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Jun 25, 2019

Moon-Tracking the Dem Debates June 26/27, 2019

There's an appropriate midpoint picture that forms during both Democratic Debates the evenings of June 26 and 27, 2019: Venus-Neptune = Uranus (@5Tau+): 'the politics of vanity and deceit' (Munkasey). Noel Tyl adds potentials for: 'intensified fantasy setting up impractical expectations; going too far'; and/or, 'susceptibility to exploitation through ego aggrandizement'. Well, all these possibilities sound like US Politics in general as practiced in 2019, don't they? And with both political parties described in one handy midpoint picture brought to us by the Cosmos and emphasized by Campaign 2020 getting underway.

Now as you know, the sign of the Moon reveals info on current societal trends and the public mood of the moment so checking the Sun-Moon signs for both nights, we find Sun in early Cancer--June 26 9:00 pm edt Miami, FL conjunct US natal Jupiter @6Cancer ("Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" -- perhaps a book deal or two may result from a presidential campaign--or is this a hint of Senator Elizabeth Warren's perennial financial topics?), and the public's Moon in Mars-ruled Aries revealing some measure of riled up feelings and social activism. So the first debate shows a Water-Fire Sun-Cancer-Moon Aries blend which suggests quick, shrewd minds, impatience, sharp tongues, and the tendency to hide behind a 'brisk, authoritative manner when feeling vulnerable'. Plus some debater or two may stir up trouble where there isn't any! A political tactic for their own purposes, of course.

The more descriptive 'Image for Integration' for the first debate's Sun Cancer-Moon Aries combo of energies is: "A suffragette takes to the barricades in aid of her cause." Yowsa!

Then for the second debate (June 27, 2019 9:00 pm edt), Luna moves into Venus-ruled Taurus and is already slightly beyond erratic Uranus by 9:00 pm edt with the planetary pair suggesting emotional excitement for some viewers/voters and emotional detachment for others. This can also apply to one candidate or another at the same time, plus, Uranus these days tends to signify chaos-creator Donald Trump, the Uranian.

Now a Taurus Moon reveals a public mood in need of preserving values and traditions and desiring the attainment of more settled conditions rather than rocking the boat. Whether this atmosphere favors former VP Biden over Senator Sanders time will tell although to me it sounds more like voters leaning toward a staid Joe over a reformist Bernie (even though Sanders is more popular with the public at large--plus, I'm not considering personal planets of the candidates in this post) -- or, another status quo vs progressive candidate. Whatever the public preference may be at the end of June 2019, there will be plenty of time for sentiments and emotions to shift.

June 27: Sun Cancer-Moon Taurus is a pragmatic Water-Earth blend suggesting practical realism, sensitive responses to public appeals, and 'belief in the worth of every individual' (more of a Democratic thing than a Republican ideal, don't you agree?). However, subjective prejudices may be in evidence yet with a caring maternal quality expressed. Actually, the comforts of home may be on the menu with this blend and may include America's long-touted, patriotic apple pie symbolism at some point. Plus, Taurus-Cancer denotes a Sun-Moon sextile so folks will want to help the candidate of their choice by providing benefits!

Now in Sun Sign-Moon Sign, the Harveys provide three 'Images for Integration' for the Sun Cancer-Moon Taurus blend and frankly I'm not certain which might apply more closely (if any!) to the second Democratic Debate and its debaters so I'll close this post with all of them for your consideration:

"A family photo album...A flourishing family business...A painter captures the taste and smell of a landscape."

Any thoughts?

Above image: Trail to the Moon, a lunar inspired drawing by yours truly.


Julie said...

This is fantastic, Jude! So well laid out--the first night, a lot of hot air/ blowing off steam, the second, mud slinging!

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks Julie that's a great way to put it! jc

Crystal D said...

Candidate Elizabeth Warren is herself a Sun Cancer Moon Taurus. (Unfortunately her birth time is unknown.)

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks for reminding me Crystal D! I just shared a previous post with Senator Warren's Sun-Moon blend info (and her senate bid video) to my SO'W FB page. I'm on Kindle right now and it's acting too quirkily to share elsewhere. jc

ps: Fox news just announced that Robert Mueller Will testify before two committees but will stick with the info in his report.