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Jun 19, 2024

Biden-Trump Debate June 27, 2024: Mars v Mars

Will Fascism Challenge Democracy?

by Jude Cowell, partisan for democracy

Perhaps you'd be interested in details concerning a Synastry Grid between America's Albatross (natal planets) and the planets on the night of the first 2024 Biden-Trump Debate: Will America's Albatross Debate in June?

What I neglect to mention in my WordPress post is that Mars @13Taurus on June 27, 2024 directly opposes President Biden's natal Mars @13Scorpio, rather a perfect cosmic picture of their challenge to one another, yes? Sparks may fly with the White House helm on the line.

Thing is, Debate Mars in Taurus is apex of a midpoint between Sun and Saturn and this reveals a Martian personage with abrasive mannerisms and a desire to be in charge. Sounds like Trump, born with Mars rising in pompous Leo.

Feb 17, 2024

223rd Anniversary! Thomas Jefferson Elected February 17, 1801

After the contentious Presidential Election of 1800 (held from October 31 to December 3, 1800) was decided in Congress, VP Thomas Jefferson was elected on February 17, 1801 to serve as America's third president. As for the published propaganda about Jefferson and enslaved Sally Hemings (aka, mother of his "shadow family"), look below to the list of aspects to the Solar Eclipse for notes re: the inconjunct from lusty Mars in romantic Leo.

Significantly, the 1800 Election and the Inauguration that followed represent our archetypal model of America's traditional peaceful transfer of power - successfully followed for over 200 hundred years until 'Mango Mussolini' instigated a coup attempt (ongoing as I type) meant to keep him in power despite losing the 2020 Election.

So below you see the Horoscope of the Prenatal Solar Eclipse under which Election 1800 and Inauguration 1801 took place. It's a Libra Eclipse (25:45) in the 19 South Saros Series with potentials for lucky breaks and wins, and joyful, life-changing events (Brady).

So if you don't mind enlarging the image, you'll find that and other astro-notes penned rather messily on the chart for your consideration:

Aspects to the 19 South Eclipse of October 1800:

Pluto trine Ecl: "The enlightened ones"; higher minds able to deal successfully with karmic issues and thereby erase karmic debts from the past.

Mercury conjunct Ecl: logic and reason as tools for resolving karmic problems.

Mars inconjunct Ecl: a karmic barrier to success signifying a confrontation with self due to misguided Martian energy in the sexual realm; the Mars inconjunct is a warning against further misguided actions in relation to the Eclipse in Libra, sign of relationships and diplomacy.

Saturn sextile Ecl: opportunities for karmic progress are available but sincere work is required; older and/or established associates offer support and counsel (Eclipse Saturn in 11th house).

When a Solar Eclipse Falls in Venus-ruled Libra

Positive use of Libran eclipse energies: fairplay, cooperation, impartiality, and groups involving World Justice (Enlightenment principles of logic, reason, equality, liberty).

Negative use of Libran eclipse energies: insincerity, spinelessness, self-indulgence.

Thanks for reading! And Happy Presidents' Day 2024 on Monday, jc

Previously appearing on SO'W: Thomas Jefferson's 1801 Inauguration Horoscope.

Please Note: for additional SO'W posts concerning Thomas Jefferson (including his natal YOD of special tasks and opportunities), scroll down to the Sidebar Search field and type in his name! Or any other term you wish. jc

For more eclipse information of this sort see Rose Lineman's Your Prenatal Eclipse #ad.

Feb 14, 2024

Netanyahu: Natal and Progressed 2024

by Jude Cowell

For current and future reference, here are the natal chart of Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu (lower left), along with his Secondary Progressed ('SP') Full Moon @13Can23 perfecting on October 25, 2024. We should add that "Bibi"s natal data is rated 'C' so there may be some discrepancy in his natal and SP charts causing the timing to be somewhat off:

5 North and The Nodal Axis of Destiny and Direction

Mr. Netanyahu was born into the 5 North Saros Series via his PE of April 28, 1949 @7Taurus42, a stubborn sign of rigidity even when cooperation is needed for karmic progress. A 5 North Eclipse last manifested on June 10, 2021 @20Gemini in the midst of Trump's 10th house trio of Uranus-NN-Sun; 5N themes include 'prophetic dreams, useful hunches, visions' (paraphrasing B. Brady).

