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Jun 26, 2017

Trump Travel Ban Partially Enforced (Jupiter to US Saturn)

Political News June 26, 2017: In keeping with the current transit of Jupiter (13Lib38; freedom, expansion) conjunct US natal Saturn (14Lib48; laws, legalities, courts, limitations) which brings a partial lifting of restrictions, Mr. Trump's travel ban has been somewhat upheld by SCOTUS and Trump's man, Justice Neil Gorsuch. Trump's (or should I say, Bannon's?) ban can now be partially enforced and the rest of its provisions are to be considered by SCOTUS in the autumn:

Here Jason Chariton, one of the Ring of Fire reporters, fills us in on today's news:

Related: The Prenatal Eclipse and Unaspected Saturn of Justice Neil Gorsuch and The Noble Family Tree of Neil Gorsuch.

Plus, the DC horoscope of Autumn Equinox 2017 shows lawmaker Saturn @21Sag again which conjoins Mr. Trump's natal Moon and soon opposes his natal Gemini Sun as family and relationship matters and legal issues continue to bedevil him, and thus, We The People.

However, Mr. Putin the Troublemaker is doing fine as we see from his natal horoscope for transit Jupiter @13Libra now conjoins his natal Sun which expands his confidence, ego, and sense of self-importance and suggests the culmination of a project he began approximately 12 years ago which must now end or rise to a higher level. Any bets?

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