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Sep 4, 2020

On the Origin of The Covid Eclipse

Traumatic Transformation and The 'Covid Eclipse'

by Jude Cowell

September 4, 2020: While checking out the upcoming virtual ISAR conference on the Great Conjunction/Mutation of Jupiter and Saturn, plus, an astrologer-studded discussion of Election 2020 and the candidates, Reimagining the Future, I ran across the dates that societal planets Jupiter and Saturn were previously in Air signs: between 1186 and 1226. As you know, their December 21, 2020 Conjunction is in Air sign Aquarius rather than Earthy Taurus as on May 28 2000.

This caused me to wonder if I could locate a Solar Eclipse Saros Series that began (its initial eclipse) within that time frame and it turns out that the 3 South Saros Series began on August 13, 1208 with a Solar Eclipse @27Leo10:35 (conjunct Trump's natal Mars and Ascendant with 10:54 am edt as his accurate birth time, June 14, 1946).

Below you see the Horoscope of the initial 3 South Solar Eclipse of August 13, 1208 which I've set for Washington DC. Obviously, the Masonic federal city only existed in 1208 as a spot upon the Earth but setting the horoscope for DC creates in space (for me, if not for you) a cosmic time link of sorts as do solar eclipse cycles with their rhyming, if not repeating, themes. In 1208, this was a partial solar eclipse but its accompanying Lunar Eclipse was Total and perfected on July 28, 1208 @12AQ27 conjunct the August Solar Eclipse's North Node. (Note that the Lunar Eclipse chart is not shown but is listed on the chart, 7th house, highlighted in red.) For karmic progress to be made, a solar eclipse in royal Leo cautions against the negative traits of the solar-ruled sign such as egocentricity, pride, arrogance, conceit, pomposity, ostentatiousness, glory-seeking, and using a half-hearted approach when a full effort is called for. With Leo, the parent-child relationship is also a prominent consideration and must be kept aboveboard with each generation - child abuse and/or exploitation retard karmic progress (R. Lineman).

Image: Solar Eclipse @27Leo10 August 13, 1208 3:23:51 am LMT 'Washington DC USA': ASC 3Leo55; chart-ruler Sun applies once - conjunct Uranus: acting independently; a revolutionary spirit - Ebertin; MC 21Ari26 conjoins US natal Chiron of July 4, 1776 ('the wounded healer'; Christ archetype); Hour of Mars (closely conjunct Venus); final dispositor = Sun in Leo; Neptune Rx, planet of contagion, pandemics, urge to merge, and insane ideas, in 9th house of Foreign Lands (in relation to the US) @5Ari26 opposes the natal Neptune of Donald Trump which suggests a recurring period through the generations of racial tension, religious persecution, and clashing ideals and ideologies:

So why connect the 3 South Saros Series with Covid-19?

Because the deadly virus gained steam in later 2019 into early 2020 in tandem with a 3 South Solar Eclipse which repeated on December 26, 2019 @4Cap06 and which contains appropriate themes (see below). Plus, 3 South's initial eclipse of the series indicates that for more information, a solar Leo lens should be used to view the 2019 Capricorn Eclipse ('Sun-Saturn' vibes: 'lack of vitality; sick people' - Ebertin) and with themes of authority and authority figures, responsibility, accountability, control, finances, investment, lack, restriction, limitation, and other Saturn-Capricorn potentials which guided society into the New Year of 2020. (You see the 2019 3 South Solar Eclipse penned on the horoscope conjunct the 6th cusp of Health, Work, Service, and Daily Routines when the chart is set for Washington DC as representative of America.) In addition, Covid negatively affects the heart and Leo is the sign of the heart so there's a hidden link to the 1208 initial eclipse right there.

Yet it's also Capricorn's avaricious tendencies now being negatively expressed in the world as most folks might agree and viewing the 2019 Capricorn eclipse through the lens of 3 South's initial eclipse's sign (Leo) and house (2nd) adds information that would remain hidden (unconscious) otherwise.