Meanwhile, some folks have observed that Netanyahu is "like Trump" which may have something to do with the fact that, among other connections, both men have their Mars @26Leo+, and Netanyahu's Libra planets and South Node land within Trump's 2nd house trio of Neptune-Chiron-Jupiter. There are religious implications therein along with grand schemes aided by Mercury-Neptune fantasies and spins of the truth. Lies promoted for political reasons are suggested.

Now Netanyahu was born with a Neptune-South-Node conjunction (with his Libra Moon nearby) while Trump was born with a Moon-South-Node conjunction. Both these Nodal conjunctions indicate lack of popularity with the masses and fluctuating success. And with shady Neptune, intrigue and unfortunate circumstances are attached. With the Moon, emotional alienation or estrangement are denoted, and with both Nodal conjunctions, a tendency toward bad timing is indicated.

New Associations, Fresh Intrigue, More Theft

Curiously, Netanyahu will experience a Nodal Return (@16Ari41) on February 20, 2024 and this will cast a cosmic spotlight upon his Neptune-SN conjunction (SN = the "tail of the dragon") - conjunct transit Chiron @16Ari47 conjunct his Aries North Node - just as transit Neptune @26Pis23 precisely conjuncts Netanyahu's natal IC (also @26Pis23) of Endings, The Drain, and Domestic Scene. Somehow, an undermining influence is in store for him, perhaps with a 'spies enter the country' flavor. Yet we must add that the Neptune-to-IC transit is exact (26:23) as long as the birth time of his natal chart is accurate. Perhaps this transit will confirm it!

Oct 2, 2019

Trump 2019 Mars Return and a Whistleblower Complaint!

Image: Mars from Hubble; NASA

The contentious, combative, hot-headed Mars rising of Donald Trump began a new 2-year cycle of activity for him recently when transit Mars returned to natal position (26Leo46) in Trump's birth horoscope (June 14, 1946 10:54 am est Queens, NY) on August 12, 2019. Curiously, August 12, 2019 is the very day the whistle blower complaint was submitted through the proper legal channels and an official impeachment inquiry was subsequently activated in the House of Representatives. As you know, Martian Trump, a master of resentment and revenge, depends on having enemies. And in similar fashion to America's habit, Big T will make them when and if there are none. And as we've seen, a cornered Trump is a dangerous Trump.

Plus, it's been reported that in March of this year, Trump proposed the craven idea of shooting migrants in the legs to slow them down when crossing the border, a tragically fitting expression of his Mars rising in its malevolent role with Mars the ruler of guns, snipers, knives and other weapons. This must be one of those 'be careful what you wish for' for other people because in one form or another, the natural law of karma (reaping what's been sown) will eventually boomerang it back on you.

So if you're curious, here's a previous post concerning the 2019 Mars Return of Donald Trump. And, rounding up his Mars degree to "27 Leo" here is a bit of Sabian Symbol info from Dane Rudhyar:

"The Luminescence of Dawn in the Eastern Sky"; Keynote: The exalting challenge of new opportunities at the threshold of a new cycle. {} Keyword: ILLUMINATION."

Jul 31, 2019

Kamala Harris: a peace-making crusader with spunk!

Below you see a marked-up version of the natal horoscope (RR: AA) of Senator and 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris who is inherently qualified to fulfill the role of President of the United States. Whether she can successfully circumvent the multiple cheating tactics and propaganda campaigns of Trump and the GOP on and prior to Election Day 2020 remains to be seen but Senator Harris definitely has the talent, drive, and ambition to take over the job of POTUS on January 20, 2021!

Outspoken and competitive, Senator Harris is a "peace-making crusader" and a "cool-headed idealist" with "spunk and courage" according to her steamy Air-Fire Sun Libra-Moon Aries personality blend. Her Scorpio Mercury adds objectivity to her Libran Sun while indicating practicality, intellect, and an ability for deep study and perseverance in pursuit of arduous tasks and solutions. With no applying Ptolemaic aspects, chart-ruler Mercury's sign and house position (5th h of risk-taking, gambling, romance, creativity) are prominent. However, lively disputes and sharp criticism are potentials with Mercury in Scorpio and these were observed in the June 2019 Democratic Debates as she leveled her sights on fellow candidate Joe Biden and handily aided herself in the polls! Plus, having Mercury (Scorpio) and Pluto (Virgo) in Mutual Reception resonates with her political activities, some of which are of a secretive nature. This planetary duo finds sympathy with America's natal Mercury-Pluto opposition of spies, secrets, surveillance, and investigation. If you wish, check out her law-related career in her Wikipedia profile.

