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Mar 2, 2018

Mar 2, 2018: Mars Transits to Trump natal planets

March 2, 2018: The orbit of planet Mars is approximately two years in length so it's a regular occurrence for us all that the planet of anger, quarrels, and testosterone riles up, triggers, or activates the potentials of a person's natal Moon (emotions, feelings, moods) 'like clockwork' and Mr. Trump is no less subject to such a transit. Yet perhaps Mars transits affect him more than many since little Donnie was born with Mars rising in proud Leo and, as we know, he is an aggressive fellow on multiple levels who 'hits back' whenever provoked or criticized--like the street-fighter and thuggish bully that he is.

Now I won't burden you in this post by listing the week's events which must certainly have angered Mr. Trump for anyone who checks media at all has heard or read all about them. Separation from positions in the White House has continued to occur, resignations announced, and the tiresome phrase 'rats deserting a sinking ship' comes too easily to mind. The entire Trump episode must give Mr. Putin moments of extreme glee as his plan to undermine the great America is proceeding well under Mr. Trump's unstable steerage. Chinese leaders must be getting a bunch of ha-has out of America's weakening as well. (Round up Trump's natal Moon degree to '22Sag' and we have, as previously noted here many times, "A Chinese Laundry"--and the whiff of money-laundering is difficult to miss!)

On June 14, 1946 at 10:54 am est in Queens, NY, Donald Trump entered the earthly flux with the Moon conjoining Luna's own South Node, a separative point with Saturnian implications and suggesting difficulties with Mother and women. 20--22 Sagittarius was the place then and is the spot where transit Mars now ruffles and aggravates so we know that separations (SN) and anger, even rage (Mars), are on Trump's menu this week. Tantrums and 'energetic' displays of emotion are the calling card of Mars to natal Moon along with hurt feelings which are covered up by displays of anger. Release of tension may be a result of his hissy fits--and then there's always ill-advised tweeting for expressing his royal displeasure.

In the real world, the chaotic busy-ness of the week's events, as some pundits have noted, demonstrates the pace of life speeding up just as this transit by Mars often brings. Plus, Mars in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius denotes the need to convince others of one's ideas along with the tendency to take rash actions (Ebertin) and Trump's Sag Moon identifies his changing moods, inconstancy, and a tendency for pessimism to alternate with optimism. Mars and South Node contacts suggest, as noted, separations especially from males so perhaps the reputed resignation of General McMaster is closer than the public imagines (by the end of this month?) although another Trump associate of the male persuasion, Josh Raffel, resigned this week around the time of the Hope Hicks resignation. (Edit 8:40 pm: and I almost forgot Jeff Sessions who teeters in his post but who has 'dug in' almost daring Trump to fire him. However, there are people will do Anything to achieve success, and the cost of the struggle is of no concern because it's passed on to others' shoulders, the culprit never made to answer for his acts--or so he thinks.

That is Until We The People stand up for our heritage of an American Spirit that is not within Donald Trump or his co-conspirators for theirs is a false patriotism, their mummers of good will ring hollow.#

If you actually need to, see a list of White House resignations and firings compiled by USAToday.

Now during the last week of February, transit Mars opposed Trump's natal Uranus (his guiding planet of chaos and whimsy) indicating a period of disruption and spur-of-the-moment proposals (that may lead to disaster (steel and aluminum tariffs lead to a global trade war and higher consumer costs). Soon tr Mars will oppose Mr. Trump's natal Sun (22Gemini) (exact March 5), a time when his leadership is challenged (a continuing story, yes), ego-bruising occurs, and his vitality is lowered, perhaps to the point of burn-out.

Looking further ahead at the trail of Mars and some of its influence on Donald Trump's natal planets, we find that Mars squares his natal Neptune in Libra on March 22 (a lack of rational actions and rationalization of activities and motivations), Mars opposes natal Mercury on April 2 (plans and ideas are dismissed or ignored by others, angry words disrupt meetings and/or negotiations), Mars squares natal Jupiter in Libra on April 18 (exaggeration, extravagance, grandstanding, overreaching, and empty gestures increase), Mars opposes natal Saturn in Cancer on May 1 (time and energy wasted trying to circumvent rules and traditions, authority is resented and resisted), and Mars opposes natal Venus in Moon-ruled Cancer on May 5 (separation from allies, isolation, aggression, bad taste is shown, and diplomacy is thwarted).

Of course, karmic Saturn in transit is also affecting Mr. Trump--particularly his problematic Mercury-Neptune square of incorrect conclusions and loose grasp of facts. For a list of these transits try 2018 Saturn to Trump natal Mercury-Saturn Square with the next exact 'hit' coming on March 30.

Well, whatever you, dear reader, think of Donald Trump in the White House, perhaps you agree that Spring 2018 will be a difficult season for the Martian Mr. Trump and, as I've previously asserted multiple times, as a POTUS goes, so goes America and the American people.

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