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Feb 2, 2021

The Solar Eclipse of Sidney "Kraken" Powell

As we see from her Wikipedia bio, Sidney Powell was born on May 2, 1955 in Durham, North Carolina (hour unknown) so a 'noon' natal chart has been placed in my files. Check the following horoscope, upper right, for a few of her natal details and note that one of her natal midpoint pictures (not dependent upon her time of birth) also appears, below, in the Prenatal Solar Eclipse Horoscope into which she was born, the 11 North @2Cap58 - Pluto-NN = Neptune, and in the Eclipse chart the "tiger by the tail" duo of Pluto and North Node rise at Ascendant with Neptune; suggested are: "success via lies and fraud" (Ebertin) and "sense of suspicion in associations" (Tyl):

As you see, Uranus Rx @26Can35 (opposite US natal Pluto Rx) leads a Locomotive shape of planets, ruthlessly determined on success via Uranus, planet of chaos, rebellion, and disruption. Cancer is the sign of Home but also of tribalism, nationalism, patriotism, self-protection, and subjectivity. Suggested is a period when political and social power shifts occur, plus, generational conflicts.

Also opposing US natal Pluto Rx is Jupiter Rx @27Can38 indicating a time when power and success are seductive traps and tend to be grossly overrated and mismanaged. Glowing offers are made that promise influence or oppportunities to manipulate conditions to personal advantage, plus, a contest of wills is suggested. Taxes, debts, and inheritance issues are not favored.

11 North themes: 'suddenly changing groups either through travel or ideas; making greater commitments in relationships; good outcomes are possible' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology #ad).

11 North Eclipses also occurred in the years 1900, 1918, 1936, (1954), 1973, 1991, 2009 (@6AQ conjunct US natal SN), and next on February 6, 2027 @18Aquarius; its initial eclipse in the Series: August 1, 1125 @14Leo33 with Pluto Rx @6Tau55 where the Mars-Uranus Conjunction perfected on Inauguration Day 2021. Formed is Pluto = Mars-Uranus: "force; a 'Higher Power'; intervention of the big shock' (Tyl); Ebertin adds, "violent interventions."

A Related Post: Tr*mp Regime Identified with Mars-Uranus Since 2017.

Dec 2, 2019

Astro-Notes and the Eclipse of Rep. Adam Schiff

The best course for anyone interested in the natal horoscope and planets of Rep. Adam Schiff is to visit Michael O'Reilly's Neptune Cafe for The Unflappable Adam Schiff which includes details and a view of Schiff's natal chart with its 12th house Sun-Venus conjunction at Cardinal World Point 00Cancer. As you know, the 12th is the house of Politics, Large Institutions, and Karma and along with several other factors makes for a very interesting Moon-ruled horoscope and politician of the Democratic persuasion.

So here I shall add a trio of cosmic factors:

That Adam Schiff has recently experienced two major planetary returns in 2019, one a three-fer. In order of occurrence they are: Saturn Return/s (16Cap12:03) 3 times: February 12, July 23, and November 11, 2019. Responsibilities! Then on November 25th a Jupiter Return (28Sag26:15) perfected--the "Jupiter Reward Cycle" as Noel Tyl has termed it--which is especially apt since the tension between Jupiter and Saturn (expansion vs retraction) keeps the planets in their courses ('the flywheel of the Universe') and traditionally, the pair relates in Politics to our fabled checks'n'balances system of government which Rep. Schiff and congressional Democrats are working to honor by attempting to hold Trump accountable for his anti-constitutional overreach and lawlessness. (Note that Schiff's Saturn returning before Jupiter suggests that his hard work is being rewarded.)

Now this is where the US Congress as a co-equal branch of government comes in with its oversight function designed by the Founders to keep presidents from behaving as monarchs acting as if they're above the law. And of course, SCOTUS oversight must be included in the deal as well as the third branch of government.

Therefore, a Masonic lodge the White House may be but a king's castle it is not.

Plus, in Mundane Astrology Jupiter and Saturn relate to our two political parties, or, as I often tend to think of them, our two political factions (because they exploit us as the 'ruling class' vs We The People). Periodically switching roles or hats between generosity and austerity, the Two Santa Claus Theory of Jude Wanniski and popularized by Thom Hartmann can be described in terms of Jupiter the Generous vs Saturn the Scrooge.

The final cosmic factor I shall mention here is Adam Schiff's Prenatal Solar Eclipse Saros Series ('PE') and its themes. Born June 22, 1960 at 6:13 am edt in Framingham, Massachusetts (RR: AA) into the 16 South Saros Series (March 27, 1960 @6Ari38), Mr. Schiff's eclipse themes involve issues of wasted energy and misdirected motivation especially in groups, and sudden inspiration that is potentially unfulfilling (Brady's Predictive Astrology). If your PE is in Mars-ruled Aries, issues of leadership and treating problems as challenges will feature in your life. 16 South last manifested on April 29, 2014 @9Taurus and will next occur on May 9, 2032 @19Taurus.

But Aries issues aside, perhaps you agree that 16 South is not one of your more positive Saros Series to be born into though hopefully while it 'runs in the background' of Schiff's life, no negative influences will be felt during this critical period of time. Yet it's possible that his participation in the group now staging impeachment proceedings against Trump may turn out to be "unfulfilling."

For it does seem significant that during the 3rd day of the inquiry proceedings this week with Rep. Nadler wielding the gavel, on Friday December 6, 2019, transit Jupiter opposes both Schiff's Venus then Sun which suggests a lack of cooperation from others, overblown or unkept promises, and wounded pride--and Jupiter may represent Jupiterian Trump in cosmic disguise challenging Adam Schiff's integrity, values, and his democratic perspectives which threaten to interfere with the 'kingship' and plutonian mobsterism of Donald Trump as he and his comrades continue hollowing out the US government to a more manageable size.

May 16, 2019

The Prenatal Eclipse of Inauguration 2021

DC Horoscope: Solar Eclipse December 14, 2020 11:16:26 am est Washington DC @23Sag08 10th house; Solar Hour; one retrograde planet: unaspected Uranus @7Tau07 Rx in 2nd house of the National Treasury (see chart, center upper). Ascendant 29AQ01, a critical or crisis degree, and conjunct the natal Descendant degree of Donald Trump so his natal ASC conjunct royal Regulus and natal Mars set in this chart. Plus, this eclipse will affect Trump's problematic Moon-South-Node conjunction.

The heavyweight trio of Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn in governmental Capricorn snug around the cusp of the 12th house (Politics, Self-Undoing; Large Institutions; Karma; The Unconscious; Secret Enemies) with Saturn strong in its own sign and at a critical-crisis 29th degree.

Also in 12th house is the Neptune-MC midpoint @00AQ17, the precise degree and minute of Inauguration 2017's POTUS Sun which creates a midpoint picture penned on the chart, upper right--someone is pretending to be what they are not. My suggestion: POTUS. Neptune-MC also conjoins the Pluto-Jupiter-Saturn trio which activates potentials for (more) criminal offenses, pursuit of peculiar objectives, gambling and speculation, putting all the eggs in one basket, insecurity, uncertainty, an inability to get over losses, and/or suffering from the consequences of wrong actions. The Neptune-MC pairing itself points toward crooks and swindlers (Ebertin) and deception, disguise, and/or fraud used in career matters and in public life.