So tonight (July 31, 2019) is a return engagement for Kamala's debating Mercury in intense Scorpio so let's see how she does this time--and with transit Mercury's Direct Station tonight at 11:58 pm edt in her natal 2nd house of Values. And as you know, there's a New Moon @8Leo37 tonight, the phase when seeds are planted, and the New Moon conjoins Kamala's natal 3rd cusp of Communications. Some measure of harvest comes with the Full Moon of August 15, 2019 @22AQ24 in Harris' 9th house and opposes her 3rd house Mars. Therefore, there may be a spot of disappointment, and defiant or hostile reactions involved for her at the Full Moon for natal Mars is apex of her natal speculative Jupiter-Neptune midpoint. Will a bubble burst?

But for now, tonight's the night and we can't miss her powerhouse trio of Uranus-Pluto-Venus in 4th house, one of the Psychological Houses at that. Yes, accusations and attacks can fly from this particular trio and may very well do so in tonight's debate. After all, that very visible 10th house Chiron in Pisces mentor didn't mentor her for nothin'! Will the mayor's name come up as Campaign 2020 progresses? Well, I think it already has.

Another interesting factor about Harris' Mars @21Leo17 is that it's near Trump's natal Mars @26Leo rising--and conjoins her natal Nemesis (divine retribution; the unbeatable foe) which adds intensity to her competitive nature. And there in 2nd house is her Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') @17Can15 in the 2 New North Saros Series--the degree of transit North Node as I type! Curiously, Harris' PE spotlights Trump's natal Nemesis (16Can40). Were they born to rumble? Maybe so considering the karmic nature of the Nodal axis.

And of course you'll remember the last manifestation of a 2 New North eclipse as 'The Tower Eclipse' for it was only on August 11, 2018 that it perfected @18Leo41 with its 'collapse of plans or lifestyles' and 'rebuilding' themes that continue to threaten tower-builder Donald Trump and his empire with the distinct potential of falling into rubble. And as you know, Trump recently 'fibbed' about being at Ground Zero on 9/11 which everyone in his audience of First Responders knew was a lie! Actually, Trump touted on that day how Trump Tower was then the tallest building in New York. That was his greatest concern, his Tower's rat infestation notwithstanding.

Now whether Trump will be mentioned in tonight's debates I know not but it won't be surprising if he is especially since Senator Harris' natal 12th house Jupiter Rx @24Tau00 sits directly upon Trump's natal Midheaven (24Tau18) where vicious star Algol holds sway. And after all, his nibs constantly provides Democrats and others with so much ammunition how can anyone on camera neglect to mention his unsuitability for the office he precariously holds--the office each one of them on stage tonight is determined to grasp as their own?

Well, at least the candidates with enough spunk are that determined!

Related: DC Horoscope: Election Day 2020 displaying both 12:00 am and 11:59 pm horoscopes for November 3, 2020. The Election Moon in Gemini (We the Voters--of two minds?) will approach the natal Ascendant and North Node of Kamala Harris but will actually conjoin the 10th house Sun-NN conjunction of Donald Trump but oppose his problematic natal Moon-SN. So will the outcome of the 2020 race be disputed and take a little time to settle once transit Mercury, planet of ballots, votes, and decisions, begins moving forward and passes its shadow degree on or about November 19th or 20th?

Care to venture your thoughts, dear reader?

Natal Data: Kamala Harris October 20, 1964 9:28 pm pdt Oakland, CA; RR: AA.

May 1, 2018

May 2018: Mars SQ Uranus hits US POTUS Sun

On May 16, 2018 at 3:03 am edt with veiling Neptune in mid-Pisces rising in DC, a transiting square perfects between testy warrior Mars and shocking planet of chaos, Uranus, an explosive combination that tends to bring unexpected and unpredictable results which are often not what perpetrators or instigators had intended. And with tr Mars @00AQ02 SQ Uranus @00Tau02, I regret to inform you that the US POTUS Sun (the president, a role now played by Donald Trump since January 20, 2017) will be precisely unsettled by this double transit so let's take a general look at its portents while keeping Trump's current condition (Mueller probe into Russia contacts and possible conspiracy, to testify or not to testify, possible Trump campaign irregularities, Cohen's hot mess, etc) in the back of our minds and knowing that the POTUS Sun is representative of Mr. Trump whose Oval Office goals (aka, the 'mission' he was placed in the Oval Office to accomplish as they all are) are being seriously delayed if not thwarted by his own karmic actions and by being held accountable for them; and of course by extension, Mr. Trump = the American people.

