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Feb 22, 2022

That Time a GOP Gaggle Spent July 4th in Moscow

February 22, 2022

Republicans, Moscow, Neptune, & Furry Foxes Yapping

by Jude Cowell

Image: 'Journey to Neptune'; pencil on paper; by Jude Cowell

Mystical Neptune is the planet closely associated with Russia (its 'totem planet' as Uranus is America's 'totem planet'), and perhaps you remember how a group of Republican Congressmen Skulked over to Moscow for the 4th of July, 2018, but they weren't in Russia to complain about Putin aiding Tr*mp in the November 2016 Election, oh no. They were there to say, no criticism for You, comrades. What else they divulged, I don't know. Intel? A financial pay-off? Uncertain. Perhaps a scandal will reveal some secrets left over from the July 2018 Jupiter-Neptune square on or around April 12, 2022 when a new cycle of the frothy pair begins (see the Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction link, below).

Now with Midterms 2022 arriving later this year on the very same day as a revealing Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, I freely admit to my culpability in 'renaming' the Republican Party with labels such as The Conspiracy Party, and worse. Well, to tell you the truth, it's been super easy to do because of their sorry behavior toward America, their disrespect for democracy and the US Constitution, their disdain for the American people, their neglect of the common good, their slavish adherence to figurehead Tr*mp - plus the fact that the political party of 1854 has now experienced its first-ever Neptune Return which has actually been a drawn-out five-fer of returns due to slow-moving planet Neptune's retrogradation periods. Follow the link to view the fifth of five returns which occurred on December 29, 2018 for it bookends the party's entire Return period begun in 2017, and includes the July 4th 2018 visit of the Republicans to Moscow (Senators Shelby, Johnson, Kennedy, Daines, Hoeven, Moran, and Thune, plus, Representative Kay Granger of Texas).

Cycle of Neptune = 164 Years: 1854 + 164 = 2018

Of course, the exact dates of the party's Neptune Return/s depend upon which founding data is used to calculate the party's horoscope. For this, I've used the March 20, 1854 chart set for Ripon, Wisconsin with Neptune @14Pis01, a degree that evokes the symbol of "A Lady In Fox Fur," an appropriate word picture for the Murdoch-supported GOP, imho, with "foxy" being another word for cunning and seductive.

Talking Points: 'The Neptune Party' Parrots Putin

So of course, urge-to-merge Neptune, positively representing the Divine Source and humanity's higher inspiration faculty, negatively tends to be associated in this old world with deception, the Big Lie, fraud, corruption, rottenness, malicious schemes, loss, conspiracies, gaslighting, scandals, unreality, fakery, propaganda, photography/film, camera ops and special effects, spiritualism, poisons, toxins, all liquids, gas, oil, fumes, heists and thefts, speculation, inflation, bubbles, disguises, illusions and delusions, instability, dissolution, disappointment, and undermining activities of subversion such as sabotage and treason. Of course, contagious infections are Neptunian as well - as transit Neptune floating through its own sign of Pisces has tragically demonstrated.

And even now, with Putin's threat against Ukraine in the news and on the authoritarian's to-do list, Republicans and their talking heads in the far-right media are propagandizing that Putin can "smell" President Biden's "weakness," two more words inspired by Neptunian energies attempting to create instability and mistrust in society, in order to promote the GOP's ultimate goal of 'taking back' the House and Senate in November 2022, by all means necessary. A 'talking points' link between Putin and the GOP isn't difficult to imagine.

Now astrologically, you'll notice in the December 29, 2018 Horoscope linked, above, that the Sagittarian ASC is ruled by expansive boundary-breaker Jupiter, with 2018 Jupiter squaring Neptune - the Republican Party's Neptune. Astro-Notes concerning this transit are penned in the center of the chart and intended for the curious to read, if need be. Victimized by illusions is a pretty good description of the Jupiter-square-Neptune transit and of its results upon the party and its voters who believe - or pretend to believe - whatever conspiracy they like, no matter how outrageous. They imagine that there's a 'higher purpose' to all the deception and corruption they engage with and pass along, as if 'the ends justify the means'. But I say, this is fallacious.

So if you suspect that the April 12, 2022 Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in secretive Pisces will be signficant for the Republican Party in its current Neptunian condition (and thus for America) as the new planetary cycle of the gaseous duo begins, then I'm glad to say we're on the same page, dear reader.

A Related Post: An American Tragedy of Mass Delusion which will be egged on by April's Jupiter-Neptune combination of expansive, misguided energies.

Feb 10, 2021

2021 Neptune opposes American Revolution Neptune

Feb 10, 2021: The following is an incidental Political Astrology note inspired by the January 6, 2021 Tr*mp Mob Attack on the US Congress:

Shadows, Veils, and Masks! For the third of three times since 2020, transit Neptune in Pisces will soon oppose Neptune (20Vir23) in the American Revolution Horoscope (April 19, 1775 3:29:28 pm Lexington, MA). The opposition began on May 8, 2020, perfected again on August 9, 2020, and finally will complete its oppositional transit on March 4, 2021 - the day of the proposed 'Shadow Inauguration' of Donald Tr*mp! No word on whether a POTUS-esque mummery will actually take place that day or any other but just the thought of such an absurd ceremonial fantasy reminds me of the mockery Tr*mp made of the office of the US Presidency and of the sledge hammer he as an authoritarian figurehead wielded against democracy and the US Constitution. Neptunian shadow it is!