Rising are two midpoints--Pluto-Chiron, one of the Plutocracy/Plutocrat pairings of exploitation, racism and various other -isms, plus, primal violence, and Mercury-Uranus which bestows someone with organizing talent, and the ability to act with prudence or deliberation.

Near MC is the transiting Mercury-South-Node conjunction which shows someone feeling mentally alone, whose ideas or communications are stolen (or, a plagiarist; emails hacked?), and/or, one whose ideas are ahead or behind the times.

As for the BOWL shape of planets led by Venus @28Sco44 in the 9th house of Foreign Lands, Philosophy, Higher Education, and Legal Affairs, the empty houses of the chart identify areas of challenge; a BOWL often indicates a mission to fulfill or a cause to advocate, plus, frustration, uncertainty, and/or vindictiveness that arises from a sense of division are possibilities of this particular 4 South Eclipse season. Here, evaluating Venus in Big Business Scorpio acts as the point of application (Jones).

Themes of a 4 South Solar Eclipse identify it as a difficult eclipse series which will affect or influence events and circumstances leading up to the January 20, 2021 Inauguration, the person who takes the Oath of Office, and thus the next administration to inhabit the White House. We may expect issues such as: "very strong emotional feelings concerning relationships and/or money", a sense of fatedness in relationships which are beyond personal control, a sudden desire to end relationships or alliances, blocked emotions that lead to "a great deal of frustration," and a need to "avoid taking rash action until things settle down" (Brady's Predictive Astrology).

Well, there are multiple other chart factors of note and I hope you'll ferret them out for yourself if you haven't already for a time of further turmoil approaches and we need all the fore-arming we can get.

Scorpio Girl 2 a pencil drawing by Jude Cowell

Sep 25, 2018

The Fate of Rod Rosenstein - Robert Cosmar Astrology

September 25, 2018: here is one of expert astrologer Robert Cosmar's video presentations from his Astrology Of Life: News Through the Eyes of Astrology series, this report on The Fate of Rod Rosenstein:

Also among Robert's several excellent and timely video reports is Will Brett Kavanaugh Be Confirmed?, a not-to-be-missed video!

Plus, here are brief notes by yours truly concerning the Prenatal Solar Eclipse of Rod Rosenstein which repeats on January 6, 2019 in Capricorn!

Aug 16, 2018

The Solar Eclipse of Omarosa Manigault Newman

Image: Horoscope of the last manifestation of a 12 North Solar Eclipse on January 25, 2010 @25Capricorn.

August 16, 2018: If you haven't you may wish to view the natal horoscope of Omarosa Manigault Newman (RR: AA) who was born February 5, 1974 at 10:54 pm edt in Youngstown, Ohio with Sun @16AQ56, Moon @4Leo52, and Ascendant 6Lib54--with Pluto Rx and rising @6Lib36. This and other factors gives her a 'Trumpian' need for taking revenge against those who hurt or injure her in any way (Moon-Neptune = Pluto) and an ability to see through other people (Moon-Neptune = ASC).

Her powerful natal Pluto and ASC are also involved in a YOD pattern, an indicator of crisis, a special task, a spiritual opportunity, and/or a turning point or crossroads situation coming along in her life at some point. How she handles the situation or opportunity is her choice and it now seems we're seeing her handle--and best--Donald Trump and her firing from the White House (December 2017) with her book release and the outing of secret tapes she recorded while in the White House. Trump trained her on The Apprentice and Omarosa learned well enough to use his vengeful tactics against him now and she is aided by inherent plutonian abilities as noted, above. And her YOD pattern between Pluto in Libra sextile Moon in Leo points toward natal Mercury @4Pis35 (5th house), planet of communications, messages, news, and gossip! Through the YOD, Omarosa 'yields a powerful influence on the public through speaking or writing' (Moon-Pluto = Mercury--Ebertin). And yes, a Moon-Pluto sextile does have a tendency to hold grudges (Epstein) and attracts the same!

Yet this post isn't about her natal horoscope as a whole but concerns today's position of transit Saturn @3Cap53 which impels this Capricorn to post a bit concerning Omarosa's Prenatal Solar Eclipse (PE) for the planet of facts, truth, accountability, responsibility, and commitment activates her PE (3Cap40) which perfected on December 24, 1973 in the 12 North Saros Series. This manifestation in the 12 North series was only an annular eclipse (not as strong as a Total) yet had an especially long duration: 12 minutes 03 seconds. The last manifestation of a 12 North eclipse is seen above in its horoscope set for Washington DC during the Obama administration.

12 North contains themes of: 'opportunities to accept greater responsibilities come suddenly into the life; new commitments likely come as a result of another person's being unable to carry on; events heralded by the eclipse may be difficult but outcomes in terms of harmony and self-esteem are positive' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology). 12 North last occurred on January 15, 2010 @25Capricorn (opposite Trump's natal Saturn in self-protective Cancer!) and will next occur in 2028 @6Aquarius (conjunct US natal South Node). And actually, Capricorn PEs relate to authority figures, business, government, and to attempts to 'correct wrongful karmic situations' (Lineman). Some say that via Omarosa, Mr. Trump has met his match and I assert that her natal Astrology agrees!

And perhaps you agree that on some level, 12 North themes sound quite a lot like the format of TV's The Apprentice previously led by Donald Trump, the man who helped catapult Omarosa Manigault into the public eye where she has remained all these years--and the current activation of her PE themes by dutiful legal-eagle Saturn seems tangled up with Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of allegations of Donald Trump's racism, his ties to Russia, his obstruction of justice, his financial crimes, his possible campaign violations, his breaking of the emoluments clause, and the demand for accountability for any and all of them which Mr. Trump hopes to avoid while undermining the White House and the presidency, and destroying America's reputation, laws, and traditions.

All this post is missing now is a hearty, kudos Omarosa!

Aug 1, 2018

On the Prenatal Solar Eclipse of Alexander Hamilton

John Trumbull [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Because of the uncertainty of the birth data of Founding Father Alexander Hamilton I've never properly posted his natal horoscope or made much mention of him astrologically here on Stars Over Washington. However, there are multiple rectified versions of his natal chart for the curious if you wish to have a look at them or at his noon chart. His early childhood on the Island of Nevis has been subject to speculation through the years although more seems to be known these days. Here's his Wikipedia bio page if you're interested and a view of his 'noon' chart is available here. The version I tend to favor is a rectified chart (by Dr. "H") set for January 11, 1755 1:23:37 pm Charlestown, Nevis with ASC 19Tau53 and MC 9AQ20--and lots of Capricorn planets suitable for the man who championed America's national banking system, served as our first Secretary of the Treasury, and more.

The Age-Old Question: Who's Your Daddy?