Also note that the Sabian Symbol for the US POTUS Sun @00AQ49 (January 20, 2017 noon est Capitol Building Washington DC) rounded up is: '1AQ' = "An Old Adobe Mission" ever since US Inauguration ceremonies were switched from March to January 20th by Freemason President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

So when activist Mars conjoins the Sun a surge of vitality can be expected along with macho vibes that demand ego gratification--nothing new for Mr. Trump born with brash Mars rising in ego-driven Leo. But in May it may be a question of more explosive challenges and even testier confrontations when tr Mars hits POTUS Sun even though he's very much accustomed to being in tune with Martian energies and also with Uranian energies since his natal 10th house Uranus is his 'guiding planet' for it rises last before his Gemini Sun, leads the rest of the planets in his natal chart, and inspires his chaotic, free-style of 'intuitive' leadership. Never be prepared, advises Uranus!

Simultaneously, transit Uranus squares US POTUS Sun which denotes several potentials none of which are predictable. However, a testing quality is attached to this combination which includes issues of will power and determination toward success. But with quirky Uranus involved there's an inability to control situations and the decisions of others hold sway and determine direction so that it's difficult if not impossible to be prepared ahead of time--perfect for the ill-prepared Mr. Trump. Yet he'll be upset that maintaining a leadership role, status, and/or authority may be even more difficult now and yet standing up for one's principles--assuming he has any to begin with--will be necessary even as his decisions are questioned and integrity is placed under a stronger microscope. Of course, these fiery, unsettled conditions are already in play for Mr. Trump so perhaps the Mars-Uranus Square affecting POTUS Sun will only sharpen public scrutiny or may mark a crisis point within ongoing proceedings. Yet we know that sudden events and revelations are quite certain to occur during Mars-Uranus periods in similar fashion to the uncovering effects of an eclipse when inconvenient truths may become widely known and surface for review and critiques.

Besides the political possibilities of the Mars-Uranus square, an increase in wildfires or purposeful arson, lightening strikes, storms, quakes, floods, or other natural disasters may be on Earth's agenda as May 2018 proceeds on toward the August 11, 2018 Solar Eclipse @18Leo41 that I'm calling "The Tower Eclipse" for its collapsing potential (Brady). And curiously, there's a related midpoint picture within the August eclipse horoscope that closely involves the secretive planet of veils, cover-ups, scandals, lies, fantasies, and fraud: Mars-Uranus = Neptune! Any, all, or none of its potentials may apply.

Plus, as previously discussed here, May 2018 includes a prophetic New Moon @24Tau36 on May 15th (the 70th Solar Return of the State of Israel and the day that transit Uranus enters Taurus). This cosmic pile-up conjoins the natal Midheaven (The Goal) of Donald Trump with the unpredictable Mars-Uranus square perfecting only a day later. Another quirk is that the May 15th New Moon also sparks the position of tr Mercury during Trump Jr's infamous June 9, 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians and lawyers and Trump Campaign staff such as Kushner and Manafort, so eager to get 'the dirt' on 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton.

Then on May 29th is the revealing Full Moon @8Sag10 which happens to conjoin the New Moon of the Fed which perfected on December 1, 1910 during the financial conspirators' secret meeting on Jekyll Island, Georgia resulting in betrayal of the American people via passage of the Federal Reserve Act on December 23, 1913 so that America's financial resources were firmly placed within the grasp and control of transnational banking houses and our debts became unpayable. And those 'economic royalists' of 1910 (as famously described later on by FDR) are the biological and/or spiritual ancestors of the current crop of crooks, knaves, and traitors who infest our nation as I type.

Now if you wish a fuller picture of May 2018 and the "Mars Max" period we've entered don't miss Richard Nolle's May 2018 Forecast.

