have let the put-upon cat out the cash-strapped American bag.

Aug 2, 2008

Abe Lincoln: corruption in high places

"As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of war. God grant that my suspicions may prove groundless."

President Abraham Lincoln, Nov 21, 1864, in a letter to Col. William F. Elkins - Ref: The Lincoln Encyclopedia, Archer H. Shaw (Macmillan, 1950, NY)


Dear President Lincoln,

Your suspicions were prophetically on the mark.

It's taken a while, but destruction of the Republic by the wealthy class is well under way circa 2008, and the common good means absolutely nothing to the majority of them.

Prejudices are played upon shamelessly on every side and no one is immune from character assassination in what passes for presidential campaigning - with election outcomes decided by rich puppetmasters, not by the people.

Mr. Lincoln, you've never heard of the place, but Dubai's siren call is in their ears - and hubris, and lust for power and gold are deeply embedded within their hearts.

Can't tell you how sorry I am that we let the rot get this far in spite of your best hopes for our nation, a nation for which you and many others have sacrificed so dearly.



image credit goes to Currier & Ives

Mar 18, 2008

Obama's speech on race March 18, 2008

The Obama campaign has released a transcript of the Senator's speech on race which he gave earlier today in Philadelphia in an attempt to diffuse the furor over his relationship with Pastor Wright, an American citizen who has a right to express his own views.

And here's my post from this morning on Obama's natal Chiron in mystical Pisces which applies to the issues of religion, race, and serving the political gods as he is want to do.

The Virgo/Pisces axis is the victim/savior axis, as you know, and tr Saturn Rx has been within orb of opposing his natal Chiron this year--a time when parental issues come to the surface and humanitarian causes are on the front burner. A presidential candidate mindful of humanitarian issues--is this for real?

Healthcare, the economy, and the war in Iraq were his themes as he asked for America to come together on these issues which are begging for Washington's attention rather than diverting ourselves with (or allowing the media to multiply) the red herrings of presidential rhetoric in avoidance of our dire and real problems.

I have to agree with him there...the divide and conquer tactics of our pretend-two-party system have proven too successful for the People's common good...but it sure keeps the same old fatcat crusties wielding power in Washington, doesn't it?

Jan 29, 2008

Romney McCained--and 2008's Eclipses

Yes, Romney has been cained by John McCain in Florida and I've been writing and posting a Page at Jude's Threshold--inspired by the fact that 2008 is hopefully the last year of Bush's residency in the White House, and a hankering fell over me to see where in his natal chart the four Eclipses of 2008 fall.

You may wish to see for yourself here:

2008's Solar and Lunar Eclipses which also has info on George and Laura Bush's Pre-Natal Eclipse Series; plus, some details on how to read your own Illumination Points if you don't already know how.

For as Astrology's servant, I post for you, m'peops! I post for you...and for the sake of America's higher path.

And for World Peace. I really want World Peace.

Dec 12, 2007

Wednesday's Politics? uninspiring

Yes, I was around today and keeping up with the week's political theatrics which I found quite uninspiring for blogging purposes here at Stars Over Washington.

That's why instead I followed my artist-astrologer's heart and spent an inordinate amount of time studying and blogging on the natal chart and eyesight deterioration of one of my personal favorites Edgar Degas at Jude's Threshold where I often mix Art, Astrology, and Bad Poetry with whatever else pleases me.

Such neglect! Yet no apologies are due Politics which seldom if ever makes well-deserved apologies to any of us whom it oppresses, deludes, or robs.

And while you may not care for Art History or for Degas' ballet dancers, at least you may agree with me on that since the People's Business is neglected with great regularity in our nation's capital on every issue of real concern as it ignores the common good.

Politicians are masters of diversionary 'hearings' which amount to nuthin'...will this week's tortured testimonies lead to any positive and practical results? Have the 2006 elections answered our need for a better course for America? Puh.

It's more Capitol Hill Theater, dahling...matinee tickets available for a song.

So Romney thinks going after a candidate on religion is "going too far" while I think that's the kind of statement you want someone else to make on your behalf because making it yourself sounds whiney and overly defensive while the polygamy elephant dancing in the room seems to be imagining itself invisible as it pirouettes.

Yet my intuition tells me the GOP would l-o-v-e to shove Mitt into the backdoor of the White House, elephant and all. Well, they managed it with Bush's massively big head and the pretend horse he rode in on. Perhaps it will work in 2008, too.