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Jan 7, 2021

The January 2021 New Moon and Trump's culpability

January 7, 2021: After yesterday's breach of the US Capitol Building instigated by Trump, multiple political pundits and others are now calling for remedies in order to remove a dangerous Trump from the White House such as Impeachment (this would prevent his ever running for office again), the 25th Amendment (due to his unfitness for office which has been the case all along), and possibly the Republican Party telling him to resign (not that he'd listen; but he could be pardoned by Pence, then abscond to a hidey hole). And with about 13 days to go until the Biden Inauguration, untold dangers lurk for America and for the American people, especially those Trump identifies as his enemies (by which he means 'mortal enemies'). The midpoint between yesterday's insurrection (1/6/21) and January 20, 2020 spotlights January 13th and the New Moon which manifests on that date (12:00:04 am est) and identifies a seeding time for a new cycle of activity as New Moons tend to do.

Now previously on SO'W we discussed a few factors concerning the Capricorn New Moon of January 13, 2021 conjunct powerful manipulator and hidden hand, the very wealthy Pluto. And as you know, prominent New Moons can disrupt lives and events in similar ways as a Solar Eclipse can do - for both share similar effects to the separative, awakening, erratic, unpredictable, shocking energies of astrological Uranus. Plus, eclipses are often known as 'cosmic blinks' and 'wild cards of the Universe' and they may uncover inconvenient secrets for those whose planets it touches.

Meanwhile, a New Moon also indicates that 3 days prior - the Dark of the Moon phase - is a period when things can go bump in the night and shady activities may run wild, undetected. And you know that the next Full Moon (January 28th @9Leo06) may shine a bright light on Dark of the Moon events, conditions, and thus create scandals.

Pertinent to the authority of Trump is the fact that the Capricorn New Moon @23Cap13 opposes his natal Saturn in the watery, tribalistic sign of Cancer and this describes Trump's "they did it, don't blame me" attitude concerning yesterday's seditious events which he himself incited. Yes, this is his general attitude yet only by taking responsibility for his actions and doing what he can to correct them will bring him karmic progress (and thus bring it to America - he won't do this but We The People and others must).

So today I'm posting the January 13, 2021 New Moon Horoscope for your consideration and invite your on-topic observations:

Question: can Trump's revenge yesterday against the US Congress and American voters be what finally triggers royal Regulus to exercise its caution against taking revenge - otherwise all that was gained will be taken away?

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