Above image: Mars as seen from The Hubble Space Telescope

Apr 30, 2018

A Portrait of Donald Trump's forceful Mars in Leo

Some of the books authored by the brilliant Dane Rudhyar languish upon my library shelves while others have yet to be captured. One yet to be captured volume is The Zodiac as The Universal Matrix--A Study of The Zodiac and of Planetary Activity (The Lost Writings of Dane Rudhyar) available in paperback or on Kindle.

From this book comes the following excerpt explaining the placement of Mars in Leo which Mr. Trump enjoys--and if his birth time is accurate--has rising at the moment of his birth on June 14, 1946. Plus, Trump's Mars is made more significant and event-producing by the warrior planet's conjunction with royal Regulus, the kingmaker star. Naturally his red face and brash, boastful aggression may be attributed to Mars in proud Leo and its rising position lends an Aries-style me-first quality to his character, thoughts, actions, and communications which often include insults and combative adolescent name-calling.

And as you know, astrological Mars rules arson and fire so even his famous if tiresome You're Fired! line may be placed on the doorstep of Mars rising which sparks his formidable sense of will power. Similar to a Sun-Mars conjunction, Mars rising types are interested in sports, the military, policing, and romance and tend to feel that anyone who disagrees with them is directly attacking their personal credibility and so they immediately counterattack. Having no real interest in compromising or in thinking before acting, it's always competition time in the Fantastic World of Trump.

We could even say that on many levels Donald Trump ~is~ Mars in Leo. So without further fuss, here's Dane Rudhyar on the topic:


"When the Leo-type of energies...are activated by the forceful and outgoing planet Mars, fireworks may be expected. This produces a colorful personality, or at least a strong will to dominate...There is an intense urge toward dramatic self-expression; and, when concrete materials for self-expression or for personal show are not available, the person is likely to use imaginary materials."

And those 'imaginary materials' are always on steroids due to Donald Trump's fantasy-prone, listen-to-no-one, indiscreet Mercury-Neptune square of The Sneaky Mind (A.Oken)!

Above image: Donald Trump displaying his 'intense urge toward dramatic self-expression'...he's only acting, folks.

Feb 22, 2017

Astro-Notes on the Capulus of Donald Trump

When one looks at the natal chart of Donald J. Trump the most visible point, the aspirational, goal-oriented Midheaven @24Tau18 ('MC') displays to the world at large a certain fixed star (23Tau26 in 1946) Capulus, a star of male aggressive energy, and partner to Algol (female aggressive energy). In fixed star interpretation, Capulus denotes blindness, turbulence, and passionate feelings with the blindness connection probably due to the fact that Capulus is actually a nebula and nebulae were used by the Roman army to test a prospective archer's eyesight.

Focused, direct, and penetrating action is a key concept of Capulus and when linked to a natal chart suggests rash anger, hasty action, and ruthlessness that has far-reaching negative effects if mismanaged. (Brady). Maturity is the necessary antidote for more positive, thoughtful, and nuanced expressions of this star. However, Mr. Trump also has egotistical Mars, the warrior planet, rising in proud Leo--with royal star Regulus (the king, or, the kingmaker; key phrase: success if revenge is avoided). Great energy is provided to Mr. Trump as described by Capulus at MC, Mars rising, and a solar-infused Leo Ascendant (physical body) yet as always, motive is all-important in every endeavor.

And so, Donald Trump was born with Regulus rising as Capulus culminated at Midheaven, a cosmic picture shared by at least two people pointed out by Bernadette Brady in her Fixed Stars book--one famous, the other infamous: mystic, artist, poet, and engraver William Blake and Jim Jones, cult leader and mass murderer. I'll call 'positive expression of Capulus' for seer Blake and very much a 'negative expression' for Jones and his 'People's Temple' outcome of tragedy and loss.

So as the stars impel, and the Trump White House term continues, We the People will see a starry cosmic picture unfolding in both positive and negative ways through a man whose mentality leans heavily upon the 'if it can be touched, weighed, or seen, then it has existence' model of Capulus which is supported by his leading planet Uranus and natal Sun in Gemini, and a Leo Mars and Ascendant, so demanding and needy for the constant reassurance of applause and approval just to believe that he truly exists on the earthly plane.

