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May 12, 2020

May 12, 2020: SCOTUS Oral Arguments w Astro-Notes

May 12, 2020: At 10:00 am edt this morning the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) is scheduled to begin oral arguments (made public by telephone) concerning the release of Trump documents such as his income tax returns. No time to print and publish the 10:00 am horoscope for you but there are three factors worth mentioning if only because for me, they stand out in relation to current conditions and events.

Of interest is what's rising at 10:00 am edt and that would be 20Cancer54 conjunct fixed star Castor--along with the first eclipse of 2020--the significant January 10 2020 Lunar Eclipse (DC horoscope shown, plus the Solar Eclipse @4Cap06 which influences today's SCOTUS session).

Comparing this morning's horoscope with that of SCOTUS First Session (February 1, 1790 NYC--I use 9:00 am LMT) we see an eye-popping transit of today's Neptune @20Pisces conjunct SCOTUS Saturn, revealing a time when structures and traditions are being eroded or are disintegrating due to current conditions. Of course, this could refer to the contagion sweeping the Earth inspiring SCOTUS' use of technological methods to make their deliberations public. But considering previous and current undermining assaults upon America's traditions, structures, and systems by Trump and his comrades, I think Neptune to Saturn indicates deeper problems, don't you? This is supported by the fact that at 10:00 am edt today, Trump's natal Neptune @5Libra simpers upon the IC (Foundation) of today's chart. Deception will turn up in his tweets, as always, with Neptune-IC denoting his urge to undermine the proceedings.

Opposite the IC at Midheaven ('MC"), the Goal Point of any horoscope, is a disruptive, even violent midpoint--Mars-Uranus. By ricochet this creates a midpoint picture of potentials: Mars-Uranus = DJT Neptune: 'cunning and deceit; desire to harm others; a person with bad intentions; rage; raving madness' (Ebertin). Note that Trump will be live tweeting his thoughts and insults so you may wish to visit his Twitter feed today and check out his mood!

Now with Mars-Uranus conjunct MC, let's dare add the potentials of this picture: 'drastic measures', even 'violence' and/or 'putting a pistol to someone's head', according to Ebertin. Plus, there's a distinct possibility that someone will be abandoning resistance and/or experiencing a weakening of strength as mourning continues to wash over our land and the entire globe.

To this tragic picture of gloom and bereavement, a majority of Americans may have to add the refusal of Supreme Court Justices to uphold the rule of law when it comes to Donald Trump, unless by the end of June they deliver We the People their decisions which show they recognize evil when they confront it and will thereby retain (at least some of) the Court's integrity by exhibiting the strength to stand up against the underworld criminal network now operating out of the White House.

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