Now with slow-moving Neptune's orbital cycle lasting approximately 164 years, I suspect that not much has been written about a Neptune-opposite-Neptune transit (which is also occurring vs US natal Neptune @22Vi25) but here's what little I know: That this is period of generational conflicts over ideals which are timed to shift from materialism to more spiritual beliefs, battles over issues of racism, religious persecution, and other social concerns, and for many Americans, this is a time of deep reflection especially in relation to the Virgo-Pisces victim-savior polarity and the persecution, suppression, oppression, and exploitation of We The People by wealthy oligarchs, both domestic and foreign.

So in light of the current slide of the US into authoritarian government, we might say that the tide has hopefully been stemmed by the firing of Donald Tr*mp in November, the Electoral College Vote Count certification which proceeded to completion on January 6th, the insurgents being vanished from the halls and chambers of Congress that day, the subsequent installment of Joe Biden in the Oval Office, and the current Senate Trial for inciting insurrection, I say Huzzah!

Furthermore, since in Mundane Astrology divine-source Neptune also represents compassion, the American people now have gentler policies being proposed and/or implemented from the White House as many of Tr*mp's most aggregious actions are in process of being rolled back.

Rather a shift of ideals, would you say?

Now here's a previous post full of Neptunian vibes:

The Long Shadow of Neptune in Pisces.

Above image: 'Neptune Ascends', a pencil drawing by Jude Cowell

May 6, 2020

Trump's Mercury-Neptune: Actors and Liars

Tragically, Where Trump Goes, So Goes America

May 6, 2020: Some readers of Stars Over Washington are familiar with the many fusses posted here by yours truly concerning the (s)election in 2016 of a presidential contender born under the auspices of a deceitful, cunning, sneaky, error-prone, refuses-to-listen Mercury-Neptune square - by name, one Donald Trump. But if you, dear reader, are not familiar, for you I shall add again that we could have had a lady president born with a studious, sober, rational Mercury-Saturn square but forces both domestic and foreign worked against our country to undermine her, promote him - and thus to plunder and sabotage America.

So here we are in 2020 still mired within Trump's fantasy world of dread and horror for us, vast profits and undeserved status for him. Appearances are everything to Trump The Superficial (for as you know, the emperor has no clothes except for the 'empty suit' he wears while playing the role of POTUS on TV) and I believe that the following quote from Reinhold Ebertin's The Combination of Stellar Influences speaks in part of the tale of our woe made worse by the charade of his White House (p)residency:

The Combination of Mercury-Neptune

"Sociological Correspondence: Actors, deceitful people, liars."

Footnote: "Under Sociological Correspondence of Mercury/Neptune one should add "so-called saints," i.e., people who are found under this combination sometimes appear in every way perfect, they appear to have no faults until one day it is discovered they are almost the reverse of what they appeared to be. This is sometimes the case with actors who have to wear a mask which is not in accord with their personality, or in the case of diplomats who play a part in the course of their work and say something different from what they think. In these cases this describes the work they do."

So although this mere reality TV host fancies himself a great thespian (and some of his fans are determined to remain fooled by his act) you'll recognize the saintly "appears in every way perfect" and "appear to have no faults" descriptions as one of the many fantasies Trump tries to foist upon the public with his absurd claim that he "never makes mistakes" which mocks all reality and helps to make him - and the United States of America - laughing stocks upon the world stage.


Basically, Mercury = thought processes, the mind, ideas, communications, trickery; Neptune = lies, fraud, deceit, corruption, erosion, sabotage, mistakes, errors, misjudgments, misconceptions, failure, loss, disappointment, dreams, ideals, inspiration.

Image above: 'Neptune Ascends', pencil on paper.

Aug 3, 2019

Dissolving Neptune and the Republican Party in 2019

August 3 2019: With multiple Republican congressmen retiring from what's become the 'Party of Trump' anyone could be forgiven for blaming The Long Shadow of Neptune for such losses and disapearances along with the fact that a recent Neptune Return (a five-fer actually) has occurred for the 164-year-old Republican Party which formed March 20, 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin with Neptune @14Pis01.

For as you know, dissolving Neptune disintegrates, undermines, and weakens most easily when floating through its own sign of watery Pisces and can bring inspiration, yes, or the urge-to-merge planet can conjure negatives such as pathological tendencies, propaganda, lies, self-delusion, disguises, pessimism, contagion, fear, and paranoia in its wake--and as we see with retiring Republican congressmen and other issues of loss, Neptune is apparently flooding the GOP.

So as illustrated by the image of my drawing, above, when it comes to the Republican Party in 2019, Neptune Ascends and what will be left of the party once the washing away is done who can say? Here's one guess: snivelers and sycophants?

Sep 13, 2017

Winter Solstice 2017: a Neptune and Sun-Saturn Season

DC Horoscope Winter Solstice December 21, 2017: Watery Neptune Ascends and then...

That nebulous, scandal-plagued, hider of secrets, Neptune, rises at Winter Solstice 2017 in Washington, DC and considering the administration of Donald Trump, it seems his first year (barely holding) office will end much as it began--clouded by leaks and shrouded in mysteries with questions of fraud and conflicts of interests on America's menu as We The People move into 2018 with our actual needs and concerns, for the most part, unaddressed.