Nov 9, 2016

Nov 9 2016: "We'll deal fairly with everyone --" President-Elect Donald Trump

"It's Going to Be a Beautiful Thing." - Donald J. Trump

A Conciliatory Day Dawns and Mr. Trump Is President-Elect...and the sneaky feeling I've had about holding a General Election while overhead expansive Jupiter in Libra is the engine of a Locomotive pattern denoting an extraordinary executive type of person leading the Choo-Choo toward promised revealed.

Whether it's success in the areas of life We the People actually need and in a best-results manner is a tale waiting to be told. CEO Trump's behavior as president and the consequences and results of his actions and non-actions will be the primary tonal guide for Stars Over Washington 'going forward', as the politicians are taught to say.

During the upcoming Trump-Pence presidency, the right to read the Cosmos-to-Earth implications as they appear to yours truly will continue here with the same common-good flavor as begun in 2005. Yet if Mr. Trump intends to unify America as he promises and manages to succeed (engine Jupiter leading the throng of energies--planets--with his many proposed objectives, then he and this blogger will see eye to eye in many cases. After all, Jupiter in Libra rays surrounded Baby Trump (formerly Drumpft) and are imprinted within him in spite of his super-sensitive Mars-rising-with-royal-Regulus.

Yes, thanks to his Ascendant-Regulus synchronicity, the kingmaker has become the King. Born in 1946 with his CEO planet Jupiter ('monarch Zeus' in another guise and culture) in balanced, Airy, Venus-ruled Libra, we note that Election 2016 occurred under the influence of Jupiter as leader of a Locomotive pattern, a condition that will dissolve at some point, plus, transit Saturn approaches Trump's natal Full Moon across the Gem-Sag axis...authority yet many lessons and limitations, too, with health and family issues potentially involved.

My point: after fussing about Mr. Trump since his Gemini New Moon bid announcement and introductory speech in June 2015 (a sales presentation given after lowering himself upon an escalator from the gilded heights of Trump Tower after paying $50 each to actors hired to play an audience), Trump's natal Jupiter in Libra's oft-used motto: that's not fair!" has turned up in this morning's victory speech which included a generous, "We'll deal fairly with everyone," from Mr. Trump. We've watched as Jupiterian themes in recent events are expressed by a particular person who embodies the Libran Jupiter archetype to a 'T' - on behalf of the Collective, it is to be hoped.

Mr. Trump will have a Jupiter Return soon: see Election Day 2016 Midpoint Pictures Tell a Tale.

Of course, he's already busy embodying Mars in royal Leo rising with Regulus denoting one whose life is studded with prominent events, whether positive or negative. All the royal stars 'raise up' yet include a caution against a fall from grace -- Regulus = 'success if revenge is avoided', advice which Mr. Trump seems to ignore in most cases and now a Trump presidency will place such a karmic imperative aimed directly at our nation and population.

And you may remember that in the initial Federal Triangle star-grid of our capital city, Regulus signifies the US Congress, with Libran Arcturus as the White House, and Spica (the spike) as the phallic Washington Monument symbolizing the archetypal US presidency -- or rather, the macho cult of personality that the office has become (by design). How fitting for Donald Trump's personality, ignorant and uncaring of tradition as he is, and apparently challenged in the ability-to-read department.

So you'll accomplish a complete rejuvenation of the US economy, Mr. Trump? That I'd love to see for the sake of my fellow Americans, my descendants, and my ancestors who sacrificed themselves for this country. But most folks agree that campaign promises are so often bubbles of fluff that dissipate upon the first wind of grasped control.

Still, my best hopes for the rejuvenation of America, and of our national sovereignty, must now be placed upon Drumpft's Brow. Let's pray that egoistic Zeus and his surrounding co-players in Washington DC's Political Theater don't screw up the whole thing while they milk the American cash cow to line their greedy pockets.


For those readers who are stunned at this orange-skinned-and-haired outcome, please allow Michael Moore to explain Trump's popular appeal for film maker Moore seems to have a firm understanding of this historic Trumpian phenomena. Plus, if you've so far missed this intriguing assessment of Donald Trump's natal chart by Robert Phoenix (secret enemies, Freemason and Underworld connections: Mars and Pluto in 12th house), watch Robert's video here.

Related posts: Trump and Gingrich: Peter Pan and the Pied Piper because both men were born with Sun Gem-Moon Sag personalities--and now we've opened the door to Newt, Bill Kristol, Dick Cheney, Roger Stone, and the rest of the ammoral Vulcans; also see: Donald Trump: natal Moon and the Sapphire Star; Horoscope of Inauguration 2017.

