May 10, 2020

July/December 2020: Pluto opposes Trump natal Saturn

May 10, 2020: Today I'm publishing a DC Horoscope showing transit Pluto @23Cap48 (in transit 4th house, highlighted in red) opposing for the third (and final) of three times Trump's natal Saturn (@23Can48 in his natal 11th house; highlighted in green). Pluto's first opposition to his natal Saturn occurred on February 12, 2020, the second on July 12, 2020. Obviously the events of February 2020 were problematic for Mr. Don't Blame Me as he attempted to downplay and dismiss the coronavirus/Covid-19 contagion, while July 12th and December 20th events and conditions in the real world remain to be seen and experienced.

Meanwhile, We Have the Investigative Lens of Astrology

Needless to say, powerful, wealthy, stealthy Pluto opposing the planet of authority, realism, and accountability - karmic Saturn - identifies a period full of power plays and challenges to his and our government's authority and control. These conditions and circumstances have become more intense in 2020 for Trump and thus for our nation as we see from the late Capricorn line-up of planets which will more of less culminate with the December 21, 2020 Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction in Airy Aquarius.

So 2020 Pluto's opposition to the authority, authenticity, maturity, and sense of reality (Saturn) of Trump includes his management (Saturn) of current crisis conditions which are cosmically imprinted upon current and future events by the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto (January 12, 2020 @23Capricorn--conjunct Trump's natal Vertex of fate encounters) - and opposing his cold Saturn in the watery, subjective, tribal sign of Cancer. As you know, their conjunction started a new 33-to-38-year cycle of all that the karmic duo influences or relates to, and it timed the ending of their last cycle which began on November 8, 1982 @27Lib36 under Mr. Reagan--his harmful 'Reaganomic$' springs to mind).

So in the DC Horoscope below, I've noted (lower right corner) the T-Square formed by the Saturn-Pluto opposition squaring transit Mars (in 7th house @22Ari39: Aries, the warrior planet's favorite sign) denoting potentials for 'the necessity to fight for one's existence, brutality', and/or 'assaults' of some kind (Ebertin). To this midpoint picture Noel Tyl adds: 'fighting battles to keep life going; enormous undercurrent of frustration'; and/or 'a gun with a cork in its barrel'. And since American 'goes' wherever Trump goes, this picture also relates to society in as a whole and to males in general, plus, to warriors, activists, fire-starters, and malcontents.

DC Horoscope: December 20, 2020 Transit Pluto Opposes Trump natal Saturn (#3 of 3); exact at 1:24:24 am est: Hour of an Out-Of-Bounds Mercury; chart-ruler Venus Tilts a BOWL:

As you can see, rising is 14Lib48, the exact position of US natal Saturn (July 4, 1776) and conjunct the natal Chiron of Donald Trump who has wounded our Saturnian form of government in every way he and his enablers can devise. So this charts timing allows the midpoint of the speculation/inflation pair of Trump, Jupiter-Neptune in Libra (also 'political conflicts'--Ebertin) to rise as well, a picture of crooks and swindlers for Trump who is both the wound, the wounded, and the one who wounds (Chiron). From America's exalted-in-Libra Saturn wedged between Trump's Jupiter-Neptune (see notes, lower left) we continue to experience potentials of 'a combination of real with unreal in activities, disappointments, discontent, consequences that issue from false hopes', and 'a feeling of being abandoned by luck' (Ebertin).

Plus, America's Saturnian representatives such as lawmakers, lawyers, judges (SCOTUS), DOJ, those in charge, experts, hard workers including miners, government workers, and the seniors among us, both wise and foolish, are implicated as early concerns rising in this chart. And obviously, the US Congress is on the cosmic menu, as it always is under the destructive influences of Trump.

Well, there are several more chart factors worth mentioning but I shall end with the primary reason this horoscope is being published today: to show transit Pluto opposing Trump's natal Saturn #3 of #3 so that we may consider the opposing Sabian Symbols of Pluto ("24Capricorn") and Trump's Saturn ("24Cancer") across the security/ambition axis. As with all degrees directly opposite one another, any degree serves as the Illumination Point of its opposite.