Now as an astrologer of sorts, I tend to think of higher octave planets as co-rulers or sub-rulers of their respective signs and can't quite bring myself to tag Neptune as 'chart-ruler' here. But the original or traditional ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, is very much so, though perhaps in a Piscean secretive and/or confused sort of way (rather than Jupiter's rulership of its own sign Sagittarius would suggest).

Yet expansive Jupiter's many potential roles in a mundane chart include politician, The General, thespian, banker, investor, CEO, judge, lawyer, mentor, and other masks that pertain to Politics, Religion, or Business.

Plus, as astrologers know, there is one curious thing about soft, mutable Pisces in a mundane sense -- military generals are quite often born under the sign with General George Washington as our primary example. And since America in 2017 is under attack by monster storms and floods once again, we may expect more oceanic actions from Neptune rising, chart-ruler or not, with plenty of confusion, scandals, leaks, corruption, lies, and fraud involved as well.

First, Let's Talk About Solar Eclipses

Now the 1 North August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse manifested in fiery Leo and was coined as 'The Great American Eclipse' by NASA, if memory serves. But did this manifestation of a 1 North Solar Eclipse trigger the fires which have consumed large ares of the West Coast and inland where the eclipse first 'hit' the US as its path of totality raced across our country and took its leave by way of South Carolina? How about hurricanes, typhoons, and floods in the US and across the globe?

As you know, natural disasters often accompany heavy-duty eclipses and total eclipses are the strongest instigators of all. Yet one theme of a 1 North eclipse is: information is distorted and possibly false (Brady) just as it was in 2001 to 2003 in order to finagle the American people under false pretexts into a Middle East war of plunder, racketeering, and conquest. Plus, the government's tactical use of fear is the usual accomplice in these bogus matters, as you know. Exs: the 9/11/01 attacks, "mushroom cloud", "WMD" remember Vulcan 'VP' Cheney and the 1% gang's neocon lies. Anyway, their lies are examples of events that demonstrate 1 North's 'info is distorted and possibly false' theme.

Winter Solstice 2017 and Sun-Saturn Energies

And since 1 North first manifested on January 4, 1639 @13Cap48--opposite what turned out to be America's natal Sun position (POTUS), the August 21, 2017 Solar Eclipse in Sun-ruled Leo should be viewed through a (1639) Saturn-ruled Capricorn lens which in 2017 into 2018 provides a Sun-Saturn signature to events and activities which can be clearly seen in the Winter Solstice 2017 horoscope via Saturn entering its own sign of Capricorn conjunct the Solstice Sun (@00Cap00, a Cardinal World Point of Manifestation).

When Karmic Saturn pairs its restrictive energies with the Sun, at least two other Sun-Saturn signatures resonate with this chart and they both relate to current events:

America's natal Sun-Saturn square which denotes potentials for hard work and planning paying off, taking responsibility seriously, karma (reaping what was sown), separation/isolation, a lack of vitality; perseverance, determination. This 'presidential-and-lawmaker' square forms the base of a Fist of God (aka, a Thor's Hammer pattern) aimed directly at US natal Moon (We The People, if you use a late Aquarius position for our national Moon-- here on SO'W we'll soon consider the Solar Eclipse that 'hits' this natal Moon position on February 15, 2018 @27AQ).

Potential expressions of Sun-Saturn = Moon: instinctual caution and self-control; sensitivity to otherwise rigid frameworks; discipline in daily activities (Munkasey); fear; feeling inferior; emotional depression in part due to organic disturbance (Ebertin) (from lack of health insurance and much needed medical care? - jc.) Manipulating and controlling the American public is one of the primary goals of this pattern.

Expert astrologer and author Michael Munkasey, in his section on Politics and Business, adds the following Hegelian dialectic for Sun-Saturn:

Thesis: Form and definition in an enterprise; the will of the people as defined in the principal founding documents; the checks and balances within enterprises as implemented by various administrations.

Antithesis: Pessimism and gloom as a center focus of policy; unreasonable centralization of authority in one location; a leadership preoccupied with the various forms of law enforcement; older and more distanced leaders. (Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Munkasey)

Another Sun-Saturn signature now in force: transit Saturn's off-and-on-again visit to Donald Trump's natal planets: conjunct his natal Moon (which conjoins his natal South Node of the Moon, a Saturnian, separative conjunction denoting emotional distance, bad timing, and unpopularity with and odd attitudes toward women) and simultaneously Saturn's opposition to his natal Sun (ego, pride, goals, hero's journey) when failure to live up to his promises and a neglect of responsibilities leads to discouragement from authorities and a lack of success with his objectives, murky as they may seem.

What Jupiter Sextile Pluto Reveals

Now let's consider the chart-ruler's applying aspects to see how things will proceed from December 21, 2017 into 2018. Since I've already excluded Neptune as chart-ruler (but see Neptune's two primary aspects, below), let's look at expansive Jupiter @15Scorpio, the Eagle Point, posited in the 8th house of Corporations, CEOs, Shared Finances, Credit and Debt. Jupiter applies to only one Ptolemaic aspect in the chart, a sextile (60 degrees; 3A19) with powerful Pluto. If we consider the two planets as 'actors' in a scene we discover that Jupiter sextile Pluto denotes those who sabotage themselves by their rigid opinions, secretiveness, evasiveness, willfulness, inflexibility, and an obsessive fear of loss. In addition, they have a hard time letting go of old relationships which no longer serve or are now inappropriate, and are desperate to overcome feelings of vulnerability. Living by their own rules, their focus on loyalty or its lack can trigger problems in friendships and other alliances.