Looking Ahead: DC Horoscope of Winter Solstice 2016: Following a Vision.

Astro-Note Wednesday November 9, 2016: Mr. Trump's victory speech was delivered around 2:30 am to 3:00 am est, NYC. More astro-details of the proceedings will be posted on SO'W as time permits.

Aug 30, 2016

Election Day 2016: an Unaspected Mars in Capricorn

Previously we discussed how Election Day 2016 is a day of a US Moon Return (mundane Moon = We the People) and mention was made of the fact that Election Day Mars is unaspected at a critical 29th degree (of governmental Capricorn). Of course, 29 Capricorn is just before 00 Aquarius, the degree of US Inaugural Sun (the leader) so the eagerness, vitality, and ego of an impatient Mars hurries toward the presidency.

But with no aspects to Mars, what's to be expected? Is anything expectable or predictable with an unaspected planet? Not really, but since it's a Big Day in America, let's investigate the condition of Mars on November 8, 2016...

Now stop me if you've heard this before, but an unaspected planet is unmodified by other planetary influences so that its sign becomes emphasized along with the house of the unaspected planet if it is the only planet posited in that house. Also the house ruled by the unaspected planet may also be emphasized and show where the planet's energies are operative or focused.

With Mars, planet of motivation, energy, and action with a tendency toward aggression, conflict, and activism, the me-first quality of the planet will be prominent. In a contest for the presidency this is no surprise but is made more evident by the Martian temperament of one of the 2016 candidates who was born with royal Regulus and testy Mars rising in Sun-ruled Leo (sign of the natural leader) in his natal chart. When you're as proud and self-important as Mr. Trump it must be all but impossible to ask God for forgiveness (Trump thinks he's never made a mistake or committed a sin, so why ask?) For a few details about his reigning need, see his natal Moon in an article, linked below.

Now since Mars on a psychological level is already driven to separate and act apart from outside influences (for advice Mr. Trump consults his own brain, as you know), its unaspected condition on November 8, 2016 suggests Mr. Trump may express himself in an even more independent fashion than previously. And there's no telling what his Leonine ego will devise if he wins the Oval Office! Under girded by a natal Mercury-Neptune square, what he devises may often be off-the-mark because it's based on wrong or distorted perceptions.

Unaspected Mars acts in ways that are true to his feisty nature and in Capricorn, this must involve efficiency and directed efforts via Saturn's rule of Capricorn. Compulsion, unconscious motivations, and being in constant motion are possibilities as well, plus, we may note a stunning level of self-centeredness and an emphasized self-interest (though such personality traits have been noted before for Mr. T--any of his positive or negative traits will be greatly magnified if he wins the Top Job and can fire people on a whim--in fact, ruling on a whim is one of the better descriptions of what a Trump presidency would be like).

Of course, astrological Mars also signifies males between the ages of 25 and 35, give or take a year or so, and to soldiers, police officers, and villains, so the same traits may be applicable to any of them and to male voters on November 8th and to down-ticket candidates of the male persuasion.

So Mars' unaspected condition affects Election Day matters similar to how a singleton planet could and all the negative traits of Mars may be on display during election week including irrationality, a lack of control, forcefulness, and/or violence. In these, and in other ways, an unfettered Election Day 2016 Mars in Capricorn may brazenly 'run away' with the day's window-sill pie which may also be a hint about the hacking of and tampering with voting machines which is already a problem in Illinois and Arizona.

Mars '30Capricorn': "A Secret Business Conference"...Keyword: OPPORTUNITY...positive expression: a gift for clever planning and successful administration in every area of life (which Mr. Trump asserts that he has); negative/shadow side: rampant selfishness and rank exploitation of others. (The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Jones.)

And for more information, let's look at the Illumination Point directly opposite which is '30Cancer': "A Daughter of the American Revolution"...pos: an infectious pride in leadership through which a group is able to act as a unite; neg: the ultimate betrayal of self hood by a false assumption of superiority (Jones).

