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Nov 29, 2020

November 28, 2020 Neptune Turns Direct @18Pis09:45

A Portrait of Planet Neptune; NASA; orbital period approximately 164 years

Yet Another Fuss about Neptune in Pisces

by Jude Cowell

Approximately one-hundred-fifty-nine days ago, transit Neptune in its own sign of Pisces, seemed to turn retrograde ('Rx') @20Pis57:36 from the vantage point of Earth. This titanic planetary shift occurred on June 23, 2020 at 12:31:41 am edt, while gaseous Neptune floated within the fog of a spreading viral pandemic now 'upgrading' itself to higher and higher numbers while mutating with sinister intent. As you know, both Neptune and Pisces relate to infections, contagions, and epidemics ('the urge to merge'), so there's little more to say about Neptune's influence these days unless one wants to ponder the massive amounts of fraud and corruption now infecting and undermining our nation - plus, damaging the rest of the world besides. Of course, astrological Neptune also represents such things as disappointment, disillusion, and loss and you may agree that there's been no shortage of these during Neptune's seemingly interminable stay in shady Pisces. Let's have a word about that.

Now as you'll remember, transit Neptune first dipped a toe into oceanic Pisces in early April 2011 but seem to shyly back again into late Aquarius in early August 2011, then turned Direct @28AQ08 around November 9, 2011. For me, the word lumbering comes to mind!

And so last evening (11/28/20), transit Neptune turned Direct @18Pis09:45 at 7:36:29 pm est, a couple of degrees short of its 'shadow degree' where it last turned Rx @20Pis57:36. A slow mover, yes, so when may we expect shadowy Neptune to reach and move just beyond 'her' own shadow this go-round in 2020 or perhaps in 2021? Will pandemic conditions lighten once Neptune's long shadow wisps away? And can some measure of improvement be expected in our fraudster/mobster conditions and their resulting theft and embezzlement activities as realistic Saturn's demands for honesty and integrity are more directly met?

Actually, Neptune will finally reach shadow degree on March 19/20, 2021, a day or so prior to Spring Equinox 2021, then slowly start lumbering forward. For me this inspires a hope (another Neptunian word) that beneficial solutions will be found and various fogs and confusions of one sort or another will soon begin to dissipate under the warm Aries sunshine of Spring.

Sound good?

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