Note: why am I adding only the negative expressions of the Symbols? Because politics.

2020 Pluto "24Capricorn": "A Woman Entering a Convent"; negative/shadow side expression: "abject surrender to weakness"; natal Saturn "24Cancer": "A Woman and Two Men on a Bit of Sunlit Land Facing South" (Mar-a-Lago?); negative/shadow side expression: "a devastating sense of ineptitude and estrangement from reality" (Jones).

Now if any reader of this post thinks this doesn't sound just like Donald Trump and the current "leadership" America finds herself struggling with under mismanager Trump's hazardous tutelage, we shall simply have to disagree! jc


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Crystal D said...

December 20 - that's after Election Day, so hopefully it will be President Biden and VP Harris (a former District Attorney, and a Libra sun) - will Former President Trump have to be dragged out of the White House kicking and screaming like the giant manbaby he is? He won't be able to defend himself against STATE charges as a private citizen and former President, even if he manages to pardon himself on federal ones. Saturn is the Lord of Karma, and I have a feeling with Pluto aspecting it, this is one "harvest" that can't NOT be reaped.

Letitia James, AG of New York, badly wants to get Trump on criminal charges. She, like Harris, is a Libra (birthdate 10/18/58, time unknown, but that day has moon in Capricorn all day, so Libra/Capricorn...). There's some symbolism in the fact that at least two African-American women politicians with Libra sun are Trump's formidable enemies.

Valerie said...

Given that we'll still be dealing with Trump and his sycophants on December 20th, I read this as a likelihood that he will be re-elected. Additional thoughts/interpretation welcomed.

Jude Cowell said...

TY Valerie! yes, you are most likely correct unless something very unusual interferes - esp since the Venus Cycle prognosticates that the incumbent will be victorious (Venus in Libra on election day rather than Sagittarius sign of 'the outsider' or 'rival'). In 2016 Venus was in Sag and we got a "non-politician" that many voters thought would be a 'good idea' to shake up the system no matter the costs. :(

However, in US presidential history there have been two exceptions to the Venus rule - so miracles can happen!


Jude Cowell said...

Hope you correct about Trump's 'harvest' Crystal D! jc

Valerie said...

I've read in the past that the incumbent has always won re-election when Venus is the morning star, and was relieved when checking the ephemeris to see this is not the case in 2020.

Valerie said...

And of course it is a year of "very unusual" occurrences, so anything is possible!

Jude Cowell said...

And yet Valerie, this from a previous post: 'Going by the Venus Cycle upon which US Presidential Elections are based (those smarty pants Venus-worshiping Founders of ours...November 3, 2020 Venus in Libra indicates that the same party will remain in power, in the White House at least." As you know, 2016 Venus in Sagittarius brought us an 'outsider' (Sag) in the form of Trump. :( Jude

Eileen K said...

Dear Jude,
I have been following you for almost the whole time you have had this blog, so I want to say that I believe you should continue. Maybe cut back on the number of posts if they have become burdensome to only a couple a week? I know that you post almost daily and I can't keep up. I also never post comments anymore since I try to avoid using google, but I wanted to give you feedback since you asked.

As far as the election goes, I have heard others say that Trump wins the day. However, I am counting on many mail-in ballots that will take some time to count, just like the recent Wisconsin election. I am predicting that Trump will not win the election. I would look check Biden's aspects a week or so later and see what it says. Thank you for all you do.

Jude Cowell said...

Eileen K, TY Very Much for weighing in on my SO'W dilemma with your helpful suggestions - I do appreciate it! As for the election, yes! it has begun to look as if Trump 'could' lose due to his lousy mismanagement of the pandemic and his daft, careless suggestions for speeding up death via bleach, hydroxy--, etc, so I fervently hope your prediction comes true!

Thanks for being a loyal reader - good to know! Jude