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Jun 21, 2017

The Great American Eclipse in Makanda Illinois

Here for my Makanda, Illinois friends is a horoscope of The Great American Eclipse set for their town where the eclipse (in 9th house with starry Thuban conjunct Mercury Rx in Virgo at Midheaven). In Makanda the eclipse will be experienced for 2 minutes 40 seconds; its partial phase begins at 11:52 am CDT; Totality begins at 1:20:11 pm CDT.

Chart: August 21, 2017 28Leo52:56 at 1:30:07 pm CDT Makanda, IL; Sun-Moon = Mercury-Mars: propaganda distorts the news of the day (Munkasey); Thuban = to protect or make a treasure (Solar Fire v9). Royal Regulus (the king, the kingmaker: success if revenge is avoided) @00Virgo is atop the chart and activated by the eclipse.

And as you know, eclipse safety glasses are a must!

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