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Oct 14, 2019

Will Trump Retaliation Against Diplomats Ruffle Regulus?

Well, here's a stinky kettle of fish: White House will retaliate against diplomats who don't cover for Trump during testimony. Naturally, reading this reminded me of Trump's Mars rising in dramatic Leo with royal Regulus and the star's well known Caution: 'success if revenge is avoided; otherwise all that has been gained will be taken away'.

And so, one more time (yes, I'm fatigued by the whole thing, too) I ask Will Regulus Assure the Destiny of Donald Trump?. His longed-for fall from grace is not being appreciated by his nibs at all and we've seen how retaliation is an obsession of Trump's with his natal Tisiphone, asteroid of retaliation, @22Sag24 Rx conjunct his South-Node-Moon conjunction (20--22Sag; 4th house) with both Luna and the Saturnian Node relating to unconscious drives and inherited tendencies. Apparently, his deep need for revenge and retaliation is a natural 'talent' so hopefully said diplomats will be able to withstand the onslaught of hatred from this vicious, cornered man who has everything to lose.

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