And with a generations-long flurry of synchronicity, the Goal-oriented Midheaven ('MC' @4Cap34) of 3 South's accompanying Lunar Eclipse Horoscope (when set for DC) of July 28, 1208 (9:24:45 LMT) @12AQ27, sports upon it the 3 South Solar Eclipse of December 26, 2019 - what I call 'The Covid Eclipse'. We should note that when the sequential lunar eclipse occurs before its solar eclipse 'mate' (bwo sign polarity--here, Leo-AQ, the self-will axis) the waning cycle of the Moon is indicated denoting a period of decline, passivity (and things going bump in the night!), plus, genetic or inherited tendencies and negative habits are emphasized. And in this case (1208 vs 2019), the egocentricity and vanity of Leo should compliment or be mitigated by the humanitarianism of Aquarius - and with Covid-19 and other negative social conditions we see efforts being taken toward such an eventuality.

And yet, can you feel how greed and Leonine self-interest are interfering with progress and societal improvements? To me it seems that Trump vs Biden 2020 is a direct expression of our Leo-AQ condition with one candidate capable of speaking to and of humankind with compassion and a respect for Science (AQ), while the other is a stranger to any idea or activity that doesn't directly benefit him and add to his hidden bank accounts.

3 South Themes

So! Our country and the world entered 2020 with 3 South themes once again running in the background of society: 'traumatic transformation; deep emotions (with saboteur Pluto involved); sudden endings of relationships, possibly with a younger person (paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology). Society has definitely been transformed - but into what we don't yet know. For clues we can search historical events of 1208 but there aren't very many except for the typical murders, fires, and some papacy action (Jupiter-Pluto!) if you care to look.

Meanwhile, there are two culprits returning in 2020 to the scene of the 1208 'crime': Jupiter and Pluto. For as you know, the two 'big money' planets (of the Fed, corporate bankers, hidden wealth, underworld financiers, the Vatican Bank) have met and will meet in Great Conjunction three times through 2020: 1. April 5th @24Cap53; 2. June 30th @24Cap06; and 3. November 12th @22Cap52, with the third conjunction activating Trump's natal Vertex of fated encounters, possible job change, and/or wish fulfillment (22Cap51). If his nibs longs for a new job I hope his wish comes true!

So in the initial eclipse chart, Plutocracy's Jupiter-Pluto duo of 1208 have a starring role as they rise together in 1st house with plans to exploit and plunder all they can through each generation (conjunct the karmic South Node suggesting inherited wealth and bad blood). And if we look to 1208 Pluto's sign and degree it seems significant to me that 1208 Pluto = Donald Trump's natal 12th house Pluto which always brings along his cruelest natal midpoint picture, Mars-Saturn = Pluto: 'death of many people; brutality; destruction; intervention of a higher power' (Ebertin).

Now as you see, the key planet in the eclipse chart is Mercury Rx @26Leo58 conjunct Trump's natal Mars with the pair typically suggesting potentials for political activities, strong opinions and debates, crankiness, criticism, and involvement in lawsuits and controversies. Or I should say that Trump's birth in 1946 timed a Mars-to-Mercury transit for the 1208 eclipse. Either way, the planetary contact time links the eclipse to his nibs and suggests verbal combat particularly since he's a globally known figure who is intimately involved with America's dire Covid-19 conditions and, whether he admits it or not, is responsible for (mis) managing the Neptunian pandemic. And as you see, contagious Neptune leads the tilt of a BOWL shape in 1208 with the unoccupied section of the horoscope representing challenges to existence. Among other factors, this points to the December 2019 3 South Solar Eclipse in Saturn-ruled Capricorn and encapsulates its themes of traumatic transformation and endings of relationships along with karmic Saturn's government, law, and business involvement, plus, issues of limitation, restriction, and working in isolation. Yes, certain companies and share holders (including politicians) are gaining huge profits from the virus as I'm sure you've heard. See NY Magazine's The Companies That Stand to Profit from the Pandemic for more information.

