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Jul 31, 2018

August 2018: Minor Progressed Midpoints of Mr Trump

So much has been written and prognosticated about the deteriorating mental health of Donald Trump that a peek at his Minor Progressions seemed like an interesting idea. Yes, I've progressed his natal chart in this way before but today I'm progressing it to the date of The Tower Solar Eclipse @18Leo41 which promises collapse and rebuilding of some sort and perfects within Trump's natal 12th house of Politics, Karma, and Self-Undoing--and because the Trump name is closely associated with the towers he builds and those he longs to build.

With Minor Progressions on a particular date describing what's happening on the mental plane (via the 27:13:1 ratio = we think 27 times faster than we act, and have a feeling about a thought 13 times faster than we act on it ...Tertiary Progressions/emotional plane...and '1' being our Secondary Progressions or the physical plane), Trump's Minor Progressions on August 11, 2018 may be of interest. As usual, any, all, or none may apply but can be activated by transits and/or other progressions so see what you think given what you know about the difficulties Admiral Bone Spurs is going through these days--midpoint info is quoted from Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences, angular pictures are listed first:

Moon-Neptune = Ascendant (@22Sag59 conjunct his natal Moon-SN, a melancholy indicator itself): an unstable personality; dependency upon all environmental influences; ability or faculty to see through other people; associations with sensitive, weak, or sick people.

Saturn-North Node = ASC: an inhibited person with a desire for seclusion; suffering under difficulties with other persons (kindred); separation.

Saturn-Neptune = MC (@15Lib17--his natal Saturn-Neptune midpoint conjoins natal ASC showing an emotionally depressing childhood and/or oppressive family circumstances): a peculiar character; frequent change of mood; wavering between materialistic and idealistic inclinations; emotional suffering; the state of illness.

Mercury-Pluto = Saturn (10Lib04): quarrelsome nature; nagging character; irritability; skepticism; nervous irritation through overwork; exposure to heavy and bitter attacks.

Neptune-Pluto = Mars (20Vir01): lack of energy; the misfortune to be used as a tool for other people's interests; lack of resistance and stamina; tendency to succumb to external powers; being utilized as a medium.

Venus-Uranus = Pluto (21Leo29): a high degree of excitability; blind love.

For more on Trump's progressions see his Secondary Progressed New Moon which culminates on September 16, 2019 @3Virgo.

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