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Jun 25, 2019

Moon-Tracking the Dem Debates June 26/27, 2019

There's an appropriate midpoint picture that forms during both Democratic Debates the evenings of June 26 and 27, 2019: Venus-Neptune = Uranus (@5Tau+): 'the politics of vanity and deceit' (Munkasey). Noel Tyl adds potentials for: 'intensified fantasy setting up impractical expectations; going too far'; and/or, 'susceptibility to exploitation through ego aggrandizement'. Well, all these possibilities sound like US Politics in general as practiced in 2019, don't they? And with both political parties described in one handy midpoint picture brought to us by the Cosmos and emphasized by Campaign 2020 getting underway.

Now as you know, the sign of the Moon reveals info on current societal trends and the public mood of the moment so checking the Sun-Moon signs for both nights, we find Sun in early Cancer--June 26 9:00 pm edt Miami, FL conjunct US natal Jupiter @6Cancer ("Game Birds Feathering Their Nests" -- perhaps a book deal or two may result from a presidential campaign--or is this a hint of Senator Elizabeth Warren's perennial financial topics?), and the public's Moon in Mars-ruled Aries revealing some measure of riled up feelings and social activism. So the first debate shows a Water-Fire Sun-Cancer-Moon Aries blend which suggests quick, shrewd minds, impatience, sharp tongues, and the tendency to hide behind a 'brisk, authoritative manner when feeling vulnerable'. Plus some debater or two may stir up trouble where there isn't any! A political tactic for their own purposes, of course.

The more descriptive 'Image for Integration' for the first debate's Sun Cancer-Moon Aries combo of energies is: "A suffragette takes to the barricades in aid of her cause." Yowsa!

Then for the second debate (June 27, 2019 9:00 pm edt), Luna moves into Venus-ruled Taurus and is already slightly beyond erratic Uranus by 9:00 pm edt with the planetary pair suggesting emotional excitement for some viewers/voters and emotional detachment for others. This can also apply to one candidate or another at the same time, plus, Uranus these days tends to signify chaos-creator Donald Trump, the Uranian.

Now a Taurus Moon reveals a public mood in need of preserving values and traditions and desiring the attainment of more settled conditions rather than rocking the boat. Whether this atmosphere favors former VP Biden over Senator Sanders time will tell although to me it sounds more like voters leaning toward a staid Joe over a reformist Bernie (even though Sanders is more popular with the public at large--plus, I'm not considering personal planets of the candidates in this post) -- or, another status quo vs progressive candidate. Whatever the public preference may be at the end of June 2019, there will be plenty of time for sentiments and emotions to shift.

June 27: Sun Cancer-Moon Taurus is a pragmatic Water-Earth blend suggesting practical realism, sensitive responses to public appeals, and 'belief in the worth of every individual' (more of a Democratic thing than a Republican ideal, don't you agree?). However, subjective prejudices may be in evidence yet with a caring maternal quality expressed. Actually, the comforts of home may be on the menu with this blend and may include America's long-touted, patriotic apple pie symbolism at some point. Plus, Taurus-Cancer denotes a Sun-Moon sextile so folks will want to help the candidate of their choice by providing benefits!

Now in Sun Sign-Moon Sign, the Harveys provide three 'Images for Integration' for the Sun Cancer-Moon Taurus blend and frankly I'm not certain which might apply more closely (if any!) to the second Democratic Debate and its debaters so I'll close this post with all of them for your consideration:

"A family photo album...A flourishing family business...A painter captures the taste and smell of a landscape."

Any thoughts?

Above image: Trail to the Moon, a lunar inspired drawing by yours truly.

Jun 1, 2019

Trump as Apollo, Hercules, Bacchus? Venus applauds!

Image: Bacchus; Peter Paul Reubens 1638/1640; public domain

By studying his natal horoscope, curious cosmic myths and mysteries turn up concerning Donald Trump who, if one is to believe, was born June 14, 1946 at 10:54 am edt in Queens, New York. Notice the royal reference of his place of birth and, if his hour of entering the earthly flux is accurate, also note that royal star Regulus, the "king maker" or "little king", rises with his natal Ascendant (@29Le55: Self; Physical Body) at the moment of his birth. Also rising is a 'godly' asteroid, Apollo, the ancient 'sun god' along with a certain midpoint associated with goddess (or god) worship, veneration, and idolatry, Venus-Neptune. Perhaps you've noticed that in his own perverted way, Trump worships the female form, craves its beauty. In fact, only young, beautiful women will do! But is his vain self-image detached from reality? In the outer world, yes, but not on an inner level for he sees himself as the handsome Apollo and a royal king, the divine ruler! And we witness his sun worship via the orange face and white circles around his peepers ad nauseum! So whether by spray tan or tanning bed, there slouches our orange-hued 'Apollo' for all to see and marvel upon, red tie pointing ominously downward!

Yet there are deeper mysteries and intrigues under the surface of this superficial Gemini (Uranus-North-Node-Sun) who desperately longs to be taken seriously and to have speaks with world leaders of the strongman variety for Trump considers himself a strongman, too. But as with all human beings he is weak and flawed yet we find clues to his essence by his Regulus rising with lusty Mars in royal Leo (26Leo46) and in the myths associated with the royal star that Roman poet Ovid called Bacchi Sidus, "Star of Bacchus" (the Roman name for Dionysus, who remains well-known for his popular cult following). Of course these days, Regulus-rising Trump enjoys a (dwindling) Twitter following but still reaps benefits from the usual 'cult of personality' made familiar to the American public since the hallowed days of the high-minded George Washington (with whom his nibs can never compare, imho; in fact, they're opposites).

