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Feb 28, 2018

On the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse and Aspects of Roger Stone

Roger Stone, political consultant, opposition researcher, long time lobbyist, and old pal of Donald Trump, was born on August 27, 1952 in Norwalk, Connecticut. No birth hour is known so below we'll briefly consider a noon chart for this WikiLeaks-Putin-Trump-Manafort associate.

And on what isn't really a side note of current events, in 2008 I posted this: Spitzer's Nemesis + Blackmailing for War. Not a side note because the 'nemesis' of Eliott Spitzer is identified as Roger Stone.

And from September 2017 comes Method to the "Madness": Dissecting Roger Stone's Statement to Congress, by a former Fed prosecutor which includes Stone's statement to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence given on September 25, 2017. And perhaps you remember that Stone was involved in stopping the Florida recount in 2008 which allowed the Bush-Cheney regime's backdoor entry into the White House (with the help of a bogus SCOTUS decision). In June 2008, The New Yorker published an article on Mr. Stone The Dirty Trickster. Roger Stone had also worked with the infamous political operative Lee Atwater and with Richard "I am Not a Crook" Nixon, a president who was called in his day Tricky Dick and for good reason. Such a gaggle of cheaters and knaves!

There's even a Trump-esque documentary released in May 2017 titled Get Me Roger Stone for Stone pretty much invented the political career of Donald Trump and perhaps animated the Frankenstein monster itself.

So for a view of Roger Stone's noon horoscope and an analysis of its BOWL shape and other planetary factors you'll want to check out some good astro-splaining of the man. But here and for now, let's consider a few chart details, plus, the Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Saros Series into which little Roger Jason Stone as born for some background influences in his life.

August 27, 1952 'noon' edt; Norwalk, CT

First, his Moon ranged from 17Sco28 to 00Sag36 during the 24-hour period of his birth date with a 29-degree Scorpio Mars reaching 00Sag11 as the Moon entered Sagittarius. You recognize the '1Sag' degree for its "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" Sabian Symbol with its negative expression, 'superficial idleness and unhealthy veneration for the past' (Jones). However, if we assume that Trickster Stone was not born during the waning hour or so of August 27, 1952, we find "30Scorpio" more applicable for his natal Mars and perhaps for natal Moon: "30Sco" = "The Halloween Jester" with its negative expression of, 'ineptness of self-expression and a contempt for established values." On one level this may be a cosmic reference to the long-held desire of the GOP to collapse The Establishment of the US government, a project that seems more within their reach thanks to a Trump White House which Roger Stone helped bring to fruition.

His Virgo Sun (3-4Virgo) seemingly has no major applying aspects so we can't use the closest one to reveal the essence of the man. However, a midpoint picture has natal Sun at apex--Uranus-Neptune = Sun: impressionability and vaunted self-regard (Tyl). And of course, Uranus and Neptune are the 'Age of Reason'/'New World Order pair which met three times all through 1993 @18Capricorn (POLITICAL POWER = smug or strong-armed paternalism--Jones). And with transit Pluto so recently hitting 18Cap, we find that, "the big picture commands a certain course of action which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise." (Tyl). Stone's natal Sun as apex suggests that he's on board with the agenda of these shadowy entities, or at least that he (and most of our politicians) are under their control--which is why lawmakers tend to vote on behalf of their corporate donors (masters) rather than doing the bidding of We The People.

Astrological Pluto: Wealth, Stealth, and Power

And since power and its uses and abuses are always part of any political consideration we should note Stone's Pluto-South Node conjunction in proud ego-based Leo. This hints at an inherited condition in which his ancestors may have oppressed others and now he will know what it's like to be a victim of larger circumstances. The conjunction also denotes a man whose will is out of harmony with current social trends or ethics and this lack can cause resentment and misunderstandings in his life. Violence or associations with violent people may also be indicated though he does have a gift for surviving hardships since the Moon's South Node has a Saturnian separative quality--somewhat similar to Saturn with Pluto. Plus, Pluto-SN may be a cosmic reminder of past family members who were affected by war or other oppressive socio-economic conditions.