In the natal chart I favor, Hamilton's natal Neptune @7Leo47 Rx, leader of a Locomotive shape of planets (toward success), conjoins his IC which describes Hamilton's mysterious beginnings or roots. Plus, rising is Taurus, a money sign (the Taurean 'Bull of bullish Wall Street') and an Aquarian Midheaven, the Aspiration and Career Point, brings in humanitarian or social work which resonates with his natal Uranus inconjunct Neptune aspect that identifies his generation as fighting social ills and becoming involved in political work. This aspect (150 degrees) between the two planets of The Enlightenment (and of the NWO, as their energies have since been directed) was also in effect from 1922 through 1928. And as you know, they last conjoined three times in 1993 @18Capricorn..."POLITICAL POWER...neg: smug or strong-armed paternalism" - Jones. Of course, paternalism is how America began by the Founding Fathers and what is now 'on steroids' under dictator-wannabe Trump.

Yet there are horoscopes relating to Alexander Hamilton which can be accurately timed without doubt. One is the chart of his Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') which perfected @22Lib35 on October 15, 1754 in the 9 New North Saros Series. This is a difficult series containing potentials for physical violence, accidents, and great physical effort (Brady). (A 9 New North last perfected in 2007 and will again in 2025.) His 1754 PE horoscope contains a YOD pattern (crisis; turning point; crossroads; special task; spiritual opportunity) with Neptune sextile North Node (understanding of cultural trends but evading them) at its base pointing toward natal Uranus @7Pis49 Rx. As you know, astrological Uranus can be crisis-prone on its own so when rivals Hamilton and Burr met with pistols in 1804, transit Pluto Rx, god of Hades, had been in process of conjoining Hamilton's natal Uranus with Uranus-Pluto combinations always explosive and often daring and foolhardy.

Now the YOD in his natal PE chart may be read as a midpoint picture: Neptune-NN = Uranus: unrestrained self-will; upset over the anti-social conduct of others; a sudden undermining or destruction of relationships. Add transit Pluto to Uranus' place in the picture on July 11, 1804 7:00 am Weehawken, NJ and Hamilton encountered potentials for: exercising a bad influence upon associations between people and/or the breakdown of a relationship between people living together (Ebertin). Tragically, sudden death by duel or any other means can do that to a man and his family.

Bitter Rivals

As for the 1804 duel's PE, it manifested on February 11, 1804 @21AQ36 in the 4 North Saros Series with themes of: illusion, restraint, restriction, separation, events that block, and people who are prone to misjudge their strength or the situation. These themes sum up conditions and events around the Hamilton-Burr duel rather well, I think, especially since at 7:00 am LMT in Weehawken, vengeful Venus in proud Leo was rising and shooter Mars was at the critical-crisis 29th degree of Taurus.

A solar eclipse in the 4 North series last perfected in 2002 @20Gemini (conjunct US natal Mars and Trump's natal North Node) and will manifest next as the Summer Solstice Solar Eclipse of 2020.

Jul 10, 2018

Astro-Notes and an Eclipse for Judge Brett Kavanaugh; June 1, 2006 Judge Kavanaugh sworn in by Justice Kennedy in the Rose Garden

All over the news cycle today is Trump's SCOTUS nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Someone at The Hill opines that Kavanaugh Will Not Uphold Roe. On The Federalist Society's short list, Trump could hardly go 'wrong' choosing any of the names to nominate since they were all pre-vetted for the purpose of overturning Roe v Wade and for other decisions intended to shove US society further toward the right, our civil and other rights notwithstanding. Plus, for Trump, Judge Kavanaugh has that extra quality--that apparently his vote will be Trump's trump card to get out of jail free if a case against Mr. Trump should ever come before the Supreme Court. Yet because Judge Kavanaugh may not be the one to take a seat on the SCOTUS bench, let's not spend much energy on him at this point. But we should note that, as reported by The Boston Globe, Born inside the Beltway, Brett Kavanaugh is part of the GOP legal elite so what could possibly go wrong for the rest of us non-elites with Brett on the exalted bench?

Brief Astro-Notes: Brett Kavanaugh

Born in Washington DC on February 12, 1965, the 53-year-old Brett Kavanaugh sports an Air-Water personality blend of Sun Aquarius-Moon Cancer with both luminaries remaining in their respective signs for the 24-hour period. Therefore, the humanitarianism of Aquarius and the subjective, clannish tribalism of Moon-ruled Cancer mix to form an idealistic man with a social conscience, a progressive thinker but one who is also emotionally old-fashioned. This makes sense if his aim is to regress American society back to the 1950s by playing the role of an 'activist judge' for he prefers the values and morals of the past. And his Cancer Moon may reveal emotional immaturity at times and is sympatico with Trump's natal Mercury in Cancer.

Actually, this Sun-Moon combination of energies suggests that underneath a friendly veneer Judge Kavanaugh can be naive and detached when scrutinizing others and tends to rationalize the irrational. The unconscious prejudices of this 'kind-hearted rebel' may be somewhat hidden by a warm demeanor while his eccentric ideas may or may not motivate the masses. Motivate them toward protest and rebellion, as his nomination has already done, most likely!

Now Charles and Suzi Harvey provide two Images for Integration for the Sun AQ-Moon Cancer blend: "A social worker bypasses bureaucracy to save a mother and child...A childhood memory becomes the basis of a new world order." Within my common-good way of thinking, the first image is difficult to fathom for an anti-government Trump Man but the second is easily believed. After all, this natal personality blend is shared by FDR (and by misogynist Norman Mailer and former Russian president Boris Yeltsin).

Consider the following excerpt from a previous post:

In Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.'s The Coming of the New Deal (1958) he quotes Machiavelli at the front of the book saying, "There is nothing...more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things."

At the end of the book, he quotes Fabian Socialist H.G. Wells describing FDR as, "The most effective transmitting instrument possible for the coming of the new world order. He is continuously revolutionary in the new way without ever provoking a stark revolutionary crisis."

2 South: The Prenatal Solar Eclipse (PE) of Judge Kavanaugh soon repeats

What an apt solar theme for being named to the SCOTUS bench! A solar eclipse in Kavanaugh's 2 South Saros Series perfects on January 6, 2019 @15Capricorn with a theme of: joining unusual groups and gaining a great deal from them (Brady's Predictive Astrology.) Prior to the birth of Baby Brett, the eclipse manifested on December 4, 1964 @12Sagittarius, the position of the US natal Ascendant in our late afternoon charts. And if born near midnight of his birth date, Brett Kavanaugh's natal Moon is @15Cancer and thus will be eclipsed on January 6, 2019.

A Few 2018 Transits to Kavanaugh's Natal Planets (Noon positions)

Not knowing his birth time clouds the astro-picture of Brett Kavanaugh yet we can make a few general observations using a noon natal horoscope set for February 12, 1965 Washington DC. Born during the Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Pluto in mid-Virgo, Kavanaugh shares the generational influences of this conjunction which suggests possibilities for higher consciousness, inventiveness, and/or perhaps tendencies toward violence, revolution, and anarchy.