Now everyone knows that the leonine Regulus (now progressed from Leo to 00Virgo) is associated with the Nemean Lion who kidnapped maidens and kept them as hostages in his lair deep within his cave. (This sounds much like the myth of cave-dweller Pluto, god of Hades, and perpetrator of murder, assassination--and rape.) The warriors from surrounding towns would attempt to rescue the damsels in distress but misfortune resulted and so the myth goes that Heracles (the Roman Hercules, the strongman) was given the task of killing the Nemean Lion which he did by breaking its back with his bare hands for the Lion was impervious to all weapons. Does this remind you of the myth of "Teflon Trump"? Apparently it should. And according to the Trumpian mythology of his nibs, he plays the roles of both the Lion and the strongman who conquers!

Now curiously, Bacchus is associated with Regulus, an intriguing connection when it comes to D. Trump. Follow the Dionysus link, above, for more mythological info but I'll include a few details of interest here so you might consider whether or not they apply to his nibs. Such as:

Bacchus is known as the god of fertility, ritual madness (delirium), freedom to do as one wills (as with the satanic Thelema cult "of the Crowned and Conquering Child"), the harvest (grapes in particular), theater (Trump the thespian plays POTUS on TV!), and wine--or in the case of fussy narcissist Donald Trump, whine. In some cultural references Bacchus is a sibling of Apollo, and as the god of epiphany, Bacchus is "the god that comes" and his "foreignness as an arriving outsider" is an essential part of his cult and his reputation.

So if we cast our fatigued minds back to the 2016 Election, we find the Venus Cycle and goddess Venus' 4-and-8-year predictive relationship with the US Presidential Election cycle. In 2016, "Venus in Sagittarius supports a change to someone 'different'", I wrote then--in other words, election Venus in Sagittarius in 2016 supported the coming of a foreigner, a member of the rival party, an "outsider" who would be victorious over the incumbent party. A Bacchus figure, we might say if we wished.

Now let's allow goddess Venus to lure us back to Trump's natal midpoint picture of Ascendant = Venus-Neptune. Ebertin says of the Venus-Neptune pair (in no particular order per Trump and with a few mild edits):

'an erotic imagination, illusion, a person easily influenced, a dreamy nature, high ideals (when it comes to feminine beauty, at least--jc), a mistaken sense of love, indecision, uncertainty, a seducible character, erotic aberrations, inclination to mysticism (ex: idol worship; the occult--jc), romantic reverie, a poorly developed sense of reality, weakened glandular functions, pathological enlargement of the glands, weakness of the sex organs, lover of beauty and art, mystics, dreamers, visionaries, longing for love, peculiar desires and objectives, an unstable existence and changing occupations, difficult realization of ideals and wishes, awakening from emotional infatuation with awareness of disappointment or disillusionment, wrong ways of love.'

Add Trump's Ascendant for more specific potentials: 'A peculiar disposition with regard to love life, impressionable, lack of good taste, a union with persons of a peculiar disposition, and/or disappointment in love'. (The Combination of Stellar Influences, R. Ebertin.)

Now let's consider the combined energies of the Venus-Neptune pair in the realms of Politics and Business a la Munkasey's Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets through his helpful inclusion of the Hegelian Dialect used by ivory-towered societal meddlers and chess players of the world for whom we are only the pawns:

"Thesis: Appeals to the ideals of the people; an inflated treasury; use of inflation as a means for controlling or manipulating growth; wealth derived from gas, chemicals, or oil; exaggerates or misstates internal resources.

Antithesis: Scandals concerning the misuse of, or deceptive practices within, the treasury or internal resources; subversives who desire to gain access to finances; spies in the financial branches; monetary fraud; art deception." For Trump I would add, artful deception.

And Munkasey's Venus-Neptune potentials conjunct Trump's natal Ascendant?

"An appreciation of how reality can be altered for your own enjoyment; indulging in another's fantasy for personal gratification; perceptions about the illusions of how matter or form combine in the world."

And so it seems obvious to me that Trump's natal Mercury-Neptune square, a major fantasy-prone factor of misconception and falsehood lurking deep within his psyche, aids and supports his Venusian-Neptunian dreams, imaginings, illusions, and deceptions quite perfectly. Yet on this can we ever agree?

As you know, all royal stars in contact with personal horoscopes contain a caution not to be ignored. Here's A Very Closely Related Post: Will Regulus Assure the Destiny of Donald Trump?.

Mar 19, 2016

March 2016: Venus conjunction Neptune in Pisces - Steve Judd

March 19, 2016: here's a freshly posted video from Bermuda by master astrologer Steve Judd concerning the current Venus-Neptune conjunction. Steve also touches on Spring Equinox 2016 which in the Eastern Time Zone perfects Sunday March 20, 2016 at 12:30 am; Venus conjoins Neptune in Pisces on March 20th at 1:45 pm EDT:

In Politics and Business, the Venus-Neptune pair provides potentials for an inflated treasury which may be used to manipulate growth, scandals involving the National Treasury, appeals to the ideals of the people (during Campaign 2016), wealth that is derived from the fossil fuel industry, misstatements about internal resources (Trump's tax returns?), monetary fraud, subversives gaining access to finances, spies infiltrating financial branches, and/or art deception (Munkasey). To these I would add the Vatican for its adoration of Mary as feminine goddess, prayers directed at statuary, and graven images.

The current debate over replacing Alexander Hamilton's portrait on the 10-dollar bill vs Andrew Jackson's portrait on the 20-dollar bill with a woman's image may also come under the influence of Venus-Neptune which often includes flattering photographs.