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Apr 30, 2018

A Portrait of Donald Trump's forceful Mars in Leo

Some of the books authored by the brilliant Dane Rudhyar languish upon my library shelves while others have yet to be captured. One yet to be captured volume is The Zodiac as The Universal Matrix--A Study of The Zodiac and of Planetary Activity (The Lost Writings of Dane Rudhyar) available in paperback or on Kindle.

From this book comes the following excerpt explaining the placement of Mars in Leo which Mr. Trump enjoys--and if his birth time is accurate--has rising at the moment of his birth on June 14, 1946. Plus, Trump's Mars is made more significant and event-producing by the warrior planet's conjunction with royal Regulus, the kingmaker star. Naturally his red face and brash, boastful aggression may be attributed to Mars in proud Leo and its rising position lends an Aries-style me-first quality to his character, thoughts, actions, and communications which often include insults and combative adolescent name-calling.

And as you know, astrological Mars rules arson and fire so even his famous if tiresome You're Fired! line may be placed on the doorstep of Mars rising which sparks his formidable sense of will power. Similar to a Sun-Mars conjunction, Mars rising types are interested in sports, the military, policing, and romance and tend to feel that anyone who disagrees with them is directly attacking their personal credibility and so they immediately counterattack. Having no real interest in compromising or in thinking before acting, it's always competition time in the Fantastic World of Trump.

We could even say that on many levels Donald Trump ~is~ Mars in Leo. So without further fuss, here's Dane Rudhyar on the topic:


"When the Leo-type of energies...are activated by the forceful and outgoing planet Mars, fireworks may be expected. This produces a colorful personality, or at least a strong will to dominate...There is an intense urge toward dramatic self-expression; and, when concrete materials for self-expression or for personal show are not available, the person is likely to use imaginary materials."

And those 'imaginary materials' are always on steroids due to Donald Trump's fantasy-prone, listen-to-no-one, indiscreet Mercury-Neptune square of The Sneaky Mind (A.Oken)!

Above image: Donald Trump displaying his 'intense urge toward dramatic self-expression'...he's only acting, folks.

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