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May 10, 2018

The Human Cost Of Ending the Iran Peace Deal - clip

From May 9, 2018 here's a Thom Hartmann segment that is informative as usual:


So far a horoscope for Iran, The Islamic Republic of Iran, has never been posted here on SO'W but here's a 2013 post 'Iran on the Edge' by The Classical Astrologer, Britain's Peter James Clark, concerning the country and citing two versions of founding data--one for April 1, 1979 12:01 am Tehran, the other (which is discussed in the post) set for the return of the Ayatollah on February 1, 1979 9:00 am Tehran. Obviously, these are modern charts related to regimes since the original founding data of the region now called Iran, once Persia, is lost in the midst of time!

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