Taking offense when not treated with dignity, a Jupiter-Pluto sextile suggests those who continue to be motivated by past slights which are never forgotten, another example of being unable to let go. Good at psychological warfare and taking pride in their self-reliance, they often must face their losses and crises alone for others may abandon them, plus, they are reluctant to ask for help from other people. Another inability to let go is seen by a lack of forgiveness for those who withhold information from them or who misinform them in order to keep them 'in the dark' (Epstein). After all, knowledge is power.

Then if we consider the applying Jupiter sextile Pluto aspect by transit, it denotes a time of analyzing one's skills and talents with the goal of using them more efficiently in order to benefit from this helpful energy. Opportunities may arise for increasing one's power and control or for understanding how this may be achieved (Skalka). And naturally with contacts between Jupiter and Pluto we tend to think of people who promote large-scale projects (exs: infrastructure, wall construction, etc), wealthy donors, other huge investors, global bankers and financiers--and power-hungry plutocrats.

Winter Solstice 2017 for Mr. Trump

Now if you are familiar with the Solar Return 2017 horoscope of Donald Trump, you know that 00Cap00 falls within his SR 3rd house of Communications, Siblings, Short Journeys, and the Lower Mind. (Thanks, Pat, for catching mea culpa!) So one topic we might think of is his older sister Maryanne, a judge (via judgmental Saturn, the old man/woman, with Donald playing the solar role). Another thing that first occurs to everyone's mind when it comes to Donald Trump is communications--speeches, tweets, insults, and all so I shall leave it for you to decide how he may best use the astrological energies of Winter Solstice 2017 and beyond into 2018.

Perhaps a future SO'W post concerning Trump's Inauguration Solar Return 2018 will soon appear here--assuming that he continues in the role of POTUS until January 20, 2018 without hitching a ride on the helicopter of ignominy!


As you see, evasive Neptune is involved in two applying aspects in the above chart:

1. Mercury square Neptune (1A27) which echoes Mr. Trump's problematic Mercury-Neptune square of distorted perceptions, falsehoods, confused rhetoric, over-promising, indiscretion, and "the sneaky mind" (Oken); 2. Mars trine Neptune (3A59) denoting potentials for successful but hidden activities, investigations of the occult or perhaps probing into mysteries or crimes, medical breakthroughs, increased intuition or insight, and/or energetic work with charities, entertainment, oil or gas industries, marine life projects, photography pursuits, prison systems, military projects, the Internet, work in or against Big Pharma, and/or action concerning the trafficking of drugs and/or sex workers.

But wait! There's one more chart factor that relates directly to current events and that's the Earth-Air Sun Cap-Moon AQ blend of energies which 'click into place' as soon as the Sun reaches 00Cap00. You see, this blend has at least two former US presidents born under its influences--Woodrow Wilson and Richard Nixon. It's a blend of a "practical idealist" who is "up front' yet private, very ambitious, and has a good business sense. In their book Sun Sign-Moon Sign, the Harveys give two interesting Images for Integration for this blend:

"An historian points the way to the future...Having struggled unaided to the peak, a mountaineer hitches a ride on a passing helicopter." Wonder if this can possibly mean that Mr. Trump will follow the example of the resigning Mr. Nixon...?

Okay, there's my Political Astrology view of Winter Solstice 2017 as seen through my preferred 'common good' lens. How about yours? Care to share?

9.13.17 Update: here's a related post: images of DC Horoscopes 2017: Autumn EQ and Winter Solstice displayed on the same page...September into December into January and February until Spring Equinox (Aries Ingress), March 20, 2018.

Image: Neptune Ascends, a pencil drawing by Jude Cowell; this drawing originally appeared in my Secret Moon Art collection.

Jun 19, 2017

DC Horoscope: America's Solar Return 2017

July 4, 2017 America Turns 241 Years Old Just as Neptune Ascends

On July 4, 2017 at 11:35:33 pm edt, when the Sun returns to its position (13Can19) on July 4, 1776 (using 5:09 pm LMT Philadelphia, PA; 2017 chart set for Washington DC) as it does annually on or about July 4th (Independence Day), nebulous Neptune @14Pisces Rx will rise and serious Saturn Rx @23Sag will culminate at Midheaven (MC), the Public Status point of the horoscope. The recent Saturn-Neptune square will have waned but the trappings of this societal pairing remains as austere forces continue their long dreamed of attempt to undo FDR's New Deal programs and demolish LBJ's Great Society agenda.

Now it's a mystery how far along the current Trump-Russia investigation will be by July 4th but we can find a major part of it on the US Solar Return 2017 horoscope. Mr. Trump's natal Moon-South Node conjunction is there at MC for all to see along with restrictive Saturn while his natal Sun-North Node conjunction (electrified by his oriental Uranus in Gemini and making a formidable trio) conjoins the IC of this Solar Return chart--along with US natal Mars in Gemini.

Please enlarge image since not all chart factors penned on may appear in the following text.