And so, dear reader, there are plenty of other chart factors worthy of attention but in my constant quest to keep my fusses as mere posts not e-books, I shall look forward to reading your on-topic insights concerning any part of this matter. For you know that your thoughtful input is always appreciated! Jude

Jul 16, 2020

March/July 2020 Interloper! Comet Neowise

An Invading Comet Signifying Nothing?

by Jude Cowell

July 16, 2020: Some say comets are no longer omens for a superstitious world. Perhaps not, but have they no meaning for Earthlings at all? It's still possible to view comet 'NeoWise' (C/2020 F3 first seen in March 2020 by the NEOWISE spacecraft), so I'm adding a couple of related links, below.

And I'm proposing that there may be cosmic connections between the interloping comet with 'neo' (= new or novel) in its name and visible in the northwest directly under the Big Dipper (Ursa Major, aka, 'The Big Bear' - you know, as in the symbol for Russia), the 'novel' (neo/new) corona virus, and the ongoing hacking (aka, interloping or invading) of corona virus research and development organizations, health care facilities, pharmaceutical companies, etc, in the US, UK, and Canada. The hacks are reportedly perpetrated by Russian intelligence services under the names 'Cozy Bear', 'the Dukes', and 'APT29'.

And so yes! I'm relating the invading interloper comet NeoWise with invading hackers, bears, contagion, and all. Now really - can you blame me?

Related Links: NeoWise photos (Space dot com) and Russia Trying to Hack and Steal Covid-19 Vaccine Data (Reuters).

Image: 'Comet Skies'; a drawing.

Jul 15, 2020

Do Republicans Want You To Die? - Thom Hartmann

July 15, 2020: Well, considering Covid-19 and unreliable Trump's and the anti-societal Republicans' combined mishandling of the deathly disaster, here's a timely question from Thom Hartmann in a clip from his July 14, 2020 broadcast:

A closely related post: Trump's 12th house natal Pluto = Mars-Saturn of potentials for 'murder; bodily harm; death of many people' (R. Ebertin). I believe the natal potentials of his midpoint picture are being realized bigly.

Mar 3, 2020

DC Horoscope: Donald Trump Solar Return 2020

March 3, 2020 Dual Images upper right: Trump Solar Return June 13, 2020 8:00:29 am edt Washington DC; Solar Return ('SR') Sun 22Gem55 in SR 12th house, SR Moon 25Pis30 in SR 9th house conjunct SR Midheaven ('MC'); Hour of Jupiter Rx in SR 7th house conjunct 7th house Pluto Rx; SR Saturn Rx 1AQ05 conjunct US POTUS Sun (Oath of Office January 20, 2017 noon EST @00AQ49).

Lower left: Donald J. Trump natal horoscope June 14, 1946 "10:54 am" edt Queens, NY.

The SR Mars-Neptune conjunction in SR 9th house of Foreign Lands and Legal Affairs conjoins the SR Saturn-Uranus midpoint (see midpoint picture, below) - all in shady, secretive, infection-prone Pisces, with Pisces on the 9th cusp. Sneaky things may be hidden here! And note that the Sabian Symbol for Mars-Neptune: "21Pisces" = "A Little White Lamb, a Child, and a Chinese Servant." Of course, a "servant" could describe Trump controlled or compromised by China (via money laundering), or it could have something to do with the beginning of the Wuhan virus with its most at-risk targets (or victims, such as seniors and children) represented by an innocent "child."

Then as you know, the 12th house is the Neptunian realm of the Unconscious, Politics, Large Institutions (ex: Congress), Self-Undoing, Karma, Secret Enemies, and, in relation to our topic, Hospitals and/or Illness (opposite the 6th house of Health and Service).

Along similar 6th/12th-house lines, the Mars-Neptune pair suggests, among other things, 'susceptibility to epidemic infections' according to Reinhold Ebertin (see right, center), and possibly 'fevers, weakened stamina', 'rioting over national healthcare', and/or 'hypo-adrenal conditions'.

Turbulent Circumstances

Therefore, since the world is under threat of the corona virus as I type, and because Trump's SR 2020 horoscope shows links to health concerns and weakness issues, this post will primarily relate to medical potentials particularly when it comes to Donald Trump (whose health could not possibly be as strong as 'they say'!) Of course, what's shown in his SR chart could be only due to the contagion itself and the circumstance that America is stuck with--a fact-and-science denier who's 'dealing' with the contagion along with the 'help' of VP Pence (put in charge to soak up any blame that accrues, I suspect; we'll see). On the brighter side, perhaps the viral threat will be over or mostly over by mid-June! After all, Trump's natal Jupiter-Uranus trine does make him quite the fortunate fellow and we could all use a lucky break on this one.

