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Sep 30, 2020

But Is It Better Than a Dictator Trump?

"Shove America toward fascism and the American people will turn and run toward whatever 'new order' the corporate global syndicate has in store."

-Jude Cowell

September 30, 2020 10:45 am edt

In Astrology (as used here on SO'W):

Cupido = Corporatism; The Family; The Syndicate.

Neptune-Pluto = Organized Crime; The Underworld; criminal enterprises; the supernatural; illusory tricks; plans for mutual destruction; mass medical or social care.

Uranus-Neptune: the 'new world order' duo; Utopian zealotry; subversive political movements; changes in political and social structures; groups formed to exploit oil or chemical resources; contacts with foreign countries; peculiar psychic states; strange inclinations; elimination of the waking consciousness; mysticism; inner illumination and enlightenment; idealism; wrong ideas.

After some years of build up, with Trump in 2017 came transit Pluto activating the 1993 Great Conjunction/s of Uranus and Neptune @18Capricorn and completing a midpoint picture that describes figurehead Trump's and his fellow saboteurs' imperative to collapse America:

1993 Uranus-Neptune = 2017 Pluto: "The big picture commands a certain course of action which must be followed; very little option to do otherwise" (Tyl).

And when you owe millions of dollars to foreign countries and dictators as does serial bankrupt asset Donald Trump, your choice to follow treasonous orders against America is really no choice at all.

'18 Capricorn' in Sabian Symbols:

"The Union Jack Flies From a British Warship: Keynote: The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order. POLITICAL POWER, its values and its dangers" (Rudhyar).

"The Union Jack: SUPERVISION; positive expression: the self's ever-widening spread of interest in its insatiable desire to leave some permanent imprint of itself on everything it touches; negative expression (unconscious; shadow side--jc): smug or strong-armed paternalism (Jones).

Hmmm. Looks as if America's 'Mother Country' might know more than she's telling about our current predicament. Or should we say The City of London, the financial district founded by the Romans?

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Above image: the Rothschild coat-of-arms


Patty said...

I’m not a student of astrology but I read a lot of articles about it. I feel that most astrologers have the identification of the political candidates wrong. Trump has always used Uranus in his chart. And also Jupiter. Uranus is an Aqurian planet. How did the Republicans elect him? Over the dead Republican parties grave. I have no idea how many of the old guard have fought him and lost sand retired. Members like Paul Ryan who Resigned young because they hate him. even now they organize against him. The Bushs despise him and won’t endorse. He is obviously a representation of an Aquarian element added to the party. And the populous is looking for a renegade to shake things up. Biden in the other hand represents Pluto even though he is a democrat. You better believe paul Ryan And the gang are on his side. He represents a return to the way things were before Trump. Back to the same failed policies. The old guard as he has been in politics 47 years. Even Harris shook her head no during the VP debate that they were not going on to the new green deal. But the website for Biden has it in there. So there is some deception there which is Neptune going retrograde. Are they for it or not? We don’t really know. So you have a traditionally Aquarian party democrats with a Pluto/Saturn Biden as leader. And Biden was forced on them as they had everyone else drop out before Super Tuesday so that a truly progressive leader wouldn’t get in. Bernie. They are trying the same failed race that they tried with Clinton. Forcing an old guard leader on us. And we have a traditionally Pluto/Saturn party with a Aquarian leader. But only because the people chose him against the will of McCain and the old guard. I think that Pluto in Trumps SR that is not impacted poorly means a Trump win. And his next term he will be a lot more Aquarian than he was this time around. It will make the populous happy but John McCain will roll over in his grave.

Jude Cowell said...

TY Patty your thoughtful remarks are much appreciated. I do disagree on one point--the people, a majority of us--did Not elect Trump in 2016. The Electoral College did. He lost the popular vote by appr 3 million so therefore he has no mandate from the people. But yes, it looks as if he'll 'win' again in November 2020. Reluctantly I must continue to stand by my original Venus Cycle post that suggests that the incumbent despot (and his crime family bolstered by a global criminal syndicate) will remain in office. Jude