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Apr 23, 2019

Donald Trump in 2019 and 2020 - The Astrology (Will He Get Re-elected?)

The following is a view from abroad of US Politics for today Stars Over Washington is very pleased to present a Political Astrology article authored by British astrologer James Lynn Page whose brief bio and website link you'll find posted, below:

What about the astro-predictions for Donald Trump in 2019 and 2020, when we have the US Presidential elections? If you just assume President Trump won’t be re-elected on Tuesday, November 3, 2020 in the 59th four-yearly elections, read this from the Forbes website:

‘Donald Trump’s presidency has been so widely derided in the national media that a casual observer might easily conclude his prospects for re-election are dim. However, that is not what the odds makers are saying. They give Trump a solid edge over any Democratic candidate in 2020 … Only two chief executives seeking reelection over the last 50 years—Carter and Bush 41—failed in their bid for a second term. Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Bush 43 and Obama all won reelection, even though at least two of them were highly controversial. In fact, the most controversial presidents tend to roll up the biggest reelection victories. Second, Trump has presided over the strongest economy in living memory. Unemployment is at record lows, inflation is nearly non-existent, and new jobs are being created at a startling pace. Anyone who studies presidential politics knows that strong economies are the most important factor driving support for the incumbent.

Elsewhere, Elizabeth Drew reckons that the Democrats possibly need to do more:

‘Trump’s success at solidifying his base could be his salvation in 2020 if the Democratic nomination process doesn’t produce a strong enough opponent or ends in hostility. And, though Trump appears to have committed several impeachable offenses – accepting “emoluments,” or gifts or income from foreign sources, and obstructing justice, among others – the Democrats are reluctant to be seen as seeking his removal from office, owing to the fierce opposition of Trump’s base. (Fanatic Trump supporters have threatened literal civil war if their hero is impeached or convicted.)’

It seems not to matter how widely Donald Trump is derided in the Press, nor how many ‘false or misleading claims’ (the Guardian) he makes, or how politically incorrect he may be, the train keeps on rolling! Lately, we have seen the results of the Robert Mueller investigation into Trump’s possible collusion with Russia over the election campaign in 2016. Many opponents had hoped for his impeachment, but as Reuters reported, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House said: ‘Trump is unfit to be president but she is “not for impeachment.” This is because: “Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country,” Anyway, Pelosi added, “He’s just not worth it.”

In any case, the Mueller inquiry – which ended on March 22nd 2019 – found no direct evidence of any illegal activity on President Trump’s part. Interestingly, the final report concluded just as ‘lucky’ Jupiter had transited (by opposition) Trump’s sun at 22º Gemini. (By one degree of orb.) This is significant, as Jupiter has long been a key factor in the fortunes of the Donald as President – it has been conjunct his ascendant by progression since the start of his presidential campaign on June 16th, 2015 (starting within only two minutes of arc.) Obviously, each subsequent progressed chart shows the orb for the Jupiter-asc. conjunction getting wider and wider. This means that the reality checks will, incrementally, get more urgent.

The Solar return for Donald Trump in 2019 and 2020 shows two important oppositions: a Mercury-Mars conjunction (opposed to Pluto-Saturn conjunction in the 10th house), plus sun opposite Jupiter. Mercury-Mars opposite Pluto-Saturn is fiercely combative, argumentative and divisive, a situation where both opponents dig in their heels, assume strong positions, and refuse to shift ground. Tough opposition in other words, and this can apply just as much to Trump’s personal life as it does the day job. However sun-Jupiter will also provide some self confidence, if not actual protection. We’ll see more instances of Donald Trump in 2019 and 2020 thumbing his nose at convention with that Teflon coat (and delighting his supporters). Here, he may ride the storm just as well once more!

2020 is unlikely to be as smooth a ride as it has been, however. On Donald Trump’s 2020 Solar Return (from June) a different picture emerges when Chiron sits on the MC, whilst Saturn is now in the seventh house of relationships. The MC symbolises the public image and profession, and Chiron energies can bring out the worst in a situation. Saturn is all about having to realise limitations, and so its placing in the seventh may mean that even trusted advisors could be found wanting as loyalties are stretched. However, we must add that both Pluto and Jupiter are also conjunct the descendant (making it technically a stellium with Saturn) so that we have a case of both powerful friends and powerful enemies.

