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Dec 20, 2019

January 2020 Impeachment Trial and the Lunar Eclipse

December 20, 2019: Unless you, dear reader, exist inside a hyperbolic chamber, you're aware that Speaker Nancy Pelosi may withhold Trump's Impeachment case from the Senate until January 2020 or possibly later due to Senator Mitch McConnells' threat of a rigged-for-Trump proceeding with no documents and no witnesses testifying. The willfully blind Mr. McConnell intends to, in a word, abort.

Cosmically speaking, there is one timing event that may attend the Senate trial of Donald Trump no matter the trial's date: the January 10, 2020 Lunar Eclipse @20Cancer conjunct Castor - near Trump's natal Saturn, planet of accountability. The next Lunar Eclipse won't perfect until June 5, 2020 @16Sagittarius so a Senate trial prior to that date will fall under the auspicious lunar rays of the January 2020 eclipse and those of the December 2019 Capricorn Solar Eclipse (next solar eclipse manifests at Summer Solstice 2020--more on that in a future post).

Now as you know, both solar and lunar eclipses tend to uncover secrets, broadcast inconvenient facts, leak intell, and/or point out all manner of ugliness via their karmic rays. Lunar Eclipses are excellent spotlights that reflect and reveal hidden things especially since the astrological Moon in Mundane Astrology relates to the Collective Unconscious. And after all, eclipses aren't known as 'wild cards of the Universe' and 'cosmic blinks' for nothing! For disruptions and sudden changes of direction--in similar fashion to astrological Uranus--are often triggered and/or timed by eclipses and not necessarily on their exact dates of manifestation. Plus, due to the sensitization of degrees, eclipse influences can last for months or years.

So if you care to take a look, a recent post was published showing both the DC Horoscopes of the December 26, 2019 Solar Eclipse @4Cap06 and the January 10, 2020 Lunar Eclipse @20Cancer (20Can/Cap = critical-crisis degrees--and here we are). In this case, the January 2020 Lunar Eclipse provides cosmic information on our reaction to events brought by the December 2019 Solar Eclipse. Also shown in the charts is the fact that the transiting North Node continues to point toward Trump's natal Mercury (8Can51) (see below) suggesting public contacts concerning his communications, facts, reports, and commercial enterprises (Mercury), and meetings, tribal and otherwise, which would include his rallies.

Then on a side note (or is it?!), perhaps you'll agree that it's quite curious that the January 2020 Lunar Eclipse @20Cancer 'eclipses' the rising Jupiter Rx in the Moscow Miss Universe Pageant 2013 horoscope! Will darker secrets of Jupiterian Trump's 2013 Moscow visit finally be publicly revealed?

Now here's an excerpt from a previous post concerning the natal Mercury of Donald Trump:

Mercury in (tribal) Cancer indicates a mind that is influenced by deep-seated emotional patterns and desires which cause one to look at some facts while ignoring others. This allows bias, prejudice, a lack of objectivity, and incorrect judgments to result. A good memory may be denoted due to the emotional intensity associated with various thoughts and learning often occurs through osmosis rather than by traditional teaching methods. The osmosis accounts in part for his tendency to 'listen to the last thing he heard someone say' and then to spout it as his own thought which can change in a flash due to high susceptibility to the thoughts, opinions, and attitudes of those in his environment (ex: FOX News). Emotional appeals hold particular sway over Mercury in Cancer's thinking with patriotism on the top of the list (Cancer = home, homeland, family, mother, women, real estate, nurturing such as food, comfort, familiar surroundings). As you must have noticed, Mr. Trump exhibits 24/7 the Mercury in Cancer trait of believing that whatever is done or spoken within his environment is directed expressly or exclusively toward him.

And now as 2020 approaches, it pretty much is.

Related posts include: More details on the January 2020 Lunar Eclipse may be found here; Horoscopes: Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House 2007 and 2019; and still in force until June 2020 is Trump's Solar Return 2019 Horoscope where we see, among other things, his goals opposed and his massive ego deflated by transit Jupiter then in process of opposing Trump's natal Sun in Gemini. Will Donald Trump reap the wind in 2020? We'll sleuth for clues in his Solar Return 2020 horoscope soon.

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