His natal Jupiter-Neptune opposition is about to be visited by Station Direct Jupiter, today @13Sco20, its Station degree and minute. As the expansive planet moves forward for Kavanaugh, transit Jupiter in Scorpio will again oppose his natal Jupiter (17Taurus) with the third and final opposition occurring on or about September 6, 2018. During this period opportunity knocks but 'no one is impressed' with his efforts which may be seen as overblown yet he's feeling an 'urge for greener pastures'. (Obviously, the 'no one' is not a member of the GOP, his sponsors.)

Also, transit Jupiter is in process of conjoining natal Neptune (19Sco59) with the third and final 'dreamy' conjunction on or about September 19, 2018--and the rose-colored glasses are in constant use. However, going on a spiritual retreat would be more beneficial for him than falling for any pie-in-the-sky schemes which may be presented, successful SCOTUS bid or not.

Now as you know, transit Mars turned retrograde on June 27, 2018 @9AQ13, a shift of direction which occurred upon Brett Kavanaugh's natal Venus. This suggests the forming of new alliances, renewed physical efforts, and enthusiastic social events. Legal matters are a major focus under this transit which will re-occur due to Rx Mars. Groups are somehow involved due to Mars and Venus being in Aquarius so this transit seems to look ahead toward the 2 South Solar Eclipse of January 6, 2019, as noted.

Not nearly as rosy is the fact that Kavanaugh's natal Moon in Cancer has or will be opposed by transit Saturn in Capricorn though it's difficult to time this important transit without an accurate birth hour. Using the Moon's noon position of 7Can47, transit Saturn has begun its three oppositions, the third and final of which will perfect on November 30, 2018. A depressive influence, this Saturnian year for him may merely involve the professional realms such as the law, the court, judgeship, and taking on major responsibilities, or it can suggests family, health, or other personal problems--or a blend of both (Career vs Home Life) and with timing issues involved. And of course if his Moon is in a late degree of Cancer, this restrictive, delaying Saturnian influence could continue into 2019. Yet this transit to Moon by solid, sober Saturn is one of only two transits listed here without an element of dreaminess so perhaps it will provide the Judge with real possibilities he can count on. For when working together Moon-Saturn can indicate ambition, strategy, and direction (Tyl).

As for opponents of the SCOTUS nomination of Judge Kavanaugh, today's position of opinionated Mercury in mid-Leo opposes the Judge's natal Mercury in mid-Aquarius which provides a rather clear image of what's in store as his pre-vetted nomination hearings get underway (assuming he makes it to Capitol Hill to play his role in the Capitol Hill Theater production, Let's Rubber Stamp Kavanaugh! If the GOP can get away with it!)

So any time transit Mercury opposes natal Mercury we expect such potentials as verbal disputes, differing opinions, and questions left unanswered. Sounds like a typical day on Capitol Hill, yes, but the result of this particular charade is pre-determined, no matter what Mercury thinks or says. For after all, Kavanaugh's natal North Node @21Gemini (NN = future direction; destiny) conjoins the 10th house Gemini trio of Donald Trump--his Uranus-NN-Sun--and all conjoin US natal Mars in Gemini--so therefore, all square US natal Neptune in Virgo which can only add to the confusion, deception, and fantasy elements of the Kavanaugh-Trump relationship.

And one more transit--Neptune today @16Pis22 Rx conjoins Kavanaugh's natal Chiron (16Pis49) which suggests to me that something involving his mentor (Chiron in Pisces) is not fully revealed or is being purposefully evaded. Judge Kavanaugh's mentor is said to be Justice Anthony Kennedy whose recent retirement has made Kavanaugh's seating on the SCOTUS bench possible at this time. Is masking Neptune, planet of scandals, fraud, falsehoods, and propaganda, attempting to veil secrets concerning the Kavanaugh-Kennedy-Trump trio and their past financial dealings?

A Saturnian Transit Note re: Donald Trump

As we've previously discussed, all through 2018 'legal eagle' Saturn in transit has been performing a series of squares and oppositions to the natal Mercury-Neptune square of Donald Trump, a fantasist who seldom if ever discriminates between fact and fiction. The next exact such transit by realistic Saturn is another square to his natal Neptune on November 11, 2018, then a final opposition to Trump's natal Mercury befalls on December 10, 2018. As goes POTUS, so goes America.

Apr 18, 2018

The Prenatal Solar Eclipse of America's Pluto Return/s

Image: Solar Eclipse @12Sag22 December 4, 2021 surrounding US Natal Horoscope July 4, 1776 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This Solar Eclipse falls into the 5 New South Saros Series with themes of benefits and peak experiences and its initial manifestation perfected on June 15, 1787 @24Gem20, near the New Moon degree (25:07) of the Uranian Mr. Trump's 'escalator announcement' of his presidential bid in June 2015. It is also the degree of the 1781 discovery of planet Uranus (24Gem27). Will the senior Mr. Trump still be around in 2021 or 2022? We'll see for it may depend on how many cheeseburgers and greasy chicken thighs he scarfs down between now and then (I'm not wishin' I'm just sayin').

Now the US natal chart here is the one I usually tend to favor because it places Cardinal World Points on the MC and IC angles of the chart along with two applicable Sabian Symbols. '1 Aries' = IC, the Foundation of the Matter) = "A Woman Rises Out of Water, a Seal Is Embracing Her" (Jones) which to me sounds like the New Atlantis as America, a 'her', across the sea from England--and America's Great Seal intended to certify official documents and based on Weishaupt's Illuminati Seal design of May 1, 1776. This, plus the natal horoscope's Ascendant degree/s ('12Sag' and '13 Sag'--see chart, lower left) suggests our nation on various levels--one of which is its Freemasonic birth of an idea/ideal that is the Founders' 'New Atlantis' in which men are capable of enlightened self-government for as Thomas Jefferson asserted,

"I have no fear that the result of our experiment will be that men may be trusted to govern themselves." (TJ July 2, 1787.) Do you think that remains the case in 2018 much less by 2021/22? If not, it's primarily due to infiltrators that have infested our country for decades now and their devilish, undermining machinations which are really paying off as they planned long ago. (See my 2005 description of Stars Over Washington under the title, above!)

Some well known historic events that are associated with the Mercury-Pluto duo include: Apollo 11 Moon Landing, Alaskan Earthquake, FDR's first election, East Coast Power Blackout, and Bolsheviks take power (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey).

Note: Now I'm using the 5 New South Eclipse as the PE of America's Pluto Return phase in general, plus, its degree conjoins our nation's July 4, 1776 natal Ascendant in Sagittarius (late afternoon charts). However, two other Solar Eclipses perfect in year 2022 with themes that are notably plutonic and I intend to cover them in a different post as soon as I can get to it. Check back if you're curious, or subscribe if you wish.

And so as creepy Pluto in Capricorn (planet of the Underworld, secret manipulators, hidden wealth, sneaky stealth, death, sex, research and investigation, transformation and regeneration) continues plodding toward his natal degree (27Cap33) and reprises his opposition to US natal Mercury (24Can11: '25Cancer' = "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power") off and on along the way, we can see in the above Eclipse chart some of the general cosmic background influences upon the first-time-ever phase of our exact Pluto Return/s--three in number. Our Pluto Return phase will activate America's surveillance pair of planets ('total awareness' aka, Big Brother) with the duo's (continued!) propensity toward secrets, gathering of information (intelligence activities), top secret communications, security clearances, self-destructive impulses in business operations, political talk of abrupt changes and reforms, breakdowns in road networks, paranoia about secrets or scandals and the leaking or disclosure of them, ruthless behavior, obsessions, eroticism, news about space exploration, orbital weapons, and/or toxins, and the need to control other people (Munkasey) when it's actually The Manipulators who need controlling.