Neptune rising (with Achernar, a star of crisis) suggests more of such things as scandals, propaganda, lies, 'fake news', paranoia, fanaticism, glamour, and a potential for large water-related events (or gas, oil, and/or fumes or toxins) and/or other difficult weather disasters--any of which may be too vast to handle and cause loss. Of course, karmic Saturn can bring loss as well and Saturn at MC (in Sagittarius, sign of immigrants, refugees, other foreign concerns, plus, travel) hints at a year when accountability, limitations, and taking responsibility in career-related matters are demanded--and the public (MC) must see this as reality (Saturn)--enough of the veils and cover-ups that astrological Neptune loves to supply. And of course, Saturn relates to the law and lawmakers so we may be seeing a cosmic picture here of the Trump administration's ongoing Russia problems, inflated as they may or may not be.

So naturally, invisible/secret (Neptune) government (Saturn) peeks from behind the curtain of power whether identified as 'Deep State' (more of a Pluto-Saturn signature), CFR/Illuminati, international bankers, or otherwise. Plus, we find transit Pluto Rx @18Capricorn in 11th house of Alliances sitting atop the NWO degree of the Great Uranus-Neptune conjunction/s of 1993: "A British Destroyer"...POLITICAL POWER = smug or strong-armed paternalism (Jones). I'll have to symbolically paint Mr. Trump with that particular daddy brush although others of the wealthy neoliberal class suit the paternalism picture just as well.

Well, perhaps Republican austerity measures (and weakened health care provisions in their Trumpcare bill) require veiling Neptune rising in order to get the corporate monster passed in the Senate. See Sun-Pluto = US Saturn, below.

A Jupiterian Story Told via Cardinal T-Square

Now if you look upper right on the chart, you'll see the dynamic Cardinal T-Square listed between Sun-Pluto (craving power; plutocracy) pointing toward apex Jupiter @14Lib10 (7th house and conjunct US natal Saturn, a transit we've previously discussed as partial burdens lifted). This energetic Cardinal pattern spotlights someone (Jupiter) with a deep urge to acquire wealth and though this may describe most politicians as a class, it seems to relate closely to Donald Trump who is in the midst of his latest Jupiter Return, with the third of three conjunctions perfecting on August 4, 2017 (17Lib27).

As you know, astrological Jupiter is a corporate planet ('CEO') of expansion and abundant resources, of course, and he freely crosses any boundary he meets, chafes against limitations, and tends to grab whatever attracts him. In Venus-ruled Libra, Mr. Trump's Jupiter accounts for his many cries of "that's not fair!" which is a huge part of how he relates to other people (shown by one's Jupiter sign). Fairness is his aim though the over-sensitivity of his rising Mars in proud Leo often interferes with an impatient 'me first' attitude and the quarreling nature of a street fighter. Here, the Sun rules the 6th house of service which includes Civil Servants, Police and Military Forces and with the North Node posited there, we may expect future actiona related to those branches of government.

For solar outcomes--however ego-driven they may be--we look to aspects to the Return Sun which include the square from Jupiter (0A50), a trine from mysterious Neptune (also 0A50!), the opposition by Pluto (4A55), and an applying conjunction by the Sun to warrior Mars at critical degree (20Cancer). Simultaneously, speedy Mercury @28Cancer opposes US natal Pluto (Rx @27Cap) which denotes that info or intell is purposefully withheld or distorted and opposing forces challenge opinions.

A Sun-Pluto opposition across the 5/11 self-will axis suggests extreme defensiveness when challenged, a quality naturally possessed by Mr. Trump, and hints at issues of an insecure ego. As POTUS (US Sun in Cancer), we find a man in a role quite large for him which has increased his tendency toward defiance. However, if logic is used and good advice taken, he may yet come out ahead of his many critics, or at least, may remain in office. Yes, there are massive forces set against him for during his 2016 presidential campaign, he promised to vanquish such forces long in control of the US government. Can he be surprised at how desperately they fight against him? So why did 'they' allow him to enter the Oval Office at all?

To me it seems part of a long-range strategy to weaken America and the office of the presidency, and to undermine our accustomed global leadership, something that is occurring as I type! Whether Mr. Trump is conscious of being used as such a tool for other people's interests is anyone's guess at this early date but there is powerful Pluto @18Cap and demanding that The Big Picture be followed, or else. And with secretive, confused Pisces rising, Jupiter and Neptune rule and co-rule the chart and our national Solar Return--but they are inconjunct one another! This describes a Jupiterian who misunderstands his responsibilities and struggles with problems of his own making--sound familiar, tweeters? It isn't that he doesn't want to fulfill his role, it's that the work is harder than he had imagined it would be and there is some measure of guilt attached to societal concerns such as aid for the needy. One thing to watch is how Neptune rising with potential weather or other natural disasters play out in the context of adequate FEMA funding.

Hopefully, the two Grand Trines (Saturn-Uranus-NN and Moon-Mercury-Chiron) will provide protection for the innocent!

Planets as Actors

So with the next year's solar conditions for and in America and the office of the president spotlighted in the 5th house of Risk-Taking, we find Jupiter in Libra as apex (focal point) of a Cardinal T-Square...what of it? Apex Jupiter in this configuration is primarily concerned with personal enrichment yet feels an urge to broadcast his views to the masses. How things could be is a typical topic as he looks toward an elusive future while grasping benefits for himself in the here-and-now. Since the Cardinal mode is initiating, pioneering is part of the picture, especially with adventurous Jupiter involved who, in spite of personal shortcomings which include superficiality, loudly promotes his causes to great effect. As we all do, this Jupiterian needs to practice what he preaches yet political concerns (and advisers) may often interfere since muddled ethics and changing standards offer him little direction or constancy.

