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May 1, 2017

More Astro-Notes: Sean Hannity Part 2

In Part One of my astro-peek at FOX News anchor Sean Hannity we discussed a few basic chart factors and I linked you to a view of his natal horoscope. Today let's consider his Sun-Moon blend and the personality these conscious-unconscious energies describe along with his Prenatal Solar Eclipse Saros Series and its themes.

Born December 30, 1961 (see Part One for more details), Mr. Hannity's natal Sun is in Saturn-ruled Capricorn and his Moon is in Venus-ruled Libra, an Earth-Air blend which provides the capacity to be down-to-earth yet up-in-the-air simultaneously as rationality and abstract ideas combine. Here is a practical idealist who plans, then acts. However, losing touch with emotions is a caution for this liberal + conservative personality.

A fighter for causes, Mr. Hannity is courageous, socially aware, clear headed, opportunistic, and 'cunningly capable'. His dry wit can win friends and influence others with his gift for communication yet ignorance can unsettle him. A crusading temperament is in evidence along with a tendency to search for truth which no doubt aids his career in the news business. He does not hesitate to join battles he deems worthy, and a leaning toward always doing what's expected of him suggests that an occasional impulsive act could ease that 'stiff upper lip' of his and perhaps soften the edge of his considerable intellect.

In their book Sun Sign-Moon Sign, the Harveys give three Images for Integration to describe the Sun Cap-Moon Libra blend, any or all of which may be appropriate for Sean Hannity:

"In time an oyster turns irritating grit into a beautiful pearl...A beautiful walled garden...A visionary statesman fights a duel to see justice done."

Sean Hannity's Prenatal Solar Eclipse Series is the 18 North. Prior to Sean Patrick's birth, 18N manifested on August 11, 1961 @19Leo, solar sign of leadership, ego, and pride. But his life isn't all sunflowers because 18N themes include: a high stress level; a taxing of strength; a large expenditure of effort; physical concern such as an illness or accident (Brady). 18N has also occurred in the years 1907, 1925, 1943, (1961), 1979, 1997, and last occurred on September 13, 2015 @20Vir10--conjunct fixed star Denebola (keywords: to go against society; out of the mainstream). 18N's initial eclipse manifested on February 4, 1060 (OS) @21AQ34 so its modern-day influence should be viewed through an Aquarian lens.

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