Feb 28, 2018

On the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse and Aspects of Roger Stone

Roger Stone, political consultant, opposition researcher, long time lobbyist, and old pal of Donald Trump, was born on August 27, 1952 in Norwalk, Connecticut. No birth hour is known so below we'll briefly consider a noon chart for this WikiLeaks-Putin-Trump-Manafort associate.

And on what isn't really a side note of current events, in 2008 I posted this: Spitzer's Nemesis + Blackmailing for War. Not a side note because the 'nemesis' of Eliott Spitzer is identified as Roger Stone.

And from September 2017 comes Method to the "Madness": Dissecting Roger Stone's Statement to Congress, by a former Fed prosecutor which includes Stone's statement to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence given on September 25, 2017. And perhaps you remember that Stone was involved in stopping the Florida recount in 2008 which allowed the Bush-Cheney regime's backdoor entry into the White House (with the help of a bogus SCOTUS decision). In June 2008, The New Yorker published an article on Mr. Stone The Dirty Trickster. Roger Stone had also worked with the infamous political operative Lee Atwater and with Richard "I am Not a Crook" Nixon, a president who was called in his day Tricky Dick and for good reason. Such a gaggle of cheaters and knaves!

There's even a Trump-esque documentary released in May 2017 titled Get Me Roger Stone for Stone pretty much invented the political career of Donald Trump and perhaps animated the Frankenstein monster itself.

So for a view of Roger Stone's noon horoscope and an analysis of its BOWL shape and other planetary factors you'll want to check out some good astro-splaining of the man. But here and for now, let's consider a few chart details, plus, the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Saros Series into which little Roger Jason Stone as born for some background influences in his life.

August 27, 1952 'noon' edt; Norwalk, CT

First, his Moon ranged from 17Sco28 to 00Sag36 during the 24-hour period of his birth date with a 29-degree Scorpio Mars reaching 00Sag11 as the Moon entered Sagittarius. You recognize the '1Sag' degree for its "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" Sabian Symbol with its negative expression, 'superficial idleness and unhealthy veneration for the past' (Jones). However, if we assume that Trickster Stone was not born during the waning hour or so of August 27, 1952, we find "30Scorpio" more applicable for his natal Mars and perhaps for natal Moon: "30Sco" = "The Halloween Jester" with its negative expression of, 'ineptness of self-expression and a contempt for established values." On one level this may be a cosmic reference to the long-held desire of the GOP to collapse The Establishment of the US government, a project that seems more within their reach thanks to a Trump White House which Roger Stone helped bring to fruition.

His Virgo Sun (3-4Virgo) seemingly has no major applying aspects so we can't use the closest one to reveal the essence of the man. However, a midpoint picture has natal Sun at apex--Uranus-Neptune = Sun: impressionability and vaunted self-regard (Tyl). And of course, Uranus and Neptune are the 'Age of Reason'/'New World Order pair which met three times all through 1993 @18Capricorn (POLITICAL POWER = smug or strong-armed paternalism--Jones). And with transit Pluto so recently hitting 18Cap, we find that, "the big picture commands a certain course of action which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise." (Tyl). Stone's natal Sun as apex suggests that he's on board with the agenda of these shadowy entities, or at least that he (and most of our politicians) are under their control--which is why lawmakers tend to vote on behalf of their corporate donors (masters) rather than doing the bidding of We The People.

Astrological Pluto: Wealth, Stealth, and Power

And since power and its uses and abuses are always part of any political consideration we should note Stone's Pluto-South Node conjunction in proud ego-based Leo. This hints at an inherited condition in which his ancestors may have oppressed others and now he will know what it's like to be a victim of larger circumstances. The conjunction also denotes a man whose will is out of harmony with current social trends or ethics and this lack can cause resentment and misunderstandings in his life. Violence or associations with violent people may also be indicated though he does have a gift for surviving hardships since the Moon's South Node has a Saturnian separative quality--somewhat similar to Saturn with Pluto. Plus, Pluto-SN may be a cosmic reminder of past family members who were affected by war or other oppressive socio-economic conditions.

Mr. Stone's Pluto-SN may also describe his background involvement with those in charge rather than publicly taking over the reins of power himself. (Edit: due to neglect I am adding Stone's Jupiter-Pluto square to this post--this square describes a wheeler dealer and The False Prophet (Oken).)

Please note that these chart factors, typed in no particular order, may or may not be astro-splained in the article linked above but are worth mentioning concerning this tricky political activist (Mars). Erratic reformer Uranus @17Cancer sesqui-squares (135 degrees) Stone's Mars making his activities be-tangled and complicated via obstacles within obstacles. Sun in Virgo, sign of The Critic, when added to a Scorpio Moon denotes one who is analytical, dedicated, meticulous, self-sufficient, shrewd, and perceptive. This pragmatic Earth-Water personality blend suggests a zealous fanatic and problem-solver. The Harveys, in their Sun Sign-Moon Sign book describe the Sun Virgo-Moon Scorpio blend as having "a servant's loyalty but a tycoon's lust for power."

In the emotional realm it's bottled up feelings for Mr. Stone which of course tend to explode at some point and this may be supported by his only out-of-bounds planet, the Moon, which points toward a faulty or separative relationship with Mother.

Now if by chance Stone was born between 10:54 pm edt (Moon 00Sag00) and midnight, his is an Earth-Fire blend of Sun Virgo-Moon Sagittarius and this would give a 'scorched earth' quality to his personality. However, Sun Virgo-Moon Sag denotes genuine helpfulness, intelligence, a quick wit, and restlessness. It's a blend of a communicator with moral certitude and a "desire for reasonable answers in the face of human suffering" (Harveys), plus, a lack of empathy and a judgmental attitude toward others. Forgive me for saying this, but I don't find 'answers to human suffering' to be part of the GOP agenda. If anything, their goal, and perhaps that of some Democrats, is to worsen human suffering. But that's just me and you may, of course, disagree as heartily as you wish.

Money Money Money

In the realm of finances, we need only look at his Venus-Jupiter trine to see fortunate benefits, wealth, and luxury. Alan Oken calls this trine,"The Golden Horseshoe" for the luck it brings its owner. However, a Sun-Mars square shows dissatisfaction with achievements so that he's always striving for more.

Society Says...

In the realm of societal issues, a Saturn-Uranus square identifies a touchy fellow who rebels against established laws and behaves as a "law unto himself" (Oken). Uranus square Neptune is a common aspect for those born in 1952 and denotes tendencies toward muddled thinking, confusion, and participation in ill-fated social movements. To me this sounds as if Mr Stone would do himself (and us) a favor by closely examining the political and occult organizations to which he may belong because criticism of and resignation from them may be needed rather than continuing to carry water for sinister forces and destructive entities.

