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Nov 10, 2020

November-December 2020: Trump Doubly Eclipsed!

Will Trump's 'Glory' End During a Lame Duck Season?

by Jude Cowell

Whether you believe that Donald Trump lost or won the 2020 Election, it cannot be denied that the (apparent) lame duck in the White House enters a significant 'eclipse season' with the Lunar Eclipse of November 30, 2020 (8Gem38) and proceeds on to the Solar Eclipse of December 14, 2020 (23Sag03). Concerning the turmoil of the November Election, it seems that the season, ('duck season'?), has already begun since eclipses are disruptively Uranian in nature and thus may influence conditions early, late, or never. Considering current events and, so far, his inability to accept defeat, it's doubtful that 'never' applies to Mr. Trump's situation. Plus, eclipses' habit of revealing secrets and triggering scandals is well known.

Of course, I refer to the fact that the November 30th Lunar Eclipse (8Gem38) 'eclipses' Trump's Prenatal Solar Eclipse (8Gem48; May 30, 1946 2 Old North) and the December 14th Solar Eclipse (23Sag03) 'eclipses' Trump's natal Lunar Eclipse (23Sag04; June 14, 1946--his day of birth, an 'eclipse baby' = an eventful life). That the two eclipses of November and December 2020 are 'personalized' for Donald Trump seems obvious to me, if not to you, and the usual qualities of Mercury-ruled Gemini and Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius are naturally involved (truth vs lies, logic, reasoning ability, mental fluency; moral and ethical issues, real or fanciful religious convictions, ideology). Additionally, the potential themes of all 2 Old North Solar Eclipses are currently activated: 'unfortunate news concerning relationships or friendships; separations or endings of unions; things initially look glum but fast action can bring positive results' (paraphrasing Brady, Predictive Astrology). Perhaps he'll conclude that scurrying out of the line of fire is his best chance of survival!

Meanwhile, you'll remember that a 2 Old North Eclipse repeated on July 12, 2018 at the critical degree of 20Cancer (20:41) conjunct fixed star, Castor with the star's potentials for 'sudden loss or fame; murder; mental illness; crippling of limbs--A. Louis). These potentials were further ruffled by the significant Lunar Eclipse which opened Year 2020 on January 10th @20Can00 and related, as we later discovered, to the revelation and arrival in the US of coronavirus and Covid-19.

And so I suggest that all these cosmic and earthly events of 2020 are part of the political and personal picture of Donald Trump whose Waterloo may ultimately be traced through the influences of Solar and Lunar Eclipses, often called cosmic blinks and wild cards of the Universe for good reason.

But no gloating here, my fellow Americans, for as I must remind myself for a little while longer: wherever Trump-playing-POTUS goes, so goes the United States of America.

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RIKP said...

Funding for US Government expires on 12/11/2020. In light of your post about Trump, I think the chances of a shutdown are increasing. The chart for 12/12/2020 at 12:01 am doesn't look promising for a functioning government.

Jude Cowell said...

Agreed RIKP TY! No, the horoscope does not look promising for a functioning govt. I've not had time to post about it but there are many planetary patterns in the 12:01 am chart (12/12/2020) including a 'Thor's Hammer' or 'Fist of God' between Sun-ASC = (rebellious) Uranus Rx @7Tau10 (in the corporate 8th h along with testosterone-driven Mars, still in Aries) suggesting those who wish to establish themselves by violent means and/or pushy behavior. So the riots and unrest going on now over elections results, the possibility of govt shutdown, Trump's final grandstand, Republicans publicly supporting fantasist Trump's claims, and more fuel my years-long concern that current events and political theater performances are designed to cause not just a temporary shutdown but, as with the other "rehearsal" shutdowns, a collapse of the US government which will reward the Kremlin with the sabotage it has longed for and be a feather in the caps of transnational banksters.

A Grand Cross with NN conj MC, Sun conj SN, Sag Mercury OOBs, erratic Uranus unaspected, and much more appear in the chart for those who may wish to set it up. Thanks for mentioning the budget issue coming soon after the third of three Jupiter-Pluto Conj - money and power of course!

Plus, rising at 12:01 am in Wash DC is Denebola - "to go against society" which is precisely the Utopian zealot (Uranus Rx) ideology so long planned and now being executed in plain sight for those with eyes to see. Jude

Crystal D said...

I was hoping for a big blue wave in 2020 and was disappointed. But at least we did get Joe Biden, and history-making Kamala Harris of whom I am so proud.

Still, I was looking at the transits for 2020 through 2022 when we are to have our Pluto Return, and that Saturn/Pluto conjunction off and on through 2020...and thought, "nope, Saturn and Pluto won't let us have nice things, at least not yet." I feel like we averted the worst catastrophe which would have been re-electing Trump - Biden is raking in popular votes right and left - but we could have done better.

I heard that Putin has Parkinson's Disease now (can't remember where I heard it) and Trump is neither a young man nor a well one, so there is that. (also I'm grouchy because I have moon and ascendant in Cancer and all this Saturn/Pluto crap has been kicking MY butt).

Back in March when Saturn and Pluto were joined by Mars and Jupiter was when COVID really started to hit.

Now we have another meeting of Saturn and Pluto right at the Solstice. I hope that it's just all heck and not all hell going to break loose between now and 2022.

Pan Tangible said...

Do you mean at the Summer Solstice? Because Saturn and Pluto will be in different signs on Winter Solstice 2020

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Pan Tangible, I'm not certain who your comment is aimed at! Can you clarify? Jude

Ant said...

I was just reading about presidential deaths while in office,and the first president to kick the bucket was William Henry Harrison a month after the election in 1841, by pneumonia,which is one the byproducts of the current covid 19 virus,which trump has had,and since his loss,and the stress it caused him,plus his team's blunders,I wonder if trump's end will happen not by human nature,but mother nature,or both,but,however this crazy man's train stops,I would hate to be in his shoes right now, I guess he's just to far gone,he's a human tornado,that like the that hit places like Joplin,MO have rebuilt,and hopefully we can rebuild better,that's if our better human natures come to the front of the class,hope you guys had a happy Thanksgiving ,and upcoming Christmas season .

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks Ant! Yes the president who gave the longest inaugural address had the shortest presidency of 32 days thanks to speechifying for almost two hours in bitterly cold weather. One imagines he had So Much To Do. :(

Harrison Dies of Pneumonia.