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Jan 19, 2018

Senator Cory Booker: Sun-Saturn and Jupiter-Uranus

Jan 19, 2018: Well, apparently Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) has been open about putting his birth data 'out there' and his natal horoscope may be viewed at Born Cory Anthony Booker on April 27, 1969 1:10 pm est Washington DC (RR: A), here are a few prominent career-supporting chart factors for Senator Cory Booker:

Ascendant 1AQ20 (which conjoins our national POTUS Sun 00AQ+); MC 22Sco55 (Scorpio = powerful career involving control and finances); Sun 6Tau48, Moon 4Vir17, Mercury 25Taurus (which conjoins the natal MC of Donald Trump). Mr. Booker apparently had a Mercury Return on or about the day of Donald Jr's sneaky Russian lawyer meeting in June 2016 which I remember because transit Mercury that day (planet of meetings and negotiations) was @24Taurus+ and sitting atop Trump Sr's natal Midheaven--so of course Donald Trump knew about the meeting--Don Jr was trying to impress Dad!

Given Senator Booker's double-Earth Sun and Moon we can expect him to be "well grounded in economic and physical reality" and his darkest fears as an Earth-Earth personality are "chaos and loss of control." A gracious amount of common sense is apparent with Sun Taurus-Moon Virgo folk though there may be an over-dependence on the rational side of life. A need and drive for material security may be noticeable as well.

Here is a video link to Senator Booker speaking politics this very morning on CNN (6 mins).

Having a Sun-Saturn conjunction supports Booker's role in the US Politics via the US natal Sun-Saturn square, so serious application of one's intellect, determination, and a strong work ethic aids in his political work. His Jupiter-Uranus conjunction assures good fortune and opportunities for travel, adventure, and discovery with a potential for scientific interests. Both his conjunctions are out-of-sign or dissociate which gives wider perspectives to those who are capable of learning from broad experience and can put their higher education to profitable use.

And here's helpful planetary factor toward political work--if we wish to add Booker's Pluto Rx in Virgo to the Jupiter-Uranus pair we may stretch toward a midpoint picture between the planetary trio which Cory Booker was born under - Uranus-Pluto = Jupiter: "achieving immense success" (Ebertin).

Now there's a fascinating variety of people who share Sun Taurus-Moon Virgo: Oliver Cromwell, Emperor Hirohito, Daniel Day Lewis, Jack Nicholson, Shirley Maclaine, Sir Lawrence Olivier, Mort Sahl, Candice Bergen, and Pete Townsend of The Who. Let's close with a famous Cromwell quote:

"The State, in choosing men to serve it, takes no notice of their opinions. If they be willing faithfully to serve it, that satisfies."

For more personality blend info see Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.


libramoon said...

Just noticing that Booker appears to be popping lately and checked out his chart. Uranus conjuncting his Sun stood out!

libramoon said...

Just noticing that Booker appears to be popping lately and checked out his chart. Uranus conjuncting his Sun stood out!