Rashness and a tendency to over-extend may be evident via this opinionated apex Jupiter and dogmatism may be part of his promotional efforts (Tierney). Bigotry and prejudice may continue to peek through his actions and rhetoric which suits some of his audience while deeply offending others. Yes, the Jupiterian Mr. Trump's optimism toward America is apparent, even uplifting, yet an inability to consider long-range consequences created by the short-term benefits he desires (emoluments? conflicts of interest? loved by all?) can trip him up in the long run as Saturn at MC demands accountability, authenticity, maturity, realism, and truth from America's chief executive.

So what if we replace the Cardinal T-Square's apex Jupiter with US natal Saturn? Then we have a description of a society that allows or permits social injustices to continue, imprisons millions of its population, and supports domineering Saturnian actors who purport to 'bring order to chaos' but have unclear goals and a hidden agenda. It is, in Hegelian form, a chaos they themselves have intentionally created.


A Related Horoscope: Donald Trump's Mars Return August 31, 2017.

A Note to Readers: no, I am not wishing for the negatives here since any person who plays the presidential role well means that America does well. I'm simply reading our national Solar Return chart 2017 in relation to current events and conditions, a Solar Return which is good until Independence Day 2018--and I'm hoping for the best for our people and our nation. Of course you're welcome to disagree and I know you'll find other chart factors of note than the ones discussed here. If so, don't hesitate to share your interpretation here or elsewhere so that we may all become much the wiser! jc

Image: Neptune Ascending

Nov 29, 2012

11.29.12 Romney's lunch w Pres Obama: Neptune rising

How yummy! Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is invited to the White House today to lunch with President Obama and many reporters are wishing they could be flies on the wall during this super-private chow down and meeting!

Well, I'm no fly either but I do sashay into the use of Political Astrology now and then to uncover a few things not always seen with the naked eye, fly or otherwise.

Today at *12:30 pm est at the White House, the ascending sign and degree = 4Pis33 which, of course, brings up Fixed Star Fomalhaut (potentials: success through noble ideals; karma; magic; fame or infamy) along with Mr. Romney's natal Mars in Pisces followed by his n Mercury and Sun in murky Pisces.

Yet even closer to the luncheon Ascendant at 12:30 pm is President Obama's natal Chiron 5Pis19 Rx (in his n 1st house of Self; he's in the midst of his five-fer **Chiron Return, as you know--dates listed below) And with transiting Neptune @00Pis27 ('1Pis' = "A Public Market"), some acting and pretending may take place, along with Neptunian idealism and creativity--will fraud also be discussed? Is the Neptunian dish Oysters Rockefeller on the menu?

Well, my blogging time is brief this morning, so let's merely consider a few factors about today's Sun-Moon blend including what Charles and Suzi Harvey give as the blend's Image for Integration which seems to me to apply rather closely to the situation at hand. See what you think about this persuasive, idea-filled Fire-Air "live wire" combo of "bluster and bombast" (Sun Sign-Moon Sign:

As with yesterday's Lunar Eclipse, today is imprinted by a Sun Sagittarius-Moon Gemini blend denoting wit, intellectualism, irony, and sociability; a negative is spreading oneself too thin and not completing projects. Its Image for Integration reminds me of Republican charges against our Democratic president concerning his "redistribution of wealth" tendency, as they call it. And of course, this applies to the current 'fiscal cliff'/Bush-tax-cuts-expiring impasse now occurring in Washington DC as the clock inches nearer and nearer to January 1, 2013 12:00 est.

Sun Sag-Moon Gem: "Robin Hood as a young boy plays truant from school to go to his archery lesson, but ends up teaching his card tricks to his master."

Ha! Wonder what soup today's secretive lunch will begin with?

Oh, and by the way: the Moon's Sabian Symbol at 12:30 pm is quite descriptive of the White House table of plenty:

'20Gem' = "A Cafeteria"; keyword = SUPPLY.

Positive expression: a fullness of contribution and an effectiveness of requisition in all personal relationships;

Negative (unconscious/shadow side--jc): a chronic inability to make decisions or a hopelessly dilettante spirit. (Jones, The Sabian Symbol in Astrology.)

*My use of 12:30 pm est for setting up today's horoscope is based on hearing Richard Wolffe give it last evening on MSNBC as the time of today's White House lunch.

*President Obama's Chiron Return dates: May 21, 2011; June 27, 2011 Rx; Feb 26, 2012; Oct 19, 2012 Rx; Dec 10, 2012; natally, Chiron in mystical Pisces gives him a "knight in shining armour" glow which may "perform heroic deeds at great personal risk" (R. Nolle's Chiron.) May this include having a White House lunch with Mitt Romney?!

Update 1:50 pm: serving Mr. Romney Oysters Rockefeller might be too deliciously ironic if my theory that the Nov 6, 2012 election was about President Obama being a 'Rockefeller Democrat' vs Romney as a monarchic 'Rothschild Republican' is correct! jc

Aug 11, 2012

Romney names Paul Ryan as his VP pick w US Neptune Rising

Romney Picks Ryan as VP Nominee with Denebola and US Neptune Rising

by Jude Cowell

Themes of Fixed Star, Denebola: out of the mainstream; to go against society.