Now Stone's Mercury-Jupiter square resonates well with the Mercury-ruled Virgo and Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius blend and suggests one who draws incorrect conclusions and tends toward impaired judgment via a general misunderstanding of facts. If this sounds similar to Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square of misperception and faulty relationship with truth then we're on the same page. A Mercury-Jupiter square also denotes "a mind that never stops creating a barrage of ideas" and is termed by Alan Oken as "The Exaggerator." This sort of Mercurial aspect is shared by White House Director of Communications Hope Hicks and if you follow her link you'll read about Roger Stone's Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Series, the 8 South, which is shared by Miss Hicks (1988) and was detailed in yesterday's SO'W post profiling her. Update Feb 28 5:30 pm est: Hope Hicks has resigned!

And so the Sun Virgo-Moon Sag blend mixes optimism with realism and denotes one who can bring their vision down to earth. Therefore, if this blend belongs to Roger Stone and putting Trump in the White House has been one of his visions, we would have to admit that Roger Stone has succeeded.


"As a society is composed of individuals, how could a society be more immoral than its members? It becomes immoral if its structure is such that moral individuals cannot act in accordance with their moral impulses.” - E. F. Schumacher, as quoted by Henry Geiger in Manas Journal

Jan 17, 2018

Trump Money Laundering and Kazakhstan natal data

Wednesday January 17, 2018: by now you've heard of more money laundering accusations apparently being leveled against Donald Trump having to do with the Trump SoHo Hotel (now The Dominick) and kleptocracy Kazakhstan, plus, the fact that Trump welcomed the autocrat of Kazakhstan to the White House yesterday. Guess they had stuff to catch up on! (Or stories to get straight). Well, here's the country's foundation data for its declaration of independence from the Soviet Union in case you don't have it yet:

Kazakhstan December 16, 1991 14:00 GMT Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan; ASC 29Cap45; MC-IC 12:41 Aries-Libra (critical degrees); Sun 24Sag01 in 5th h; Moon 19Ari51 10th h; unaspected Pluto 21Sco35 5th h (foreign control); Prenatal Solar Eclipse (July 11, 1991) 11 South 18Can58.

11 South themes: old ideas/methods fail, new systems needed to deal with events; any blocks could be violently or tragically removed (Brady). Set up specifically for money laundering ventures and other financial crimes, was it?

Last 11 South Eclipse: July 22, 2009 29Can26--conjunct Kazakhstan's natal Ascendant.

See the BBC Timeline of Kazakhstan history which includes four events in 2009 (check out the French action).

Is it curious that two descriptive asteroids are angular in the Kazakhstan independence chart? They are Nemesis Rx rising @29Cancer and Panacea at the critical-degreed Midheaven. Banking Jupiter (also plays The Politician) is in the 2nd house of Money and Values and traveling with asteroid Cupido which contains several archetypes within, any of which may apply: The Family (religious, criminal, or other type of large organization), Corporatism, the Criminal Underworld. Actually, the word 'mafia' comes to mind.

Interesting that all the transiting planets now in Saturn-ruled Capricorn are snugged within the chart's 6th house with the national North Node 9Cap57, Uranus 12Cap47, and Neptune 15Cap39, the 'Enlightenment Planets' shown as they were lining up for their three Great Conjunction/s in 1993 @18Capricorn: smug or strong-armed paternalism...POLITICAL POWER..."The Union Jack Flies from a British Destroyer." And with transit Pluto @18Capricorn off and on these days, the trio forms the stark midpoint picture: 'the big picture commands a certain course of action, very little option to do otherwise' (Noel Tyl).

And on this towering financial topic we then look to the upcoming Solar Eclipse due on August 11, 2018 @19Leo in the 2 New North Saros Series, the themes of which mimic the meaning of Tarot card #16, The Tower which collapses in a cloud of dust. Perhaps 2 New North eclipse energies refer to the global economic system on course for demolition and rebuilding in The Dragon's image, and/or, on another level, to Donald Trump's much touted, now weakened 'empire' of gilt and illusion. After all, some Trump buildings have been taking 'TRUMP' off their facades for a while now in vain attempts to hide past links to the man. And personally, I don't blame them. Do you?


For more info on the creation of Kazakhstan see Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes chart #175.

Jun 11, 2017

The 'Cosmic Blinks' of Donald Trump and Trump Tower

Image: the 'cosmic blinks', aka, Solar and Lunar Eclipses, of Donald Trump born June 14, 1946; please enlarge for better viewing.

Themes of his 2 Old North Prenatal Solar Eclipse (PE) are listed along with certain conjunctions to US natal planets, and other factors such as his birth on the day of a Total Lunar Eclipse @23Sag04, and his PE repeating on July 13, 2018 at a critical degree (20Cancer) which will emphasize his 2 Old North's basic themes beginning in early July 2018 and lead directly into the August 11, 2018 Solar Eclipse @19Leo (2 New North) with themes of 'sudden collapse of an existing structure' and 'lifestyle collapse' (B. Brady) - themes which hauntingly echo Tarot card number 16: The Tower:

Eclipses of a Gilded Trump Tower

Perhaps you're a bit curious about Trump Tower. Construction began in 1979, a year of two solar eclipses: 1. Feb 26, 1979 @7Pisces in the 17 South Saros Series--'sudden success with group projects and/or relationships', and 2.August 22, 1979 @29Leo in the 18 North Series--'high stress level, a taxing of strength, large expenditures of effort, accidents or illness' (there were accidents and deaths during construction, if memory serves--it has 58 stories though the top floor is numbered '68'). As I type (June 11, 2017), note that we're currently under the influence of a 19 South Solar Eclipse which manifested on February 26, 2017 @8Pisces.

You'll also note that the 18 North eclipse @29Leo is at the same degree as the Total Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017 we're all waiting to view which suggests resonance on a Leonine level (cautions against pride, vainglory, egotism, pomposity, bragging, 'showboating'), plus, a 29th degree suggests impatience of some sort--and conjoins the natal Ascendant of Donald Trump (29Leo) and royal Regulus (caution: success if revenge is avoided--otherwise, all gains will be taken away).

Now the PE of Trump Tower, which opened on November 30, 1983 (with a gilded flourish, no doubt) is the 3 North Series which manifested on June 11, 1983 @20Gemini (conjunct Mr. Trump's natal North Node (20Gem48) and snugged betwixt his natal Uranus (17Gem53) and natal Sun (22Gem55) in his 10th house of Public Status and Career. Plus, America's natal Mars 22Gemini is tucked in there somewhere.

3 North themes are of an 'over-excessive' series, news that transforms a situation and causes worry and obsession, undertaking large plans that work out successfully as long as one doesn't get carried away' (paraphrasing Predictive Astrology, B. Brady). 3 North last manifested on the day of Summer Solstice 2001 at Cardinal World Point 00Cancer and is the Prenatal Eclipse Series of the WTC ('Twin Towers') attacks of 9/11/01. A 3 North solar eclipse next occurs on July 2, 2019 (in time for America's birthday) @11Cancer.