So let's get the troubling midpoint picture out of the way (political, social, biological), then we'll discuss Trump's 2020 SR Sun and SR Moon, the primary considerations in a Solar Return chart that's 'good for' an entire year. The following will contain a jumble of my usual sources: Ebertin, Tyl, and Munkasey; any, all, or none of the potentials may result or may be triggered by transits or progressions later on.

Saturn-Uranus Energies Combined with Mars-Neptune

As a midpoint, 'Saturn-Uranus' suggests potentials for 'counter-revolutionary rule, violent people, quarrels, avant-garde vs the conventional, the need to fight for gains, exciting the status quo, and/or heart block'.

Add Mars in contagious Pisces to Saturn-Uranus and several possibilities are suggested such as 'the wrong use of energy, violent acts, forced release from tension or strain, great efforts and toil, challenging others for a decisive contest or fight, deprivation of freedom, injury, tremendous upheaval possible in rebellion, calamity, or over-exertion, anxiety about how things will proceed'.

To Saturn-Uranus add Neptune, strong in its own sign of Pisces, and we have potentials for 'falsehood or malice caused through weakness, resigned to the inevitable, abandonment of resistance, weakening strength, separation, bereavement, masked changes designed to break traditional roles, the delusion that change will improve traditional methods, breakdown under emotional pressure', and/or 'a new vision fighting to be understood'.

As for Trump's SR 2020 Sun and Moon, here's a list of chart factors (not including the SR 10th house Uranus 9Tau09 which is unaspected and thus unencumbered by outside influences and acting independently in spurt-like bursts of activity--this echoes his chaos-loving natal Uranus, his guiding planet):

We should also note that powerful Pluto 24Cap28 leads the tilt of a BOWL shape denoting a leader with a mission or an advocate for a cause. Unfortunately, the mission and cause seem to be implementing an anti-constitutional dictatorship in America (Pluto in Capricorn = "the dictator"--Ebertin). Then in the 6th house of Health lurks the December 26, 2019 Solar Eclipse 4Cap06 in the 3 South Saros Series of 'traumatic transformation', this SR 2020's PE. But soon the Summer Solstice 2020 Solar Eclipse will manifest with 4 North themes of 'restraint, restriction, separation' (as in quarantine?), 'illusions', and 'events that block' (Brady).

Cosmic Conditions of Trump's 2020 Solar Return Sun and Moon include but are not limited to:

SR 2020 Sun in the Cadent 12th house (transitions, fluctuations, preparations, steps taken behind the scenes), along with the North Node of future direction (at a critical 29th degree) suggests solar events taking place near the end of the period--just before his 75th birthday June 2021. But in 2020, even the 9th house SR 2020 Moon complies for the 9th is also a Cadent house of preparation--and Trump's SR 2020 Sun and Moon square one another which suggests challenges, conflicts, frustration, and blockages between goals and needs; a Sun-Moon square in a Solar Return chart may suggest dynamic energy but is unfavorable in general, and may count as as a 'health aspect.'

Other SR Sun aspects: Mars-Neptune conjunction square SR Sun, Mars square SR Sun, and the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction quincunxes (150 degr) his Sun--all suggesting health-related conditions and adjustments needed, with the SR Sun naturally being same as his natal Sun (vitality).

Transit Mars square Trump's Sun often denotes aggression, conflicts with males, and/or head injuries or blocked vitality. And transit Neptune square his Sun indicates that his leadership position is difficult to maintain, confusion and deception reign, and formerly reliable resources may become elusive or eroded. Transit Neptune square his natal Moon (21Sag12) suggests even more confusion and disorganization along with undermining conditions (which can include health concerns). As you know, that's one trouble with a natal opposition-what squares one end squares the other, plus, his Gem-Sag Full Moon is on his (karmic) Nodal Axis. Additionally, Uranus in Taurus, sign of the throat and shoulders, forms a semi-square (45 degr) to both SR Sun and SR Moon--another health indicator which may be merely an irritant or a mild or minor issue. Hope his bone spurs won't act up! See the midpoint picture this forms listed, below.