Political Astrology Blog is where I first noticed the birth time of Rep. Paul Ryan who, as you undoubtedly know, was named VP nominee by presidential candidate Mitt Romney this morning at or about 9:00 am edt in Norfolk, VA with the USS Wisconsin as backdrop, as a shout-out to Paul Ryan's home state.

ASC 21Vir02 = Denebola and US natal Neptune with US natal Mars @22Gemini at MC (The Goal = perpetual war?) This puts America's tiresomely confused, misguided, and fog-of-war Mars-Neptune square from 1776 on the VP announcement chart's angles which gives them places to express themselves--tiresomely. Hidden (Neptune) motivations (Mars) may also be indicated by Romney's VP choice.

Of course, Neptune Rising is an indicator of acting and pretending, creativity and inspiration, lies and deceptions, and/or potentials for instability and fraudulent activities. This morning's horoscope with US natal Neptune Rising echoes Paul Ryan's natal Neptune Rising and signifies that a masking is on the rise--one example may be fishy Mitt--born with Sun, Mercury, Mars in Pisces--announced his VP pick today in an attempt to hide from the media glare and the toll from critical campaign ads of his opponent. See midpoint pictures below for a more clues...

At Midheaven (MC; the Goal) is 19Gem59 and Romney's natal Uranus 17Gem51 so I infer that shaking things up politically was naturally one of the aims of this morning's VP announcement and pick. And with Moon 8Gem17 (the public) conj US natal Uranus, people were excited and surprised, especially with happy Jupiter @11Gem58 nearby. Actually, the Moon-Jupiter combo in light-hearted Gemini will repeat on January 21, 2013, Inauguration Day so perhaps someone expects the trillions of dollars that corporations have been sitting on during President Obama's administration to be released in a flood of job creation which will bolster Romney's approval ratings with the public and turn the GOP back into ole' Santa Claus, for a while at least.

Below you see Paul Ryan's natal horoscope with a few notes added relating to today's big announcement (see upper right) such as the powerful pile-up at his natal Ascendant 00Sag38 ('1Sag' = "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire" in Sabian Symbols--guess that's where the money is to go that his "Path to Prosperity" purloins from our nation's social safety net programs--Ryan's Throw Granny Under the Bus and Wage More War plan for America and a one world government that requires chaos before a 'new economic order' is completely and finally established.

Image above: Paul Ryan January 29, 1970 2:37 am CST Janesville, Wisconsin (from B.C.); Hour Venus 10AQ06 conjunct Sun 9AQ01 (charming yet self-satisfied); a very close conjunction of Mars 3Ari17 in 4th house with Chiron 3:19 identifies Rep. Ryan as a 'sacred warrior'; Jupiter (expansion, growth) opposes Saturn (restriction, contraction) showing that half his life was ruled by Saturn (the first half obviously) while the second half is now ruled by Jupiter in Scorpio, sign of Corporatism, Big Business, and Hidden Things such as Occult studies or shady practices. A Jupiter-Saturn opposition person needs approval from others and must be praised for their contributions. But he doesn't understand how his Scorpionic behavior can hurt others for there is a streak of indifference within his psyche (Jupiter-Saturn are separating from opposition and thus affecting him unconsciously.) Conservatism, narrow-mindedness, and religious hypocrisy are typical expressions of the opposition between our Solar System's two societal planets and issues of growth v austerity typical, as we see in his budget and financial committee work.

Meanwhile, chart-ruler Jupiter is involved in an applying quincunx (150 degr) with Mars 3Ari17 denoting one who willingly offers his services to others in an assumption that they cannot do for themselves. Perhaps the slippery Mitt fish will benefit from the more rigid Mr. Ryan's firm principles, however anti-societal they may be. For now that Rep. Ryan is about to breathe the even more rarified political air of Washington DC, he'll be anxious to maintain company with the global power elite since he has styled himself as one of them (Neptune conj ASC is a bit of a slippery fish, too--a thespian.) Yet he must be cautious of others taking credit for his ideas though perhaps this only describes Politics in general where connivers always seem to thrive at the expense of others.

The only other applying aspect of his natal Jupiter is a trine to North Node showing ease of opportunity (trine) connecting (NN) with wealthy and/or religious people (Jupiter), and rewards gained from contacts with the public.

Plus, there is no applying aspect to his natal Sun so we may have to be satisfied with his separating conjunction from charming Venus (photogenic!)--that, and the Sun's sign and house position: 2nd house of the National Treasury, and Aquarius for those far-seeing eyes of his. Note that restrictive Capricorn is on his 2nd cusp.

Now there are many factors in Paul Ryan 's natal chart which deserve discussion and many astrologers have analysed his chart brilliantly (ex: Political Astrology Blog linked above.) But let's focus on a few correspndances now in progress:

Ryan was named Romney's VP pick today during Ryan's midlife crisis (tr Uranus 8Ari12 Rx opposing natal Uranus 8Lib40 Rx in n 10th H of Career and Public Status!), a time of new directions and possibly uncharacteristic behavior (from Libran behavior to Arian--Uranus in Aries = radical Utopians, says R. Ebertin--and they want to remake civilization even if it kills us!) As you know, this is often a 'buy a red sports car' period of life but here, a fabulous new job and high class residence may be in his picture. In today's announcement chart, Uranus is posited in 7th H which keys the Partnership axis (1/7) with Mitt Romney's natal Sun 21Pis11 setting at Descendant (The Partner.)