Mr. Stone's Pluto-SN may also describe his background involvement with those in charge rather than publicly taking over the reins of power himself. (Edit: due to neglect I am adding Stone's Jupiter-Pluto square to this post--this square describes a wheeler dealer and The False Prophet (Oken).)

Please note that these chart factors, typed in no particular order, may or may not be astro-splained in the article linked above but are worth mentioning concerning this tricky political activist (Mars). Erratic reformer Uranus @17Cancer sesqui-squares (135 degrees) Stone's Mars making his activities be-tangled and complicated via obstacles within obstacles. Sun in Virgo, sign of The Critic, when added to a Scorpio Moon denotes one who is analytical, dedicated, meticulous, self-sufficient, shrewd, and perceptive. This pragmatic Earth-Water personality blend suggests a zealous fanatic and problem-solver. The Harveys, in their Sun Sign-Moon Sign book describe the Sun Virgo-Moon Scorpio blend as having "a servant's loyalty but a tycoon's lust for power."

In the emotional realm it's bottled up feelings for Mr. Stone which of course tend to explode at some point and this may be supported by his only out-of-bounds planet, the Moon, which points toward a faulty or separative relationship with Mother.

Now if by chance Stone was born between 10:54 pm edt (Moon 00Sag00) and midnight, his is an Earth-Fire blend of Sun Virgo-Moon Sagittarius and this would give a 'scorched earth' quality to his personality. However, Sun Virgo-Moon Sag denotes genuine helpfulness, intelligence, a quick wit, and restlessness. It's a blend of a communicator with moral certitude and a "desire for reasonable answers in the face of human suffering" (Harveys), plus, a lack of empathy and a judgmental attitude toward others. Forgive me for saying this, but I don't find 'answers to human suffering' to be part of the GOP agenda. If anything, their goal, and perhaps that of some Democrats, is to worsen human suffering. But that's just me and you may, of course, disagree as heartily as you wish.

Money Money Money

In the realm of finances, we need only look at his Venus-Jupiter trine to see fortunate benefits, wealth, and luxury. Alan Oken calls this trine,"The Golden Horseshoe" for the luck it brings its owner. However, a Sun-Mars square shows dissatisfaction with achievements so that he's always striving for more.

Society Says...

In the realm of societal issues, a Saturn-Uranus square identifies a touchy fellow who rebels against established laws and behaves as a "law unto himself" (Oken). Uranus square Neptune is a common aspect for those born in 1952 and denotes tendencies toward muddled thinking, confusion, and participation in ill-fated social movements. To me this sounds as if Mr Stone would do himself (and us) a favor by closely examining the political and occult organizations to which he may belong because criticism of and resignation from them may be needed rather than continuing to carry water for sinister forces and destructive entities.

Now Stone's Mercury-Jupiter square resonates well with the Mercury-ruled Virgo and Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius blend and suggests one who draws incorrect conclusions and tends toward impaired judgment via a general misunderstanding of facts. If this sounds similar to Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square of misperception and faulty relationship with truth then we're on the same page. A Mercury-Jupiter square also denotes "a mind that never stops creating a barrage of ideas" and is termed by Alan Oken as "The Exaggerator." This sort of Mercurial aspect is shared by White House Director of Communications Hope Hicks and if you follow her link you'll read about Roger Stone's Pre-Natal Solar Eclipse Series, the 8 South, which is shared by Miss Hicks (1988) and was detailed in yesterday's SO'W post profiling her. Update Feb 28 5:30 pm est: Hope Hicks has resigned!

And so the Sun Virgo-Moon Sag blend mixes optimism with realism and denotes one who can bring their vision down to earth. Therefore, if this blend belongs to Roger Stone and putting Trump in the White House has been one of his visions, we would have to admit that Roger Stone has succeeded.


"As a society is composed of individuals, how could a society be more immoral than its members? It becomes immoral if its structure is such that moral individuals cannot act in accordance with their moral impulses.” - E. F. Schumacher, as quoted by Henry Geiger in Manas Journal

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