NBC video: During a Campaign 2016 debate, Marco Rubio mentioned Trump's use of undocumented Polish workers during the construction of Trump Tower. Somewhat curiously, the video is dated February 26th.

May 23, 2017

Was David R. Atchison "POTUS for One Day"? (13 South Eclipse)

When we speak of short-lived US presidencies we can do little better than the alleged one-day presidency of David Rice Atchison the senator who, some say, spent 24 hours as POTUS because of his next-in-line status when religious Zachary Taylor refused to be sworn in on a Sunday (March 5, 1849). James K. Polk's term ended on March 4, a Saturday, so for 24 hours the unsworn yet elected Mr. Taylor was president--unless Mr. Atchison was!

And although most historians discount the '24-hour-POTUS' Atchison's claim to fame, March 4 and 5, 1849 make for curious horoscopes for our consideration. Yet it is the event's Prenatal Solar Eclipse, the 13 South and its themes, that shed some interesting light upon that long ago political situation. The eclipse was also the Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior) of the event although being annular, it wasn't a particularly strong eclipse. Or was it? If slavery supporter Atchison as president was someone's plan, it didn't work.

What Says the 13 South?

Occurring on February 22, 1849 @4Pis22 (and Pisces being the sign of secrecy and confusion), the 13 South Saros Series contains sinister energies underneath with themes of 'striving for group endeavors, an urge for expansion that results in frustration, inhibition, loss, evacuation, or separation, and the possibility of constitutional crisis' (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology). Perhaps the eclipse's annular weakness helped keep the US Constitution from crisis for 'eclipses always affect history', according to William Lilly.

In addition, 13 South themes and events are to be viewed through a Mercurial Gemini lens for the initial eclipse in the series manifested on May 24, 803 OS @5Gem56--quite close by degree to the New Moon of May 25, 2017, the closest to Earth *supermoon of 2017!

Solar Eclipses in the 13 South series have occurred in the years 1903, 1921, 1939, 1957, 1975, 1993 @1Gemini (1993 = Uranus conjunct Neptune; 13S is the PE of Vince Foster's murder), June 1, 2011 @11Gemini, and will next occur in 2029 @21Gemini (conjunct US natal Mars). The 13 South series ends on June 23, 2047 with an eclipse @2Cancer (conjunct US natal Venus).

David R. Atchison photo by Mathew Brady [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Related: David Rice Atchison.


The term *supermoon was coined by expert astrologer Richard Nolle of astropro fame!

May 18, 2017

The Prenatal Eclipse of Special Counsel Robert Mueller

As you've heard, yesterday (May 17) the former head of the FBI Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel (aka, Independent Counsel) to lead the FBI investigation into the Trump administration's Russia connections and improprieties.

Mr. Mueller's birth hour seems to be unknown but his birth date shows a dramatic Leo Sun and either Moon in the last decan of Pisces or in Aries. Luna's range on that day (August 7, 1944 NYC) is from 21Pis29 to 6Ari18; the Sun's range: 14Leo30 to 15Leo27. His Moon is ruled by either Jupiter (co-ruled by Neptune: secretive Pisces) or by activist Mars, ruler of pioneering Aries.

(Personally I'm leaning toward a Pisces Moon for several reasons, not the least of which is that the Sun Leo-Moon Pisces blend is that of a very famous spy born under its sway: Mata Hari! A Leo-Aries double Fire personality blend is a volatile combination and unless he's explosive in private, this doesn't seem to fit him, imho. On his day of birth, the Moon conjoined the Aries Point at 1:43:10 pm which gives him a good chance of a Pisces Moon--too compassionate to lead the Bureau? Perhaps. But oh so secretive!)

Now since a birth hour is unnecessary for determining Robert Mueller's Prenatal Solar Eclipse, we know that his 'cosmic blink' occurred on July 20, 1944 @27Cancer, a degree opposite US natal Pluto Rx, a powerful undercover/underworld planet often associated with spies, surveillance, stealth, manipulation, control, and extreme wealth.

In fact, Mr. Mueller's PE in the 19 North Saros Series has recently repeated--on September 1, 2016 @9Virgo and is the PE of both the November 8, 2016 Election and the 2017 Inauguration of Donald "Fake News" Trump with its themes of: realism, coming down to earth, becoming aware of an old situation and seeing it for what it really is, and constructive truth tackling (Brady's Predictive Astrology). As you may have noticed, Mr. Trump makes up his own truths, lives in an imaginary world where he never makes mistakes (!), and where his Libran Jupiter often pouts that it "isn't fair" that people dare to criticize ("mistreat") him!

So even though yours truly is no fan of the Deep State and its political and media representatives now working 24/7 to undermine the Trump presidency, my hope for our nation's sake is that Special Counsel Mueller will be able to tackle the truth about the several compromising conditions America now faces thanks to the unsuitable, amateurish presidency of the dictator-loving, Mercury-Neptune-squared, indiscreet Mr. Trump, our very own Eclipse Baby whining and sulking in the Oval.


Coming Soon: June 9, 2017: Jupiter Stations Direct at the Sag Full Moon. Then on August 7, 2017 a Lunar Eclipse perfects @15AQ, as noted in opposition to Mr. Mueller's natal Sun in mid-Leo which may or may not be significant for him and/or for the investigation.

As we've previously discussed, 19 North is also the PE of Trump's adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner...and is the PE of the FBI! No wonder Robert Mueller remains popular at the agency--the Bureau and the former Director are cosmically in-sync.

If you wish to look ahead, here's a list of the 2018 Lunar and Solar Eclipses with Themes.

May 1, 2017

More Astro-Notes: Sean Hannity Part 2

In Part One of my astro-peek at FOX News anchor Sean Hannity we discussed a few basic chart factors and I linked you to a view of his natal horoscope. Today let's consider his Sun-Moon blend and the personality these conscious-unconscious energies describe along with his Prenatal Solar Eclipse Saros Series and its themes.

Born December 30, 1961 (see Part One for more details), Mr. Hannity's natal Sun is in Saturn-ruled Capricorn and his Moon is in Venus-ruled Libra, an Earth-Air blend which provides the capacity to be down-to-earth yet up-in-the-air simultaneously as rationality and abstract ideas combine. Here is a practical idealist who plans, then acts. However, losing touch with emotions is a caution for this liberal + conservative personality.

A fighter for causes, Mr. Hannity is courageous, socially aware, clear headed, opportunistic, and 'cunningly capable'. His dry wit can win friends and influence others with his gift for communication yet ignorance can unsettle him. A crusading temperament is in evidence along with a tendency to search for truth which no doubt aids his career in the news business. He does not hesitate to join battles he deems worthy, and a leaning toward always doing what's expected of him suggests that an occasional impulsive act could ease that 'stiff upper lip' of his and perhaps soften the edge of his considerable intellect.

In their book Sun Sign-Moon Sign, the Harveys give three Images for Integration to describe the Sun Cap-Moon Libra blend, any or all of which may be appropriate for Sean Hannity:

"In time an oyster turns irritating grit into a beautiful pearl...A beautiful walled garden...A visionary statesman fights a duel to see justice done."

