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Feb 10, 2021

2021 Neptune opposes American Revolution Neptune

Feb 10, 2021: The following is an incidental Political Astrology note inspired by the January 6, 2021 Tr*mp Mob Attack on the US Congress:

Shadows, Veils, and Masks! For the third of three times since 2020, transit Neptune in Pisces will soon oppose Neptune (20Vir23) in the American Revolution Horoscope (April 19, 1775 3:29:28 pm Lexington, MA). The opposition began on May 8, 2020, perfected again on August 9, 2020, and finally will complete its oppositional transit on March 4, 2021 - the day of the proposed 'Shadow Inauguration' of Donald Tr*mp! No word on whether a POTUS-esque mummery will actually take place that day or any other but just the thought of such an absurd ceremonial fantasy reminds me of the mockery Tr*mp made of the office of the US Presidency and of the sledge hammer he as an authoritarian figurehead wielded against democracy and the US Constitution. Neptunian shadow it is!

Now with slow-moving Neptune's orbital cycle lasting approximately 164 years, I suspect that not much has been written about a Neptune-opposite-Neptune transit (which is also occurring vs US natal Neptune @22Vi25) but here's what little I know: That this is period of generational conflicts over ideals which are timed to shift from materialism to more spiritual beliefs, battles over issues of racism, religious persecution, and other social concerns, and for many Americans, this is a time of deep reflection especially in relation to the Virgo-Pisces victim-savior polarity and the persecution, suppression, oppression, and exploitation of We The People by wealthy oligarchs, both domestic and foreign.

So in light of the current slide of the US into authoritarian government, we might say that the tide has hopefully been stemmed by the firing of Donald Tr*mp in November, the Electoral College Vote Count certification which proceeded to completion on January 6th, the insurgents being vanished from the halls and chambers of Congress that day, the subsequent installment of Joe Biden in the Oval Office, and the current Senate Trial for inciting insurrection, I say Huzzah!

Furthermore, since in Mundane Astrology divine-source Neptune also represents compassion, the American people now have gentler policies being proposed and/or implemented from the White House as many of Tr*mp's most aggregious actions are in process of being rolled back.

Rather a shift of ideals, would you say?

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Above image: 'Neptune Ascends', a pencil drawing by Jude Cowell


zeebling said...

I have to admit the USA's Neptune in the 9th has always entranced me ..but its not just me , its the whole planet..Home it seems to every religion , a land of seekers , the music arts & cultural powerhouse exuding a seductive soft power across the globe .Neptune played its profound & pivotal role in the pre civil war Abolitionism movement (Neptune opposition )& the 60's civil rights movement (Uranus Pluto conjunct ) It also covers the outrageous religious right with their apparent monopoly on morality ....leading to the trump era with smoke mirror lies & deception supported by the evangelicals managing to stick their heads far enough in the sand as to believe trump a divine Neptunian saviour .. Truth is i believe this Neptune opposition is nothing less than a fight for America's very soul .Americas highest ideals are being challenged by the darkest impulses of greed & power lust . As you pointed out it seems the masses have sided with the highest ideals in their firing of trump but i fear deception & the smoke & mirror lies of the right are still capable of destroying these cherished ideals & as such the America we love with it .

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks zeebling your insights are much appreciated! Jude

John Schmeeckle said...

Your view simply ignores the clear evidence (the pattern of discrepancies from the exit polls, with Massachusetts being the most egregious example) that Biden stole the Democratic nomination from Bernie Sanders. Neptune opposite Neptune, in our Land of Confusion

Jude Cowell said...

Yes John Schmeeckle there's a lot of stealing, theft, and Neptunian loss going on in politics and elsewhere. I can't mention Everything in one entry or a post would have to become an e-book. And I can't please Everyone either, take it or leave it. So perhaps you should write and publish something on these topics yourself.

Let me know when and where, or better yet send a link, and I'll look forward to it. Jude