Comparing both men's natal planets, however, shows reciprocal aspects between both Suns and Plutos indicating that ego dominance will become an issue in their relationship if it isn't already, and that use and misuse of power is on their shared menu.

Another interesting facet is how Ryan's natal Neptune/ASC conjunction is keyed today by the transiting midpoint of Saturn and Pluto, and by tr NN 1Sag54. Midpoint pictures are thus formed...

Tr Saturn-Pluto = n Neptune: falsehoods, frauds, lies; a desire to harm others secretly; immorality; instability; danger through water, poison, or gas; shattered nerves. (Ebertin.)

Tr Saturn-Pluto = n ASC: giving an impression of silent power (Munkasey); placed in cumbersome or difficult circumstances (Ebertin.)

Plus, let's consider a transiting midpoint picture in the announcement chart formed by the Venus-Pluto opposition (with Venus conj US natal Venus in Cancer so the T-Square, which points to Uranus in Aries, also involves the current oppositions tr Pluto is in process of making to US natal planets in Cancer which denote financial stalemates such as debt ceiling 'debates', threatened government defaults, bankruptcy, missing trillions, and powerful plutonian forces abroad engaged in a terrific power struggle with American bankers and politicians.)

Venus-Pluto = Uranus: fanaticism in relationships (Ebertin): indifference to the destructive powers available for personal and politicial uses; compromises involving extreme uses of power; friends who enjoy unusual types of punishment. (Munkasey.) And I doubt we're talking scratchy underwear here!

What personalizes the above noted T-Square to Paul Ryan's natal horoscope is that his natal Uranus which opposes today's Uranus, thus forms the fourth point of a Grand Cross (Venus-Pluto-Uranus-Uranus)--kind of a double T-Square which becomes more even more dynamic with Paul Ryan's involvement.

The combo of Venus-Pluto denotes such things as bankruptcy, wealth hidden in secret places, attracting elements of organized crime, destruction of financial institutions, and the breakdown of the social fabric.

Last is the transit of serious Saturn to Ryan's natal Moon @24Lib11 in n 11th H of Groups, Associations, Wishes and Hopes. Therefore, it looks as if Rep. Ryan has been dreaming of taking on more responsibility, and, though his family life may suffer from it, his long-term efforts and career ambitions are now being rewarded by an older associate, Mitt Romney...whether their union is good for the prospects of the American Middle Class or not.


You note that Paul Ryan's natal Descendant 00Gem38 was 'hit' by the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 @00Gem20 showing the distinct possibility that "an obsessive idea may finally be accepted" which is what keeps me awake at night: the outrageousness of another round of deceptive trickle-down economics--such as other Republicans adminstrations have scammed us with before--will befall our nation and our Treasury, and will continue the decimation of our childrens' futures as political operatives work against US sovereignty on behalf of global domination. Okay, I'll hush for now and get back to writing Issue 2 of Stars Over Washington Monthly! jc

Oct 18, 2010

Will Foreclosure Fraud bring a 2nd TARP? (video); Neptunian vibes continue

This rather racy yet imaginative video and post came in this morning from in which you may be interested. It concerns the mortgage document/foreclosure fraud that's been perpetrated upon American home buyers, the lawyering boom it entails, and the further undermining of the US economy so that a World Government will seem a necessary 'savior' for our power-elite-engineered woes:

(IMVA) – This is actually a very funny video about a new and dangerous development in the world of finance and economics. The first three paragraphs below just set the stage for what state prosecutors and investigators in every state house in America are burning the midnight oil about. And are they ever going to have a field day with what they are investigating. Life also just got a lot better for lawyers around the country. And like vultures they will swoop in for the kill and will pull the mountain down on big banks and mortgage companies.

Read the rest of The Banking Industry's Stalingrad.

Does any of this make you wonder when the fraudulent Neptune to US natal Moon (we-the-people) transit will finally be over? My guess is that the oft-used 5-degree orb of influence must be gotten past by lumbering giant, Neptune. The question is: what degree is America's natal Moon actually in? Depends on which version of the US horoscope you use.

For July 4, 1776, this could indicate a Moon as early as 18AQ+ yet Neptune has already passed its 5-degree orb to that degree (23/24 AQ) as late as January 2010.

The latest rounded-off degree for our Aquarian Moon - and thus hinting at the longest time left in the fraudulent transit's affects - is 28 Aquarius. 28 AQ plus 5 degrees = 3 Pisces. Neptune reaches 3 Pisces in May 2012 though the Gaseous One meanders back to 00Pis and performs a major Direct Station @ 00Pis21 on about November 22, 2012. Transit Neptune reaches 3 Pisces again at the end of February 2013 and makes sneaky forays to that degree on and off through 2013 when the foreclosure crisis may be finally resolved.

Our sense of Neptunian rootlessness and the possibility of homelessness continues through, one more time, I'm inspired to add one of my Neptunian drawings from one of my art blogs, Secret Moon Art, with the ocean representing the collective unconscious...

Neptune Ascends by Jude Cowell