Sean Hannity's Prenatal Solar Eclipse Series is the 18 North. Prior to Sean Patrick's birth, 18N manifested on August 11, 1961 @19Leo, solar sign of leadership, ego, and pride. But his life isn't all sunflowers because 18N themes include: a high stress level; a taxing of strength; a large expenditure of effort; physical concern such as an illness or accident (Brady). 18N has also occurred in the years 1907, 1925, 1943, (1961), 1979, 1997, and last occurred on September 13, 2015 @20Vir10--conjunct fixed star Denebola (keywords: to go against society; out of the mainstream). 18N's initial eclipse manifested on February 4, 1060 (OS) @21AQ34 so its modern-day influence should be viewed through an Aquarian lens.

Apr 1, 2017

The 19 North Prenatal Eclipse Series of Jared Kushner

Ivanka Trump's husband Jared Kushner was born in Livingston, New Jersey on January 10, 1981 (family name previously Stadtmauer which marches in step with Donald Trump's real family name, Drumf). During the 24-hour day of Kushner's birth, the Sun ranged from 19Cap52 to 20Cap53 (a critical degree) and the Moon ranged from 8Pis10 (also a critical degree where the current Solar Eclipse of February 26, 2017 occurred @8Pis12 in the 19 South Saros Series) to 22Pisces00) so Mr. Kushner's personality blend (conscious adult + unconscious child) is Sun Capricorn-Moon Pisces, a Saturn-Jupiter-Neptune combo of energies.

The birth date of January 10, 1981 places the young Mr. Kushner snugly into the 19 North Saros Series for his 19N Prenatal Solar Eclipse manifested on August 10, 1980 @18Leo. 19N last occurred on September 1, 2016 @9Virgo (possibly opposite his natal Pisces Moon). 19N is the 'realism; seeing things for what they really are; good time for tackling the truth' (Brady) eclipse and was the influential Prenatal Eclipse of Election 2016 and Inauguration 2017. However, with transit Neptune (the fibber and deceiver!) opposing the 19N eclipse, truth and realism have been constantly eroded, hidden, leaked, undermined, and/or totally disregarded this go-round. (19N last occurred on August 22, 1998, also @29Leo, and began on July 5, 1331 @20Cancer, another critical degree.)

In case you missed it, here's Stephen Colbert's segment on Jared Kushner, Chief White House Nepotism Beneficiary.

And in no particular order here are a few Trump Family Astrology Charts, some with known birth times, some not:

Ivana Trump (Feb 20, 1949 = Sun Pisces-Moon 00Sag; ASC 24Scorpio; Ivanka Trump (Kushner) (October 30, 1981 = Sun Scorpio-Moon Sag; Tiffany Trump (October 13, 1993 = Sun Libra-Moon Virgo, during the third of three NWO conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune @18Cap20/24: POLITICAL POWER = smug or strong-armed paternalism (Jones); Barron Trump; Donald Trump Jr; Eric Trump; Melania Trump; and, one mustn't forget The Natal Chart of Donald Trump.

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Mar 7, 2017

The Modern Humanity Horoscope and Mr. Trump

Pictured below is the previously published Horoscope of Modern Humanity with scribbles intact if you care to enlarge the image. Modern Humanity's 'birth' time is based on two cosmic factors: the exact moment of the Total Solar Eclipse of April 26, 1892 and the third of three Great Conjunctions of generational planets Neptune and Pluto. Solar Eclipses are not rare, of course, but the cycle of Neptune and Pluto is approximately 492 years in length. And it is rare that an eclipse occurred so close to a Great Conjunction of outer planets!

So here are we 'moderns' in all our bullish, gold-loving Taurean splendor:

The 1892 Total Solar Eclipse @7Tau05 suggests the greed embedded within humanity (Taurus is possessive, greedy, and intolerant on its worst days but it is a sign of Growth). In the chart, you see that the Neptune-Pluto conjunction (which perfected as near as can be told on April 30, 1892) occurred @7Gemini+ which conjoined US natal Uranus (July 4, 1776 Uranus @8Gem55 = freedom, independence, war and revolution!) and that gives us a midpoint picture worth considering (below) yet that isn't why I re-post this horoscope today.

The reason for today's shout-out to Modern Humanity (for which the Great Cosmic Clock restarted during the oligarchic Robber Baron age of exploiters whose biological and ideological descendants continue to plunder the world as I type) is that the hugely Jupiterian-Uranian Mr. Trump has an interesting time link to the 1892 Neptune-Pluto conjunction--and he's something of a 'robber baron' himself with criminal associations of the mobster kind, elements that are also in the Underworld realms of Neptune-Pluto.

Mr. Trump's Prenatal Eclipse (PE), which manifested on May 30, 1946 @8Gem48 in the 2 Old North series, is also his Syzygy Moon since it was the last lunation prior to his birth on June 14, 1946. His PE effects are strong and reveal a prevailing lunar influence which adds to his problematic Moon-South Node conjunction opposing his Sun-North Node conjunction. Yes, his relationships are definitely affected and separations may occur with 2 Old North--and separations may occur with disruptive Uranus, the planet that leads the pack in Mr. Trump's natal chart. And as you know, eclipses are called 'wild cards of the Universe' since their effects (if any!) are completely unpredictable. However, they do tend to uncover inconvenient secrets with fair regularity and we may depend upon their 'themes' to give us a hint of general trends 'running in the background' of society.

Actually, the Uranian Tweeter IS a wild card in a very leaky White House!

Plus, he has other time links to this chart such as evaluating Venus (venal and retaliatory at times) which loves luxury (like gilded NY apartments), and @22Gemini in 1892, Venus falls into the midst of Mr. Trump's quirky Uranus-NN-Sun trio in his 10th house of Career and Public Status. There are other time links between Trump's natal planets and the 1892 chart and I'm certain you can find them if you wish.

Meanwhile, back in April of 1892, the Solar Eclipse @7Tau05 was also of the 2 Old North persuasion and my feeling is that 2 Old North themes of separation, ending of unions, rifts, schisms, and bad news concerning relationships describe the tendencies of Modern Humanity and are emphasized in 2017 with time links because someone thought putting Donald Trump in the White House (and all the other Trumps) was a great idea.

Well, according to the Great Cosmic Clock and the phenomenon of cosmic time links, the idea may have been timely in a sense but for the sake of America as a sovereign and welcoming nation with a decent though flawed reputation in the world, the flaws, rifts, and separations are piling up by the minute--and an non-mandated Trump White House is definitely not a great idea. However, it does disrupt the progressive course we were on...


Midpoint potentials for Neptune-Pluto = US natal Uranus (and Donald Trump's PE degree): impersonal attitudes toward destructive or antisocial activities; going to extremes with drugs (Munkasey) - and drug policies, Mr. Sessions? jc; possibly aberrant behavior; adventurous ego thrust; making waves to get to shore; disruption to gain recognition; courage (Tyl); peculiar discoveries (Ebertin).

Further Reading: Astro-Notes on the Capulus of Donald Trump; Donald Trump's Natal Chart w/ Mike Pence's Planets; The Whimsical Sun (POTUS) of Inauguration 2017.