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Jun 24, 2019

Trump a TransPluto figure but Saturn-Pluto time nears

Image: Donald Trump's Precessed Progressions January 12, 2020 12:00 pm est showing his SP Pluto-TransPluto-MC-Saturn rendezvous. His non-precessed Progressions for that date show SP MC @1Leo34 conjunct his natal 12th cusp so SP Saturn @3Leo has yet to symbolically cross SP MC, but it will happen soon.

Astro-Notes re: TransPluto

When spoken of or infrequently used in Astrology, TransPluto is most often referred to as a hypothetical planet which may or may not actually exist. Well, it is said to orbit even farther away from Earth than distant Pluto itself yet according to expert astrologer Lynn Koiner, TransPluto Is Real! Now whether you agree with such an assessment or not, Lynn's article contains pertinent information concerning TransPluto and while reading it I recognized the bedeviling Donald Trump as the TransPluto figure who's been keeping the world awake each night with his wacky and deplorable--yes, deplorable--antics, bigotry, insults, propaganda, and criminal activities since his escalator descent of June 16, 2015 to announce his prez bid--expertly timed by a seed-planting New Moon @25Gem07 that very morning.

Now some folks consider TransPluto to be 'more plutonian than Pluto' but there's more...

For four years later we 'know' Trump better and it seems that the archetype of TransPluto described in Lynn's article--"Personality keywords: The Perfectionist/Perfectionism, Self-Sufficiency, The Reformer Complex, and Alienation"--apply directly to Mr. Trump (so determined to reform and rule the world which was Hitler's goal, too) so I hope you'll check out Lynn's assessment if you're unfamiliar with her research for these terms apply to Donald Trump much more deeply than my limited knowledge of TransPluto could ever have guessed. Plus, they support other chart factors and the work of other astrologers on the topic of Trump's childhood and the harsh criticism from Mom and Dad--especially Dad in his case--which made Donald the flawed, fear-driven, greedy individual he is today. Plus, Don Sr now passes on the crazy and treats his own sons in a similar witheringly critical fashion, Don Jr in particular.

(See astro-notes on Trump's unconscious 12th house of Politics, Karma, Self-Undoing, Secret Enemies and Hospitals--he's a man 'overshadowed by shadows'.)

Yes, such childhood issues apply to each of us, of course, for whose parents weren't narcissistic and made mistakes that continue to affect us negatively as adults? However, not everyone behaves as vengefully and achieves on the grand scale that the misshapen Donald Trump has with his bottomless pit of emotional needs for applause, approval, and his compulsive desperation on the material plane for more and better--and no criticism allowed. That's where the alienation comes in--work alone and no one can get close enough to you to criticize the flaws you fear you have. At least, that's his work method...alone for he can 'do it all' better than anyone else (as you may have heard!).

But his work conditions and/or methods may change drastically once the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 12, 2020 occurs @22Cap46--precisely opposite Trump's natal 11th house Saturn in watery, Moon-ruled Cancer, a sign of self-protection and nationalism, and simultaneously conjuncts his natal Vertex (which relates to transformation at or in work, and to fated encounters). Plus, old man Saturn, planet of work, brings karmic lessons to us all and when opposing natal Saturn, negative conditions form which relate to past actions (and mistakes--and in his case, illegalities), plus, regret, failure, and a lack of progress often result. That's if the individual hasn't acted with integrity and taken responsibility for his actions as Saturn demands. Yet a lack of conscience can soften the blow and we may soon see whether or not Trump has one or no--if so, it is hidden deep within.

Now this particular fuss actually began unbidden when I had a look at Trump's Secondary Progressions ('SP') set for January 12, 2020 which shows his SP TransPluto at SP Midheaven and snugged right between his SP Saturn (in SP 9th house) and SP Pluto (10th house)--all at 3-5 degrees of ego-based Leo.

(Note that Lynn Koiner's article mentions that TransPluto is in its fall in Leo, with a negative connotation of selfishness and pomposity; that in his childhood Trump's parents cruelly activated such traits and embedded his deep fear of failure ("so much winning!") is no excuse for his adult, childish, unfeeling behavior.) Of course, there are several other chart factors supporting these problems in his psyche but today the focus of this post is his TransPluto.

And so on the mundane political level of so-called Trumpism, I consider the January 12, 2020 blending of harsh Saturn and Pluto energies in governmental, Saturn-ruled Capricorn to be a cosmic echo of, or a timing device related to, Trump's SP trio of Pluto-TransPluto-Saturn. And considering that restrictive Saturn and transformative Pluto are within orb of opposing the fellow's natal Saturn (and natal Venus, too--venal Venus, so vengeful when scorned), a period of alterations, discension, separations, work-related difficulties, and the winds of destiny are suggested and may finally greet Donald Trump at the crossroads in early 2020 or later.

EDIT Jan 1, 2023: now hoping they meet at the crossroads very soon in 2023! jc


Jude Cowell said...

One thing about TransPluto I chose not to mention (but is in the linked article) is its connection to the Persephone myth and her rape by Pluto. Curious how his Saturn-TransPluto-Pluto trio has progressed to the most visible point of the SP chart as yet another allegation has come into public view and this time Trump is accused of the act of rape not just groping, etc. jc

Jude Cowell said...
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Jude Cowell said...

March 22, 2023: Two cases against Trump are set to go to trial in NY April 25, 2023 via allegations brought against Trump by E. Jean Carroll for rape (Persephone/Pluto issues) and defamation. TransPluto! Plus, Saturn-Pluto progressed to Midheaven (10th house = world stage; career; recognition; public status).

Accountability at last? We'll see if it's true that "No One is above the law" in America when it matters most for the sake of democracy and the rule of law. jc