Of further serious weight in 2020 is transiting Pluto (once more demanding his pound of flesh) in late January to early February (also, throughout July) as it opposes Donald Trump’s natal Saturn. This is an extremely tense transit and not easy to bear – the weight of the world is on one’s shoulders and the forces of opposition are strong. Something has to give! Something may now backfire, and this also coincides with the major, historic Saturn-Pluto conjunction in January (which has a universal effect but applies especially to right-wing conservatism and strongly capitalist agendas). Charges of corruption or racism may occur, press freedoms may be under attack, oppressed minorities may be yet more oppressed. The Saturn-Pluto transit in the sky bespeaks of right wing empowerment and its iron hand, authoritarianism and the removal of liberties by those in charge as they push their agendas (or worse). Human rights often go straight out of the window. For example, the last time this conjunction occurred (separated by only one degree) was in late October 2001, coinciding with the appearance of the US Patriot Act, in the wake of 9/11, the previous month. This was:

‘signed into law by President George W. Bush on October 26, 2001 in order to strengthen national security … Those opposing the law have criticized its authorization of indefinite detentions of immigrants; the permission given to law enforcement to search a home or business without the owner’s or the occupant’s consent or knowledge; the expanded use of National Security Letters, which allows the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to search telephone, e-mail, and financial records without a court order; and the expanded access of law enforcement agencies to business records, including library and financial records. Since its passage, several legal challenges have been brought against the act, and federal courts have ruled that a number of provisions are unconstitutional.’ (Wikipedia)

Its also gonna get interesting in late March, 2020 (and early July) when transiting Jupiter opposes Trump’s natal Saturn – one step forward and two steps back! This is the old expansion–contraction dichotomy when, with an optimistic attitude, you try to accomplish one goal but end up mired in something else quite unforeseen. Decisions announced by Trump, despite popular base-support, may fail to get the blessing of Congress. By the time of the Uranus square to natal Pluto on July 6th (and late September) there is massive tension seeking a release! Whatever has transpired lately – maybe new laws or policies put into force – can no longer be sustained, and President Trump may have to change tack. It might, for example, be time to forget about the border wall, for good! This high-pressure situation should come to a resolution finally in late September as it re-occurs, not least when the concurrent transiting Jupiter squares his natal Jupiter. Here, though, the President will once again be in a confident, nay bullish, mood.

So what does the astrological picture indicate regarding Donald Trump’s possible return to the White House in January 2021? And will the Democrats be able to field someone who can capture the popular imagination, given that populism is what seems to work best these days?

Democrat Party Chart – 17/2/1801, 13.00, Washington D.C.

‘Since Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal coalition in the 1930s, the Democratic Party has also promoted a social liberal platform, supporting social justice … The New Deal Coalition of 1932–1964 attracted strong support from voters of recent European extraction—many of whom were Catholics based in the cities. After Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal of the 1930s, the pro-business wing withered outside the South. After the racial turmoil of the 1960s, most Southern whites and many Northern Catholics moved into the Republican Party at the presidential level. The once-powerful labor union element became smaller and less supportive after the 1970s. White Evangelicals and Southerners became heavily Republican at the state and local level since the 1990s. People living in metropolitan areas, women, sexual and gender minorities, millennials, college graduates, and racial and ethnic minorities in the United States, such as Jewish Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans and African Americans, tend to support the Democratic Party much more than they support the rival Republican Party.’ (Wikipedia)

The more community-oriented, ‘all-comers welcome’ element, where minorities and those of foreign birth are drawn to the Democrats, reflects perfectly the Aquarius sun and – in one sense at least – Cancer rising. (The sign of motherhood, caring and support.) Aquarius is the sign of collective idealism, community, brotherhood and sisterhood. Humanity coming together as one. The sun is also conjunct Pluto, and my researches show that strong Pluto aspects are always necessary to an entity like a political party – for wielding great power, what else? On election day, 2020, the progressed sun is exactly conjunct natal Uranus, hence the urge is to reform and break up the old order. There will be much talk of a ‘revolution in politics’ from the Democrats.

Likewise, the solar return 2020-21 chart for the Democrats has Uranus conjunct the MC (to within one degree) emphasising the theme of drastic change (which will require drastic moves) that will possibly extend to their final choice of presidential candidate, possibly a maverick, ‘Uranian’ type with truly innovative and radical ideas! Someone to shake things up. Transits for election time for the Democrats are unhelpful, though on a Tertiary Progression I chart (something I haven’t used for ages) the sun will have moved to an exact conjunction with Pluto. And, as mentioned, Pluto is almost always present where the taking of power is involved! Also, the Solar Arc Direction chart has Jupiter conjunct the natal sun for the time in question. The Democrats astrologically speaking, are well placed, then. So what about the Grand Old Party?


Republican Party Chart I – 20/3/1854, 18:30, Ripon, Wisconsin

‘The GOP was founded in 1854 [and] … originally subscribed to classical liberalism and took ideological stands that were anti-slavery and pro-economic reform … After the 1912 election, many [Theodore] Roosevelt supporters left the Party, and the Party underwent an ideological shift to the right… The liberal Republican element in the GOP was overwhelmed by a conservative surge begun by Barry Goldwater in 1964 that continued during the Reagan Era in the 1980s. After the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965, the party’s core base shifted, with the Southern states becoming more reliably Republican in presidential politics and the Northeastern states becoming more reliably Democratic. White voters increasingly identified with the Republican Party after the 1960s. [In 1973] the Republican Party made opposition to abortion a key plank of its national party platform and grew its support among evangelicals.’ (Wikipedia)

What the Wikipedia piece above doesn’t mention is that the Republicans have always been the party of big business, self-determination, the corporate and capitalist ethic and essentially, the upholding of conservative values. This is hardly reflected in the ‘official’ chart of the Republicans – illustrated above – set for 6.30 p.m., Ripon, Wisconsin (March 20, 1854), the venue for the first meeting for a new anti-slavery party when the name “Republican” was suggested.