Also note that this position of Election Day 2016 Mars denotes a Mars-to-natal-Pluto for America which is extended by our national Secondary Progressed (SP) Pluto @29Cap, a transit with karmic undertones and lots of intense energy. This transit may point toward the military, of course, but may also relate on some weird level to the number of voters who think a Trump presidency is meant to be or that it's time to elect non-professional politicians so why not Trump.

Actually, we had an experiment with how that sort of electing could turn out when Tea Partisans were elected to seats on Capitol Hill which to me was not impressive for the betterment of our nation and society--the government shut down was costly in dollars and Sequestration cuts (US Scorpio Rising chart shown) have been a mistake on several levels. You may disagree, but there it is.

Related: Donald Trump: natal Moon and the Sapphire Star; DC Horoscope of the Sequestration Solar Eclipse of November 2011; and Astrology of the September 26, 2016 Presidential Debate.

Sep 1, 2015

Astrological Reflections on the Lionine Mars of Donald Trump

Today is September 1, 2015 and so far I have neglected to post a link to the transcript of Donald Trump's announcement of his run for the Republican nomination for president of the United States so here it is:

Trump Announcement June 16, 2015 trumpeted from Trump Tower, Fifth Avenue, New York New York.

Is this your lucky day, or what? That particular morning I happened to have a TV on so was treated to the full scintillating effect of his bravado announcement and its immediate aftereffects from the media.

It remains to be seen if one of Mr. Trump's luckier days will be September 19, 2015, the day when transiting Mars, planet of warriors and those of a militaristic mindset (which he says he is) returns to natal position @26Leo--rising in his natal horoscope and triggering a certain royal 'kingmaker' star, Regulus, which rises with natal Mars in his chart! As you know, the two-year cycle of Mars indicates a new cycle of energy beginning for everyone when the planet of energy and motivation comes round again to natal degree and sign.

Astrologically, Regulus links closely with Mr. Trump's natal Mars and Ascendant (The Self) and to this ancient and archetypal star is attached a caution when it comes to achieving goals and desires: 'success if revenge is avoided'. So I must doubt that anyone would disagree that his 'if they attack me I attack them back' stance of revenge denotes difficulties in that sphere and implies that a loss of what was gained may be the result for Donald Mars Rising with Regulus Trump. If you're like me, a bully on a playground comes readily to mind with such a prominent Mars.

Plus, he and the other candidates have five months more before the first primary vote is cast--plenty of time for the Republican field to shift--perhaps away from this political provocateur!

May 4, 2010

Article Round-up: Times Square Bomb of May 1, 2010 w/ Agena @ Mc

A quick look at a chart set for May 1, 2010 @ 6:00 pm edt, Times Square, NYC, shows Fixed Star Agena (to have a mission) at Midheaven, the Aspiration Point of the chart, along with asteroid Nemesis, the unbeatable foe; divine retribution.

'To have a mission to be America's Nemesis'?

No doubt, the man is convinced he was delivering 'divine retribution' to America and there may be more such attempts before activist Mars leaves showy, willful Leo...this is proving to be a long 33-week stay in Leo for the planetary hothead, isn't it? And with a double fire emphasis from Mars and from Leo.

Plus, the opposition of transiting Mars to US natal Moon is coming up (exact on June 1), a time when caution is advised, danger may turn up in one's environment, and competitive situations may not work out very well for our team.

Therefore, it seems a given that more chemical spills and fire hazards are on Mars' agenda for we-the-people of the United States of America during the hot-button summer of 2010 with its Cardinal T-Square energies adding fuel.

In the chart as well we see that Fixed Star, Vindemiatrix rises..."the widow-maker" @ '9Libra' with US natal Saturn (fear; loss) in tow.

The failed car bomb attempt in Times Square was meant to create unbridled fear in the public (Moon out-of-bounds and @ '23Sag' = "Immigrants Entering a New Country", negative expressions: a surrender of the real in pursuit of the false.") (MEJ)

However, my astro-plan is to adopt a wait-and-see attitude on whether this terrorist attempt is the real deal or not since US agencies can be off-track on what they say and do with their in-custody Pakistani-born suspect who was nabbed from a plane about to depart for foreign climes at JFK Airport late last night.

Good for them and us, if this isn't merely a 'mystery play'! 'Jack Bauer' would be proud.

Now here's an article round-up for you concerning the Times Square car bomb which failed to detonate because the wrong fertilizer was used, says the FBI.

Well, let's not spread the details of which fertilizer should have been used, okay?