A closer look at his SR Moon in mutable Pisces suggests potentials for drug involvement (also with Mars-Neptune), and/or physical fragility (yep and yep, I'd say). and with Luna in Pisces, there could be travel (of course), family concerns or loss, new conditions in the domestic sphere, or even a change of jobs (fingers crossed!)

Yet the SR 2020 chart does show beneficial opportunities and a 'ray of hope' for Trump such as the two sextiles (60 degr) from Jupiter and Pluto toward his SR Moon. Apparently, his influence upon the public remains in force although his tendency toward self-righteousness, being stuck in the past, and experiencing a measure of loss through habitual thinking will also continue.

Now before I forget, we should also note that wealthy/stealthy Pluto is the SR planet closest to a chart Angle and thus takes precedence in the chart as 'he' leads the BOWL toward the SR 6th house of Health, Daily Rounds, and Service (Civil, Police, and Military).

Obviously, the Trump coup continues, perhaps with some of its 'reforms for improvement' hidden beneath the corona virus scare and the future restrictions he and his authoritarian comrades have in store. For as we see, the planetary trio of heavyweights appearing in the SR 7th house of Partnerships suggests potentials for 'religious and social fanaticism' and/or 'difficulties caused through illness'.

Now let's close with a few potentials of the SR 2020 chart's four midpoint pictures:

Sun-Moon = Uranus: 'isolating oneself; unusual twists of fate; using Astrology'.

Mars-North-Node = Uranus: 'accidental breaks in the thrusts or tensions of important meetings; disinterested presentations'.

Neptune-North-Node = Uranus: 'disruption and agitation via the actions of others; sudden displacement then isolation' (this picture turns up in the DNC 2020 horoscope).

Venus-ASC = North Node: 'easily meeting others'.

Well, there it is, my glancing assessment of Trump's Solar Return 2020 Horoscope. And if I added one more cosmic factor of curiosity it would be that the SR Ascendant 22Cancer12 brings up Inauguration 2017's Syzygy Moon (last lunation prior to January 20, 2017) which is, was, and always will be, the Full Moon of January 12, 2017 conjunct the natal Saturn of the 'unaccountable' yet Saturnine Mr. Trump.


As always, your encouraging shares and tweets are always much appreciated! Got on-topic comments? Then leave them with this post! jc

Sep 3, 2019

The Planetary Conjunctions of 2020

Image: Neptune Ascends, a drawing by Jude Cowell

February 28, 2020: Here are the two SO'W posts I've published so far concerning the upcoming Planetary Conjunctions of 2020 with only incomplete information, 'tis true, but they're all I've had a chance to compose and publish in this very busy 2020--what with Trump's impeachment, a 2020 Campaign in full swing, and now the corona virus pandemic spreading across the globe while an incompetent, faithless "president" mismanages and propagandizes the US government response from a sabotaged White House which (purposefully) leaves the American people vulnerable to the ravages of this Neptune-in-Pisces contagion which brings with it paranoia, fear, panic, and deception:

Jupiter-Pluto - these two conjoin their energies three times in 2020--the first on April 5th!

Jupiter-Saturn (includes midpoint pictures; this conjunction hits America's Oath of Office (POTUS) Sun @00AQ29, a significant cosmic and political event.

And as you know, the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Pluto occurred on January 12, 2020 but the horoscope is 'good for' about 33 to 35 years until their next conjunction. The karmic planetary pair's harsh influences are in force as I type and let's note that the conjunction horoscope shows a pseudo YOD (pseudo because a chart angle is involved in the pattern as one of the YOD's points rather than a third planet). I mention this here because contagious Neptune in Pisces is also one of its points, plus YOD patterns are considered health indicators, and because the difficult Saturn-Pluto combination of oppressive, compressed energies can represent deeply searching scientists--and mass murder, with their January 12th conjunction @22Cap46 falling upon a governmental degree (DeVore).