Rather, I suggest that a chart for the ‘first statewide convention that formed a platform and nominated candidates under the term “Republican”’ (Wikipedia) better describes the character of the GOP. This occurred at a venue near Jackson, Michigan on July 6, 1854. If we use the time of the traditional chart (18.30) we get Sagittarius rising, though a little later gives us Capricorn rising:

Republican Party Chart II – 6/7/1854, 19:00, Jackson, Michigan

This chart seems to tie in with its perceived character as the party for the ‘self-made business person’ who favours pragmatism, profit and low taxes. The ‘rectified’ chart I have chosen is set for 7.00 pm. Even if this time is wrong, a chart for the Republicans with sun in Cancer (tradition, ‘family values’), moon in Scorpio (reactionary and hard-headed) and a Venus-Saturn conjunction (social conservatism) seems more apt than the first one with sun in heroic Aries, moon in idealistic Sagittarius and ascendant in light-hearted, diplomatic Libra rising.

How are they going to fare then? Well, the Republican solar return shows the sun conjunct to Chiron on the IC – a ‘wounding’ at the heart of things. (See last paragraph.) Then again, we have the Jupiter return occurring at 23º Capricorn in the wake of the election in November 2020 – hardly insignificant, and one of the two major factors suggesting a successful election. Pluto also moves to a powerful conjunction with Jupiter this month – and this has massive significance. It may well help return Trump to power. The Solar Arc Direction chart also shows Jupiter making a square to the natal ascendant. Squares are not necessarily obstacles, but they do always lend plenty of energy and impetus to a situation!


At the end of the day, enabling and empowering Jupiterian energy assists both party charts and the election result will be very close run thing (much closer than the Democrats would expect). The whole thing could easily swing Trump’s way because of the strong economy, low unemployment and the fact that the nation is nominally at peace. However, on election day President Trump’s progressed chart shows pressure involving taskmaster Saturn and the progressed MC as they form a conjunction. Some astrologers may see in this a suggestion of karmic just desserts. But – remember – the strong Jupiter-Pluto configurations on the Republican chart may swing it for Donald Trump, not that a return to power for him in 2021 will be anything like the proverbial walk in the park.

Many left wing academics have commented on how the whole spirit of democracy itself in the US has been affected lately. It’s interesting to note that, on the progressed US chart for 2020, Venus is conjunct Chiron, which – in turn – is also conjunct the natal Chiron! On a mundane chart, Venus is collective common discourse (how a nation communicates and relates) and Chiron is the wound that requires attention. These latter suggest something ‘wrong’ at the core – something that requires healing. On the progressed Sibly chart, Uranus is conjunct the MC (government) and the faster moving moon is conjunct Pluto. Here, we have tension and pressure building up to the point where the energies are ready to burst forth. Something new wants to be born. Something’s gotta give! People are ready for big change in the US, and something will arise from that gnawing sense that one is living in unusual times!


James Lynn Page is a consultant astrologer, tarot analyst, teacher, lecturer, and author of Mind-Body-Spirit titles, who received the Faculty of Astrological Studies’ Certificate in 1984. His first astrology book, Jungian Birth Charts, was published by Aquarian Press in 1988 under the pen name Arthur Dione, and was called “one of the better popular astrology books to see print in this decade,” by Horoscope magazine. Prediction in the UK labelled it “one of the best books to date to bring added depth to the art of horoscope interpretation.” Soon after going to work for W. Foulsham Publishing, James co-authored their annual 12-volume Old Moore’s Horoscope and Astral Diaries, and is now one of the chief astrological consultants to Foulsham’s annual Old Moore’s Almanac. He has authored the monthly astrology newsletter for Raphael’s Ephemeris and is a guest blogger on the Health and Wellness site HealthyTreeFrog. His website is Astrology, Magic and the Conscious Universe.


Deb said...

I enjoyed your guest article regarding the two Parties founding and November 2020 Election Day. However, I don't use the 1801 chart for the Democratic Party, but the original which is May 13, 1792 12 P.M. in Philadelphia. For November 4th, 2020 that gives us a Tr Jupiter trine the Sun. The chart used here puts Tr Jupiter conjunct n.Jupiter for the Republican Party ... Perhaps we need to consider both for Democrats. Tr Jupiter trine the Sun sounds mighty good to me for a winning aspect. Something to consider anyway.

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Deb! Yes I too prefer the 1792 horoscope for the Democratic Party and I don't know if James has used it or is aware of its existence.

Maybe he is now! Thanks a bunch for your input, Jude