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Jul 15, 2020

Do Republicans Want You To Die? - Thom Hartmann

July 15, 2020: Well, considering Covid-19 and unreliable Trump's and the anti-societal Republicans' combined mishandling of the deathly disaster, here's a timely question from Thom Hartmann in a clip from his July 14, 2020 broadcast:

A closely related post: Trump's 12th house natal Pluto = Mars-Saturn of potentials for 'murder; bodily harm; death of many people' (R. Ebertin). I believe the natal potentials of his midpoint picture are being realized bigly.


zeebling said...

Now with trumps stripping C.D.C of control of Coronavirus data ..the death cult can go on unhindered by reality ...i'm sure we will all be told soon that the numbers are going way down "nothing to see here folks" ... Republicans want people working for peanuts & if they die from the virus they can easily be replaced via the multitudes of freshly unemployed a way the virus might seem like republicans capitalist dream (nightmare) has finally come true .... but really can this keep going on ? ... the disconnect with the markets is such an illusion (note Illusion Neptune is currently hitting both the dow jones & the NYSX 's virgo worker Mars ) this is not sustainable & profoundly disturbing .

Jude Cowell said...

Spot on zeebling. Once a total collapse of the US occurs (in progress) will Russia, China, and our other enemies be satisfied? America could have been so much better. And Mr. Lincoln was correct. Sabotaged from the inside. jc